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Unilever Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Business Strategies at the Unilever Company
    Unilever is the working arm of Unilever PLC and Unilever N.V.’Meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere’ Unilever is going by the inexpensive pricing strategy of Hindustan unilever limited in markets with recession such as […]
  2. Unilever ice cream European market
    Moreover, the strong brand image associated with Unilever has made it possible for the company to implement its strategies both at the national and pan-European levels. Unilever has several strengths in the European market in […]
  3. Company Analysis: Unilever Company
    As opposed to the SWOT analysis, which is static and rarely leads to the development of specific alternative strategies, the TOWS matrix has a wider scope and has led to the development of four specific […]
  4. The Unilever Company Global Business
    Opportunities The needs of consumers evolve, and the company has opportunities for developing new products and advancing the existing brands. The company should study the market and the offers of its competitors to develop a […]
  5. Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever & HCP
    The companies have wider market coverage as its products are found in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the U.S.to remain relevant in the market; the companies have put into consideration the macro environment and micro […]
  6. Reducing Poverty: Unilever and Oxfam
    From the case, it is clear that most MNC’s conduct their businesses in Least Developed Countries with no regard to the communities and environmental concerns of their areas of operations.
  7. Unilever Strategic Analysis
    One of the strongest areas that the company has is the sales and marketing strategies, the policies enacted ensures that the company’s products reach the target market in the right form and quality.
  8. Marketing Mix: Surf Excel and Unilever
    It also comprises the decisions the management make in the implementation of the positioning strategy and in line with the achievement of the company’s overall objectives.
  9. Unilever Marketing Strategy for Phase Dawn Butter Flavour Cooking Oil
    The introduction of the Phase Dawn butter flavour to the market faces the challenges of competition and being new in the market.
  10. Strategic Plan to Improve Marketing Management of Beauty Products in Unilever Company
    The plan focuses on the marketing management of beauty products of the company. The Unilever Company is one of the most treasured companies in the world with its assets and intermediaries located in various parts […]
  11. Unilever’s Business Strategies
    Unilever has set various business objectives so as to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Firstly, the company has managed to embrace technology in its operations and production techniques.
  12. CSR and Strategic Management in Unilever Company
    The paper also discusses the benefits of including corporate social responsibility in the strategic plan of the company. The growth in the company has been attained through the help of business objectives of the company.
  13. Benchmarking Process at the Unilever PLC
    Benchmarking is the practice of accepting inherent company weaknesses which place it at a disadvantage against its competitors who are better performers in the same industry and the willingness to learn from them to strategically […]
  14. Case Analysis of Unilever
    The major problem discussed by the case is the increased competition in the marketing and how it has hindered efforts to keep Unilever’ brand relevant in the market.
  15. Marketing plan for Unilever Company
    The completion Unilever company is facing shall be analyzed in the porters 5 keys of competition The Threat from New Entrants: The products offered by Unilever such as the food and personal care require high […]
  16. SWOT Matrix for Unilever
    The firm’s products are designed to promote the wellbeing and health of its customers. The important goal is to ensure more customers purchase and use the company’s superior products.
  17. Unilever’s Personal Care Products
    According to the annual report 2011 of this company, it has more than 171,000 efficient employees all over the world and it has plan to double the size of the company in the near future, […]
  18. Company Strategic Analysis on Unilever ICE Cream & du Telecom
    Figure 4: du mobile data revenue trend Five Forces du telecom in the UAE The threat of new entrants in the UAE telecom market remains low because of the low population of the country and […]
  19. Unilever Strategic Management Implementation
    The company’s implementation of the ‘Path to Growth’ strategy was formulated and started in 2000 with the aim of sustaining the firm to achieve growth, reduce the cost of doing business, reduce the dependence on […]
  20. Project Investments in Unilever Company
    The paper utilizes axe anarchy fragrance for women, a new product that Unilever Company has launched on the market, as a case product in a bid to show the financial implication or consideration that the […]
  21. Sustainable Tea at Unilever
    There was the looming danger of the company failing to get the right quantity and quality of the tea that they required.
