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Accounting Essay Examples and Topics

Concept of the Risk-Based Auditing

Risk-based auditing, as one of the types of the internal auditing process, involves the thorough analysis and management of threats that can undermine the organization's successful work.

Career in Accounting: Important Aspects

Overall, success in senior accounting is attributed to the openness to new experiences and the pursue of knowledge. In researching the topic of becoming successful in senior accounting, one is recommended to pay attention to [...]

Audit in Business and Public Organizations

The main difference is that performance auditing seeks to improve the effectiveness of an organization while compliance auditing is undertaken to examine whether procedures and financial reports are in accordance with existing policies, procedures, or [...]

Vodafone Qatar Company’s Accounting and Finance

Investors and stakeholders can utilise financial statement examination to assess the past and current financial operations of their business, analyse an existing money related issues, and gauge future patterns in the firm's budgetary position.

External Report Standards

BPP Learning Media emphasises that while the auditor may provide recommendations to the board of directors of a particular company, the purpose of the report is to only display factual information.

Operating and Cash Conversion Cycles in Business

In business operations, the term Cash Conversion Cycle refers to the average time that elapses when a business enterprise makes a payment for particular inventory investment and the time when the agency receives payment on [...]

Dividend as a Contribution the Business Success

As the research shows, the majority of organizations consider reinvested earnings as the leading source of financing, and because the payment of dividends reduces its volumes, the decision on the way dividends are paid affects [...]

Accounting Concepts for Financial Reporting

To establish a foundation for discussion, the historical cost concept implies that the companies have to state in their balance sheets the monetary value of the asset at the moment of purchase or acquisition.

Accounting Conservatism and Contracting Explanations

The greater the degree of separation in verification, the stronger the conservatism. Overall, the benefits to conservatism are united by the principle of limiting payouts and meticulous verifiability of profits, which aid in providing accurate [...]

Accounting Issues, Dilemmas, and Resolutions

However, Tietjen bemoan the fact that in a real-world setting, the accountants do not have absolute power to remain independent in terms of choosing and utilizing the most appropriate accounting parameters for the purpose of [...]

Deferred Tax Assets and Future Payments Study

The author also establishes the significance of the research question, explaining that determining the presence of a strong association between deferred taxes and future tax payments could be used to improve the current financial accounting [...]

Accounting: Why PayPal’s Numbers Look So Good

PayPal, a company that specializes in online money transactions for the purchase of different goods, ranging from games to clothing articles, always looks good for potential investors and has a history of exceeding the expectations [...]

Financial Accounting and Its Importance

Financial accounting is a number of certain operations in any business or profitable organization that are intended to summarize, analyze, and report every transaction that is somehow related to the company's activity.

Disclosure Levels in Mexican Companies

The main goals of this paper are to discuss factors that predict disclosure levels in Mexico and explain the underlying causes of recent improvements in accounting measurement and disclosure practices in the country.

Smith Company: Profitability Determination

The incorporation of the Lean Management principles and the concept of sustainable resource usage should be viewed as the means of helping the firm retain its position and address the issue of the debt.

Linbarger Company: Ethics in Accounting

In case the assistant controller would comply with the instructions of the financial vice president and wait one more day, it is possible to suggest that he or she would be fired because of insubordination [...]

Three Costing Systems Comparison

Exactly how a costing system impacts corporate sustainability is a critical issue to consider since it is directly related to the success of the company's activities, the applicability of its strategies, and the marketability of [...]

Human Capital and the Financial Statements

In fact, according to some scholars, the severity of the latest financial crisis is explained for the most part by the inaccuracies in the financial statements resulting from the absence of the IC as a [...]

Equity, Liabilities, and Assets in Accounting

However, to create a sustainable method of arranging and using the corporate resources, one must not only be able to identify the essential components of the accounting equation but also study the unique characteristics of [...]

Long-Duration Contracts and Accounting Standards

The undertaking selected for this analysis is the Insurance Targeted Improvements to the Accounting for Long-Duration Contracts. In addition, the board decided to limit enhancements of disclosures for long-term indentures.

Process Costing Systems and Methods

The cost of manufacturing a product is critical in the computation of inventory, making pricing decisions and in analyzing the profit that is derived from the manufacturing process.

The Need for Accounting Information Management

It is the information that is an input variable of every process of accounting and it is the analysis of information that is the primary tool of management accounting and determining a company's performance and [...]

Accounting Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

It is also important to be mindful of the development of learning institutions that help shape the skills of accountants and finance professionals. However, it is also a reminder to create an effective hiring mechanism [...]

Accounting Standards and Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Boynton & Johnson define auditing as a systematic process of collecting and evaluating evidence about economic activities of an entity in an objective manner in order to measure the degree of compliance with the set [...]

Accounting Services to Sydney Students

In this business capstone project research, the topic of the provision of accounting services to university and college students by a Sydney accounting firm is chosen for discussion to understand if it is profitable for [...]

TripAdvisor Company: Activity-Based Costing

TripAdvisor can implement the TDABC to determine utilization of capacity for travel and booking. TripAdvisor can go further to calculate the cost of every time unit for every employee based on service delivery and employees' [...]

Baby Cakes Company’s Budgeting and Planning

The discussion describes the sales budget part of the master budget. Baby Cakes will need a budget to analyze the performance of the company and to become efficient in managing its expenditures by controlling waste [...]

Sustainability Reporting: Cost and Benefits

By implication, the CSR report influences the decision-making process of stakeholders and investors. CSR is a component of reporting that combines the examination of budget and non-money related performance.

Adam Baxter Company: Scoring System

Eliminate worker autonomy, increase daily targets and productivity by 70% - 30 points. Decrease worker autonomy, increase daily targets and productivity by 65% - 20 points.

Bureaucratic Control Systems and Benchmarking

The preparation of financial plans of a company in terms of proceeds, as well as costs and then relating them with the definite outcomes to obtain the variations in the firm's operations, comes with several [...]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act provide the sets of the accounting principles, standards, and procedures which the companies apply to form the financial reports GAAP is the combination of the authoritative standards [...]

Management Accounting in Agriculture

The farming industry of the nature of John and Mary falls in this category however with such a management accounting system like the one portrayed, then the management is likely to be more easy and [...]

Earnings Management Effects on Standard Setting

In order to address these issues, one needs to define the earnings management in accounting and standards setting, to analyze the earning management incentives, and to differentiate the ways to test distribution of reported earnings [...]

Corporate Financial Reporting and Economic Outcomes

The main reason for the involvement of the companies in the earnings management activities and manipulations with the reported accounting is their belief that other players in the financial arena consider earnings the main indicator [...]