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  1. Nike Business Code of Ethics
    Given that employees of the organization are involved in the corporate business ethical programs of the organization, such programs therefore involves advising the employees of the organizations to be responsible on their behavior towards fellow […]
  2. Subcontracting at the Nike, Inc.
    In this case, Nike Inc.’s reason to subcontract its production is mainly on the need to cut cost of production, gain high quality products and make most out of the invested capital as the main […]
  3. Adidas vs Nike: Marketing Communication Strategies
    At the end of a product cycle, a company needs to get the products to the target customer. The company can negotiate to be given a chance to supply the club with sporting attire during […]
  4. The Role of Marketing Research at Nike, Inc.
    In essence the working condition may comprise of the remuneration to its respective employees and the conditions that the company dictates to its subcontractors.
  5. Nike Corporation’s Marketing Strategies and Objectives
    Despite the stiff competition that Nike is facing, the company has been and still is the leader in the market. At the same time, the company has incorporated the use of IT and ICT in […]
  6. Success of Nike Products
    As a matter of fact, this outstanding success of Nike in the global markets can be attributed to the quality of its footwear products and apparel for sports.
  7. Nike’s E-marketing in Its Market Strategy
    The management has been advancing in technology, and currently Nike is one of the leading firms in the apparel industry that has advanced in the use of virtual market.
  8. New York Times Coverage of the Nike+ Advertising Campaign
    Nike’s target market now spends most of its time on the web and on mobile devices, and the company has adjusted its advertising campaigns and advertising budgets to reflect this shift in consumer interest and […]
  9. Strategic Management: The Case of Nike, Inc.
    Nike has also managed its assets and resources to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. Nike has strived to stay at the competitive edge because of its efforts and strategies.
  10. Nike Company Operations Management
    Moreover, timeliness and quality information ensures that Nike responds to consumer needs promptly thus avoiding delays, which could cause the organization to be in fashion lag.
  11. Nike Company’s Marketing Strategy
    The vision of Nike is to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. In this regard, Nike’s core competency is the marketing of sportswear.
  12. Sports Supplements: Nike Protein Bar
    The protein bars are critical in increasing the muscle mass. In this regard, the protein bars are critical in muscle building.
  13. Views on Nike Brand
    It is no doubt that the origin of the brand name “Nike” has been a definition of Nike’s ambition to be a big success and take the sporting industry by a storm.
  14. Nike: Measurements Analysis
    It is hypothetical to verify the strength of the workers and determine how they adapt to working conditions. Improving the capacity of suppliers to better program their work both in quality and efficacy, significantly improves […]
  15. Nike “The Sweat Shop Debate”
    According to the report, “majority of its shoes are manufactured in countries, such as China, Indonesia and Vietnam, where governments outlaw independent unions and have set very little wages, posing ethical and legal challenges to […]
  16. Nike Company’s Management Strategies
    The company made immerse profits and in 1966, leading to the opening of its first retail shop in California, with the first shoe sold being Nike IN 1971.
  17. Nike Company’s Business Model
    The business model makes the suppliers and customers visible and as a result, it enables Nike Inc.to come up with measures that it can use to secure more value from customers and suppliers compared to […]
  18. International Branding. Nike
    The prominent role of the firm in the sportswear market is attributed to the adoption of strategic knowledge as its core competitive advantage.
  19. Nike Company Patent for Self-lacing Shoes
    The reason behind the choice of this product is that, such a type of shoe is not available in the market.
  20. Nike Company’s and Lance Armstrong Relationship
    It was good for sponsors to terminate the relations between themselves and the athlete to avoid a bad reputation for the company.
  21. The Problem of Labor Exploitation in Nike and Apple Companies
    The globalization of the economy gave many companies access to the labor markets of developing countries. Moreover, it is believed that the employees of the company do not have access to healthcare services.
  22. Campaign Brief on Nike
    Reliability from the products Comfort when using the shoes Lightweight and agile equipment The company is able to deliver these requirements to the sports men and women who are the target market.
  23. Nike –
    In the recent past, the dollar has fallen against the Yen and the Euro and this has led to a decrease in the price of Nike goods by pushing up the import prices.
