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87 Nokia Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Nokia Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Leadership Roles: My Experience in the Nokia Cup
    The structure of planning needs to change in order for the event to succeed. Additionally, I would have the main and sub-committees meet regularly to discuss the challenges of planning.
  2. Nokia Company in China
    In addition, the general plan of the competitor in a bid to control the market is a vital toolkit which this company can use to estimate the competitive edge of the market. When the target […]
  3. Nokia Pricing Strategy
    The following are the common products attributes of Nokia Phones: They have a target market; the section of the market is in need of phones Has high value products that can be up-sold and cross-sold […]
  4. Nokia
    The results of 2010, were lower to those recorded in 2009 of 35% in the fourth quarter; so far, the marketing approach that the company has adopted is doing well in the markets however, the […]
  5. New product: Laptop assembling machinery Nokia Corporation
    Again, the shareholders may be called upon to give in some inputs in terms of capital injection or they may suffer a reduced return as the company finances the project, when this happens, then there […]
  6. The Nokia Company’ Principles of Finance
    The value of the company has grown and matured in the stock market and secured a position for the company in as far as investor confidence is concerned.
  7. The Role of the Financial Manager – Nokia
    The company is fighting to restore its position in the financial market, and the price of its shares slowly increases. Apparently, Nokia is in the dire straits of the mobile devices business and needs an […]
  8. Sainsbury’s and Nokia: Political, Ethical, Economic, and Legal Issues
    The rate at which the democracy of the United Kingdom is growing is incredibly rapid and this has led to the diversification of the economy and stability in the Sainsbury’s business stores.
  9. History of Nokia
    Over a period o f time, the usefulness of Nokianvirta River led to the origin of the company name, Nokia. Nokia continued to conquer the world with new GSM handsets and in 1994, experts managed […]
  10. Nokia Company Innovation and Change Management
    In the modern business world, changes and innovation level has increased significantly due to changes in the nature of the market.
  11. Nokia SWOT Analyses
    Strengths One of the biggest strengths it has is that it has a geographically wide network of distribution when compared with other organizations in the industry.”Everyday a quarter of the world’s population connect using Nokia…infrastructure […]
  12. Microsoft’s Purchase of Nokia’s Devices & Services
    Microsoft’s goal of building a partnership with Nokia was to create a new momentum in the growth of its market shares in mobile devices and services, and to issue Nokia’s patents.
  13. New Product Development of Nokia
    The process of developing a new product begins when a firm identifies the need to generate a new product line to meet the needs of the customers.
  14. How to Create a Brand Extension of Nokia Phones With Nokia I-Phones
    It involves developing new products, mostly related to the product already in the market; it is a method of widening a range of products, by taking advantage of the success of an existing brand.
  15. Managing Supply Chain of Nokia
    Supply chain of an organization is the system of all the activities and resources that are involved in transferring a product from the supplier to the consumers, it is the transformation of the raw materials […]
  16. Nokia Organizational Structure
    Nokia is an international phone company that is currently leading in the phone segment of the electronic market in the world; the company’s organizational structure has enabled it to command the success it has attained.
  17. Nokia Corporation Marketing
    Marketing managers have the role of aligning their companies with the needs of customers; there is need to have policies that are responsive to the changes in the industry.
  18. Nokia Corporation: Operational Challenges
    The entry of Chinese made phones in the market is a major blow to the Nokia brand especially in the low-end market segment.
  19. Operation management – Nokia Corporation in the UAE
    Nokia UAE uses the Mean Absolute Deviation demand is a forecasting technique that calculates demand variability of the products and services in the market.
  20. Nokia in the UK Telecommunication Market
    This is the only way the company can capture the biggest share of the market and position better in the competition.
  21. Impact of Knowledge Management on Nokia Corporation
    The basic goals of KM systems in organizations are to reduce costs of production in the organization, improve service provision, improve on the consistency of the services provided by the organization, and improve the overall […]
  22. Nokia Operation: Internal and External Factors
    The operations of Nokia Company in the developed nations and in the developing countries are examined with a focus on the probable course of action.
  23. Management and Leadership: Nokia Corporation
    The approach of the company is to have an innovative and outstanding teamwork; though the company has a departmental approach, the company ensures that it has teams in all sections that are mandated and empowered […]
  24. A Critical Analysis of Nokia Corporation
    This has greatly affected the market share base of Nokia because it has been reducing over time since the early years of the twenty first century.”The five forces in the competition model are; the threat […]
  25. Nokia Corporation Strategic Management
    Nokia Corporation is based in Keilaniemi, Finland and is, by far, the largest manufacturer of mobile instruments in the world. Threats of Nokia Corporation Due to the launch of several Chinese brands, Nokia’s monopoly in […]
  26. Operation Managements in Nokia Company
    The effort of the company is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the delivery of the products to the market.
  27. HR Trends at the Nokia Corporation
    The response of business organizations in the integration of this ageing and diverse workforce will directly determine their development in the global workplace, delivery of services, operations of the business and the ability meet the […]
  28. Marketing Research: Nokia
    Marketing is one of the better ways of competing in such a saturated market and to improve sales, diversification is vital.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Nokia

