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83 Festival Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

A festival is a celebration of some holiday, achievements, or other occasions for one or several days. Festivals can be religious, national, seasonal; they can be dedicated to arts, food, fashion, sports, etc. When working on a festival essay, it is essential to consider several aspects. For example, research the history and cultural meaning of an event.

In our compilation of festival topics, we included many topics about festivals (Woodstock, Richmond Folk Festival, Film Festivals, and others). You will also find broad issues about festivals’ cultural heritage and history.

🏆 Best Festival Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Festival in Greektown, Chicago:
    Due to the fact that this district is one of those that make up the community area, the festival offered to its citizens has to be community based. It is necessary to take care of […]
  2. How to fund a non profit community book festival
    Through online forums, the visitors of the website can be made aware of the community book festival and be requested to donate funds for the activity.
  3. The Live Concert by Aleksandr Rybak and the Electo Zoo Festival
    The lighting and the special effects became a valuable contribution to the performance, intensifying the impression from the beautiful music and the personal charm of the talented performers.
  4. Lantern Festival and Rice Ball
    Moreover, the rice balls are an essential component of the Lantern festival because they are the reason why the fire goddess spared the city of Chang’an.
  5. Concert Report: The Mimir Chamber Music Festival
    The three characteristics were the dynamics, intonation and ensemble where the intonation was brought about by the string quartet playing, the dynamics brought by the careful modulation and the ensemble bringing in a complete experience […]
  6. Woodstock Music and Art Festival
    In this paper, we will explore on Woodstock Music and Art festival, the challenges that were faced, and the impact of the festival to the music industry.
  7. A Travel into the Korean Culture: 2012 Korean Festival in Houston
    One of the most vivid and memorable events in the Korean culture, the Korean Festival in Houston makes one dive into the Korean culture and understand the essence of the Korean dances.
  8. Charity Softball and Cultural Festival
    While the main event in the festival will be the softball tournament, the organizers of the charity softball and cultural festival hope to raise funds through several ways.
  9. Promotion Strategy for a Green Festival
    The main reason for planning the green festival is to get residents of Dubai and its environs to realize the importance of environmental conservation. Secondly, the venue of the green festival and how people will […]
  10. History of Mexican Festival
    The experience of attending the Mexican festival stretched my cultural perception as I discovered that Mexicans have a rich culture in terms of food, art, and music.
  11. School Music Festival Concert
    The preliminary rounds will be designed to ensure that only the participants who measure up to the high standards of the competition are allowed to go on to the next stage of the competition while […]
  12. Moomba Festival in Melbourne: Event, Significance of the Place, Infrastructure, and Effect on the City Image
    The reason for the event includes a number of factors that reflect the events that were held in the early 1950s and predestined the start of the festival.
  13. Spring Festival Gala Event
    The festival has led to massive public awareness on the Chinese culture The culture movement led to the realization of the importance of the support received from the mass media and the role the popular […]
  14. College Students’ Satisfaction of Music Festival in China
    Aquinas says that one of the reasons why music festivals are popular among the students is because they offer them the opportunity to express their feelings.
  15. Ajyal Film Festival and Youth Empowerment
    The DFI organizes the Ajyal Film Festival to present the film products of its most talented young actors and producers to the government and the business community, as well as the rest of the world.
  16. Woodstock Music Festival
    Even though the Woodstock Music Festival was intended to be a ticketed event, ultimately, the planners stopped collecting the tickets because the crowd started to cut away and to trample the fences which made even […]
  17. The Wollongong Music Festival Arranging
    The paper analyses the roles of the key stakeholders in the Wollongong music festival. Because of the location, the festival may cause major conflicts with the businesses adjoining the venue.
  18. The 2014 Joondalup Festival Details
    In addition, the report focuses on identifying the theme of the event, objectives associated with the event and the philosophy of the event, among other event aspects.
  19. Festival Organization Service Operations
    The increasing number of festivals in both Europe and other parts of the world reduces the efficiency and organisational mechanisms of the events leading to the emergence of other organisational bodies such as the American […]
  20. Michael Jackson Festival’s Start-Up Business
    The primary goal of this paper is to develop a detailed start-up business for the Michael Jackson festival with the assistance of the business model canvas.

