Business Controversies Essay Examples and Topics

Strategic errors of Kodak

In terms of responding to the post on strategic errors made by Kodak since 1990, I tend to disagree with the student’s argument that this company paid much attention to boost the future of the shrinking film industry rather than identifying innovative changes. In my opinion, I think Kodak was right when it applied a […]

Effects of the Policy on the Bank in USA

Effects of the Policy on the bank Primarily, when an institution changes its name, there is bound to be an effect on its clientele as the population adapts to the new name. However this may work for or against the bank as the name acquired will either instill confidence in the customers or make them […]

The FTC vs. Google and Apple antitrust case of 2012

An antitrust case is a legal term used to refer to a case brought forward for jurisdiction by parties charged with using dubious strategies and methods to limit or influence to one’s advantage free competition that exists in the market place (Posner 24). One party may be seeking the prosecution of the other or may […]

Sony Corporation-Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain

Defining the current strategy of Sony Sony Corporation has been undergoing rough corporate experiences forcing it to restructure its business operations and strategies. Evidently, the organization has been through numerous challenges since 1990s despite its efforts to recover. Nonetheless, the recent reformation strategies introduced by Howard Stringer (worked as the CEO and president of the […]

Ensure equality of representation

Introduction Ashworth and Bart introduced their article by asking a critical question that inspires the mind of a reader. In their opening remarks, the authors seek to answer the question of how, apart from the usual challenges of ethnic minority, enclaves can national, international and local artifacts be well managed to ensure equality of representation. […]

Issues Surrounding Facebook IPO

Despite the success and public appraisal, Facebook is still reluctant to become public. The IPO opportunities and advantages for the public, however, will still be enormous because can also share this success with the company. However, the profit of distributing share among individuals can be beneficial for those who buy shares, but for a short […]

Nintendo: Reviving a Company

Was the Nintendo lucky or does the Wii’s success have strategic merit? In the business world today, luck is not treated as a contributing factor towards the success of a business. Businesses need to adopt strategies which would sustain their competitiveness. The strategies that Nintendo adopted can be said to have had strategic merit. The […]

Misunderstanding in Organization

Over a period of months, several organizations collaborated to identify why some minority demographic groups were not accessing certain community services. This involved many meetings and focus groups, both large and small. The staff members of the participating organizations saw each other at least once a week. However, this was not a social milieu. One […]

A Case Analysis for Occupy Wall Street Movement

Introduction The theory of ‘in place’ and ‘out of place’ tends to stratify the society on the basis of the correct placement of each social stratum. These strata could rely on economic affluence, ideologies, gender, race or religion. This phenomenon is an interesting focal point, when examining the instances when geography intersects with social ideologies […]

Dilemma of layoffs at Santa Anita State University

The Office of Philanthropy (OOP) at Santa Anita State University is the one in charge of spearheading mobilization of financial resources for the institution. Santa Anita State University is located in California (University Of Washington 2).Two levels of workers are hired at Santa Anita-hourly employees and salaried employees. Salaried workers are categorized in levels ranging […]

Social Business

Introduction A social business is a business which operates under the principle of non-loss, non-dividend basis for the shareholders or business owners with an aim of achieving a certain social objective. Social business may be owned by governments, charity organizations or individual owners (Yunus & Weber, 2007, p.24). The main objective of a social business […]

Australian Organizations’ Adoption of Sustainability Reporting

In sustainability development, sustainable reporting is defined as the methodology of assessing, revealing and being responsible to external and internal stakeholders for the performance of the company. This performance is aimed in achieving the target of sustainable development. On that aspect, there are different requirements necessary for global sustainability. These include the committed by individuals […]

Failed Product

Introduction Analysis of the history of corporations highlights the presence of products introduced in the market, which are discredited by the clientele. This makes it fundamental to phase out the product from the corporation’s product line. The following piece identifies a failed product, describes its tendencies and deduces the reasons for failure. Finally, it presents […]