  1. Nokia Corporation: Challenges to Overcome
    The Window’s smartphone by Nokia has failed to recapture the market leadership in the sector. The best alternative for Nokia should be using the licensed Android OS on its smartphone devices in order to boost […]
  2. Strategic Challenges at Nokia
    Nokia failed to realize at the time that success in the Smartphone business lay in the ability to leverage resources in its business ecosystem. The corporate culture of the company was also contributing to the […]
  3. Product and Innovation Management of Nokia
    Since 2013, Nokia Corporation has been radical in its innovation that has resulted in the development of the Nokia Lumia 435, Nokia Lumia 730, Nokia Lumia 535, Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia […]
  4. Problems of Nokia’s Performance
    It can be seen that despite Apple, Samsung and various Android based phones being the pre-dominant smart phone/smart phone in the global marketplace, the fact remains that smart phones as a whole are expensive and, […]
  5. Organisational Change at Nokia
    The decision would make Nokia the leading producer and marketer of smartphones in the United States. This explains why the company’s decision to hire Stephen Elop was one of the best.
  6. Change Management in Nokia Company
    Management team in Nokia Corporation maintained that, for the company to perform, it required exploiting the vast experience and knowledge; its employees possessed. The company then disseminated the ideas to employees and customers through the […]
  7. Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy
    In order to achieve the above objectives, other key issues such as the geographical environment where the Nokia targets to market the phone, the target population and the competitors in the market will also have […]
  8. Nokia Company Marketing Plan
    In reality, the firm’s major undertakings continue to utilize innovations in the production of products to augment the client base. The reason is that the firm’s share of the market in the US has been […]
  9. Nokia Corporation: Board Members and Stock Shares
    The Board of Directors of Nokia Corporation manages all the main operations in the company and provides the company’s strategic development according to the corporate principles.
  10. Nokia Societal Environment and Task Environment
    Social Factors: Most of the products and services offered by Nokia and its competitors such as mobile phones and computers are for social purposes.
  11. Nokia’s Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
    With the ubiquitous nature of the Windows operating system and the general level of affordability that the Nokia Lumia has, this creates the potential for the company to capture a significant portion of the smartphone […]
  12. Nokia Company: Management Analysis
    Some of the opportunities experienced by the company include the recruitment of staff. These instabilities have a significant effect on the currency of the country and may, as a result, destabilize the profit margins for […]
  13. Nokia Company: History and Future of the Most Famous Brand in the World
    Due to a series of poor decisions and the inability to perceive and adapt to the rising trend for smartphones, the company lost much of its market share and was forced to strike a deal […]
  14. Nokia Corporation’s Financial Failure and Advice
    The company experienced a peak in sales and popularity in the market at the end of the 1990s and in the 2000s but had to face a decline at the end of the 2000s.
  15. Microsoft Corporation’s Acquisition of Nokia
    The issue that Microsoft had to resolve was the negotiation process between the companies as the negotiators were from different cultural origins: Microsoft is an American company, while Nokia is a European one.
  16. Nokia Company’s Sustainability in Competitive Market
    To this end, the research will highlight the context of the research, the purpose of the research, relevance of the study, research areas, and structure of the proposal.
  17. Nokia Corporation Strategic Audit
    It is usually used in implementing tactics that would result in improved performance of an organization in comparison with the competitors. It simply presents, in brief, factors that are strategic and which affect the success […]
  18. Nokia Corporation: Financial Statement Analysis
    The research includes analyzing the financial performance of the Nokia Corporation. The Nokia culture is consistent with the company’s current strategies.
  19. Nokia Financial Services: International Marketing
    These technologies involve the techniques of customer care and communication, thus the customers have the great opportunity to share their complaints and propositions with the company, and it is known, that the ability to share […]
  20. Nokia and Canon: Company Mergers Review
    Although the form selected to unite two entities is extremely important to both parties of the transaction, companies are not primarily concerned here with tax, legal, and accounting considerations that are involved in a decision […]
  21. Nokia Incentives Over the Last 10 Years
    Nokia also offers incentives to cater for the competitive performance and consumer demonstration incentives in their store’s outlets. These are basically the new customer incentives and the new market incentives which are offered to its […]
  22. Nokia: Environmental Scanning, SWOT Analysis, and Strategic Planning
    Environmental scanning refers to the process of “gathering large amounts of information that is used to measure and study the changes in the environment” environmental scanning is very important in business organizations because it is […]
  23. Nokia Aims Way Beyond Handsets
    Therefore, Nokia very well has used this theory and tried to bring out new ways in which it can make the best use of the advantages it already has by being in the mobile phone […]
  24. Nokia Corporation Market Research
    For the marketing of Nokia 1100 in the Indian market, Nokia adopted the logo ‘Made for India’. For the marketing of the Nokia N81 Music Phone, the viral website-based advertising campaign is adopted by Nokia.
  25. Nokia Siemens Networks Company Analysis
    One of the main facilities the WWF Climate Savers offered the Networks was to provide the activities directed to the reduction of CO2 in the air.
  26. Nokia’s Financial Performance
    The country was still at the top of the list in 2008 while India held the second position in both 2008 and 2009 results.
  27. The Nokia Company’s Top Management
    The Board of Directors apart from holding the overall juridical power in company-related issues is responsible for the appointment of the President and the Chief Executive Officer.
  28. Nokia and Motorola Company Comparison
    A lower quick ratio that ignores the inventory of Nokia as compared to Motorola suggests that Nokia was holding a larger inventory in 2008.

