E-Commerce Essay Examples and Topics

E-Commerce in India and China

Abstract Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is a form of trade which depends mostly on communication technology. The trade is carried out through the electronic medium (the internet) without any paper related documents. Compared to other available markets, the net is the biggest since it has no conditions for entry and can be joined by anybody. This […]

Electronic Payment Issues in E-commerce

Introduction Since its inception, access to and use of the Internet has grown tremendously. Presently, people are able to access the Internet through different means including computers, mobile phones and other portable devices. Unlike in the traditional business setup, business enterprises in the contemporary world have been compelled to use the Internet in order to […]

Starting a New E-Business: Principles and Practices

Introduction The modern society is characterised by unprecedented technological innovations. For example, computers are common aspects of business organisations today compared to the situation in the last century. As a result of these developments, a number of businesses are moving to the online platform. To this end, a number of commercial transactions are conducted virtually […]

Electronic Auctions

The role of the information systems Information systems that support online auctions act as excellent platforms on which buyers and sellers meet and transact business. Sellers of different items post their product specifications on the websites, and they wait for buyers to place bids. The systems support prospective buyers to place their bids, and successful […]

E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence

Abstract Business enterprises operate in competitive environments, which compel them to use data mining methodologies to convert unstructured data into information for business intelligence. The data consisting of millions of transactions is used to fragment existing and target markets according to consumer behavior. Here, the business intelligence information gained from data mining is also used […]

E-Commerce: Internet Infrastructure and Payment Across Borders

The basic Internet infrastructure between two countries Australia and Laos have different internet infrastructures. Australia has a commercial internet infrastructure which is served by several internet service providers. On the other hand, Laos has strict policies that regulate internet usage, and the government censors web content before citizens access it. As a result, the country […]

The Factor Influence on On-Line Purchase Behavior

Introduction In online shopping condition, social, culture, personal, and psychological factors still have an influence to play in determining on-line purchase behavior. The internet is full of disadvantages and advantages for customers. Perceptions of various aspects of online shopping or buying vary among consumers, and when these variations are correlated with demographic characteristics, it has […]

Globalisation and E-Commerce

Several Australian businesses have managed to achieve an edge in e-commerce. These businesses success has had an impact in the international market and affected other Australian businesses. Liquid animation, Long Tall Clothing, Hot Bods Creatures, and Computer design marine are some of the business entities that have managed a significant recognition in e-commerce, resulting to […]

Technologies, E-business and Virtual Organizations

Information Technology remains the key agent of change in the business world. IT has not only enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses but has also led to the creation of new business models and forms. E-business has emerged due to the impacts of IT on the business sector. The electronic economy has been marked […]

E-Business and E-Commerce

E-commerce has been viewed as a radical innovation which has redefined the world of business. As a result, various rules and beliefs used by the old traditional economies have been rewritten due to the evolutionary paradigm shift. This web platform makes business processes efficient and increases the organizations reach. E-Commerce has enhanced the merchandising mix […]

Online Shopping: Benefits and Drawbacks

Introduction Online shopping has emerged as a new and important way of making purchases. Due to the increased use of computers and the internet, more people have started to engage in this activity. Businesses see online shopping as an opportunity that can be exploited to increase profitability. For this reason, many businesses in the UK […]

Drawbacks and Benefits of Online Shopping

Introduction Online shopping is a form of e-commerce that involves the use of internet-connected computer hardware and credit cards. The user also needs to have a secure password that will enable him or her to access the services. Online shoppers are required to have different passwords for different shopping websites. The process of online shopping […]

E-Business Planning Report. Kids Designed Craft Cards

Introduction E-business has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past due to advancement in technology. The world has been turned into a global village as the emerging technologies change the world into various fronts. Business units also find themselves in position where they can no longer ignore changes being brought about by these […]

Improving Customer Service in a Nigerian Musical Instrument Company

Nigerian consumers are reluctant to use online shopping carts for local purchases. The main reason for this is the fear of becoming victims of online fraud (Onaiwu & KPMG 2013). This means that any company in the country seeking to trade online has the uphill task of creating customer confidence before the successful deployment shopping […]