  24. Nike Dumps Lance Armstrong
    Oakley Inc.maintained that it was reviewing the allegations and would determine the fate of their relationship with Armstrong after a verdict by the International Cycling Union. The decision by Nike to end its partnership with […]
  25. NIKE – Channel conflict
    The success of the proposed solutions can be evaluated through analyzing the behavioral performance of the channels and distinguishing forewarning signs of unacceptable performance within the channels.
  26. Adidas’ Management vs Nike
    However, this approach did not achieve the synergy among businesses because Adidas could not raise its effectiveness or improve the quality of products. To a great extent, this plan failed to differentiate the products of […]
  27. Nike Distribution
    At the moment, it is estimated that Nike holds a global market share of close to 40%. The phenomenal success of Nike is attributed to good product designing and awesome marketing.
  28. Consumer Behavior – Nike
    An observer can measure the responses of the customer and find the actual information in regard of selection preferences that are based on the brand attachment.
  29. CSR in Ethnic Industry for Adidas, Nike and Rebook
    Employers have to ensure that the better working conditions and employees training initiatives are put into places as part of employers CSR.
  30. Overview of Nike based on Outsourcing
    While other companies may be outsourcing some of their labor functions to developing nations so as to reduce their overall expenses on labor, most of them are outsourcing their production as well as marketing centers […]
  31. Contemporary Issues in Global Business Management: An analysis the business strategy of Nike Incorporation
    With the recovery of the global economy, there is a high probability of the firm increasing its sales revenue both in the domestic and the international market.
  32. Nike Considered
    Nike had to decide what to do to return its positive image and the creation of the line of natural and environmentally friendly shoes was exactly what the company needed with the implementation of the […]

👍 Good Nike Topics

  1. Nike vs. Adidas
    Personal Characteristics As part of the market segmentation, the personal characteristics include the consideration of buyer-seller similarities, attitude towards risk, and the loyalty of companies that the organization engages in.
  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop
    Speaking about efficiency and effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop, these specific aspects of business are going to be discussed with the stress on how the companies should behave in each of these processes.
  3. Nike Strategy for Entry into the Brazilian Market
    The purpose of this report is to analyze the Brazilian sports shoe market and provide advice to the corporate leadership at Nike in order to help them develop the best strategies to increase the corporate […]
  4. Nike Penetration Strategy in Brazil
    It allows the company to get an opportunity to locate in a region that has low production and labor costs, locate close to its target market and provide an opportunity for profit maximization.
  5. Brief Description of Nike, Inc
    This paper focuses on the kind of market structure that Nike, Inc.belongs to, the price elasticity of its demands, the price elasticity of its products, the company’s closest competitors, the substitutes or subsidiaries of Nike, […]
  6. Strategic Plan: Nike Incorporation
    For example, the adoption of the ‘swoosh’ as the firm’s trademark has made Nike one of the widely recognized companies in the world.
  7. Nike Company Marketing Communication
    The process of incoming current consumers and prospective consumers is among the key competencies’ of any company, a successful marketing communication mix will most likely contribute in boosting sales and revenues A company’s communication mix […]
  8. Pricing: The Sneaker Pricing Wars (Adidas-Nike)
    Price is a very essential aspect in every business as it is the fundamental determinant of the profit to be achieved after the sale of a commodity or service and therefore influences the success or […]
  9. New Product Development: Nike
    Marketing strategy development This stage entails formulating a marketing strategy that will be used in the process of introducing the product to the market.
  10. Nike’s Cheap Labor: An Ethical View
    Among them is the failure of Nike Shoe Company to uphold the values of what is right and wrong in the society.
  11. Nike Hong Kong
    In the process of marketing its sports apparel and footwear products in Hong Kong, the firm intends to achieve a number of objectives as outlined below.
  12. How does Nike encourage young people to participate in sport?
    Due to the limitations of the physical body, athletic activities are suitable for the young and the energetic. Therefore, the older people in the society are out of the company’s target.
  13. The Nike Company Market’s Audit
    Table 1: Analysis of the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS The first problem associated with the product is that the market already has access to the features it provides in various forms.
  14. The Nike Sports Watch Marketing Plan in Australia
    The company cannot assume that the market is aware of the existence and the benefits of the watch despite the prevailing media attention given to the watch.
  15. McDonalds and Nike: Organizational Impact
    This implies that MacDonald’s has positioned itself in the market through technology and innovation to meet the needs of the dynamic market.
