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Accounting Essay Examples and Topics

Wesfarmers Company’s Financial Statements Audit

The audit procedures we undertook when investigating the audit risk areas of Wesfarmers are about the context of our audit process and our analysis of the financial statement of the company as a whole.

Apple and Samsung Companies’ Financial Accounting

A company's revenue should be determined only when the reward and risks of ownership are transferred to the buyer, and the amount of consideration can be measured. The matching concept is a practice whereby expenses [...]

Cost Accounting for Beer Production

To understand the accounting costs that are associated with the production of beer, it will be important to understand the raw materials and other costs that are incurred in the processing departments.

Financial Accounting: Guidelines and Agencies

An annual report is a report that a company gives to its stakeholders in order to acquaint them with the company's operations and financial variables for a particular year.

Advertising Effectiveness and Revenue Measurement

It appears logical to regard surveys as some kind of monitoring tool for the mental processes of the buyers; the key aim of such a survey would consist in understanding what has caused a customer [...]

Accounting and Financial Management and Scandals

Even though accounting is devoted to describing business and finance, it is still is a kind of service or business that has to be responding to the changes in the modern environment.

Effect of Unethical Behavior in Accounting

It was these scandals as well as unethical accounting practices that prompted the United States government to enact laws that aim to curb the occurrence of such behavior in the future.

Cash Connection Company’s Analysis

The economic conditions resulted in a decline in the ability of the customers to repay their loans on time. The value further declined to $271,961 in 2009, an equivalent of a 20.

Financial Accounting Standards Setting

In support of doing more FVA, Laux and Leux argue that in the case of perfect markets and considering the presence of a crisis, the measure can help in providing the necessary and relevant information [...]

Master Degree in Accounting

I am anxious to combine the knowledge and aptitude of these skills with a master's degree in accounting. I want to acquire professional skills and abilities that would enable me to contribute to the economic [...]

The Accounting Information System at Riordan Manufacturing

The steering committee plays the most important role in developing the AIS used in the production cycle at Riordan Manufacturing because the members of the committee are responsible for the development and implementation of the [...]

Company Inventory Management Report

Let's analyze the two options in terms of liquidity, profitability, breakeven point; This is the availability of funds to meet short term and long term financial liabilities as they fall due.

Accounting Standards and Effects

Given that PSGT is a large corporation with capability to expand to global markets; it is likely that its network will be extremely wide.

Annual Report Usefulness Understanding

The market concentration, the function of the number of firms, and their respective shares of the total production in the market, can also be judged and analysed for a better understanding of the company's overall [...]

Social Accounting and Reporting Regime

Given Holdaway and Davis assertions, it is imperative to analyze the social and environmental impacts emanating from the failure by Ok Tedi Company to implement social accounting standards.

Social Reporting and Market Efficiency

On the other hand, the economic dimension of social reporting deals with the impact of the organization on the economic systems and economic circumstances of the various stakeholders.

Amazon.com Inc.’s Cash Flow Statement in 2007

From the table, in 2006, the net cash flow used in financing activities amounted to US$ million. From the table, in 2006, the net cash flow used in investing activities amounted to US$ million.

Jonesboro Newspaper’s Budget and Cash Flow

A budget enables an individual to forecast the amount of money to be realized upon the execution of a given undertaking. A part of the income from the company will be used to cater for [...]

Irrational Ratios and Analysis in Examples

The gross margin index of Dell indicates there was possible fraud in the statements of this company in the year 2003, but there is none in the subsequent years.

Accounting Journal Entries Adjustments in Manufacturing

To reflect the true balances at the end of every financial year of the business, it crucial for the journal entries to be adjusted accordingly since the balances are utilized in drawing other financial statements [...]

Plan for Conducting Investigation in Companies

The number and the authenticity of the accounts should be verified to check on the possibilities of fictitious accounts. The review on the sales should be done together with the review of inventory's amount and [...]

Abel Athletics Company’s Financial Management

During such evaluations, creditors need to know how much debt can be realistically paid from the revenue of the business, duration, and profitability of the business, the existing credit and various credit limits, assets of [...]