Cultural Values and e-Commerce

Abstract Research denotes the movement of the world toward development of a global virtual village where e-commerce is the heart of the interactions and activities that are conducted by businesses and other organizations across the globe. However, it is important to note that the reality of attaining a global virtual village are highly dependent on […]

Carter’s Inc. eCommerce Analysis

Introduction Within the past few years companies have begun to focus on developing online eCommerce initiatives due to the success of companies such as Amazon.com in attracting customers by presenting them with an easy and convenient method of buying the products they need (Johnston 2006, p. 140; Stribling 2010, pp. 28-29). With the current level […]

Social Media Web Resource Management

Abstract Gentle (2009) defines social media as “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue”. Its popularity has been growing exponentially in the last few years. Among the most vibrant include twitter and facebook. This paper addresses measuring the impact of social media by looking at challenges, practices and […]

Advantages of E-Commerce at Walmart

Web development Placement Online placement is one of the areas that can either make or break an e-commerce venture. It makes no sense to have a fantastic website that users cannot find. In order to ensure proper placement, Walmart has hired technology gurus –Rajaraman and Harinarayan who were former Amazon employees. The duo sharpened Walmart’s […]

The Challenges of E-Commerce

Introduction The world currently conducts most of its businesses electronically by putting into use the services of various electronic commerce solutions. Some of the deals are transacted through e-commerce; they include people buying books on the Internet, a firm ordering and paying for supplies through electronic auctions; hotel rooms are being booked online and people […]

E-Business Trust and Other Issues

Introduction E-business is the newest trend in the high-tech world of business and in the age of intense of globalization. It is a term that applies to a business using the virtual world of computers and the Internet. E-business uses several applications in order to be effective like enterprise resource planning (ERP), the Internet or […]

Amazon Online Retailer

Amazon is an E-commerce company whose headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest online retailer in the world. Apart from the United States, the company has retail websites in nine other countries namely the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and China (Johnson, Whittington and Scholes 2011). This presentation shall analyze […]

Office Depot’s E-Commerce Evolution

Office depot operating environment Office depot deals with sales of office furniture, computers and their software. It also gives services such as printing photocopying, mailing services and reproduction of documents. Customers of office depot range from small business enterprises to individuals not disregarding large business establishments1. It accomplishes its sale via more than 1000 established […]

Zappos.com Company Internet Market Analysis

Internet marketing, simply known as e-marketing, refers to the act of selling or promoting services or products over the internet. As it would be observed, this is an upcoming trend of marketing products and services, which has promised to bring great changes to the modern business arena. Internet marketing indeed is a broad process that […]

Amazon.Com Marketing Efforts

Introduction With technology advancements particularly in the information sector and the involved costs becoming cheaper day by day, companies have discovered that a day cannot go without most people entering the internet in search of items or anything that may be of importance to them. This has in turn made companies rediscover the importance of […]

E-Business and Enterprise Application Integration

The traditional market has changed drastically since the invention of the Internet. The Internet has connected the customers and companies throughout the world. The information and virtual communication make it possible to conduct business everywhere regardless of the time and location. This innovation resulted in the rapid globalization and facilitation of business relations. Nevertheless, virtual […]

The Implications of Big Data

Introduction Currently, many enterprises are investing in big data technologies because they are seen as a future of information analysis. It is a set of approaches, tools, and methods that are used to handle enormous amounts of various kinds of structured and unstructured data in a way that would be easy for people to understand. […]

Online Business Issues

Big Data and eBusiness Relevance Nowadays, more people get to know the term Big Data and try to understand its essence and make use of it to benefit in the chosen activities. According to Yin, Jiang, Lin, Luo, and Liu (2014), Big Data makes it possible to open a new era of science and human […]

Definitions of Networks Organization

Definitions of networks may vary but in this context, these are types of cross company’s cooperation. More often, their degree of versatility would rate high; they also have specified period in which cooperation would take place. These organizations evolve from conventional organizations and this is why most of its members have specific strategic plans and […]

