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Nike Protein Bar Essay

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Updated: Jul 21st, 2021

Psychographics heath conscience, fitness, gluten free, active, athletes

Protein bars are popular among the youths and the young adults (Adele and Jalali, 32). The target population is the middle and upper class individuals aged between 15 and 55 years.

This is critical in understanding the psychographics of the target market. It can be noted that protein bars are attractive to the growing population, as well as those who have enough income to spend on the supplements. It can be observed that protein bars are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins among other nutrients. Essentially, the protein bars are meant for individuals who require protein source that does not require preparation (Adele and Jalali, 33). Most Americans are health conscious.

They are also known to engage in fitness programs including going to the gym. In addition, most of the target market is active. Furthermore, the youthful individuals engage in athletic activities. This will serve better for the new product that has been suggested as most of the individuals being targeted require replenishing of their bodies with protein supplements. It can be asserted that the market for the protein bar is readily available.

As noted, protein bars are mostly used by individuals who are health conscious, athletes, and those who do not have time to eat a proper diet (Adele and Jalali, 33). In the US, people are usually very busy and can only afford short breaks for meals. Most of them opt for a protein bar as the only healthy option available.

Just like other individuals, the Americans are also known to look for a variety. Therefore, this gives room for the protein bars to diversify and include other aspects such as gluten free bars. Notably, a significant section of the American population is affected by the celiac disease. In addition, there are those who choose a gluten-free lifestyle. This offers a ready market for the protein bar business.

Purchasing habits health conscience shoppers, two different types: everyday gym goers (routine), once in a while, BEFORE or AFTER?

In every market, the purchasing habit of the consumers is very critical. This is what determines the success of a given product in the market. It can be established that a significant percentage of the Americans are health conscious shoppers. In this regard, they only go for what can promote their health.

Therefore, instead of them going for fast foods, they are likely to opt for protein bars. Furthermore, it can be noted that the middle and upper classes are our main target market. These are individuals who have considerable education and know what is good for their diet. In addition, most of these people have jobs and hardly get enough time to prepare their meals especially during working hours. Therefore, the protein bars will come in handy as the best healthy choice.

Furthermore, the targeted population is health conscious and may find time to go to the gym. However, there are those who are regular visitors to the gym while others visit the gym only once in a while. The protein bars are critical in increasing the muscle mass. They are also used by those individuals who may want to gain or lose weight (Adele and Jalali, 32).

The gym goers form a good market for the protein bars. In this regard, the protein bars are critical in muscle building. It is advisable to take protein bars after a training session. Notably, bars serve as good sources of fuel. Therefore, the gym goers should be allowed to take the protein bars after the work-out.

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