  16. Sculptures: Nike of Samothrace and Dionysiac Frieze
    It was unearthed on the island of Samothrace in the Aegean.Dr. The fresco is on the three walls of a room with a window and a door.
  17. Nike Company Analysis in Developing Countries
    Nike’s vision is to remain the “leading company in the industry by continuing to produce the high quality products that have long been provided in the past”.
  18. Nike Company Social Media Marketing
    Nike promotes a large variety of women’s running shoes both in its website and in other social media sites. The company incorporates a number of attractive products in its social media marketing sites when promoting […]
  19. Home Depot and Nike Companies Mission Statements
    However, it is important for the company to work on identifying and stating the needs of its customers in the mission statement.
  20. Nike’s Challenges as a Global Corporation
    One of the legal challenges that Nike is facing concerns the accusation on violation of the labor laws by employing under age staffs as young as eleven years old.
  21. Nike Company: Business Code of Ethics
    It is necessary to note that the code of ethics is a document to be taken into account by all employees of the company though it is clear that some points are likely to be […]
  22. Nike Company Corporate Structure and Strategy
    This is why in order to stay competitive and hold the positions in the business arena the companies have to be flexible, and the managers need to frequently come up with ideas for changes in […]
  23. Nike Company: Current Economic and Social Trends
    The biggest blow was delivered to Nike’s luxury and the upmarket segment with major retailers’ decisions to opt-out of the pricey shoes and make a shift towards consumer trends, which dictate the purchase of middle-priced […]
  24. Nike Company Organizational Culture
    The organizational culture of Nike incorporates several important norms that are critical for the performance of this company and its competitiveness.
  25. Nike Company: Hannah Jones Leadership Style
    This paper will discuss personality traits of Hannah Jones, as well as her leadership style and qualities, which have influenced her success in implementing sustainability programs at Nike. Hannah Jones used value-based management as one […]
  26. Nike Company Management and Marketing
    Applied research is heavily used here since it is a short term activity and it is less expensive and not characterized by heavy risks to the organization The management of this organization is in the […]
  27. Nike and Adidas Companies’ Environmental Scan
    In this paper, an environmental scan of the two companies operating in the sports footwear and apparel industry is presented. This paper gives an environmental scan of three sports apparel firms Nike and Adidas and […]
  28. McDonald’s, Qatar Airways, Nike: Working Conditions
    The franchise business model of the company has managed to ensure that the products and services that are offered at the franchises are consistent with the services offered at the company-owned restaurants.
  29. Global Commodity Concept: Nike and Yue Yuen Companies
    The global commodity chain approach focuses on the evaluation of the relations that take place between production of a good and its trade and the identification of the activities that have to be performed by […]
  30. Nike Company and Its Relocation to China
    Currently, the organization is headquartered in the US and has a very strong presence in other western countries. The creation of low-end products may dilute the Nike brand and threaten their position in the market.
  31. Nike Sportswear Company: Marketing Strategy
    The company has the largest market share in the industry because of the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. Also, the marketing strategy is less diverse than that of the company’s competitors.
  32. Nike’s Margot vs. Lily Ads Series and Marketing
    It is easy for a new customer to like and eventually buy the Nike products because of watching Margot vs. Lily series in ‘Better for It’ campaign by Nike is a creative and persuasive advertisement […]

🎓 Simple & Easy Nike Topics

  1. Nike Company’s Ethics Toward Clients and Employees
    Nike should have enough workforce for it to take advantage of its laborers and also increase performance checkups of the firm.
  2. Nike Corporation’s History and Management
    He has been the president since 2006 and has helped in the general expansion of the brand and the company’s portfolio in its worldwide business. He leads and manages the various operations of Nike Brand […]
  3. Nike Incorporation in the ‘Athleisure’ Market
    The company’s earnings on the first quarter of this year indicate that its growth in sales is struggling compared to last year’s summer World cup.
  4. Analyzing Print Advertising: Nike Campaign
    The decoded message, in the Nike campaign, is the association of those features embodied in the photo with the qualities of the Nike swimwear.
  5. Nike Company’s Ethical Case
    The harassment was viewed as a breach of ethical behavior which the public strongly expected the Nike Company to uphold regardless of whether the abuse was from the suppliers or the Nike Company itself.