E-Business Principle of Spinneys Supermarket

Introduction To meet the needs of Spinneys Supermarket, it will be necessary to come up with a systematic approach to help it capture online customers. As a consultant, I believe that it will be required to develop a system that uses QR code to help this firm achieve its new market objectives. When developing the […]

E-Commerce Technology: Wal-Mart Corporation

Products Wal-Mart’s product portfolio is wide, allowing the retailer to serve diverse client needs to boost its market share. Various stores stock different products. The corporation consists of ten operating divisions that specialize in different products. Wal-Mart discount stores fall under one division. They stock general merchandise, such as clothing, household items, and food products, […]

Business Regulation: Government or Self-regulation

Introduction The government and business participate in the process of executing their respective economic roles. The government plays the role of governing by controlling and directing people on how to carry out their economic activities. The administration controls and guides various state parties or persons who have the power of developing the courses of action. […]

Secure Online Shopping System Model on Customer Behavior

Introduction Research Background Safety and security over the cyberspace has become such an important issue in determining consumer behavior. Thus the introduction of a Secure Online Shopping System (SOSS) is vital towards survival of an online business. Secure online shopping system is a platform where consumers of the product are able to make orders on […]

Reaching the Critical Mass in eMarketplaces

Introduction Critical mass refers to a certain level of buyers and sellers that has capability to attract other buyers and sellers in the eMarketplace. Critical mass is an important feature in the success of any eMarketplace, with its growth speed and users seen as the crucial success metric. McGrew states that critical mass “implies self-sustaining […]

Internet-Based Loyalty Programs

Introduction Marketing is one of the most important managerial functions in every business. It helps companies to communicate their value propositions to the existing and potential customers. In the contemporary business environment, customer relationship management (CRM) has emerged as one of the most essential marketing roles. As competition intensifies in most industries, businesses are increasingly […]

Michael Kors Watch

Introduction Product advertisement is a critical part in the marketing strategy. Reflectively, the choice of the advertisement media, advertisement strategy, and presentation tactics are the main ingredients of a successful advertisement. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the most appropriate form of media to advertise the Michael Kors Watch. Besides, the treatise explores […]

Amazon e-business model

Introduction This article explores the most successful Internet business model with specific reference to Amazon e-business model. The concept of ‘business model’ entails all fundamental components of a given business (Hedman and Kalling, 2003). The term has gained popularity mainly in e-businesses and among scholars in e-business studies (Afuah and Tucci, 2001; Cheng, Heng, Love […]

E-Marketplace Solutions and Complementary Services

Security of e-Marketplaces Since most online transactions are conducted via inputting important personal information (or in this case a company’s bank details), it is important for any e-Marketplace to ensure that the personal information of their client’s remains safe. Studies such as those by Jai-Yeol & Benbasat (2006) state that it is highly unlikely for […]

Promotion Strategy and Customers’ Behaviour: Taobao

Introduction Business organisations must understand the behaviour of their consumers to sustain them as the most crucial tools for their success. Attempts to sustain customers involve putting in place appropriate marketing strategies that require a research on the reasons behind motivation of consumers to buy certain products and services. Developing such capacity is pivotal in […]

The Mystery of Digital Currencies

The internet revolution is changing many facets of human existence. It is one of the key enablers of globalization. The last decade saw the rise of eCommerce as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. The internet brought many advantages such as online marketing, online ordering and online tracking of cargo. These developments led to an […]

Globalization and business IT: ECommerce models

Ecommerce models are integral when creating ecommerce solutions for various types of business that rely on online portals. The following models can be used to classify ecommerce Business – to – Consumer (B2C) Consumer – to – Business (C2B) Business – to – Business (B2B) Consumer – to- Consumer (C2C) However, this paper will explore […]

Factors that Influence the Development of M-Commerce

Introduction Wireless communication networks are experiencing an unprecedented growth in the business arena. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) refers to the direct and ancillary transactions that are carried out using wireless communication devices. There are various sociocultural, economic, technological and business factors that have influenced the development of m-commerce. Technological Factors The concept of m-commerce is highly […]

