Strategy Essay Examples and Topics

The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs

Introduction Inevitably, business establishments across the world aim at gaining a competitive advantage and making huge profits on a regular basis. Many management teams of companies use different management styles, which yield various results. It is quite easy for companies to set their strategic goals, both short-term and long-term. However, management teams are required to […]

NFL UK Company: Challenges and Solutions

NFL UK has proved to be a successful project as it attracts significant attention in the country where such well—established sports as soccer, Formula 1, rugby are still very popular. Clearly, NFL UK has a lot of issues as it has quite insignificant number of fans (compared to the USA). Some of the events organized, […]

Heriot Watts University Globalization Strategy

The recent wave of globalization has encouraged worldwide interconnectedness leading to increased competition among businesses. This situation has compelled organizations to adjust their policies to address these new challenges. No organization is invulnerable to globalization challenges, and higher learning institutions are no exception. Although most higher learning institutions are yet to display sizeable effort towards […]

Ford Automobile Strategic Business Model

Introduction A business model refers to a company’s plan in respect of how it projects to profit from its operations currently and in the future. Therefore, a business model entails a unique procedure of determining the fundamental elements necessary for achieving the strategic business goals (Chesbrough, 2007). In essence, a business model encompasses all the […]

Managing the Future

Introduction Apple Inc. is one of the most prosperous electronic firms in the world. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started this firm on April 1, 1976. The two were electronic enthusiasts who were interested in developing their ideas into business ventures. They were keen on turning their skills in electronics into a large business unit. […]

Aggregate Planning Problem in the IQ Company

It is imperative to underscore the fact that laptop and desktop computers are currently being released by the IQ Company. This company has been performing this task through a contract system. There are two categories of laptops that are considered to be most effective for use since they have become extremely popular among various users. […]

Facebook Strategy

From its humble beginning in a college room, facebook has managed to be one of the leading social media sites in the world. It is thought to have surpassed in terms of unique customer visits and registered users. Its growth though not rapid, has been steadily rising. A number of strategies could have assisted […]

Airline Revenue Management Strategy, Business Model and Implantation: Kuwait Airways

Project details Project title Airline Revenue Management Strategy, Business model and Implantation, a Case Study Analysis of Kuwait Airways Abstract/summery Fierce competition became eminent in the airline industry from the time when this industry became deregulated in the year 1978. In fact, the fierce competition has made each airway to strive towards achieving competitive edge […]

Strategy and Performance Management at DSM Melamine

Key Processes that DSM Needs to Provide Based on the stages from performance management process, DSM Melamine will need to provide a number of key processes in its system in order to link its key success factors successfully. The first stage will be the process called ‘Local for local’ players (Cockins, 2009). In this process, […]

Marketing Strategy: Goals and Objectives

Our company seeks to become successful in the ice cream business. The company targets to develop a unique set of goals and objectives that will make it a leading player in the market. The company plans to improve the lifestyles of its targeted consumers through training and awareness. This will encourage the consumers to embrace […]

Exit Strategy in Tropical Health Drink

TCH realises the importance of having a built-in exit strategy for the company’s Tropical Health Drink. This is because of the fact that uncertain business environments may either hinder future commercialisation of the product or make it gain immense market share to a point of wanting to sell the product line to more established businesses […]

Development Plan for MSF and Frank Dale Food Company

Executive Summary This reflective report involves an examination of the experiences encountered in the process of undertaking consultancy projects at MSF Company and Frank Dale Company. The report examines how one can learn from experiences by adopting a structured reflection approach. Subsequently, the report is based on two main models of reflection, which include the […]

Just Us! Marketing Plan

Situation Analysis The Canadian coffee market is experiencing very fast growth as competition intensifies among the industry players. Each of the industry players is seeking to be established strategically within the market as a way of cementing their positions as retailers of the commodity. Just Us! only operates within a smaller market area in Nova […]

Report of Strategic Management – Tesco

Company profile The name of the company under discussion in this report is Tesco. The company was found in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is a multinational company dealing with grocery and general retail merchandise. In terms of revenue, it is ranked as the third largest retail merchandise in the world after Wal-Mart and Carrefour. In […]

Lush Future Strategy on brand awareness

The Lush Company should adopt the social media and television tools to publicize its products to the target segment comprising of the young women who care about environment and animal rights. Reflectively, the advertisements proposed will aim at creating product awareness among the environment lovers who double up as the target consumers. In order to […]