Accounting Systems Design and Development

The values of the outsourced company may not be the same as that of the premier. The case reveals that these are the issues that need to be addressed at the premier, and it justifies [...]

Financial Viability and Statements in Healthcare

For healthcare organizations, the following documents must be considered a necessity: a statement of financial position, a balance sheet, a statement of cash flows, a statement of operations, a statement of change in net assets, [...]

Rally’s Restaurant’s Financial Analysis

A quick ratio of more than one is satisfactory for the firm, since the higher the ratio, the more the firm's ability to meet its short term maturing obligations.

ABC Company’s Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

The contribution margin is the amount of income after the fixed costs have been met. Caldwell and Welch describe CM as the amount of income that the company realizes less the fixed costs.

Concept of the Risk-Based Auditing

Risk-based auditing, as one of the types of the internal auditing process, involves the thorough analysis and management of threats that can undermine the organization's successful work.

Career in Accounting: Important Aspects

Overall, success in senior accounting is attributed to the openness to new experiences and the pursue of knowledge. In researching the topic of becoming successful in senior accounting, one is recommended to pay attention to [...]

Audit in Business and Public Organizations

The main difference is that performance auditing seeks to improve the effectiveness of an organization while compliance auditing is undertaken to examine whether procedures and financial reports are in accordance with existing policies, procedures, or [...]

Vodafone Qatar Company’s Accounting and Finance

Investors and stakeholders can utilise financial statement examination to assess the past and current financial operations of their business, analyse an existing money related issues, and gauge future patterns in the firm's budgetary position.

External Report Standards

BPP Learning Media emphasises that while the auditor may provide recommendations to the board of directors of a particular company, the purpose of the report is to only display factual information.

Operating and Cash Conversion Cycles in Business

In business operations, the term Cash Conversion Cycle refers to the average time that elapses when a business enterprise makes a payment for particular inventory investment and the time when the agency receives payment on [...]

Balanced Scorecard and Compensation in Accounting

The Balanced Scorecard is a tool utilized in corporations for the purpose of compensating workers in a way that is beneficial for both the management and the workforce. Usually, achievement of the goals and objectives [...]

Balanced Scorecard in Business and Non-Profits

The brief analysis of literature makes it possible to conclude that the Balanced Scorecard system is suitable for bigger organizations and, in any case, requires the adaptation to the organizational features.

Phonia Phelps Company’s Semi-Annual Budget

Phonia Phelps Company is making a budget preparation for the semi-annual of the year ending 30 July. The sales budget is a schedule showing sales expected for a given time in detail.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Audit Planning and Control

Effective planning is one of the key pillars of this process and focuses on essential areas of the audit such as ensuring that there is adequate allocation of resources to the auditing procedure.

Denver Furniture Corporation’s Financial Accounting

The study can examine various areas such as the financial impact of the new product, as well as the target market, distribution channel, and effect of the new product on the sales of existing products.

Dividend as a Contribution the Business Success

As the research shows, the majority of organizations consider reinvested earnings as the leading source of financing, and because the payment of dividends reduces its volumes, the decision on the way dividends are paid affects [...]

Enron, Arthur Andersen and New Accounting Rule

It is important to find out if the revelation improves the quality of the auditing process and level of accountability as perceived by the insiders and corporate leaders of the accounting firm in order to [...]

Accounting Concepts for Financial Reporting

To establish a foundation for discussion, the historical cost concept implies that the companies have to state in their balance sheets the monetary value of the asset at the moment of purchase or acquisition.

Accounting Conservatism in Debt Contracting Process

The researcher comes up with the following hypothesis: Hypothesis 1a: The more conservative borrowers tend to violate debt covenants more often as compared to the less conservative borrowers.

Accounting Conservatism and Contracting Explanations

The greater the degree of separation in verification, the stronger the conservatism. Overall, the benefits to conservatism are united by the principle of limiting payouts and meticulous verifiability of profits, which aid in providing accurate [...]

Earth Ltd.’s Management Accounting and Performance

In the current report, the cash budget of Earth Ltd.is prepared based on its cash inflows and cash flows. The data of Earth Ltd.is used for preparing different budgets including production budget, sales budget, direct [...]