E-government in Saudi Arabia

Governments are increasingly becoming aggressive in pursuing complicated data management systems to conduct their business. In fact, some governments in the developed world are the largest users of ICT services. However, the application of ICTs is still underdeveloped in different nations (Hamner, Taha and Brahmini 367). Governments in the Gulf region are making considerable efforts […]

Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Business

Introduction Operation of organisations requires the possession of an immense wealth of information, which makes the application of data warehouses and data mining valuable in modern business operation environments. Fundamentally, enterprise data warehouse, alternatively termed as a data warehouse, refers to databases that are deployed in data analysis coupled with reporting (Inmon 5). Data warehouses […]

Information systems in Best Buy

Introduction This essay discusses information systems usage in Best Buy. It starts by introducing Best Buy, and then it proceeds to discussing its business process in general. Having identified key areas, it underlines the involvement of information systems in the business process as well as the improvements they bring. The essay also identifies an issue […]

Online Marketing Overview

Marketing concepts have changed rapidly in the recent past as a result of numerous technological advancements. Marketers focus on online marketing because it reaches a wider audience and gives results quickly. Customers on the other hand have been empowered, which makes it is possible for them to acquire relevant information about different companies, their products […]

Web Analytics of E-commerce

Executive Summary E-commerce has become very popular over the recent past. This has seen the rise of new methods of conducting market research. Market research is important because the market is dynamic and there is need to adjust to the changes that take place in it. Web analytic tools have come up to help in […]

E-commerce: Information security

Introduction The process of buying and selling goods and services through the internet and other social sites is referred to as e-Commerce. An e-commerce website is a link or a virtual market that creates an avenue for buying and selling. Creating an e-commerce website requires some components in order to work efficiently. These components include […]

Website for a Guitar Shop

The business environment has transformed considerably since the introduction of web technologies. Electronic commerce (E-commerce) refers to the process of buying and selling of products, services of information via the internet. It is a fast growing facet of the internet that has changed the focus of businesses from manufacturing to customization in order to meet […]

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Multinational Organizations

Introduction During its early years, international businesses were done in the form of enterprises, where the ownership was individually or in form of partnership. However, with organizations expansion due to industrialization and companies’ need for capital increased, and thus corporations began to replace privately held firms. These firms had the discrete advantage of being entities […]

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with E-Marketplaces

Indicators of Customer Satisfaction The world is fast changing due to technological advancements. Through advancements in technologies, the world has been turned into a global village. There are no boundaries in the world market as the society has been turned into a single unit that is accessible to anyone who is willing and able to […]

United Parcel Services E-Strategy

Executive summary Two teenagers, Jim Ryan and Claude Casey started the United Parcel Services in a small basement office. They promised the best services at the lowest rates. The two teenagers successfully came up with a company that is a world leader in package delivery. Despite the stiff competition from FedEx and Airborne Express, UPS […]

Social Media Marketing/Promotion

Many people consider social media as a new marketing tool. An organization can utilize online social platforms to either market or promote its goods and services. Online social platforms centre on relations with friends, prospective clients and existing clients. Basically, when an organization begins to embark on social platform, it is unsure where to begin. […]

Issues in Electronic Commerce Security

Abstract Trust is an important factor when people are engaging in various transactions over the internet. If this is not met, customers are likely to go back to the traditional methods of transaction as far as business is concerned. Security issues in e-commerce must be addressed so that e-commerce transactions are not compromised. E-commerce is […]

The Benefits of E-contracting

Abstract In this paper, a critical review of e-contracting is conducted. This is achieved conducting a background analysis of the concept of e-contracting in which the benefits associated with e-contracting are highlighted. The method used to achieve this is literature review. The author asserts that there are a number of challenges associated with e-contracting. As […]

Benefits, Implementations and Problems of Electronic Tendering in Public Sector

Abstract Through a review of existing literature, this paper identifies the benefits and problems of electronic tendering in the public sector. The paper also looks at the implementation of e-tendering, and issues that come up during the execution process. Specifically, security and legal issues that hinder a wider acceptance of e-tendering by stakeholders in public […]

