Impact of Business Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Wal-Mart’s Challenges in Global Expansion

Introduction Wal-Mart is the leading global retailer. It started its operations with nine nations in South America, Asia, and Europe. Currently, the company is conducting its global trade across 27 countries. In fact, its revenue was in excess of USD$400 billion for the fiscal 2012. The expansion has prepared the company for entry into other […]

Low Barriers to Entry

Introduction Low barriers to entry determine the strategies that a business must adapt to penetrate a new market. Thus, this analytical treatise explores low barriers to entry for a new comer truck driver in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry. The audience and their concerns Entry in a market with low barriers requires strategies […]

Stephen Zamucen of Zamucen & Curren, LLP: Case study

The subject of this PowerPoint presentation is Stephen Zamucen. He works as a forensic accountant at a firm he co-founded alongside Daniel Curren. The firm is known as Z&C, LLP and is located in Irvine, California. Z&C’s operations traverse many states in the Western region of the United States. The private enterprise focuses on business […]

Analysis and Assessment of Big Issue Branding

The Big Issue magazine is a publication sold by homeless people to earn income and improve their lifestyles. This project is funded by the Big Issue Foundation and it aims at improving the lives of the homeless people in the society. The magazine was first published in the 1990s and is currently sold in four […]

Rakesh Soni

Priorities before Soni Rakesh Soni is a chief compliance officer (CCO) to the Indian information technology (IT) company appointed in July 2009. This company is managed by a board of six members assigned by the federal government as caretakers the same year. Soni was allocated the responsibility of controlling the corporate governance of Mahindra Satyam […]

The Great Ocean Road Triathlon

The Great Ocean Road Triathlon will encompass swimming, biking and running. It will occur at Anglesea Victoria, Great Ocean Road. The event includes a series of event management, risk management and administrative functions. Human resources The triathlon will have a marketing team that consists of a coordinator, media team, and planning group. They will be […]

Fiji Water Report

Introduction Fiji water is a company that was introduced by David Gilmour, who was a Canadian hotel and gold mining tycoon. The company began its’ activities in the Fiji Island. Through a lease from the government, the company obtained a piece of land located in Fiji’s main island that has numerous artesian aquifer found in […]

Do We Have a Crisis in the High Street?

Living in the XXI century means entering the realm of globalization, where the so-called “butterfly effect” is especially noticeable; the slightest change caused by a local factor in one of the global companies will inevitably trigger a train of changes within the rest of organizations all over the globe. Although in most cases, these changes […]

Overview of qualities and standards of global employment

The challenges and opportunities associated with overseas positions are as follows: the cultural differences create the assimilation process somewhat lengthy; the expectations of the management personnel, as well as employees, are in high regard, according to the increase of the company’s production or output. The opportunities are based on the contribution of knowledge and acquisition […]

Why Do Projects Fail?

A Computer-assisted dispatch system (LASCAD) was implemented by the London Ambulance Service in October 1992 (Beynon-davies 1995, p.171). This was a major software project that was supposed to substitute the manual system (Fitzgerald & Russo 2005, p.248). The LASCAD system started experiencing problems only nine days after it was launched. Erroneous vehicle information was recorded […]

The University of Kentucky Hospital

Disaster procedures for staff members The University of Kentucky Hospital has a plan aims at providing an organized process of initiating, managing and recovering from emergencies that could occur within and outside the hospital, which could negatively impact the healthcare organization and the surrounding community. After a terrorist attack, the personnel within the hospital should […]

Private Sector Partnerships

In the occurrence of an emergency, an Incident Commander is the individual responsible for response activities, including the development of strategies, tactics, orders and resources management (“National Response Framework,” 2008, p. 50). He is the controller in the management of the site operations and coordinator of an effective response (Hammad, 2010). In a scenario whereby […]

Current Issues in International Management

Abstract Globalization has played a significant role in the world of business by allowing organizations to transact with little regard to national borders. This is so due to declining international trade barriers together with other international legal barriers that are opening the world to interact through trade more frequently. One such international trade organization is […]

