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Accounting Essay Examples and Topics

Sustainability Reporting: Cost and Benefits

By implication, the CSR report influences the decision-making process of stakeholders and investors. CSR is a component of reporting that combines the examination of budget and non-money related performance.

Adam Baxter Company: Scoring System

Eliminate worker autonomy, increase daily targets and productivity by 70% - 30 points. Decrease worker autonomy, increase daily targets and productivity by 65% - 20 points.

Bureaucratic Control Systems and Benchmarking

The preparation of financial plans of a company in terms of proceeds, as well as costs and then relating them with the definite outcomes to obtain the variations in the firm's operations, comes with several [...]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act provide the sets of the accounting principles, standards, and procedures which the companies apply to form the financial reports GAAP is the combination of the authoritative standards [...]

Management Accounting in Agriculture

The farming industry of the nature of John and Mary falls in this category however with such a management accounting system like the one portrayed, then the management is likely to be more easy and [...]

Earnings Management Effects on Standard Setting

In order to address these issues, one needs to define the earnings management in accounting and standards setting, to analyze the earning management incentives, and to differentiate the ways to test distribution of reported earnings [...]

Corporate Financial Reporting and Economic Outcomes

The main reason for the involvement of the companies in the earnings management activities and manipulations with the reported accounting is their belief that other players in the financial arena consider earnings the main indicator [...]

Incentive Compensation and Fraud Allegations

On one hand, the opportunities for the CEOs to introduce the equity-based payoffs and the system of option intensity compensation depend on the size of the company and the quantity of the block-holders amongst the [...]

Incentives Reporting in European Firms

Authored by Burgstahler, Hail, and Leuz and published in the Journal of Accounting Review, the article, "The Importance of Reporting Incentives: Earnings Management in European Private and Public Firms" investigates the mechanism through which issues [...]

Income Smoothing and Earnings Informativeness

Tucker and Zarowin investigate the influence of the smoothing the earnings in the financial reports on the accounting informativeness. The main proposition is that earnings smoothing enables the managers to make more use of representing [...]

Smoothing Income and Future Earnings in Accounting

While traditionally, income smoothing is associated with the factor of the company's current performance, it is also important to distinguish the correlation with the forecasts about the company's future and the anticipations of the external [...]

Earnings Management and the Threshold Model

When studying the reasons behind the earnings management, it is important to identify the possible implications for the different specialists in the sphere of accounting because it would improve the standards of financial reporting.

Annual Bonus Schemes and Earnings Manipulation

The most common assumption among the researchers of the accounting decision-making and incentives of the earnings management is that the approaches used by the managers involved in the earnings manipulation differ depending on the impression [...]

Business Ethics Aspects in Accounting

External auditors are independent of the organization they audit and provide an annual assessment of financial accounts and statements, and decide whether they adhere to accepted standards of accounting.

Accounting: Role, Process and Users

Accounting information is the process of identifying, recording, and communicating relevant, reliable, and comparable information about all business activities in an organization.

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Budgeting

In a bottom-up approach, financial forecasting and reviewing of the same as part of the budget management process is critical. The advantage of including managers in the budgeting process is that a good communication between [...]

Accounting Ethics and Professional Conduct

The code of professional conduct for accountants and auditors is developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other relevant stakeholders with the view to setting out the philosophy that inspires the rules [...]

Financial Statements Importance

Financial control is "the control of financial resources as they flow out or into the organization". An income statement is a financial document summarizing the actual performance of an organization within a specified period.

Qualitas of Life Foundation Profile

In this respect, the person that can be a member of the Board of Directors in the Qualitas of Life Foundation should be knowledgeable in administration and accounting, certain financial issues though the basics of [...]

H&M Accounting Standards

The financial reports of The GAP, H&M, and Inditex are expected to differ significantly in some components because The GAP follows the US GAAP while the others use the IFRS standard.

Concept in Financial Accounting

End-users refers to the all the stakeholders that might be interested in the financial statements of a company. It is rather important to have a clear understanding of the problem in this case.

Center for Audit Quality

Thus, shareholders in a publicly listed company are likely to establish the company's reputation from the caliber of the company's auditors.