  22. ‘Unilever’ and ‘Proctor and Gamble’ review
    Moreover, the safety and quality of products are very important to the company which has led to the improvement of the lives of global consumers.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Unilever

  1. ‘Unilever’ and ‘Proctor and Gamble’ review
    Moreover, the safety and quality of products are very important to the company which has led to the improvement of the lives of global consumers.
  2. International Market Comparison: Nestle and Unilever
    Nestle; however, has adopted the mass and print media in its overseas marketing initiatives. Nestle and Unilever recognize the need for cultural sensitivity within different international market zones.
  3. Unilever Company Marketing Management Project
    The purchase of Helene Curtis and America’s Best Foods in the 2000s gave Unilever a strong presence in the U.S. The company has over 30 brands in the UAE market.
  4. Unilever Group: Arguments against the Organisation
    Of course, the company is trying to take into account cultural peculiarities of the region and it adjusts its products to specific taste of consumers.
  5. Unilever Group Products Customization
    Customization is the process of the adaptation of a product to the peculiarities of local culture and mentality. With this in mind, it is also possible to say that customization of its products is an […]
  6. Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Nestlé Marketing
    Procter & Gamble is a financially stable company that offers a wide variety of high-quality products that range from fitness items to household and hairstyle products.
  7. Unilever Company at the Middle East: Staffing Analysis
    The majority of staff at Unilever Middle East are in sales. There are a number of vacancies that exist in the sales and marketing area and in the information technology area.
  8. Procter & Gamble’s and Unilever’s Strategies
    Regarding the achievements of the company, it is possible to say that Unilever is a properly chosen competitor of P&G in regards to the entrepreneur and innovative strategies and decisions.
  9. Unilever Company’s Sustainable Development
    The paper focuses on sustainable living plan by the global company Unilever covering nutrition, hygiene and overall health of consumers and the environment.
  10. Unilever’s Product Development: Collaborative Innovation
    There is the possibility of the comprehensive use of the efforts of the project partners at the preproduction, production, and marketing stages, which contribute to the achievement of positive externalities due to the synergistic effect.
  11. Unilever Company’s Leadership and Corporate Governance
    The success of Unilever associated with the company’s commitment to leadership. First, the strategic leadership of Unilever is tied to the company’s long-term goals and objectives.
  12. Unilever Company’s Alliances and Collusion
    Therefore, the key conceptual difference between horizontal and vertical alliances is the position of companies that form the partnership. Collusion is a practice of two or more companies entering a secret agreement to take actions […]
  13. Unilever Ice Cream Strategic Issues
    By the late 70s, Unilever had acquired a third of the ice-cream market in Western Europe and became the biggest ice-cream manufacturer in the US.
  14. Unilever Company’s Management
    Among the potential challenges, I would point out the enormous size of the workforce and the diversity of geographical locations of the company’s offices.
  15. The Unilever Global Company’s Business Ethics
    The company has code of business principles that gives an account of the various ways in which its activities are to be carried out and it ensures that everyone working in the company follows it […]
  16. Learning, Training and Development at Unilever
    A 2018 report has shown that Unilever In addition, the report proves that the organization has been addressing the needs of its direct and indirect stakeholders; particularly, the consistent compliance with sustainability standards as the […]
  17. Unilever in Brazil 1997-200): Marketing Strategies
    The reason for it is that the consumers value the perceived power of the detergent, its smell, and the ability to remove stains.
  18. Managerial Economics: Unilever Corporation
    Market demand, which refers to the demand for a group of products that represent industry, is distinguishable from company demand and the demand of a control unit.
  19. Analysis of Transnational Corporation Unilever
    External balance is concerned with the continuous adjustment of Unilever to its market environments through changes in product, price, package, channels, advertising, and selling.
  20. The Unilever Company: The Timotei Case
    Considering that the Swedish promotion was a big success, the company’s plans to launch the brand into the international market in the 1980s were also fulfilled.
  21. Salesforce’s CRM at the Unilever Company
    Moreover, I learned that having a solution such as Salesforce, which offers cloud computing and the ability to build new applications depending on the needs of the business, is useful and can significantly reduce costs.

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