The Business Plan: JAMA Company

Executive Summary The car wash industry develops rapidly to respond to the increasing needs and demands of customers. The JAMA Company is one of the leading companies within the market, which works to provide the high-quality services and increase the company’s competitive advantage. The JAMA Company’s strengths are the focus on the provision of the […]

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies in Apple

Introduction In the current business environment, competition continues to increase as firms become more global in their operations. Basically, firms use both business-level and corporate-level strategies in order to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Business-level strategies refer to activities that business enterprises undertake to gain a competitive advantage in the market, which in most […]

Strategic Management Case Analysis: Glenmark

Executive Summary Glenmark is an Indian pharmaceutical firm that has broadened its business portfolio to involve high-risk research for new drug invention. Poor global economy situation between 2007 and 2008 affected the company as sales dropped. Glenmark encountered further business challenges as its venture into high-risk research failed to generate the requisite revenues for its […]


Introduction Bi-lens, a company incorporated in the United States of America where its headquarter lies, operates from the headquarters and has targeted markets all over the world. The company’s products seem to have stronger market coverage in foreign markets as compared to the home market. The Bi – lens Company manufactures digital cameras for its […]

Structure and Strategy: The Case of Coca Cola

Aligning structure with strategy is fundamental to the success of any business. Fortuin (2007) defines strategy as “plan for the whole business that sets out how the company will use its major resources” (54). Structure, on the other hand, is “the way the pieces of the organization fit together internally” (54). Managers of companies must […]

Generic strategy by GlaxoSmithKline plc

Companies use different generic approaches to achieve their growth and profit making objectives (Ormanidhi & Stringa, 2008). The generic strategies adopted by a firm define the position the firm takes in remaining relevant in the market. Every business concentrates on doing profitable business and outdoing its competitors. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer […]

Mapping The Innovation Process: Air New Zealand

Changes are an integral and essential process of any company development. Although at some point, it might seem that a company has reached an ultimate success and that there is nowhere else to evolve, with the technological innovations and the changes within the theory of business and management, there will always be some room for […]

Mapping the Innovation Process at Etihad Airways

Introduction Innovations play an important role in the company success. They allow remaining the competitive edge in the market and maintaining profitability. The innovation process assumes several stages each of which is characterized by its peculiarities and specific features. The aim of this essay is to map the innovation process at Etihad Airways which is […]

Effective Record Retention System

Introduction Information technology has increasing changed the management of businesses in the world. Record retention has been practiced where files were kept, archived, and retrieved physically. In this technological age, large amounts of data are produced and stored for various reasons. Information storage requires an effective system of managing the information. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 […]

The Disney Difference Strategy

Disney difference refers to a high class innovative strategy that aims at optimizing the value of contents in markets and other business platforms. It is backed by the relevant strategies that will see the Disney Company reap high profits from selling its literature. The whole business strategy employs great ideas that are profit oriented. Disney Company […]

Netflix’s Branding and Positioning Strategy

Founded in 1997, Netflix Company has grown and is currently well placed in the movie rental industry of America. Despite its outstanding performance and quick recovery from the global financial crisis of 2010, the company is currently facing the dilemma of a sustainable positioning strategy due to the current hostile business environment. The threat of […]

Plush Café Business Plan

Executive Summary Plush is a specialty café that will serve various foods from small businesses in Kuwait. The café will offer home- made meals and desserts from the best ten online cuisine businesses. Through a special selection process the top ten businesses will be featured at Plush, and their dishes will be available for customers […]

Case Analysis: Costco Wholesale

Introduction Costco Wholesale Corporation is a membership club founded in 1983 and headquartered in Issaquah, US. The company deals in a variety of merchandise including televisions, computers, camcorders and phones. In addition, the firm provides services such as website and online solutions, mortgage purchase and financing, business prescription insurance as well as payroll services. The […]

Benefits of a Valuable Strategic Fit

Approaches for competing internationally The three main approaches for competing internationally are global strategy, transnational strategy and multidomestic strategy. Multidomestic strategy requires business managers to think and act locally. The strategy focuses on offering different products in the market. Further, the competitive approaches used by firms vary from one country to another. The strategy has […]

Growth strategies and key fundamentals

Growth strategy is a tactical plan devised and executed for the purpose of business expansion. Growth strategies should be part and parcel of every business whether small or big. Expansion strategies are specifically essential for small business ventures which get easily influenced even by the slightest alterations in the market. Changes in the customers, price […]