A Report On C20’s Main Fireplace Processes

Introduction Operations management entails overseeing, designing and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and services. It is about ensuring that the business processes are efficient in terms of using as little resources as needed and effective with regards to meeting customers’ requirements. Twentieth Century Fires Ltd is a small company based in Stockport, […]

Emergency help and human services

Executive Summary This report clearly explains two great organizations in depth. The organizations are Australian Red Cross and Australian Salvation Army. The former provides emergency services while the latter deals in human services. These are not for profit organizations and yet providing services that are not only critical, but also beneficial and relevant to the […]

Business Consequences of Natural Disasters

Background The latest flood and storm disasters in Brisbane Queensland have had a destructive and far-reaching economic effect. Many companies and households are direct victims of the flood disaster. This is despite other companies feeling the indirectly effect through business relationships they have with those firms and households directly affected. These economic effects raise accounting […]

Social Performance of Gap Inc.

Introduction Social responsibility means taking care of the interests of the stakeholders of a company1. The stakeholders of a company are the employees, the customers, the government, the suppliers, shareholders and the public in general. With the increasing competition, managers of companies are doing their best to ensure that they stay ahead of competition. Social […]

Blue Screen Of Death: Case Study

Introduction of Case and Problem The Blue Screen of Death case is devoted to the situation that occurred in the international consulting company Big Blue after its acquisition of Peirce and Winehouse, another consulting firm, with its staff being employed. The key figure of the case, a former Peirce and Winehouse senior consultant Anne, is […]

Stakeholders views on the expansion of the Lydd Airport

Introduction Lydd Airport (London Ashford Airport) is located in the United Kingdom, (LYDD, 2010, pp.1), and in 2003, the government proposed its expansion to ease congestion in the South East. The airport currently offers services to the regional market and its expansion is seen as a sure way of increasing air transport demand in the […]

A guide to health and safety for small manufacturing businesses

Introduction Small businesses have become a major sector in the economy of many countries in the world. Currently, small manufacturing industries with less than 100 employees offer bigger employment opportunities to the residents than any other sector. Many employees in these small manufacturing businesses encounter various work related injuries and other illnesses as compared with […]

Is Bruce a Competent Manager?

Introduction In their existences, organizations and companies are constantly being pressured by the competitive forces around them to increase their productivity and raise their performance levels. This is especially the case in the present day business environment which is rife with aggressive behavior and rampant competition which force businesses to look for innovative means to […]

Threat of new entrants

Threat of new entrants Companies within any industry always desire to maintain a high market share and therefore wish to develop mechanisms that will enable them minimize the number of entrants who often join the industry. According to the Angel on the web the Russian cosmetic industry forecasts has shown that Russia has emerged as […]

Bottled water industry and aquafina

Analysing the environmental and industrial factors: Bottled Water Industry and Aquafina The bottled water industry has shown a rapid growth in the United Kingdom during the past 15 years. At present the demand for bottled water is so huge that it has become a multimillion-peso business in the world. In the UK, the great increase […]

Case Scenario: Interdepartmental Relations

Introduction Literary, every organization has different departments involved in performance of different activities relating to the organization. These departments are mainly involved in the management, marketing of the company’s product, and production, among others. All these departments must collectively work towards helping in improving the income of the company. The organizational culture usually determines how […]

Company Risk Avoidance

Introduction In the course of the discussions presented in prior reports the topic of risk avoidance has been discussed with respect to various issues affecting BGP technology. BGP Technology by virtue of its position as a large multi national corporation is faced significant challenges that require improved management to ensure the Company stays afloat. For […]

Sustainability Development: Balancing Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions

Who is IKEA Over the years, IKEA has grown to become one of the largest retailers of domestic products including carpets and furniture, among other related products. It is currently an international retailer of these household items with operations in over 35 countries across the world. The company is famous for its low prices and […]