Creating an Online Business Expansion Plan for Healthcare Products

Introduction Tennessee Healthcare Supplies Unlimited (THSU) has been providing healthcare supplies to the surrounding community for nearly 17 years. We are now looking to expand our business by providing our services online. THSU provides medical products and supplies to be consumed by the general population. THSU promises to provide quality products at affordable prices with […]

Characterization of E-Commerce Traffic

Introduction E-commerce involves trading through the Internet. This is as a result of great familiarity in the Internet use all over the world. The Internet is being used greatly in the market, a thing that has contributed to growth in the world economies. The Internet is being used as a tool in advertising products and […]

Operational Definition of Variables & Construct/Variable

Security risks The major benefit of outsourcing is normally the reduction of costs and maximization of efficiency. To ensure its success, a company usually focuses on finding the best firm to contract a job. The off-shore IT services should be handled with a lot of care as it serves as the back bone of the […]

E-Commerce Online Grocery

Executive summary The business plan is a development of an online grocery store that sells groceries and consumer goods. The mission of the business is to provide fast and reliable delivery of groceries and consumer goods to all the esteemed customers at the comfort of their homes. The goal of the business enterprise is to […]

EBay Corporation Internationalization Strategy

Executive Summary EBay Corporation is a U.S. company that operates in the internet and digital media industry by providing an interface to buyers and sellers of different products online. The industry is very competitive and the company has managed to keep up with the level of competition. The management of eBay has pursued the internationalization […]

Internet Startups

Introduction and background of research Since, the emergence of the internet and its use in business, many internet startups have encountered problems and challenges that lead to complete failure and great losses of investments. Therefore, very many studies have been conducted to investigate the major causes of such failures given that information technology is much […]

Survey of Electronic Business in an Islamic Environment

Introduction Electronic business, also known as E-business is the fastest growing industry in the world. The emerging technologies have given this industry a new shape. As Piercy (2009) notes, electronic business has undergone a complete revolution. This scholar holds that this industry is the most affected by the emerging technologies. This is partly attributed to […]

How to Keep Customers Loyal to Online Banking

Introduction Electronic banking is one of the most recent channels of communication used by modern financial institutions. The term ‘online banking’ also known as e-banking is traditionally defined as the delivery of bank’s information via different internet platforms so that customers could access their accounts and execute certain transactions online. Established in the mid 1990s, […]

Success Factors of Implementing E-Services Project

E-Service Projects According to the Hill (2006) there are many challenges that come from the implementation and administration of e-based projects. These constraints resemble the challenges that are faced in implementing information technology projects in the world. Many organizations are finding it very hard to manage information technology projects. The management of information technology based […]

The Effects of IT Outsourcing on Retail Companies

Introduction Information technology has changed the business processes tremendously. This technological revolution has transformed organizations and businesses such that transactions can be initiated and executed within the shortest span of time. The introduction of the Internet further contributed to the revolution with remote sites able to connect over the Internet and exchanging data, information, and […]

The Importance of the Customer Loyalty and the Ways to Increase E-loyalty

It is possible to determine a lot of factors which can influence the successfulness of the retailer within the market. However, one of the most important factors is the customer loyalty. The market develops according to the principles of the competition. That is why to success in the field of retailing, it is necessary to […]

The Comparison of the Advantages of Online Job Markets over Traditional Job Markets on Five Characteristics

Today the Internet provides people with a lot of opportunities not only to organize their communication, the search of the information, and entertainment but also to stimulate the process of seeking for the job positions. It is possible to speak about the tendency to use online job markets for the job search oftener than traditional […]

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

The term e-commerce is used to describe businesses that are carried out over the internet. E-commerce describes how businesses are conducted using internet applications such as shopping carts, e-mails, web services, electronic data interchange (EDI), and instant messaging. Electronic commerce can be carried out between two or more businesses; the online business involves transactions of […]

Effects of Ecommerce on Business, Government and Society

Introduction Studies conclude that half of the Internet users all over the world have bought a product or a service online. Evidence that online buying is on the rise is found in the research and reports of eBay addicts and online recreational shopping. As a matter of business, government and society concern, online shopping behaviors […]