  6. The Supply of Nike Company Products
    The administration of the Nike Company has come up with a mindset strategy that focuses on the improvement of the form of labor employed by the outsourced contractors.
  7. Nike Company’s Labor Problems
    Basing on the labor problems that have bedeviled the company for years, analysis of the relationship among indirect and direct stakeholders basing on four interest points; economics, ecology, biology, and society is essential in developing […]
  8. Nike Company’s Business Environment and Labor Problems
    Note: the basic factors of production in the Nike Corporation, are the employees, any decision that affects their wellbeing affects the general productivity of the firm.
  9. NIKE Company’s Problems: Supply Chain and Action Chain
    The internal elements are contractors, subcontractors, suppliers of raw materials, and raw materials outsourcing. Warehouse: Products produced by NIKE, its contractors, and subcontractors are delivered in warehouses for distribution to other chains of distribution.
  10. Nike Vapor Strobe Glasses: Market Analysis
    Nike vapor strobe glasses will overcome such a strategy by extending the general market of the product. This indicates that a new product may be developed, which may affect the sales and marketing operations of […]
  11. Nike Sweatshops and Governmental Involvement
    The manufacturers have contravened the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by not adhering to the set international standards on human rights and labor laws.
  12. Nike’s Brand Association with Michael Jordan
    Brand value constitutes the ability to assist in the retrieval of information, ability to differentiate the product, capacity to provide the customer or retailer with a reason to buy, and the capacity to create positive […]
  13. NIKE Inc.: Supply and Demand
    The supply of the company is estimated to be sufficient for the existing level of demand. Due to the specific area of operation of NIKE Inc, which is the narrow sportswear market, the demand for […]
  14. Nike’s and Blenz’s Products’ Consumer Effects
    The analysis will cover the consumer effects, impacts, and patterns of Nike and Blenz coffee products in relation to the environment, social, health, economics, and legal factors. These products are of high quality and have […]
  15. Nike and Lululemon Athletica Fashion: Shopping Report
    The overall trends in the stores are quite similar, with a prevalence of tight-fitting clothes made from innovative materials that are breathable and lightweight.
  16. Nike Shoes’ Marketing and Segmentation Strategy
    To make their athletic shoes comfortable for the consumers, Nike has affected the use of air technology in their manufacturing. Demographic factors that affect Nike’s athletic shoes include gender and social class which determines the […]
  17. Nike and Adidas Companies Comparison
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss business models of Nike, Inc.and Adidas Group in order to make a comparison analysis.
  18. An Ethical Audit: Nike Controversy
    The purpose of the present paper is to examine Nike as the company that follows some principles of corporate social responsibility but fails to meet the ethical requirements in relation to its workers from the […]
  19. Nike Company as a Globalized Brand Name
    The modern world could be characterized by the significant changes in the structure of the market and the main approaches towards management and development of business.
  20. The Revolutionary Nike Multi-Purpose Shoe
    This means that a client purchasing the NikeMPx shoe is given the benefit of using the footwear for sporting and non-sporting activities. In summary, the NikeMPx has the potential of multiple usages to benefit a […]
  21. Nike Incorporation: the Draft Marketing Plan
    Through the use of its powerful business model, this company continues to support and fulfill the emerging needs of many customers from every part of the world.
  22. Nike Company: Costs of Production and Overall Market
    Nike’s cost of goods sold is provided in Table 1, showing the company’s COGS have increased in the last five years, mainly due to the increase in the price of raw materials including thread and […]
  23. Nike Company: Empire’s Economy
    Considering the identified performance indicators and the dominant position of the company on the market, we conclude on the suitability of the strategies chosen by the company and recommend further investment in the decrease of […]
  24. Nike Company’s Governance and Sustainability
    The move has enabled the company to develop innovative shoe designs that are in high demand in the market. The overall goal is to come up with innovative procedures that can improve Nike’s competitive edge […]
  25. Nike Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project
    The following paper aims at analyzing the CSR program of Nike, a publicly traded sportswear company, in order to determine the transparency and effectiveness of social and environmental responsibilities stated in their report.
  26. Nike Shoes Product Marketing and Perceptual Map
    According to the created perceptual map, Nike and Adidas remain to be the leaders of the U.S.market with the focus on such characteristics of athletic shoes as appearance and comfort.