Kudler Fine Foods Issues

Problem Statement Despite the fact that Kudler Fine Foods is a fast growing gourmet grocery store showing potential expansion in supply of fine produce (cheese, meat and wine) to customers, there are a lot of issues and challenges accompanying its growth. Development of other branches of Kudler Fine Foods can only be of benefit if […]

Fire and Community Evacuation in Apex, NC

The case study investigates an inferno at a perilous waste facility situated at Apex, North Carolina. The inferno started on the eve of October 6th, 2006, at the EQ hazardous waste facility on Investment Boulevard in Apex; a neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina. In response to the disaster, city authorities planned an evacuation exercise for […]

Legal Problems in Great Lakes Corporation

Introduction Great Lakes Corporation was formed in 1933. The Company was previously called McClanahan Oil Company and was later changed to be Great Lakes Chemical Corporation. When it started to produce the lead additives, it performed well surpassing other key players in the market. Its chemical products were used as flame retardants, household cleaners, polymer […]

Judge and Bono on Relationships of Core Self-Evaluation Traits to Job Satisfaction and Performance

The purpose of the research by Judge and Bono was to conduct a review of the literature which studies the correlation between self-esteem, generalized self-efficacy, internal locus of control, and low neuroticism (emotional stability), on the one hand, and job performance and job satisfaction, on the other, and gather information in order to provide a […]

Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, Nigeria

Introduction Chapter 1 highlights performance appraisal as a fundamental strategic human resource management practice that organizations should adopt in their quest to promote their performance. This chapter involves a critical review of past literature on performance appraisal. The significance of this chapter is to identify gaps and areas of improvement with reference to performance management. […]

Digital Music Increasing Trend

It needs to be said that most of the stores that were opened by music labels have struggled and had to be closed. One of the main reasons for their failure to attract subscribers is the lack of diversity in their music catalogues. They only offered a small range of full-length albums by the artists […]

The Implementation Issues and Strategic Advantages of Lean Systems

Introduction The global manufacturing sector has undergone a notable transformation over the past years as evidenced by the growth in different manufacturing industries. The growth has been spurred by the profitability potential of the sector. Different companies have been established in the services and the industrial manufacturing sectors in the pursuit to exploit the sectors’ […]

Qatar Country Risk

Executive Summary The study entails a critical country risk analysis on Qatar. The purpose of the study is to determine the degree of risk that Exin Global might encounter by entering the Qatari market. The study focuses on different categories of risk. The core categories include the firm-specific risk or the micro risk, country-specific risk […]

“Coca Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010” by Yoffie and Kim

Executive Summary The case “Coca Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010” highlights the major issues that has been confronting these two marketers of carbonated drinks. The multinationals have been engaging in endless competition. The firms have been fighting for more suppliers and bottlers. They also identify new suppliers in order to reduce their production […]

Worst Team in History

The merging of two known companies in the United States, AOL and Time Warner is judged as the merging of two companies done out of fear. AOL feared its business model required a continual adaptation to an internet that is changing. They also needed to ensure their broadband access is top notch (Verma, 2005). AOL […]

Nike Considered

Summary of the Case Nike Considered is a sustainable line of shoes presented by Nike Inc. with the purpose to present something new to the customers and make them interested in the environment friendly products. The main idea of such change in company direction was the blame in using toxic materials for producing shoes. The […]

Wal-Mart’s Management Dilemma

Introduction This paper presents the case of Wal- Mart stores, a large retail company that runs different warehouses and departmental stores in different parts of the world. From the case study, the paper presents the significance, scope and magnitude of the phenomenon and identifies the dilemma faced by the management through the use of the […]

The crisis in Dubai

Introduction The crisis in Dubai occurred as a trickledown effect from the property market in the United States. This crisis took time to develop and invade most of the countries in the world. According to the current statistics, the global meltdown of that caused the crisis in Dubai has overshadowed the great depression that occurred […]