Accounting Issues, Dilemmas, and Resolutions

However, Tietjen bemoan the fact that in a real-world setting, the accountants do not have absolute power to remain independent in terms of choosing and utilizing the most appropriate accounting parameters for the purpose of [...]

Deferred Tax Assets and Future Payments Study

The author also establishes the significance of the research question, explaining that determining the presence of a strong association between deferred taxes and future tax payments could be used to improve the current financial accounting [...]

Accounting: Why PayPal’s Numbers Look So Good

PayPal, a company that specializes in online money transactions for the purchase of different goods, ranging from games to clothing articles, always looks good for potential investors and has a history of exceeding the expectations [...]

Financial Accounting and Its Importance

Financial accounting is a number of certain operations in any business or profitable organization that are intended to summarize, analyze, and report every transaction that is somehow related to the company's activity.

Incidents of Accounting Anomalies in the Organization

The initial evaluation of the company highlighted the failure to include inventory write-downs in the financial records. It is essential to note that the latter action could lead to the imprisonment of the concerned officers [...]

Disclosure Levels in Mexican Companies

The main goals of this paper are to discuss factors that predict disclosure levels in Mexico and explain the underlying causes of recent improvements in accounting measurement and disclosure practices in the country.

Smith Company: Profitability Determination

The incorporation of the Lean Management principles and the concept of sustainable resource usage should be viewed as the means of helping the firm retain its position and address the issue of the debt.

Central World Products Plc.: Management Proposal

The strategic assessment will be used to provide the management of Central World with analysis and guidance on the best alternatives available to help the company to start trading again.

The Linbarger Company’s Accounting Problems

The first issue is the fact that the loan agreement might be brought to an end by the insurance company. Therefore, the paychecks might be provided to the workers once the balance is approved by [...]

Linbarger Company: Ethics in Accounting

In case the assistant controller would comply with the instructions of the financial vice president and wait one more day, it is possible to suggest that he or she would be fired because of insubordination [...]

Three Costing Systems Comparison

Exactly how a costing system impacts corporate sustainability is a critical issue to consider since it is directly related to the success of the company's activities, the applicability of its strategies, and the marketability of [...]

Human Capital and the Financial Statements

In fact, according to some scholars, the severity of the latest financial crisis is explained for the most part by the inaccuracies in the financial statements resulting from the absence of the IC as a [...]

High-Tech Corporation’s Management Accounting

To minimize losses, the organization contributes a lot of time, effort, and finance to the planning stage of managerial accounting. The major goal of the company is to reduce costs improving the quality of the [...]

The Accounting Cycle: Phases and Computerized System

This phase delineates all the activities related to the process of documenting all the available financial information and entering it into the database of the company1. The fourth stage of the accounting cycle is the [...]

Parts and Suppliers Inc.’s Internal Control Project

The paper will also evaluate the design of internal controls for the sales process of the company. The diagrammatic representation of the process has helped the auditor to analyze the strength and weaknesses of controls [...]

Crown Melbourne’s Intangible Assets

It is the responsibility of the directors to ensure that the licenses for the casinos are not taken at a higher value than the recoverable value.

Do Analysts and Auditors Use Information in Accruals?

For that reason, it is important to examine various factors that can be linked to the reasons and explanations of how those forecasts can affect the future performance of a particular company, including whether the [...]

Accounting Education and Employment Opportunities

Accounting plays a huge role when it comes to budgeting, cost management, appraisals, and corporate accountability and governance, and quality control in the economy of the United States.

Equity, Liabilities, and Assets in Accounting

However, to create a sustainable method of arranging and using the corporate resources, one must not only be able to identify the essential components of the accounting equation but also study the unique characteristics of [...]

International Financial Reporting Standards: Pros and Cons

Ball argues that IFRS has an inherent advantage in the way it views the subject of quality in accounting. Conventional setters of accounting standards assessed quality in terms of the reliability and relevance of information [...]

Big Data and Analytics in the Audit

In order to make big data and analytics a part of the auditing process, it is necessary to indicate what type of audit evidence is derived with their help.