  27. Nike Inc.’s Outsourcing and International Labor
    It was until Nike started making losses that Phil Knight took courage to admit that the company had made mistakes in terms of corporate responsibility, code of conduct, and labor laws.
  28. Nike Corporation Analysis
    Trevor Edwards is the President of the Nike Brand, which is a position that presupposes the involvement into and overseeing of all activities associated with the management of the company’s brand as well as tangible […]
  29. Contract Law: Nike, Inc. v. Eugene McCarthy
    The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit affirmed the decision of the district court that Eugene McCarthy violated the agreement, provided potential harm to the company, and had to leave the position offered by […]
  30. Nike Company’s Management Decisions and Marketing Research
    The management decision facing Nike is whether the company should continue promoting its sportswear using product-based advertisements that it used to undertake or whether it should stick to the new mode of advertisement that is […]
  31. Nike Company’s Analysis Using Management Tools
    Nike is a company that is known by its logo; this shows the popularity of the company. The management of Nike should now lay stress on the company’s strategy.
  32. Corporate Governance Practice: Nike in Vietnam
    This dissertation has aimed to assist the academia, regulators, policy makers, and investors with better understanding about the lacking of corporate governance practice by multinational like Nike.

✅ Most Interesting Nike Topics to Write about

  1. Management. Nike: A Globalized Brand
    The modern world could be characterized by the significant changes in the structure of the market and the main approaches towards management and development of business.
  2. Nike and Adidas Companies’ Internal Analysis in 2016
    While focusing on Nike’s profitability, it is important to state that the company’s net income increased by more than 20% in 2015, and this number is higher than the average type of the industry because […]
  3. Nike: Brand Equity and Promotional Strategies
    Nike’s place in the industry of sportswear and accessories is also important in discussing its brand equity. The name of the goddess that is currently in use by Nike aligns with the other campaigns that […]
  4. Nike, Inc.: The Corporate Culture
    An organization’s culture is essential to the continued success of its operations, as it reflects the motivation of its employees and the probability of new ideas surfacing.
  5. Nike Inc.: Operations and Logistics
    One of the factors that have helped Nike to succeed in the sportswear industry is its ability to source discounted raw materials and labor overseas.
  6. Natural and Physical Environmental Factors that Affect Nike Inc.
    Moreover, environmental laws and the call for reduction of global warming have led to the apparel industry investing in green sources of energy.
  7. Nike Inc.’s Global Sourcing Analysis
    The demand for Nike products, in particular, and athleisure clothing, in general, continues to increase, and Nike has to perfect its supply chain to deliver the goods.
  8. Nike vs. Dove Companies’ Social Media Power
    Being a powerful tool, the modern social media can contribute to the development of a particular brand by promoting its products and supporting the high level of interest to it.
  9. Nike Multi-Purpose Shoe: Product Marketing Plan
    The aspect of income will also be identified to ensure that families and individuals who have average salaries purchase the shoe.
  10. Nike Shareholders Letters’ Keyword Analysis
    In his letter to the corporation’s shareholders, Knight reflected on the challenges that the company faced and often concentrated on Asia. Phil Knight was still the CEO in 2003, and the company was on the […]
  11. Nike: Brief History and Business Description
    In this paper, a brief historical overview of Nike will be offered to identify an outline and a purpose of a research project and understand better its strategic management, segmentation, and strengths in the current […]
  12. Nike Inc.’s Performance Measurement and Control
    This company has resourceful inventory management principles that allow it to supervise the shipment of merchandise from manufacturers to distributors and retailers.
  13. Nike as One of the Leaders in Manufacturing and Distribution of Athletic Footwear, and Accessories
    The central purpose is the detailed and in-depth investigation of the peculiarities of the brand’s functioning regarding the current market’s features, the progress of the closest rivals, and possibilities for further growth.
  14. Nike Air Max 2018: Marketing
    One of the reasons the country has been identified as a potential market for the Nike Air Max 2018 is the importing nature of its citizens.
