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Promotion Strategy for a Green Festival Proposal

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Updated: May 21st, 2019


Fairmont Bab Al Bahr is a hotel built at a very serene environment near Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. Because of its architecture, and unique location, the hotel offers so much comfort and is equipped with elegant rooms for guests. This luxurious hotel is surrounded with beautiful scenes such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Getting to the city center from the hotel is quite easy. Besides being near the airport, it is also surrounded by several golf courses.

According to Graci and Dodds (2008), the idea of sustainable business operations is currently the talk of the day. Big or small, business enterprises are increasingly getting concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment. In response to this, most business enterprises are seeking lasting solutions by strategies that do not disturb the environment. Apparently, organizing green festivals is one strategy that is being used by most modern business enterprises.

Despite the fact that hotel sales have been on the decline due to the difficult economic times being felt globally, hotels are quickly discovering that going green is one strategy that may be used to triumph in the face of competition (DeMarco, 2012).

Although for a very long time hotels have been very slow in joining forces with other organizations to advocate for ecofriendly behavior, the message is finally sinking home and they are now forced to change their course by the ever changing business environment and the fierce competition for the existing market share. Various measures are thus being taken by key players in the hospitality industry to protect the environment.

This paper presents a promotional strategy to be used by Fairmont Bab, a hotel located in Dubai, to get persuade residents of this town to start thinking green and work towards minimizing environmental destruction.

Description of the Event

As noted earlier, the green festival is to be organized by Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. This location has been chosen because of its proximity to the airport and to the city center. In addition, the hotel management is conscious about protecting the environment and this blends in well with the agenda of our green festival.

The green festival being organized has a target of reaching at least 1,000 participants living in and around Dubai. Participants near the venue for the green festival drive heavy vehicles and these contribute heavily to the increased carbon dioxide emissions.

The main reason for planning the green festival is to get residents of Dubai and its environs to realize the importance of environmental conservation. Although it may be difficult to realize, quite a number of people prefer going green and are even willing to pay more for green products and services.

Despite having no target audience, our activity is meant for the adults who according to us, hold the key to shaping the future and can pass on great ideas to the younger generation.

A number of adverting objectives may be explored by we have settled on our main objective as to inform the people about the need to care for the environment.

Our environment is slowly wasting away and unless we act fast, we will have nothing left to pass on to the future generations. The importance of this campaign can thus not be underrated. People have to be made aware of the impacts their actions have on the environment.

What is a Green Festival?

According to Graci and Dodds (2008), a green festival is one that is planed to ensure that there is very minimal destruction to the environment. Examples of minimizing environmental destruction include waste reduction, proper use of water and energy, educating the masses or those attending the festival about environmental impacts, and much more.

Impact of a Festival on the Environment

The impacts of any festival on the environment are quite obvious. From an economic viewpoint, festivals may bring together thousands of people who, in turn, contribute positively towards economic growth. However, socially and environmentally, festivals tend to create enormous tons of waste, use excessive amounts of electricity, cause damage to land due to overuse, and lead to increased emissions of carbon dioxide.

Given that festivals can be regarded as part of the tourism industry, which is partly blamed for increased emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it is imperative for hotels and other affected firms to be proactive enough and do everything possible to ensure that their activities do not degrade the environment.

Why a Green Festival?

Beyond any doubt, festivals are generally responsible for the creation of waste. Sadly though, these wastes end up destroying the environment. It is because of this that some festival organizers are realizing the importance of greening their festivals with the intention of minimize their negative impact to the environment.

Benefits of Green Festivals

There a number of benefits at are directly associated with greening festivals. One positive thing is that both the business enterprises as well as the general public get to benefit in the process. Clearly, it is a win-win situation for all.

In the first place, many people actually prefer green festivals and think that noise, waste, and traffic are a nuisance. Considering that people are now waking up to the fact that festivals contribute greatly to carbon dioxide emissions, they are more eager to pay more for greener festivals. When clients pay more, it is for the benefit of the hotel owners, festival organizers, and event clients.

