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E-Commerce Essay Examples and Topics

Cloud Computing in Organisational Processes

Cloud computing gives companies an opportunity to process information in a quick manner; therefore, the new technology seems to facilitate the process of cooperation between organisations and their suppliers.

E-Commerce Adoption and Customer-Specific Barriers

One of the customer-specific barriers to e-commerce adoption relates to the fact that many individuals are yet to realize the immense benefits associated with e-commerce applications, and are therefore unwilling to take the risk of [...]

Augmented Reality in Business Applications

Up-to-date sources will be used to discuss the usability of AR in different industries, real application examples, advantages and disadvantages of AR observed by scientists and professionals, and AR trends to expect in the future.

Concept of E-Market: Improvement Factors

The focus will be given to developing countries due to the fact that the concept of e-market is still picking up in developing countries. The several types of reliability identities help in the understanding of [...]

E-Commerce Barriers in Developing Countries

This proposal outlines the model of developing research paper on the assessment of e-commerce barriers, which prevent the advance of information technologies in the countries of the 'Third World.' Thus, the proposed research paper will [...]

E-Procurement in Purchasing and Supply Management

People start spending less time on the recognition of their needs, the identification of possible suppliers, the analysis of the opinions, the determination of delivery issues, the processes of placement and payment of their orders, [...]

E-Commerce Role in Business Environment

In E-business, by a click on the mouse, a potential customer is in a position to access exact product and make comparison on prices without having to appear physically in shops and stalls in the [...]

E-Commerce Strategies, Ethical and Legal Issues

The YouTube page has the ability to identify the country of origin for the different users. Naturally, the company employs the pay-for-service model that enables people to access services depending on the value for their [...]

Emaar Properties’ E-Commerce and Corporate Change

In terms of marketing, Emaar thought that the e-commerce system would assist the company in advertising its corporate activities to reach the prospective investors and consumers interested in their activities and investing in the company.

AmazonFresh: Online Grocery Experience

According to the results of the interviews, the main problems of online groceries include the absence of possibility to check the quality of products personally, worries about the freshness of products, high prices for delivery, [...]

The Online Stock Marketing

This has increased the significance of the stock markets in the economy, because of the steady and large volumes of cash that is channeled into the market.

Amazon.com: E-Commerce Marketing Plan

Fetch stated that this company has ability to serve a diversified customer base from a one-stop shopping environment since it has strong logistics to deal with a broad product portfolio; in addition, it has efficient [...]

E-Commerce and Risky Shopping Behaviors

Although young online customers need to be at the forefront in minimizing possible risks arising from their online shopping behaviors, it is evident that more needs to be done to ensure these customers are able [...]

Electronic Money: Challenges and Solutions

First of all, it should be pointed out that money is any type of phenomenon which is conventionally accepted as a universal carrier of value, or "any generally accepted means of payment which is allowed [...]

E-mail Benefits and Limitations

After the client places request for acquisition of goods from the operator, the electronic mall performs a transaction related to the buying of the product.

E-Commerce: Sarbanes-Oxley Act Implications

It starts by giving a brief definition and objective of the Act before undertaking a comprehensive discussion of section 404 of the Act to develop a better understanding of how the Act has affected businesses [...]

SodaStream Company: E-Marketing Strategy

The key opportunity, which the organization faces in the global market, is becoming a corporate giant in the non-alcoholic beverage production industry, whereas the failure to beat the opponents and reach the top of the [...]

New Motor Company Business Plan

The web-website has inbuilt features that enable the company's operations manager to add/delete products, control the provision of spare parts, assess the status of the existing stock, and find the products that are out of [...]

Exclusive Weddings Website

Popularity and profitability of the Exclusive Weddings website depend on the effective planning and organization of the business's operations, management, budgeting, and security, along with the development and implementation of the e-business strategy. The top [...]

Internet Shopping

The advent of internet shopping in the late nineties created a revolution in the retail industry. It is possible to know about the sizes, features, and costs of products in online and traditional shopping.

E-Commerce Strategies

In business, the quality of the information delivered, depends on the strategy and method used, thus compromising the message quality will eventually affect the outcome of the marketing strategy that the company applies.

Online Bill Pay vs. Paying via Postal Mail

Better still; the benefits ensuing from such a payment system are shared between the payer and the payee since the immediate transfer of online funds to the payees account means that the money can be [...]