Social Accounting

In reference to Crowther, social accounting can be defined as "an approach to reporting a firm's activities which stresses the need for the identification of socially relevant behavior, the determination of those whom the company [...]

Function of a Job Description

The main drivers of this incentive will be the position of the employee, which will be the accounting clerk, the experience, which the holder may or may not have, and sustained performance, which will be [...]

Financial Analysis of Bayer AG

1 Table 5 Notably, sales to total assets and that of net worth declines across the years. In the six year financial period of analysis, Bayer AG has been able to meet obligations and beyond.

Management of change at Procter and Gamble

A brief background of Procter and Gamble The current staffing issues facing the accounts department at Procter and Gamble are very relevant in determining the strategies, structures and practices to be assumed in order to [...]

Companies Directors Mix

Although a combination is crucial, it is important to let the directors understand and appreciate their role within the company; it is more better to have directors who are dealing in the same line of [...]

Accounting and Business Management

Leaders are accountable to external users of accounts who include the government for taxation purposes, shareholders, bankers, and creditors; they are willing to know the financial strength of an organization so that when making decisions [...]

Business and accounting

To gain more understanding on the adoption of a set of global financial accounting standards, this paper will discuss arguments for and against the adoption of a set of global financial accounting standards from the [...]

Financial Accounting Theory

The reduced use of the IFRS was intended to reduce the unnecessary reporting to the users and to improve their understanding of the statements and not to impair the reliance and truthfulness of such reports.

Basis of accounting

This implies that the resultant profit is on an accrual basis and does not denote the surplus money in an entity.

International Accounting

This paper is organized in different parts that are as follows; the introduction, framework and background, conceptual framework, value and limitations of the international financial reporting standards, financial reports of the given companies, and qualitative [...]

Accounting Cycle: Common Steps

The paper discusses the accounting cycle of the office of the chief financial officer. The first step is identification of the transaction and the events which surround the transaction.

Management and accounting

An understanding of the main purpose of the report is critical in the sense that it links the findings from Johnson and Johnson's annual reports as well as sustainability reporting in the US financial reporting [...]

Financial Accounting

In this context, Kanodia et al.reckons that Australia entangles one of the fascinating setting for conducting a study on the impacts of IFTRSs on the values of a firm due to the differences that the [...]

Accounting Theories

According to the stakeholder's theory, the issue of ethics and morality are important in making sure that the managerial decisions of the organization do not negatively affect the stakeholders. However, the illegitimacy of the decision [...]

Management Accounting in Company

The decision made in this situation is unethical as it leads to a creation of a misleading financial statement. This generally is unethical as it represents a favourable financial position of the company but which [...]

FASB versus IASB

Zyla argues that the major similarity between these bodies that is the IASB and FASB is that they are both found in the accounting field.

Apple non-GAAP Accounting Principle

The new non-GAAP accounting practice that Apple followed required the company to account for all the revenue and cost associated with the production of iPhone and Apple TVs after the products are sold.

Intangible Assets in Finances

This value should include taxes arising from the implementation of the asset, the risks involved, the cost of acquiring the assets, roles played by auxiliary intangible and tangible assets and finally the discount fee.

FASB and GASP Accounting

The Government Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standards Board make up the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles board. This is because the modified accrual accounting avails information regarding the assets and liabilities of an [...]

Forensic Accounting

That is why, it is important to focus on the most important skills necessary for realizing the internal control within the company in relation to financial issues and to determine the legal responsibility of forensic [...]

Accounting Environment and Role in Economy

Also, the scandals made the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund introduce Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes to assist in accounting and auditing of developments and priorities in different nations and [...]

Dishonest Behavior in Accounting

Since the profession entails a process of discovering, appraising, and stating of economic information to allow knowledgeable verdict and determination by those who apply the information, it is important to be aware of the vices [...]

Accounting Profession

For instance, in government accounting the focus is on the flow of financial resources and not economic resources as the case is in other forms of accounting.

XYZ Corporation transition to IAS

Making the transition to IAS will affect the financial records of XYZ Corporation The transition from GAAP to IAS by XYZ Corporation will cause significant changes in the financial records of the corporation.

Liability and Accountability- Discussion Post

Variations in the levels of legal accountability and responsibility have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the nature of the risks and vulnerability of actions and decisions undertaken by the professional.