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Case Scenario: Interdepartmental Relations Report

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Literary, every organization has different departments involved in performance of different activities relating to the organization. These departments are mainly involved in the management, marketing of the company’s product, and production, among others. All these departments must collectively work towards helping in improving the income of the company.

The organizational culture usually determines how the various departments function to improve the productivity of the company. Moreover, communication and interpersonal relationship between the various members of the departments is therefore a very vital aspect, which determines the success or failure of the company.

The Fortune 500 Company

The company has been performing considerably well as evidenced by its ranking in the Fortune 500. However, there is a communication breakdown in the company’s various departments. These problems threaten the financial profitability of the company, and they should therefore be averted before they have far-reaching effects on the company.

Conflict scenario

There is a conflict between the various departments in the organization; for instance, there is a lack of cohesion between various departments involved in the production of products. Each department is trying to outdo the other, and hence show its importance to the company. For example, the sales department looks down upon the manufacturing department and is of the view that the latter department does not understand the needs of the customers of the company.

On the other hand, the manufacturing department is of the view that it is not being consulted in the design of the company’s products; the department is of the view that its work is beyond just implementing the ideas that other departments come up with. The finance department on the other hand, puts pressure on the sales department and does not facilitate their working so that they may achieve their set targets.

The company also has a problem due to the incompatibility of the goals of the different departments of the organization (Daft, 2009, p. 494). The finance department is mainly concerned with the attainment of the sales targets for the marketing department, whereas the sales department is mainly concerned with the sale of the product, hence making it to have prejudice on the manufacturing department.


  • Competition for recognition between the different departments
  • Lack of teamwork within the departments
  • Laying the blame on other departments

Reasons for the problems:

  • Lack of consultation of the relevant departments
  • Lack of teamwork in the company

Solutions to the problems

Various strategies can assist the company to devise methods for solving the problems. One of the methods is through the enhancement of communication channels of the organization so as to help improve the cohesion between the members of the different departments.

The company can also help to improve the teamwork of different departments in the organization by facilitating active participation of various relevant departments, which are involved in the development of the new products for the company.

Solution strategies

The main problem that the company faces is the conflict between the manufacturing and the marketing department. The problems facing the two departments should first be solved before tackling the differences between the finance and the marketing department. These problems mainly arise due to the lack of appreciation of the work done by the other departments. The lack of appreciation of the work by the other department is mainly brought about by ignorance of specific department on the work that the other department does.

The strategy employed would mainly be to enhance the mutual respect of other departments in the organization. To help in solving the problem, the company should ensure that the departments that are in conflict are in mutual agreement of the strategy, which would be employed to solve the problems they face (Marsen, n.d. p 23).

Mutual agreement also helps in creation of a situation where none of the parties perceives itself as the winner and the other as the looser in the conflict. This leads to the creation of a win-win situation for both parties, thus enhancing the productivity of the departments (Rahim, 2001, p. 166). Moreover, mutual agreement will also encourage the active participation of different department in the chosen strategy.

The strategy will mainly involve enlightening of members of the departments on the activities undertaken in the other departments. The company should create strategies, which will enable the engineers to have knowledge on marketing, while the marketing department should be given some knowledge of engineering (Tutek and Ay, n.d. p. 549).

Knowledge of the other departments will help in reduction of the disagreements between the two groups and in effect, help in solving the problems that the department faces. In addition, the company should ensure that it takes measures to ensure that the marketers receive training on the characteristics of the products and the processes involved in manufacturing of the products.

The company should also ensure that the engineers receive training on the needs of the customers and their preferences, as well as the various marketing skills involved in making of the products, which the company specializes in. This will help in solving the differences between the two departments, hence enabling them to speak in a common language (Tutek and Ay, n.d. p. 545).

Solution of the problems in the manufacturing and marketing departments will help the company to achieve its target sales, as there would be better coordination of activities involving the marketing and the manufacturing department, hence leading to the satisfaction of the finance department. The strategy used in the solution of the problem between the manufacturing and the marketing department can also be employed in the treatment of problem between the finance and the marketing department.

However, the ideal time for the employment of the strategy is after tackling the problem, which faces the manufacturing and marketing department. Tackling of all the problems at the same time, would complicate the problems that the company faces, as it would most likely lead to vilification of the marketing department by the manufacturing and finance department.

How to avoid the future occurrence of the problem

The company can ensure that the conflicts are avoided in future by facilitating better communication between different departments of the organization. The better communication and mutual respect for the work done by different department should be integrated into the organization culture of the company.

In addition, instilling the practices into the organization culture will enable the company to remain true to the above values (CommGAP, n.d. p. 4). The company can instill this into the organizational culture through regular and occasional training of the members of different departments on the activities of other departments. This will enable the members of the different departments to work as a unit for the attainment of the basic objectives of the company.


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