E-Contracting Role in Business

The objective of e-contracts is to ensure that organizations involved in e-commerce, for example business-to-business transactions, adhere to the outlined stipulations.

E-Commerce in India and China

The economic infrastructures as well as the internet accessibility in the southern cities have contributed to the increased growth and expansion of e-commerce industry.

Electronic Payment Issues in E-commerce

In the event that a card holder fails to meet the above requirements, determining the extent of liability has to be in line with the agreement between the card holder and the card issuer.

Electronic Auctions

Sellers of different items post their product specifications on the websites, and they wait for buyers to place bids. Items should be presented in the form of images that are clear to prospective buyers.

Globalisation and E-Commerce

It is therefore fair to conclude that the success of the Liquid animation in business is detrimental to other Australian international businesses' performance.

E-Business and E-Commerce

Business to Consumer E-Commerce allows organizations to offer their products and services and generate revenue from the actual sale of those products and services to customers.

Cultural Values and e-Commerce

However, it is important to note that the reality of attaining a global virtual village are highly dependent on the ability of integrating the cultural variations in e-commerce technologies to reduce the negative influence of [...]

Carter’s Inc. eCommerce Analysis

It is based on this that the purpose of this assignment focuses on the development of a free mobile App that allows customers to view items, receive notifications for special offers and discounts and, of [...]

Social Media Web Resource Management

While in the past social media was considered to be for the young, this trend is slowly changing and old people are embracing the trend. Regulation, privacy and adoption present a significant challenge to the [...]

The Challenges of E-Commerce

Due to the new nature of the business in the current competitive markets, the services are implemented without clear justification of the costs.

E-Business Trust and Other Issues

E-business is the newest trend in the high-tech world of business and in the age of intense of globalization. E-business can be conducted anywhere and whenever; this is the age of the Internet and the [...]

Amazon Online Retailer

In terms of selection, the company's success has come through the provision of a wide selection of products. This, in addition to the provision of cloud-computing services, has made the company grow from strength to [...]

Office Depot’s E-Commerce Evolution

Following the launch of e-commerce by one of the office depot's competitor: office max, in 1995, office depot felt that it was being left behind in the adoption of e- commerce, something that was expected [...]

Amazon.Com Marketing Efforts

Through the internet the company has been able to advertise its products which are sold in cheaper prices compared to those of their rivals enabling it to increase its market share throughout the world.

The Implications of Big Data

It is a set of approaches, tools, and methods that are used to handle enormous amounts of various kinds of structured and unstructured data in a way that would be easy for people to understand.

Online Business Issues

Nowadays, more people get to know the term Big Data and try to understand its essence and make use of it to benefit in the chosen activities.

E-Commerce Technology: Wal-Mart Corporation

The online pharmacy at Wal-Mart Website allows customers to order prescription and non-prescription drugs online. It also sends reminders to customers and keeps a history of their online visits to the center.

Business Regulation: Government or Self-regulation

The government has interest in the regulation of businesses in the context of various issues such as health, safety standard in administrative centers, wages and salaries, advertising, imposition of taxes, and other items that relate [...]

Reaching the Critical Mass in eMarketplaces

The model assumes the nature of a regression model whereby the dependent variable is the critical mass of eMarketplaces and the independent variables are Psychology of consumers, Consumer Trust, Incentive offered by eMarketplaces' players, Cultural [...]

Michael Kors Watch

Reflectively, the choice of the advertisement media, advertisement strategy, and presentation tactics are the main ingredients of a successful advertisement. This will facilitate proper definition of the advertisement messages and appropriateness of the messages within [...]

Amazon e-business model

Figure 1: Amazon leads all other e-business models From the definition of Weill and Vitale, one can observe "roles and relations among a firm's consumers, allies, and suppliers that identifies the major flows of product, [...]

E-Marketplace Solutions and Complementary Services

For example, Vanelslander explains that consistency and dependability for an eMarketplace take the form of the service being capable of provisioning the same type of service over and over again without significant changes in the [...]

The Mystery of Digital Currencies

An increase in the number of merchants that accept Bitcoins will increase the stability of the currency and it will reduce the impact of losses, and fluctuation in exchange rates. The second factor that influences [...]