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E-Commerce Essay Examples and Topics

Possible Applications of E-Media

The use of e-media in sales promotion implies that the company is aware of the potentials of e-media in business and therefore it hopes to benefit from the innovation.

E-Commerce and Its Effects on Business and Trade

The emergence of digital and online technologies has paved the way for new opportunities and trends in global trade. In particular, the Internet has provided businesses with new communication channels that have sharpened the competition [...]

Website Usage: Bottled Water Company in Nigeria Case

A strand of existing literature demonstrates that organisations continue to benefit from the use of web-based platforms in terms of remaining competitive in the cost and the overall service they offer compared to their competitors, [...]

E-Commerce in Remote Villages of China

Leong et al.state that ICTs can become a vital empowerment tool and may help villages thrive in the situation when economic and social inequality between urban and rural areas in China is enormous regardless of [...]

Product Reviews in Online Shopping

The paper will discuss strategies used by online retailers in their product reviews as well as describe a research study that can be used to explore the relationship between customer comments and their buying habits.

New Payment Methods

According to the PEST analysis of the uncontrollable factors such as political, economic, technological, and socio-cultural ones, there is a high possibility of implementing mobile payments successfully. It is a widespread opinion that the potential [...]

Cheat Sheet of Payment Services Directive 2

To begin with, it is necessary to mention that Article 1 of the PSD 2 contains the point in its first paragraph accenting on the fact that the current document explains that all institutions operating [...]

Facebook and Twitter Usage for E-Commerce

This paper aims to discuss the question of Facebook and Twitter use for customer service and marketing, with the purpose to understand which companies are best suited for the mentioned platforms.

Charity Instructional Guide

The purpose of this instructional guide is to provide the charity organization's board with the real-life examples of effective usage of Internet with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the members.

E-Commerce Strategy and Action Plan

Access to technology and factors which allow customers to have a large array of options from the comfort of their home have led to the formation of an extremely profitable e-commerce market.

Cloud Computing in Organisational Processes

Cloud computing gives companies an opportunity to process information in a quick manner; therefore, the new technology seems to facilitate the process of cooperation between organisations and their suppliers.

E-Commerce Adoption and Customer-Specific Barriers

One of the customer-specific barriers to e-commerce adoption relates to the fact that many individuals are yet to realize the immense benefits associated with e-commerce applications, and are therefore unwilling to take the risk of [...]

Augmented Reality in Business Applications

Up-to-date sources will be used to discuss the usability of AR in different industries, real application examples, advantages and disadvantages of AR observed by scientists and professionals, and AR trends to expect in the future.

Concept of E-Market: Improvement Factors

The focus will be given to developing countries due to the fact that the concept of e-market is still picking up in developing countries. The several types of reliability identities help in the understanding of [...]

E-Commerce Barriers in Developing Countries

This proposal outlines the model of developing research paper on the assessment of e-commerce barriers, which prevent the advance of information technologies in the countries of the 'Third World.' Thus, the proposed research paper will [...]

E-Procurement in Purchasing and Supply Management

People start spending less time on the recognition of their needs, the identification of possible suppliers, the analysis of the opinions, the determination of delivery issues, the processes of placement and payment of their orders, [...]

E-Commerce Role in Business Environment

In E-business, by a click on the mouse, a potential customer is in a position to access exact product and make comparison on prices without having to appear physically in shops and stalls in the [...]

E-Commerce Strategies, Ethical and Legal Issues

The YouTube page has the ability to identify the country of origin for the different users. Naturally, the company employs the pay-for-service model that enables people to access services depending on the value for their [...]

Emaar Properties’ E-Commerce and Corporate Change

In terms of marketing, Emaar thought that the e-commerce system would assist the company in advertising its corporate activities to reach the prospective investors and consumers interested in their activities and investing in the company.

AmazonFresh: Online Grocery Experience

According to the results of the interviews, the main problems of online groceries include the absence of possibility to check the quality of products personally, worries about the freshness of products, high prices for delivery, [...]

The Online Stock Marketing

This has increased the significance of the stock markets in the economy, because of the steady and large volumes of cash that is channeled into the market.

Amazon.com: E-Commerce Marketing Plan

Fetch stated that this company has ability to serve a diversified customer base from a one-stop shopping environment since it has strong logistics to deal with a broad product portfolio; in addition, it has efficient [...]