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Unilever’s Business Strategies Essay

About Unilever (in general)

Unilever is a multinational company. It manufactures and sells consumer products. The company was founded in 1930s, and has grown tremendously since it launched its operations.

Despite the competition and business challenges it experiences, Unilever’s business strategies have favoured its growth. The Company is dual-listed in London (UK) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Annually, the company registers considerable revenues despite the huge operational costs it incurs. For instance, it registered €46.467 billion gross revenue in 2011.

Due to the growing demands for its products, the figure increases annually. Unilever’s managerial techniques have embraced ethical provisions. The company supports various charity organisations.

This constitutes one of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR); staged to “give back” to the community.

Since Unilever operates in numerous countries with diverse cultural provisions, the company has established, ratified, and embraced dynamism so as to remain competitive, spirited, and relevant in the market.

The major competitors of Unilever incorporate Nestlé and Procter & Gamble among other local producers.

Unilever (Saudi Arabia)

Unilever operates in Saudi Arabia under taut “Shariah” laws. The Saudi Arabian market is large and affluent following the economic prowess of the country.

Clients have been categorised into various market segments for easy promotional strategies. The racial and religious differences in this region are considerable. They have affected the growth of some companies remarkably.

Nevertheless, Unilever has managed to survive in the Saudi Arabian market regardless of the mentioned challenges. The aspects and influences of the Islamic religion matter in this area.

As a multinational corporation, the management of Unilever is centralised. Most of its operational directives emerge from headquarters. However, such directives are modified to fit the Saudi Arabian market.

Evidently, the company sells various products in the Saudi Arabian marketplace. This includes the consumer goods mentioned before. Unilever products are well-known throughout Saudi Arabia.

Company Objectives

Unilever has set various business objectives so as to remain relevant and competitive in the market. The fact that it deals in the consumer products demands considerable business objectives.

Firstly, the company endeavours to produce quality products that will satisfy the market demands. Additionally, it strives to augment its production capacities to counter the continuously growing market opportunities.

Unilever also endures to expand its market presence by opening up its branches in numerous countries and enhancing its production capabilities as indicated earlier.

It has equally enacted viable CSR programmes to ensure that it ‘gives back’ to the society, conserves the environment, and embraces sustainable development.

Another objective is to embrace modern Research & Development techniques that will allow the company to emerge with novel products. This will enhance its customer services and market saturation.

Similarly, Unilever endeavours to operate beyond the cultural and territorial barriers.

Company Strategy

Unilever’s business strategies are evident. Firstly, the company has managed to embrace technology in its operations and production techniques. This has enhanced the company’s productivity, profitability, and customer services.

Another strategy is to enact viable business policies that will favour its territorial operations and market penetration. The company produces distinctive consumer products with exceptional qualities so as to outdo its competitors.

Additionally, its business prospects are visionary and strategic. It has managed to embrace various business cultures depending on its region of operation.

This is quite critical. Precisely, Unilever enjoys various competitive advantages in the business realms. It has the capacity to attain its business prospects.

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