British Airways PR Plan

Executive Summary This paper is a PR plan for a leading aviation company, British Airways (BA). Traditionally, people have known BA as an experienced and reliable company, but recent industrial strikes have eroded this perception. This paper proposes that BA should reclaim its image as the most reliable and experienced company by focusing on improving […]

Strategic Plan of an Insurance Company in the UAE

Introduction It has become evident from the recent scenarios that the insurance and finance market is transforming peculiarly as more insurance companies are stepping into it. The competition among insurance companies is increasing with an increase in the number of companies which is also the case in the UAE’s insurance market. In order to establish […]

Strategic Business Plan: Small Size Dog Boarding Business

Introduction The conceptualization of a successful small dog boarding business demands a broad strategic blue print. The strategic plan should internalize the aspects of business vision, mission, values, communication plan and a balanced scorecard. Thus, this reflective paper develops a strategic plan for the proposed small dog boarding business called Dog Nest Centre to compete […]

Strategic Analysis of Toronto’s Financial Sector

Introduction Toronto is one of the fasting growing financial economic centers of the world. Toronto’s economy plays a vital role in the economy of Canada. According to the Global Financial Centre Index, Toronto ranks at12th amongst 46 most renowned financial centers of the world. The financial services industry of Toronto has acted as a critical […]

Nicos Canine Hotel – Financial Plan

Sources of Financing Business financing has become a challenge for those aspiring to expand an existing business or start up a business. Among the most viable external funding sources available for the Nicos Canine Hotelbusinessinclude loan capital in the form of bank overdraft or bank loan, engaging external investors and convincing business angels to be […]

Strategic Management in the House of Ajmal

Introduction The House of Ajmal is a family heritage and a sensational force in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The business entails a perfumery, which is based in Dubai and it has been inexistence for close to six decades. It has its origin in India and it is rumored to have come into existence when […]

International Strategic Plan to help Apple company expand in China

Executive summary Since China is enjoying a speedy economic growth, many individuals are starting their ventures in the country thus creating stiff competition. In this regard, multinational companies, like Apple Company, have found a good center for economic development in addition to affluence. Apple Company should choose licensing, joint ventures, and wholly owned foreign enterprise […]

HP Corporate Level Strategy

Introduction Diversification is the main strategy used by many corporations in a very competitive market. Many companies including Hewlett Packard (HP) participate in diversification of products and service. The main reasons for diversification are: Growth: the computer market is currently flooded and there is an intense competition. This has resulted in most company’s escaping the […]

Internal and External Consumer Strategies Analysis. British Airways, Hilton Hotel, and the Wembley Stadium

Introduction All organisations establish their unique people management strategy with a view of enhancing the achievement of their objectives effectively. Hospitality organisations, in particular, consider this to be an important aspect because they offer services. This implies that their employees are the actual meeting point between the organisation and its external consumers. This paper analyzes […]

Selling Strategies for Atlanta Falcons’ Tickets

Identify some examples of how the Falcons employed the concepts of benefit selling & eduselling in their turnaround of the Falcons Due to increased level of competition that is facing many industries in the modern business world, sales methodologies have significantly changed. These changes are directed towards the maximization of the total level of sales […]

Microsoft Corporation Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an integral part in an organization; when devising the marketing strategy to adopt marketing managers need to understand the target market of their commodities. Different products are likely to have a number of customers in different parts of the world; marketers need to segment the market and decide the specific area, age-gap, economic […]

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies of McDonalds

Corporation that operates internationally – MacDonald’s McDonalds has spread widely all over the world through the many chains of restaurants it has. It owns the biggest fast food restaurant chain globally. Millions of customers go to McDonald’s hence increasing its sales revenue. In the US, it tops compared to other restaurants followed by Burger King […]

DoubleClick Inc Marketing Strategies

DoubleClick Inc is an internet marketing and advertising corporation. The company was established in the year 1995 as an internet application service provider (Schwabach, 2006). Unlike other internet service providers, the company specializes in ad-serving and banner ads. In the year 1998, the company was listed among several prominent internet companies such as AOL, Yahoo, […]

Mission and Vision Statements

Introduction A vision statement outlines the market position that an organization anticipates to acquire in the future. It is often short, concise and offers directions that should be followed by the organization. However, it does not give details of how organizational goals should be achieved. It helps employees to be focused and also motivates them. […]