🥇 Most Interesting Festival Topics to Write about

  1. Festival of Britain, Its History and Success
    The rationale behind it was to point to the reconstruction of London and the incorporation of futuristic buildings in the architecture of the city.
  2. Made in America Musical Festival Planning
    Overall, festival planning involves many steps and stages that are crucial to the success of the event, as well as to the safety and security of all visitors.
  3. Richmond Folk Festival Performances
    The major goal the organizers of the festival pursue is to present the best traditional musicians found all across the country and to let the audience enjoy their unique talents.
  4. African Circumcision Festival and Western Attitude
    I would make sure that I want to visit this event for the elders to be sure that I am interested in the supportive environment at the workplace and the place, I am living.
  5. Dubai Jazz Festival Press Release
    James Blunt, who will be in Dubai for the third time, will perform on the first day of the festival together with Christina Perri.
  6. Qasr Al Hosn Festival Press Release
    The festival has been celebrated since the development of the fort in the 1760s. Apart from celebrating the Emirati history, the festival aims to give visitors a chance to appreciate the Emirati heritage that is […]
  7. The Dragon Boat Festival on Qi’ao Island
    The origins of the holiday are unknown, but there are many popular theories that suggest the holiday to be associated with the death of Qu Yang a famous Chinese thinker and poet.
  8. Calvin Jones Big Band Jazz Festival
    The most interesting feature of the show was the participation of bands from three different colleges the University of the District of Columbia Jazz Ensemble, the Howard University Jazz Ensemble, and the University of Maryland […]
  9. Lunar Vietnamese New Year’s Event: Flower Festival
    It should be noted that the festival is held for several days, and its primary purpose is to prepare the visiting people for the main celebration. The center of all activities that bring the majority […]
  10. Auckland Lantern Festival Event Management Plan
    The festival will supply the entertainment as well as the props necessary for the performers, but stallholders will have to pay for their spots at the venue.
  11. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in Australia
    The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is held throughout Melbourne showcasing the urban and regional life of the city and its various food and wine offerings to reinforce the position of the city of Melbourne […]
  12. Edinburgh International Festival Analytical Report
    The Edinburgh Festival follows a mission of being the most exciting, innovative, and accessible festival in the world in the realm of the performing arts, promoting the cultural, educational, and economic well-being of the people […]
  13. The Chicago International Film Festival
    As a matter of fact, the festival’s website points out that it has had a consistent objective that still remains to this moment, “…to discover and present new filmmakers to Chicago, and to acknowledge and […]
  14. Woodstock Music and Art Fair
    During the fun and revels of the Woodstock festival, the hippies and flower children were treated to an incredible roster of talented and legendary musicians.
  15. Benefits of a Non-Profit Bookfair Festival for a Major US City
    A book fair in San Antonio would be attended by panelists whose interest would be to discuss the future in books, lovers of poetry who would listen and enjoy recitations and publishers. Considering the fuss […]
  16. Flavours of Chittering Food & Wine Festival: Analysis
    As some of the local restaurants are based on cooking the food from the products grown in the valley, people are likely to learn about the real tastes of food in those restaurants because the […]
  17. Arts and Crafts Festival: Event Proposal
    In addition to informing the people on the huge variety of arts and crafts the company has been able to collect from various parts of the world over time, this event will be a good […]
  18. Independent Arts and Crafts Festival: Event Safety
    However, for a festival of such to be successful much legal documentation has to be put in place and some of these are contracts and fees agreements and the acquiring of some legal documents for […]
  19. Statistics. Exploring the Festival Data
    From the histogram, we can observe that the festival data of day one is normally distributed about the mean of the data.
  20. Santa Barbara International Film Festival
    In its eleven-day span, the festival aims to enrich the local culture and enhance the awareness of film as a form of art.
  21. Ottawa Folk Festival Management Issues
    If the festival’s management would implement a no change scenario to the problem of a low level of attendance by young people, the state of affairs will stay the same: the festival will be only […]

📌 Simple & Easy Festival Essay Titles

  1. The Tibetan Freedom Festival Drives Forward the Cause for Tibetan People
  2. The History of the Bands of America National Concert Band Festival
  3. The Venice Film Festival And The Cannes Film Festival
  4. Understanding the UK: David Cannadine at Edinburgh International Book Festival
  5. The History and the Symbolism of the Festival of Pesach
  6. Tradition in Our Culture: the Mid-Autumn Festival
  7. Tomorrowland: Electronic Music Festival
  8. The History and Cultural Importance of the Dragon Boat Festival in China
  9. The Songkran Festival: Traditional New Year’s Day
  10. The Three Days of Peace and Music During the Woodstock Festival in 1969
  11. The San Fermin Festival And The Running Of The Bulls
  12. The On Matsuri Festival Of Kasuga Wakamiya Shrine
  13. The Festival of Politics: Karl Marx Lecture with Professor Gareth Stedman Jones
  14. The Role of Green-Festivals Affecting Pro-Environmental Attitudes: The Case of Glastonbury Festival
  15. The Epa headdress of the Yoruba Epa Festival
  16. The Impact of Edinburgh International Festival
  17. The Deployment of Mobile Base Transceiver Station During Lisabi Festival at Abeokuta
  18. The Role Of Festival In The Mayor Of Casterbridge
  19. The Implication of Road Toll Discount for Mode Choice: Intercity Travel during the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday
  20. Vietnam: Lunar New Year Festival

👍 Good Essay Topics on Festival

  1. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival and American Views
  2. The Flaws and Brilliance of the Sundance Film Festival
  3. The Impact of the Woodstock Festival in America during the 1960’s
  4. The Concert At The International Chamber Music Festival Concert
  5. The Diwali Festival, Its Importance to Hinduism, and Pollution in Diwali
  6. The New Music Festival : Sound, Light, And Healing
  7. The Invalid American Views on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  8. The Evolution of Woodstock: A Rock Festival
  9. The Origin and History of the Interesting Festival of Halloween
  10. Woodstock Music and Art Festival
  11. The Largest Cultural Activity in Pakistan: Folk Festival or Lok Mela
  12. The Marketing of the Melbourne International Film Festival
  13. Western Festival in China
  14. The Traditions, Practices and the Processes in the Thaipusam Festival
  15. Whatever: Culture and Niagara Wine Festival
  16. The Cultural Impact of the Woodstock Music Festival to Society
  17. The Effect of Food Tourism Behavior on Food Festival Visitor’s Revisit Intention
  18. The Love Parade Festival Stampede 2010
  19. The Woodstock Festival and the Music of the 60s: A Peaceful Rock Revolution
  20. The History and Impact of Woodstock Music Festival
  21. The New Year Festival in Vietnam and in America
  22. The Night Nation Run – the World’s Running Music Festival

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