Negotiation of Disputes

Introduction Conflicts are a constant reality in our society and the effective resolution of the same may spell the difference between a successful and failed society. It is therefore imperative that the people involved in a conflict resolve the contentious issues constructively. Key to the process of conflict resolution is the use of negotiation tactics […]

Blood Bananas: The Possible Solution to the Problem

Today economists and managers can observe the frequent development of the tendency according to which the strategies of the business organizations are predominantly based on the principles of social responsibility and ethics. Thus, there are more and more situations when the leaders of the companies and managers should work out such strategies which can satisfy […]

General Motors Conservation Measures

Introduction General Motor Company is the world’s second largest automobile producer after Toyota. It is found in United States of America. The company employ’s different marketing strategies to ensure that it remains competitive in the ever changing motor industry. One of the strategies that the company uses is corporate social responsibilities practices to create awareness […]

Sustainability Strategies Employed at the Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most enviable business organisations in the world. It is an instantly recognisable brand, well known all over the planet. It can also be argued that there are only a few people in this world that do not have an idea what the Coca-Cola logo means. More importantly all […]

Should Harlequin re-enter the single-title business?

Harlequin is a publishing industry that has been publishing books for a long time. The major types of books that are published by this industry are educational materials and romance novels. The industry was founded in the year 1949. In the 1970s, Harlequin was the world best and largest publisher of women’s series romance fiction […]

Waste Management in Rye Facility

Executive Summary Waste materials from the domestic and commercial sector pose various challenges to the environment. They also inflate domestic and organisational budgets. This paper discusses the challenges of waste management with reference to Rye Waste Management Facility. The facility is located is situated in Australia within Mornington Peninsula, Shire municipality. The facility receives MSW […]

Examining a business failure: Tyco International Ltd.

Tyco International was established in 1960 by Arthur Rosenberg, as a research laboratory that dealt with experiment for the United States government, later changing into manufacturing industrial products. However in 2002, Tyco was in crisis amid revelation of corruption mainly within top management, which led to the resignation of the then CEO, Dennis Kozlowiski. At […]

Starbucks clouds case study

Executive summary This paper looks at the history of Starbucks as well as the current situation of the company. The focus of the paper is on the principles on which the company was created and this is tackled in the background section of this paper. Besides the background, this paper identifies that Starbucks has had […]

Examining a Business Failure

Introduction It is the wish of all business organizations, both big and small, to succeed in whatever activities they undertake. Traditionally, all for-profit organizations endeavors to realize improved financial performance, maintain solvency, consistently retain, and increase their capital and client bases. However, various factors, either internal or external, can cause business failure in a given […]

Closed Circuit Systems Ltd

Introduction Closed Circuit Systems Ltd is committed to empowering its clients with technology to provide security solutions to their organizations and business premises. Our organization is among the leading providers of technology based security to organizations in business across different fields of operation. Our company has vast years of experience and operation and has become […]

Antitrust and Unfair Trade Practices: The Dynamic Corporate Environment

Abstract Antitrust and unfair trade practices have caused a lot of debate for along time. Trade practices that are considered unfair include monopoly, formation of cartels and predatory pricing. Monopolies usually dictate over prices of goods that are in the market because in most markets, monopolistic organizations are the sole suppliers or producers. Cartels usually […]

Use the system methodologies taught to address a problematic situation in an organization of your choice

Introduction It is apparent that in every organization, there are various problems which largely differ in terms of how complex they are. In current times, such complications have significantly increased leading to myriad of challenges which are being encountered especially when it comes to organizational management (Checkland, 1999 p.823). It is also imperative to note […]

Effectiveness of Public Relations & Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The varied impacts of international events, particularly their apparent economic and business-oriented benefits, have provoked governments and private entities to utilize institutional frameworks and marketing executives to capitalize on such events (Stokes 2005). In recent years, international events such as the Olympics or World Cup soccer are increasingly been perceived by host nations and cities […]