  15. Nike: History of the Company as a Leader in the Sports and Athletic Shoe Market Segment
    Sports products are the main products that Nike is famous for and it makes products for specific sports such as football, action sports, baseball, basketball, cycling, running and many more. The company has placed its […]
  16. Nike Apparel Business Analysis
    In 1994 Nike acquired Canstar Sports Inc, which was the leader in manufacture of hockey equipment and skates and in 1995 the company signed Tiger Woods the golfer for a $40 million deal to endorse […]
  17. History and Definition the Statue of Nike
    In particular it is to be noted that in the movement of the Victory which is to the left with the right leg advanced, the left leg comes forward so as to form a nearer […]
  18. Management in Nike: Fair Standards
    The major development in the evolution of Nike’s Code of Conduct and labor policies came in the mid-1998 when the company launched a series of new initiatives.
  19. Nike and Adidas Companies’ Analysis
    The functions of retailers in the channel have been to assemble merchandise, maintain an inventory, price, promote, advertise, sell, and account for the merchandise, again as a service to the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer.
  20. Coca-Cola and Nike: Product Life-Cycle
    The product life cycle is an extremely useful tool for marketing managers because, as the examples of The Coca-Cola Company and Nike show, it is universally applicable to any company and helps to anticipate the […]
  21. Nike: Strengthen the Firm’s Business Design
    Contrary to the past, the firm’s top management has developed ability in managing the creative process, thus bringing it to the bottom line. The company’s move to sponsor athletics across the globe has worked positively […]
  22. Business Ethics – Nike Case
    The dispute between Nike and the University of Oregon began when the University of Oregon joined the Workers Rights Consortium. The corporation has been accused on a number of occasions of unfair labor practices such […]
  23. Nike & the University of Oregon
    Nike built its market leadership on a variety of principles, from its strong commitment to its contractors, its practices in health and safety management, and its commitment towards how it ran its business, across the […]
  24. Nike: The Nike Ad and Its Perception
    The paper aims to investigate and analyze the impact and meaning of the ad and its perception by the target audience.
  25. Nike Company’s Emerging Opportunities
    Nike is one of the leading sport products industries in the world which has excelled with a strong base of ethical behaviors, especially in enhancing the rights of the workers.
  26. Financial Management of Nike
    Financial management refers to the planning and management of finances of a business with the sole aim of achieving the set goals.
  27. Nike: Supply Chain Management Issues Caused by the COVID-19 Spread
    The objectives of the research are to study Nike’s inbound and outbound logistics supply chain management issues and to confirm the importance of the supply chain’s capability to update.
  28. Data Visualization Software: The Case of Nike
    This is why data visualization is a crucial business asset that may be used to realize the organization’s full potential with the help of experts in the field and all the insights gained from the […]
  29. Analysis of Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Commercial
    Even if Kaepernick himself does not identify as a Marxist, it is quite easy to trace back the roots of and the motivation behind his peaceful protest to the Marxist ideology.
  30. Nike Inc.’s Marketing Strategy and Management
    In athletic sportswear, Nike competes with brands such as Adidas which has a respectable market share and similar market capitalization, a close second to Nike in the world of professional sports attire and retail sales.
  31. Nike Inc.: Marketing Principles
    Nike’s iconic relationships and side brands also enhance its strength to compete in the global market. Nike Inc.can maximize these strengths in marketing its products, increasing sales and share of the global market.
  32. Examples of Advertisements by Nike, KFC and Coca-Cola
    Lastly, the Swoosh logo is engraved in the image to confirm that it is a Nike advertisement. The background to this is that the company’s operations in the United Kingdom were almost paralyzed because of […]

🥇 Good Nike Research Questions & Topics