Service Adhesives Strategic Change

Organizations exist in an environment that is under constant change. Therefore, it is vital for organizations to undertake several strategic changes from regularly. The strategic changes help organizations to maintain a competitive edge and meet the current and future needs of the market. The changes should incorporate all stakeholders of the company. Employees of a […]

Project Plan of Wal-Mart

Internal and External Stakeholders, Their Needs and Motivations Affecting the Proposed Change Due to the fact that Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail stores, it is purposeful to pay attention to such internal stakeholders as employees who communicate directly with their customers. Lack of personnel can negatively influence the service sphere and, therefore, the […]

Strategy of Activision Blizzard Inc

Introduction Activision Blizzard Inc which was previously known as Activision Inc is based in California, USA, and mainly engages in provision of entertainment software and peripheral products to its customers across the globe. The company provides a wide range of video games which include PC based games, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii among others. […]

Operations Management Strategies at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Introduction The Arnold Palmer hospital is a unique hospital that provides family health care specializing in women and children. Right from its inception, the Arnold Palmer hospital has experienced growth in a robust way. It is based in Orlando but serves clientele from all the fifty states of the U.S. It originally had a capacity […]

Promotional Campaign for A&F

Brand positioning Abercrombie and Fitch is an American apparel seller. It was one of the most successful clothing retailers in the country. However, after the 2007 and 2008 global recession, A&F have been recording dwindling profits for four consecutive years (Hoover’s Inc. 2010). A&F believes that discounts cheapen the brand and cause saturation (Rosenbloom 2009). […]

Caterpillar’s Strategy in Foreign Markets

Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) is the global leader in the manufacture of mining and construction equipment, industrial gas turbines, and diesel and natural gas engines. Caterpillar’s machineries are popular around the globe due to their efficiency in heavy commercial activities. Strategic decisions have enabled the company to conquer the market. Caterpillar has operations in all six […]

Emirate Airline General Business Model

Introduction Internationalization has been the driving force behind E-business in the Arab airline. This case study focuses on the internationalization process and its role in creating an environment that can support E-business and E-commerce with respect to Emirates airlines. E-commerce and E-business are, also, evaluated with respect to value creation. The essay is based on […]

Organizational Change and Development: Mr. Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn is a businessperson who presently acts as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Paris-founded Renault. Additionally, Carlos acts in the same capacity at the Japan-founded Nissan (Millikin & Fu 2005). These companies jointly generate more than 10 per cent of cars sold internationally. Carlos is as well the Chairman and Chief […]

GenRays Project Plan Implications

Implications for the Decisions Made While developing a list of objectives, it is highly important to work out a set of definitions, processes, and schedule within which all processes should be accomplished (Project Management Institute, 2008). Therefore, activating such departments as human resources, technology and innovation, marketing and finance, and design development are among the […]

Strategies of Approaching Business Ventures

Introduction According to Sarasvathy (2008) there are two distinct strategies of approaching business ventures. Sarasvathy identified that causation is a strategy that is strictly reliant on a plan set initially. She described another strategy referred to as effectuation. Effectuation model describes the situation in which a business changes in accordance to emerging issues. This model […]

Hewlett-Packard – Strategic Successes and Failures

Introduction Famously known as HP, Hewlett Packard is one of the biggest multinationals in the world. The company deals with information and technology (IT) in addition to other related products. It focuses on developing and producing computer software and hardware. In addition, it designs and develops software and delivers services to customers. William Hewlett and […]

Xemba Translations Project Plan

Project Performance Measurement Metrics The broad objectives of the work of any project manager are the delivery of a project on time, within budget, and within the quality criteria. These objectives provide the basis for the development of performance measurement metrics for any project. The following five metrics will be applied to the performance measurement […]

“Chocolatey” Project Scope Analysis

The Chocolatey Project Hot n Sweet Company is considering the introduction of new product (Chocolatey) in the market to augment an already existing product (Choco). The company has an expenditure budget of $2 Million and a limited factory space of 2500 sq ft. this space is more than enough to go ahead with the project. […]

Gulfstream Aerospace’s Global Strategy to Rapidly Expand Oversea

Abstract Companies often come up with different strategies that aim at helping them gain access and successfully manage their operations in overseas markets. Diverse entry modes are often chosen by firms. The choice of entry strategies is often dependent on the local business culture of the company, as well as the nature of the operational […]