Panera Bread Nonprofit Restaurant

Panera Bread is a company that has a chain of caterings all over the USA. The executive chairman of the board, Ron Shaich, has decided to open a nonprofit restaurant in St. Louis that declares “Take what you need, leave your fair share”. The restaurant offers bakery products and customers pay the price they consider […]

How ethics may have played a role in Enron’s way of doing business

Introduction Out of a merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth, Enron was formed in 1985 based in the United States. As an energy trading and communications company, at the start, the company was involved in construction, development and operation of power plants, pipelines globally. Further, it was participating in the transmission, distribution of electricity […]

Reducing Poverty: A Case Study on Unilever and Oxfam

Unilever’s Strategy Any organization, whether profit-oriented or charitable, must proactively define, design and develop its strategy or model of operation for current and future needs. A working strategy assists organizations to make credible decisions on the way they apportion their resources, pursue their objectives, and relate with the outside environment (Blazey, 2008, p. 8). Unilever’s […]

Canada’s SME’s can do better

Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are today among the most dynamic and optimistic entrepreneurs globally, according to common global small businesses study with reference to confidence, most SMEs in Canada expect future expansion of their trade thus increase in economic growth. The global competitions today seem to revolve about the Latin Americans, Turkey South […]

Relating to International Business

Introduction The political economy refers to the relationship that politics, the legal systems and the economy have and the effect of this relationship on the overall economy of a country. Political institutions can determine the stability of an economy by putting in place certain economic policies (Jensen, 2006). Foreign direct investments into a country can […]

The Entrance of Bling H2O Into the Bottled Water Market

The entrance of Bling H2O into the bottled water market has offered an exquisite product to the consumers. If this product were introduced into the Australian Market, it would inevitably receive a mix of reactions from the consumers there. The Australian market has a tradition of liking to bottled water. Therefore, some of the Australian […]

FedEx Case Analysis

Abstract Company background One of the key mission statements of FedEx International is provision of a mutual understanding and rewarding relationship among employees and potential clients. They guarantee safety measures through proper installation of the firm’s operations and this is equally a vital aspect of ensuring employees motivation. The other mission of the company entails […]

Problem Solving Application – Where in the World is Disney?

Introduction Disney Corporation is planning to move its operations to other parts of the world. For the company to compete favourably in these markets it has to come up with workable strategies. The targeted market is in the far- east and Australia specifically Shanghai and Sydney. Disney has a burning desire to serve as many […]

Business Issues: Vodafone

Introduction This essay analyses Vodafone Group in relation to work motivation, power, politics and conflicts in the organization and finally organizational structure and organizational goals. Basically, management approach to employees determines how well they take to their work. Defining power balance in the organization, in the way organizational structure is set; helps focus resources on […]

Antitrust Revolution in The International Joint Venture

Introduction As corporate competition intensifies, businesses, especially multinational corporations are gradually expanding towards international boundaries to explore emerging markets. New business globalization strategies are emerging and firms are now adopting cross-border business partnerships known as International Joint Venture (IJV) approaches to enhance the growth of their businesses. Joint Ventures are different organizational entities developed through […]

International Joint Ventures

Joint ventures enable a firm to make its products more available to consumers in new markets. As a result, a firm is able to use a convenient distribution format that provides goods to customers more effectively. Therefore customers obtain products promptly in different retail outlets; an approach that allows a firm to penetrate the foreign […]

Exploring Business: British Petroleum (BP)

The significant oil leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is closely associated with the activities of the British Petroleum (BP) because the company could not prevent the disaster, and it could not overcome its negative consequences adequately because of the lack of the effective contingency and crisis management plans. To provide the compensation to […]

The views of ethical behavior to the decision making processes of the Tom’s of Maine Company

Like many other businesses, Tom’s of Maine is facing ethical dilemmas in making decisions within the organization. Since the ethics intensity varies with the nature of situation, the management of Tom’s of Maine has been keen on the formulation of their products. For instance, when the company manufactured a deodorant that adhered to ecological requirements, […]