The Audit Fees: Walmart, Bank of America and Aetna

The aim of this paper is to compare the audit fees of three companies: Walmart, Bank of America, and Aetna. The analysis of differences in audit fees paid by Walmart, Bank of America, and Aetna [...]

Walgreens and CVS Health: Audit Research Case

In order to better understand factors that influence the determination of external audit fees for Walgreens and CVS Health it is necessary to consider key characteristics of the companies.

Long-Duration Contracts and Accounting Standards

The undertaking selected for this analysis is the Insurance Targeted Improvements to the Accounting for Long-Duration Contracts. In addition, the board decided to limit enhancements of disclosures for long-term indentures.

Cost Accounting and Impact on Product Cost

The authors maintained research trying to identify a system that provides the most benefit to the organization and stopped on the utilization of the long-term variable cost.

The Public Company Accounting Inspections

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is an organization that was established by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in order to oversee and control the audits of public companies.

Contemporary Auditing: Real Issues and Cases

The next stage of the audit consists of conducting extensive fieldwork and checking the internal controls of the audit. The fifth stage of the audit is the creation of a report that dwells on the [...]

Alta Vista Day Care Center Project

The aim of this analysis is to use Cost-Volume-Profit tool for determining the impact of the change in the number of students on the organization's operating profit.

Data Reliability in Financial and Managerial Accounting

Therefore, financial accounting is highly strict when it concerns the reliability of data used in the reports. In managerial accounting, the demand for information reliability is not as high as it is in financial accounting.

International Job Order Costing

Therefore, job order costing in a production company involves allocating costs to inventory and after that cost of sales when the job is finished.

Process Costing Systems and Methods

The cost of manufacturing a product is critical in the computation of inventory, making pricing decisions and in analyzing the profit that is derived from the manufacturing process.

The Need for Accounting Information Management

It is the information that is an input variable of every process of accounting and it is the analysis of information that is the primary tool of management accounting and determining a company's performance and [...]

Accounting Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

It is also important to be mindful of the development of learning institutions that help shape the skills of accountants and finance professionals. However, it is also a reminder to create an effective hiring mechanism [...]

Accounting Standards and Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Boynton & Johnson define auditing as a systematic process of collecting and evaluating evidence about economic activities of an entity in an objective manner in order to measure the degree of compliance with the set [...]

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Budget Planning

While the specified precaution measures might seem redundant for an organization of a comparatively small size, where bureaucracy is unlikely to be a problem, a quarterly account of the financial moves made is essential for [...]

Accounting Services to Sydney Students

In this business capstone project research, the topic of the provision of accounting services to university and college students by a Sydney accounting firm is chosen for discussion to understand if it is profitable for [...]

TripAdvisor Company: Activity-Based Costing

TripAdvisor can implement the TDABC to determine utilization of capacity for travel and booking. TripAdvisor can go further to calculate the cost of every time unit for every employee based on service delivery and employees' [...]

Baby Cakes Company’s Budgeting and Planning

The discussion describes the sales budget part of the master budget. Baby Cakes will need a budget to analyze the performance of the company and to become efficient in managing its expenditures by controlling waste [...]

The Gulf Cooperation Council: Managerial Accounting

The purpose of the research paper is to assess the prevalence of managerial accounting tools and methods used in the GCC countries in order to determine the preferred approach to accounting in organizations.

Accounting Information System and Fraud Prevention

One of the main reasons why the company's customized AIS failed in preventing fraud is because the system existed in such a way that entry of information into the data system regarding sales, purchases, and [...]

Research and Development Costs Standards

The paper seeks to discuss extensively the treatment of research and development costs. The company should be able to estimate the cost of the asset.

Sustainability Reporting: Cost and Benefits

By implication, the CSR report influences the decision-making process of stakeholders and investors. CSR is a component of reporting that combines the examination of budget and non-money related performance.

Health Management Associate Company’s Financial Plan

In this instance, the primary goal of the paper is to develop a financial plan for three years, and it has to cover suggesting relevant financial ratio and evaluating the ability of the organization to [...]
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