The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Winbeldon Championships

The world has experienced dramatic changes in the way business is conducted and also in the way information on a particular event, occurrence or product is disseminated. The world has also experienced great technological advancements that have given people easy accessibility to information on almost everything that a person may be interested in (Waters, Tindall […]

A case study of Australian women managers in the educational sector

Introduction According to Starr and White (2008) the Australian educational system has changed significantly in the last two decades through both at the state and federal levels. In response to globalization, for instance, the education system has undergone restructuring which is intended to increase global competitiveness in trade, workforce capacity and innovations. These changes in […]

The Coffee Crisis

Introduction Low prices have become common in most agricultural products with coffee being the most affected. Coffee is the main tropical agricultural product accounting for nearly half of the total exports in developing countries though it is facing substantial price falls. Following a short recovery in the 1990s when coffee stocks were cleared, its prices […]

How Enron May Have Avoided the Scandal through Conflict

Introduction The following is a discussion on how conflict among the leaders of Enron might or might not have changed the outcome of the largest bankruptcies in the history of United States. The essay explores the types of conflicts that exist within an organization and the role that they play in development of the organization. […]

Risk Management/Problem Solving-Twilight’s Corporation

The Corporation’s Risk Register Introduction Twilight’s Corporation is the globe’s giant chain of fast food restaurants. It has a large customer base and sells assorted food products as well as soft drinks. Some of these include burgers, chicken, and salads. As a concern, IT department might experience concerns regarding the ethical use and protection of […]

Market Social Research

Background of the Study Newtonville is a city in Massachusetts in the United States that borders Boston. Newtonville, Census, and Information (2012, para. 1) identified that the city has an estimated population of 85,000 people. The Newtonville District Council has a Leisure Services Department responsible for creating and promoting outdoor and park leisure areas. The […]

Antitrust Claims Faced By Microsoft Corporation

In the US, the businesses are regulated by the antitrust law, which promotes and maintains healthy competition as well as controlling anti-competitive business tactics by other companies. Microsoft has fallen victim of antitrust claims in several occasions. As the United States software giant, the company has settled several antitrust claims with competitors, yet others still […]

Microsoft Corporation facing antitrust claims

On May 18, 1998, Microsoft, the largest computer software manufacturer in the world was sued on a number of antitrust allegations. The allegations ranged from violation of various sections of the Sherman Antitrust Act to Microsoft illegally attempting to monopolize the internet browser market. It was also alleged that Microsoft had illegally monopolized the operating […]

Issues Surrounding Facebook IPO

Facebook decision of going public impacts on users Users of Facebook should expect a renewed Facebook with many new applications, and services that will ensure they maximize use of Facebook. The company will create seamless applications using mobile platform for convenience of its users. Facebook will have a challenge of raising money for its shareholders. […]

Risk Analysis for Pepsi Company

Abstract The focus of the paper is to carry out an investigation of fundamental risks that may lead to volatile situations in the Pepsi Company. Three main situations chosen are fraud and misconducts, water, and health and safety. Methods of qualitative and quantitative measurement of these situations are proposed and discussed in the context of […]

Challenges in Operations

Introduction The main problem with consumer markets in economies such as those within the U.S., Europe and the Middle East is the fact that consumer spending is at an all time low which has resulted in the current economic downturn since consumer spending is the primary basis of economic recoveries or recessions (Keller & Kotler, […]

WCT and POP Production Negotiation

Your Analysis Of The Negotiation While writing about the negotiation, there is a need to cite Ramundo (1994, p. 9) who points out that, ‘It is clear that the manager who applies negotiation concepts and techniques in the performance of his managerial tasks enjoys a competitive, career-enhancing advantage over his colleagues.’ The negotiation is taking […]

MLC and the environmental management accounting

Phases of the case study The project has three phases which will be discussed in detail. The first phase identifies the current cost of accounting system in the Methodist Ladies College. The institution currently uses the conventional accounting system that does not apportion the environmental management system. The objective of exploring the current environmental management […]