Ebay Problem for Marketing Strategy

Background Ebay Corp. is one of the leading players in the world of e-commerce industry. The competition is fierce and the legal problems with PayPal and the discussions on the sales tax imposition undermine the market position of the company. Statistics shows that among the 18 major competitors in the industry, Ebay Corp. takes the […]

E-Compensation vs P-Based Compensation Tool

Web-Based Compensation versus Stand-Alone P-Based Compensation Tool Human Resource Management is one of the most important functions in an organization, mainly because it involves handling issues related to the most important asset – people. The HR department performs various functions, one of them being compensation. Over the years, the compensation role of HR has undergone […]

Transactional risks and development solutions

Hong Kong’s Hen Hao Trading Company has problems with its supply chain network. The company lacks enough supply of raw materials (quantity). It cannot produce products by itself, and hence needs to source them from the foreign manufacturers particularly in the US. The company needs to redesign its supply chain network and employ the best […]

System thinking

Introduction System thinking is an approach that seeks to find permanent solutions to the problems found in a complex system. System thinking uses diagrams as tools of elaborating the flow of responses from one part of a system to another. When one part of the system responds to changes made in another part, it is […]

The Boeing Ethical Policy

Summary of the case Michael Sears was the chief financial officer at Boeing and Darleen Druyun was the vice president of the missile defense systems in 2002 when the unethical issue occurred. Sears offered Druyun a job at Boeing that made her influence the outcome of a large contract bid. Druyun’s daughter was working with […]

Case Study Analysis: A Real-Life Situation

The Corporate Ethical Issue of Providing Questionable Products to Other Markets The paper presents a real-life case that was witnessed in CornCo plant Company in Arizona. The corporate ethical issue in this case is the provision of contaminated products to other markets as a way of circumventing the strict administration laws concerning foods and drugs. […]

Apple Company’s Problems

Brief History of Apple Inc Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Woziniak in 1976 after they had dropped out of school. They were working in a family garage in California where they decided to come up with a computer circuit board which they called Apple 1. They made more than two […]

The Functionality of Google as a Corporation in China

The Google Corporation has been enjoying extreme benefits for many years in China, owing to the Country’s large population and popularity. This Google case study has seen many human right activists crying out because of the foul play by the government, which had set up regulations that would limit the functionality of Google as a […]

William D. Ruckelshaus and the EPA

Introduction The case under discussion, William R. Ruckelshaus and Environment Protection Agency, is really important as it raises the problems of government and management, leadership and decision making in the organization. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) under Anne McGill Burford’s ruling was convicted of perjury. The image and the work of the whole organization became so […]

Higher education in international business

Currently, higher education is undergoing a lot of changes as a result of the changes beings implemented in the international business. The changes have brought rapid developments in the education sector through introduction of better technology and communication systems, which in return have affected the roles played by teachers and students (Barnett 678). In addition, […]

Privacy in Small and Large Business

Introduction This document tries to look at the issue of privacy in e-business. It looks at both insecure open environment and overly secure environment in doing e-business. Of importance in the discussion are the advantages and disadvantages of the two that will help in weighing and comparing; hence, selecting the best alternative. The whole discussion […]

What Is the Right Supply Chain

Functional products are those staples bought by individuals in a broad range of retail outlets. They include things like groceries stores as well as gas stations. In real sense such products do not undergo major changes over time. Their demand predictability is far much stable, apart from having life cycles that are long. As a […]

Cross-Culture Conflicts in the Corning-Vitro Venture

Globalization has made it possible for multinational companies (MNCs) to invest in foreign countries. Besides, multinational companies can now enter into joint ventures with foreign companies. Numerous reasons lead to the multinational companies entering into joint ventures with foreign companies. One of the reasons is an access to the international market. MNCs access foreign markets […]