  1. A Business Analysis of the Nike Corporation, an Athletic Shoes Company
  2. Company Analysis of Nike and Its Sneakers
  3. Comparison Between the Mission Statements of Nike and Home Depot
  4. Comparison of the Three Major Differences of Nike and Reebok
  5. Comparison of Brand Positioning of Nike and Adidas
  6. Analysing Nike’s My Butt Is Big Advertisement
  7. Analysis Marketing Plays of Nike and Adidas
  8. Analysis of Nike Corporation by Porter Five Forces Model
  9. Analyze relationship business strategy organizational performance Nike
  10. Brand Vs Product Products Identity Nike
  11. Commercial Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nike
  12. Analysis of the Marketing Plan of Nike and Michael Jordan
  13. Comparison of Nike and Li Ning Shoes
  14. Analysis of the Topic of the Athletic Shoe Industry Nike
  15. Did Nongovernmental Monitoring improve Working Conditions in the case of Nike and the Footwear Industry?
  16. Does Lean Improve Labor Standards? Management and Social Performance in the Nike Supply Chain
  17. Does Nike’s recent acquisition of Converse strengthen Nike’s position
  18. How Does Nike Improve The Quality And Reduce Carbon?
  19. How Nike Figured Out China?
  20. How Nike Changed Its Expansion Strategy?
  21. How Nike Is A Person Needs For Wear Appropriate Footwear?
  22. How Nike Is Building Brand Equity?
  23. How Nike Uses Employees in Sweetshops to Achieve Their Work Needs and Cases of Mistreatment of Employees
  24. How The Super Brand Nike Make Supply Chains Sustainable?
  25. How Will Nike’s Growth Strategies Be Successful In Improving Their Financial Performance?
  26. Is Nike Ethical?
  27. Marketing Analysis: Nike Inc.
  28. Marketing Audit In Nike
  29. Nike Ad Campaign Analysis
  30. Nike Case Analysis: Maintaining and Working on Brand Image
  31. Nike Globalisation Analysis
  32. Nike Swot Analysis
  33. Pro Cons and Risk for Nike
  34. Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike’s Advertising
  35. The Analysis of Nike in Athletic Footwear Market Based on Porter’s Five Forces Model
  36. Why Nike Is Still One Of Succeffully Company?
  37. Why Is Nike The Biggest Training Shoe Company In The World?

💡 Interesting Nike Research Questions & Titles

  1. Brief Historical Perspective of the Nike Company
  2. Commercial Success Of Nike Corporation
  3. Company Profile of Nike from the United States
  4. A cultural Study of Nike
  5. Advertising and Nike Brand
  6. Advertising: Nike Write the Future
  7. History of the Nike Company, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight
  8. Strategic Management & Brand Image Of Nike
  9. Baseball and Nike
  10. Business Plan And Marketing Strategy For Nike
  11. Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practice
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility and Nike
  13. Cultural Diversity & Nike
  14. Environmental Scan of Amazon And Nike
  15. Expanding the Playing Field: Nike’s World Shoe Project
  16. Financial Future of Nike
  17. Globalisation and the Poor. Waiting for Nike in Ethiopia
  18. Growth Of The Sports Apparel Indsustry And Nike’s Company
  19. History of Nike and Ecommerce
  20. Industry And Distribution Of Nike
  21. Just Do It, Like The Nike Slogan And Take Action
  22. Leadership Style at Nike
  23. Management & Leadership: Nike
  24. Manufacturing Practices of the Footwear Industry
  25. Market Segmentation of Nike Company
  26. Mission Statement And Vision Statement Of Nike
  27. Nike And Expansion In China
  28. Nike And Exploitation Community Aid Abroad
  29. Nike and Financial Future Forecasting
  30. Nike Basketball Shoes: the Best for the Best
  31. Nike Brand Aligns Leadership to Drive Geographic and Consumer Segmentation Growth
  32. Nike’s Global Women’s Fitness Business Driving Strategic
  33. Nike Inc. And The Ethical Dilemma
  34. Nike, Inc.: Management Strategies and Techniques
  35. Nike Inc. Missions and Goals
  36. Nike: Innovation Challenges and Opportunities
  37. Nike Marketing Analysis Market
  38. Marketing Strategy in India
  39. Motivations, Opportunities And Abilities
  40. Nepal Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
  41. Nike – Recent Enviromental Changes, Internal Strengths And Weakness
  42. Nike’s Ethical Dilemmas Going International
  43. Operations Management : Nike Values The Most And How
  44. Nike’s Organizational Function Management
  45. Nike Strategy For Entry Into The Brazilian Market
  46. Nike v. Kasky: Politcal Commentary or Commercial
  47. Recommendations for Nike
  48. The Path to Corporate Responsibility – Nike’s Corporate Makeover
  49. The Success of Nike’s Just Do It Campaign
  50. Volkswagen and Nike Accountability Mechanisms
  51. Why Adidas And Nike Is The Best Choice For Me?

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IvyPanda. 2022. "216 Nike Topics & Examples." May 2, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nike-essay-topics/.


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