Summary Business Plan of KenSpo

Background information KenSpo is a private limited enterprise that operates in the US footwear and apparel industry. The firm deals in designing and production of high-end fashion footwear and apparel products. In the course of its operation, KenSpo intends to maximize its profitability potential hence its competitiveness. Moreover, the firm also intends to attain an […]

Organizational Change Project “Fat Tax” in Denmark

The Purpose of Studying the Organizational There is no secret that the recent “Fat Tax” has caused quite a stir among the Danish public, and especially among the owners of the Danish food producing enterprises (Cooper, 2012). Analyzing the effects of the reform in the context of a specific organization and taking a closer look […]

Behaviour and Management in Topaz hotel

Abstract Topaz Hotel located on the island of Malta is a gorgeous 4-star hotel rightfully positioned at the Northern side of the Island. Topaz Hotel boasts of a 406-room capacity, 1100 beds, and 8 lifts among others. Actions like designing, new product upgrading, modifications to the production progression, advertising, logistics, wrapping, pricing, and delivery are […]

Multinational Strategies, Structures, and Learning of Pearl River Piano

Executive summary The case study is of Pearl River Piano, a company, based in China. The company is seeking to enter into US market. The move is steered by the desire or the company’s CEO to improve quality of the company’s product and secure a Global market. The company’s CEO, Mr. Tong is convinced that […]

Strategic Audit: Home Depot Inc.

Current Situation Home Depot Inc has grown tremendously since its inception back in the 1970’s when it was formed by three business executives who had left Handy Dan Stores. Then the company had only one store and annual earnings of $ 23M; however now the company has grown and is one of the largest retailer […]

Business Plan of Sports Center

Business Activity Sports Center is a company that has been developed to meet the needs and requirements of skaters all around the world. With our high quality designs, Sports Center will be manufacturing different types of skates that can be used for leisure and in professional sports. Consequently, this initiative aims at promoting healthy living […]

Global Strategy in LEGO Group

Global strategy involves the ability of a company to use different productive approaches in order to remain competitive in the present dynamic business environment. A company, therefore, should have a large capital base or high liquidity so that it can survive the fluctuations in the market trend. In employing strategic management in their operations, companies […]

Refurbishment of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne

The Royal Exhibition Building located within Carlton Gardens in Melbourne Australia is a gem in comparison to other famous exhibition pavilions in the world. This site is ideal for large public or trade exhibitions and prominent main events. Having been completed in 1880, this iconic building has seen better days. A growing demand in new […]

Strategic Value of Information Technology

Microeconomic advantage of IT Carr’s view that investment on IT infrastructure has only macroeconomic advantages is not true as it has both microeconomic and macroeconomic benefits. In macroeconomic sense, investment in IT impacts on the patterns of production, trade, employment as well as investment while in microeconomic sense, it changes business activities. IT enhances a […]

Business Plan for Cloud Sec

Goal (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) The main goal is to deliver security protection over Cloud to savvy mobile device users (software version) and businesses (hardware version). “Security, trust, dependability and privacy are issues that have to be considered over the whole life-cycle of the system and software development from gathering requirements to deploying the […]

Look Out Lipton, Here Comes Oolong!

Introduction The case study focused on the emergence and growth of the market for canned iced-tea while laying much attention on the Western markets. Basically, the development of these markets made the Taiwan Shin Shii and Unilever (also known as the USA Unilever Best foods) to further exploit such markets by employing efficient marketing strategies […]

Organizational Learning and Strategy Differences

Introduction The purpose of this study is to critically analyze organizational learning and strategy differences in the Chinese Based firms in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Review of literature Many writers have provided information focusing on the Asian Policy Makers. Focus is given to the new strategic developmental strategies resulting from the economic Downturn that […]

Red Bull Company Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary This paper identifies Red Bull as a unique company that has demonstrated the ability to achieve success through innovative and unconventional ways. Its unique marketing strategy stands out as the hallmark of the company’s innovation. Through its market innovation, Red Bull has been able to maintain a dominant market position in the global […]

David Jones Company’s Strategies for Downsizing

Executive Summary Organisational downsizing underscores the deliberate move by the senior management of an organisation to scale down its operations, often by reducing its workforce, to improve its efficiency, enhance costs, and increase productivity. This report was prepared at the request of the senior management of David Jones to provide a strong analysis of the […]

Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2008 Quality policy In 2012, Virgin Australia Airline was ranked as the best airline within the Australian airline industry. The firm’s success both in international and domestic markets hinges on its commitment towards provision of high quality services. Virgin Australia has formulated comprehensive quality policies, which has enabled it to […]

Borouge Petrochemical Company Strategic Management

Introduction Change is a widespread feature in life of organizations and the capability to handle such changes is the core competence of success in organizations (Senge et al., 2004, p. 4). The main drivers of organizational changes over the last two decades have been globalization, advancement in technology and fluctuation in global economy. This has […]

Internalisation Strategy in “Plugging the Gap: An Internalisation Strategy”

Brief Summary of Recommendations: “Plugging the Gap: An Internalisation Strategy” This project purposed to come up with policy directions aimed at ensuring that New Zealand competes favourably in global markets mainly by undertaking internalisation performance improvement to accelerate growth in high value differentiated goods and services. The study proposes that stakeholders should chip in to […]

Breadtalk Company Strategic Marketing Plan

Executive Summary BreadTalk is a Singaporean firm which has invested in various countries including the Peoples’ Republic of China. This firm requires a working strategy that would help it manage the market competition in the Chinese market. The Chinese market is very attractive, given its size, but it has attracted so many players which makes […]

Wal-Mart Company’s Global Strategy

The initial global expansion strategy for Wal-Mart was to enter into the Western hemisphere states, Asia and Europe. However, Wal-Mart had insufficient managerial, organizational and financial resources that were considered necessary to simultaneously pursue these multiple states expansion. Wal-Mart thus initially opted to rationally sequence its market entry strategy to enable it to use the […]

Management Article: I Thought I Knew What Good Management Was

The article is basically addressing the process of transformation of an organization from a research based organization to a commercial one. Westinghouse Synthetic Fuels Division (SFD) had to go through a series of system overhaul from a coal gasification department that dealt with synthetic fuel into a commercial firm. This process of transformation was displayed […]

BATELCO Company Strategic Analysis

The main goal of most business organisations is making profit and being the leaders in the market. This implies that business organisations should always look for ways of remaining relevant and satisfying the needs of their customers. There are different ways through which they do this. One of the most important strategies that they use […]

Goodman Fielder Company Strategies

Goodman Fielder is a large producer and distributor of branded and private labeled brad, dairy products, dressings, condiments, and different food ingredients. Located mainly in New Zealand and Australia, the company has expanded its activities in Asia Pacific region to receive international recognition. Recently, the company’s overseas subsidiaries have experienced significant losses because of inadequate […]

Interviewing a Manager Jamie Ysrael About Organization Goals

Organizational chart Organizational Chart: Asus Corporation/ Source: Jamie Ysrael Person Interviewed: Jamie Ysrael, Marketing Lead Jami Ysrael’s Score My Score Reference Table Category 1: I have clear, specific goals in several areas Category 2: I have a definite outcome in life that I want to achieve Category 3: I prefer general to specific goals Category […]

Sales Management and Strategy

The business world is currently experiencing high levels of competition. This is due to availability of capital, easy entry into markets, present of substitutes and increase in the purchasing power of consumers (Sorce 6). As a result, firms need to come up with effective and efficient strategies in order to achieve a competitive advantage over […]

The Implementation of a BSC System in Chilquinta Energia

Summary Chilquinta Energia is one of the leading companies in the energy sector in Chile, and it ranks third in the distribution of electricity. Its performance in the energy sector hinges on good management team that has successfully implemented a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) system in the company. In 2004, the management team implemented a successful […]

Value Innovation Strategy

Introduction In the business world today, organizations aim at gaining a competitive edge against their competitors. In so doing, organizations are pursuing all the possible avenues that would ensure the achievement of the desired edge in business. The goal is to make the organization the most preferred by the consumers and the other stakeholders, such […]

The Strategy of ‘Localizing’ HR Practices from the Perspective of Multinational Corporation

Localization of International Human Resources Management Contemporary international human resources management strategies are focusing on how they can be able to localize human resources policies and practices for the betterment of their organizations; when localizing human resources policies, it takes the forms of international coordination, global leadership development and management, cultural intelligence, and diversity management. […]

Apple Inc Strategy

Core Issues Facing Apple Despite Apple Inc. recording spectacular growth and profitability in recent years, the company still faces a number of challenges. Some of these challenges include increased competition, maintaining its position in the market, dynamic technology, and the challenge of resource allocation between the traditional products and the emerging products such as iPods, […]