Providing a dynamic eMarketplace key stages lifecycle

Introduction By definition eMarketplace could be conceptualized as a “virtual space” used by consumers and sellers to exchange goods and services and carry out other business transactions. Activities that take place in an eMarketplace are not different from those in the conventional physical market. There is exchange of information, buying or selling goods and at […]

Service quality model in Internet banking and finance

Introduction For many years now, banks and other financial institutions around the world have used powerful computer networks to automate tens or possibly hundreds of millions of day to day transactions by users. Now that most of its customers have ease of access to the internet through their PCs and smartphones, banks have identified several […]

Internet marketing: Use of Social Media by Artists to Market their Music

Introduction Music is big business in Australia and the music industry contributes millions of dollars annually to the Australian economy. Music provides a source of livelihood for a wide variety of people ranging from the performing artists, producers, publicists, and event managers to name but a few. The huge contribution that music makes to society […]

Internet Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Website marketing entails use of internet as the medium for marketing products and services. The use of internet as the marketing medium has various advantages that range from lower cost of disseminating information to its ability to reach the global audience. Website marketing also involves digital client data management and electronic client relationships handling. Nowadays […]

Business plan for creating online business expansion selling healthcare products and services

Introduction Online advertising is the best modern way to attract, capture and retain customers in a mass market where they will be informed about the availability of the product in the market, the exact locations where it can be purchased, the advantages of using the product, the company policy regarding usage of the product and […]

Microblogging and Social Bookmarking Services

Microblogging is relatively new social phenomenon of web 2.0 and a variant of blogging that allows instant and short messaging via mobile, in email or on the web (Ehrlich & Shami, 2010). Microblogs are short posts intended to update friends and/or interested observers on current affairs (that is interesting content, activities or observations). Some of […]

Small Business E-Marketing Campaign

The advent and advancement of science and technology has proved to be a boon for almost all sectors and fields of life, profession and business. In this paper we shall concentrate on the benefits that businesses have due to this advancement in science. Internet is supposedly one of the best gifts that science has given […]

Website Critique: Nyali Beach Hotel

Executive Summary This paper aims at revealing the website design concepts undertaken by the Nyali Beach Hotel. The study analyses the 4 P’s of marketing, and attempts to critique whether they have been used appropriately in this particular website. Therefore, the paper provides a critical analysis of the Nyali Beach Hotel’s website by exploring the […]

HSBC’s Website Evaluation

As mentioned in the literature review, it is necessary that every business organization that engages in e-marketing ensures that it has developed a strong customer loyalty. This can be achieved through an unmatched design quality of their website, quality of the service offered on line and the efforts put by the company to ensure trustworthiness. […]

E-Business site performance evaluation

Improving how the website can be found For e-business to be successful, it is important to market the most significant tool it posses, the website (Amor 1999). It is impossible for a random consumer to buy the products online if there is limited attraction on the site. Getting customers or traffic in a site is […]

E-commerce: Amazon.com

Amazon.com is an international company which has been in operation for about fifteen years specializing in retail internet marketing. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, from a small corporation to an international master offering a myriad of services in retail sector. Its corporate culture has been focusing on two main areas: customer and […]

Securing E-business

E-business security Security is the most significant risk for any e-business transaction. E-businesses face a lot of security risks when any part of their systems is exposed to other systems online (Cole 2009). Security risk include lose of information like credit card numbers from e-business database by theft, distortion or deformation of information, destruction of […]

Mt. Helen MedTech E-Business Planning

Abstract This report proposes the various issues that Mt. Helen MedTech should consider in its pursuit for a high competitive advantage by integrating e-commerce in its operation. The report focuses on the critical issues that the firm’s management team should consider in the process of implementing e-commerce. First, the most effective e-commerce model that the […]

E-Consumer Behaviors

Introduction In an effort to gain accurate empirical understanding of what e-consumer behavior is, we reviewed electronic marketing literature to identify how the relationship is established and what retailers are doing to sustain it. E-consumers refer to the electronic consumer behavior on buying and selling information, products and services through computer networks. Lycourgos and Christou […]