A green festival can also help a business enterprise cut down on costs. As an example, certain items may be collected and stored for use in a future festival or event with similar requirements. Among other things, this can save organizers so much money when planning for a future festival with similar requirements.

Description of the Promotional Campaign and Launch Activities

Having looked at the preceding overview of a green festival, it is now time to present the plan for Fairmont’s green festival.


Before the actual planning and implementation can take place, some decisions will need to be made regarding the festival. To meet the requirements of a green festival, Fairmont will have to look into a number of critical issues. First, it will be necessary to think about the participants. The organizing team will need to establish the number of participants, impact of each person, food requirements for each person, and what their consumer expectations are.

Secondly, the venue of the green festival and how people will get there will have to be agreed upon. It will be important for the team organizing the festival to know where participants will be coming from. With this in mind, it will be possible to arrange for a venue that is appropriate for all.

Easy access to public transport is also an important consideration that must not be overlooked. As much as possible, participants should be encouraged to come by public transport instead of using private means. It may be necessary to establish whether various choices for transport are available and if incentives can be offered to encourage participants to use public transport rather than private cars.

Thirdly, the organizing team will have to consider sources of material. The team will determine whether other means of communication are available instead of using paper fliers or information. Other things to consider include the source of food and other supplies and, whether materials can be locally sourced.

Fourth, the team will need to find out whether the chosen venue and accommodation is appropriate. It may be advantageous to have the festival done in a location that has less impact on the environment, if this is practical. Where recycling and use of renewable energy sources is possible, it should be encouraged.

Planning and Implementation

The different issues raised in the pre-planning section will certainly provide the foundation on which planning and implementation will take place. It will be necessary to ask questions such as whether the product or service is green, where it can be found, and whether there are substitutes for non-green products or services.


As noted earlier, it will be helpful to avoid transport options that are associated with high carbon emissions. Where possible, the team will need to advocate for transport options that depend on green energy. Local participants should be encouraged to share a vehicle if they must drive to the festival.


It will be beneficial to hold the festival in a central location and within walking distance for most participants. In addition, the venue to be chosen will have to be one with a clear environmental policy and green strategy. Senior management may be involved in choosing the appropriate venue. In the case of Fairmont, most of the target population stays close to the hotel although others are from far places.

Food, Beverage, and Catering Services

Among other things, it will be necessary to ensure that suppliers only use ecofriendly products for cleaning or other important purposes. Where possible, cloths will be used for cleaning hands instead of using disposable materials. Plans will also be put in place to help control how water will be used. If available, local water trucks will be used instead of bottled water.


Ecofriendly methods will be used during the registration. This will be done electronically so as to minimize the use of paper and other materials that are harmful to the environment.

Venue Equipment and Furniture

Equipment such as photocopiers will require a double sided function. While on site, participants will be provided with and encouraged to use wireless services since the service will be freely provided to all participants. If possible, the use of recycled parts should also be encouraged. Ecofriendly furniture will also be used.

Energy and Water

If practical, the use of green power will be encouraged. It will also be necessary to ensure that all participants understand perfectly, the need to use energy and water efficiently.

Water Reuse, Recycle, and Reduction

To succeed in their endeavors, the organizing team will need to work closely with participants where possible. The main idea is to ensure that participants are part of the process rather than feeling as strangers or mere observers. All participants will be informed about plans already in place to address waste reduction and recycling needs.


Despite the heavy costs associated with planning for the promotional campaign, the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. As pointed out elsewhere, the greatest gift any generation can pass on to a future generation is a healthy environment. This promotional campaign will sensitize residents on the importance of protecting the environment, and obviously, the impact will last long into the future.


DeMarco, G. (2012). Strategy Plan for Hotels Going Green. Web.

Graci, S., & Dodds, R. (2008). Green Festivals and Events Guide, a How To. Toronto, Ontario: The Icarus Foundation.

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