Business Plan of the Art Wheelchairs Company

Goals are essential to ensure that the goals and objectives of a firm are achieved in an effective and efficient manner. Goals play a critical role especially in research, development, marketing, distribution and sales. The first goal of the company is to provide its customers with state of the art wheelchairs. The world is experiencing […]

Tesco Strategic Decisions

Abstract To attain competitiveness amidst of modern changing business environments, an organization’s leadership team needs to implement operational, project and strategic management strategies that are responsive to the needs of the particular market the company is trading. With effective strategies, a company is able to resolve problems and conflicts that are likely to create a […]

Gulf Fertilizer Company Strategies

Strategic Planning Mission and vision statements, core values and organisational goals have become defining forces in the formulation of organisational strategy. To this end, some strategists note that mission and vision statements, core values and goals can offer options to a tedious work of organisational planning (Dobson, Starkey and Richards 10). This is because stakeholders […]

Policy Program for Mt. Rossmoor Community College

Successful development should not only encompass the growth of productivity, but should also ensure that the adopted pattern of growth is broad-based. This way, the management ends up with a variety of policy options that can be evaluated to select the best development strategy. The selected strategy must tailor those policies to the objectives of […]

Global Business Strategy – Google Inc

Introduction The purpose of this business report is to analyze and evaluate Google, Inc’s marketing strategies through using several technical business models. The analysis and evaluation should explain how the business has achieved its phenomenal growth and outline whether the current strategies used are appropriate to help the organization continue with its future strategy. It’s […]

Exelon Company Strategic Plan

Executive Summary Exelon Corporation is one of the largest electric utilities based in U.S, Chicago. The company primarily engaged in generation of energy, transmission of energy and distribution of energy. Exelon is also engaged in distribution of natural gas, solar, nuclear, and hydroelectric energy. Organizations that desire to operate competitively in the future have to […]

Global Business Strategy: United Parcel Services

Introduction Globalisation has resulted to an increase in international trade; despite the collapse of Doha negotiations in 2008, trade among countries is increasing. Countries trade through economic policies of absolute and comparative advantage. For effectiveness and efficiency in the trade, transport and communication are important. There are international companies which have invested in global logistic […]

Global Strategy of Walmart

Introduction In current contemporary business environments, companies are able to diversify their businesses to countries other than their country of incorporation; when operating across boundaries, leaders make decisions and develop strategies that are responsive to the needs of international and domestic customers (Kaushik and Cooper, 2000). The retail industry is one of the competitive segments […]

Environmental Friendly Strategy for Quality Computers Limited

Introduction As the need to enhance environmental conservation and sustainability has continued to grasp attention in all regions all over the world, organizations have boldly come out in support of and recognition of their role in protecting as well as sustaining the very environment they operate in. The following is an environmental friendly strategy for […]

McKesson Global Strategy

Introduction The growth of McKesson Corporation in the pharmaceutical sector has been phenomenal. The growth and prosperity is associated with the management approach employed at McKesson. This report presents findings from a research on the firm’s strategies and operations. The aim of the research was to understand how McKesson responds to challenges and opportunities in […]

Cisco Global Business Strategy

Introduction The current competitive business world has presented many opportunities and challenges to different companies. This is as far as globalization is concerned. Different companies have been enhancing their operations to reach a wide market through globalization. The main aim of this report is to asses Cisco Systems Inc in relation to its strategic positioning […]

Innovation Strategy of Coca Cola

The innovative strategy of Coca Cola seeks to provide its shareholders with very attractive remunerations on their invested investments by increasing the profitability. The company has used innovative business partnership with FEMSA to develop a more advanced joint business models and raised share incentives to capture vital growth chances. It is worth noting that Coca […]

Technology in Washington State Park System

Technology is to great extent a synonym to a change. Any time technology makes a step forward, it brings changes to different fields of our life, from industry and medicine to education and even entertainment. Agents use technology on different purposes: they may intend to enhance their products and services, reduce costs, outstrip competitors and […]

How to Improve Sales at BPC Software

BPC’s Problem BPC ventured into the business of providing payroll services to small and medium-sized enterprises. After four years, the business had prospered with an annual return of about $40million. This outcome prompted the business to expand its sales.  The expectation was that the founder would collect over $30million from shareholders after the expansion. However, […]