Web Comparisons: JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wells Fargo

In the modern times, it is evident that organizations cannot carry out their businesses without a valid website profile. In the financial sector, banks and other institutions often establish comprehensive websites with intensive information about their services. JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wells Fargo are good examples of financial institutions in the US that have […]

E-commerce website for music videos

Goals This website will be used to market various local and international musicvideos from different musicians all over the world. The main aim is to generate web traffic so as to attract more than one thousand visitors per day. By doing so, the business will be able to grow as the visitors will watch previews […]

Software As A Service

Introduction Software services were first introduced to the market in the 1960s through utility computing by the IBM and other service providers in that time (Cusumano, 2004). Today, a number of service providers are involved in this industry and they include Google Apps, cloud, Amazon web services, Microsoft, Oracle to mention but a few (Cusumano, […]

E-business and E-commerce and Information Systems

Introduction Organizations have commerce as one of their crucial day-to-day activities irrespective of their industry of operation. Commerce involves the exchange of services and goods between consumers and suppliers or manufactures. In this process, communication and information flow is vital. In this extent, electronic business technology is essential. According to Beynon-Davies (2004), e-business refers to […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Introduction The world is increasingly becoming competitive. Firms are facing various challenges from various fronts, and it is only the best that can succeed. Competition is one of the leading challenges that firms in the current market have to deal with. New firms are coming into the market with products that are already available. Such […]

Social Networking and Web 2.0

Executive Summary Social networking sites changed the way people communicate, interact and conduct business with each other (Shuen, 2008). Social networking media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provide a radical way for people to collaborate, generate and apply ideas. Web 1.0 radically altered the way human beings behaved in the 20th century, but there are […]

Misusing E-commerce Technology

Throughout history, man has been working on improving technology to make work easier, besides increasing the speed at which activities are accomplished. With the emergence of internet, a lot of revolution has taken place especially in the field of business. The need for locomotion where business people were compelled to travel long distances in a […]

MasterCard International

Introduction In the present world, information technology (IT) is at the core of most business activities. It provides the foundation that enables today’s business enterprises to function and flourish. Whether it is in procurement and production, manufacturing and maintenance, customer care and sales, communication and collaboration, tracking and measurement, or virtually any other business discipline, […]

AirAsia X’s business environment

Introduction: Use of value chain analysis for cost-saving The firm separates fare costs from other cost. It uses fuel efficient aircrafts which are fewer in number (inbound logistics). It builds its own terminals to reduce gate collection fees or simply, passengers alight next to the main road (outbound logistics) (Grant & Jordan, 2012 Lecture5 slide […]

E-business of Alibaba

Introduction E-business tends to offer an extensive dimension of e-commerce. It represents the utilization of information technology alongside web technology and other network technology, solely for the purpose of business. E-business represents a variety of processes and tools (online) that change the proposition of a company’s value (Tassabehji 19). It is achieved by utilizing data-warehousing. […]

Electronic Payment Systems for E-commerce

Introduction E-commerce has emerged as a distinct and important phenomenon in the business world and its influence in the business world is daily increasing. E-commerce promises to have a significant and positive impact on businesses everywhere. Policymakers and researchers are of the opinion that e-commerce is the future of business as its benefits become more […]

Online Social Entrepreneurship

Executive Summary Social entrepreneurship involves business activities that are characterized by numerous charitable activities. This kind of a business is tied to primarily social objectives and not geared towards achieving profits. In the event that the business makes surplus profits, the excess is reinvested in the business or better still in the community as opposed […]

Impact Of E-Commerce Technologies On Business Practices

Abstract The invention of electronic mail saw the possibility that much of the pillars of the economy could be affected as well. Electronic commerce is one of them, its adoption in the business sectors has consequentially influenced the daily operations of the businesses today and its impact in the business world has brought about both […]

The Impact of E-Commerce on Business

Executive Summary Advancement in technology has reshaped and revamped the way business is being done. There is a shift towards using internet as a platform for firms to carryout business. The advantages associated with this technology has left almost all business firms whether big or small in size to consider adopting it with the notion […]