📱 Interesting Topics to Write about Nokia

  1. A Bibliography of Nokia Company
  2. Case Study on Nokia Corporation, the World Leading Mobile Phone Maker
  3. Chief Executive Officer Salaries at Nokia and Motorola
  4. Comparision Between Nokia and Samsung
  5. Ecobus Marketing Coursework Nokia The Wireless Giant
  6. Employee Benfits at Nokia Essay
  7. Developed Country and Nokia
  8. Ethical Issue of Nokia Essay
  9. Financial Management News Critique on Nokia
  10. Global management in Nokia
  11. Management Information System of Nokia
  12. Marketing Analysis of Nokia Mobile
  13. Marketing Strategy for Nokia India
  14. Nokia and Advertising Communications
  15. Nokia Corporation: Competitive Advantage And Strategic
  16. Nokia Motivation Techniques
  17. Strategic Management of Nokia’s Organization
  18. Vision Mission Goal Objectives of Nokia

💡 Good Research Topics about Nokia Corporation

  1. Comparison Analysis of Motorola and Nokia
  2. Financial Analysis of the Companies, Motorola and Nokia
  3. Analyze Nokia’s Financial Strength
  4. Analysis of Thailand in Nokia’s Markets
  5. SWOT Analysis of the Nokia, Inc., and Microsoft Corp
  6. How Has The Environment Favored the Development of Nokia?
  7. How Did Nokia Succeed in the Indian Mobile Market, While Its Rivals Got Hung Up?
  8. How a laid-off employee becomes an entrepreneur: The case of Nokia’s Bridge program?
  9. How Nokia failed to nail the Smartphone market
  10. What Actions (or Lack of Actions) Contributed to Nokia’s Fast Decline?
  11. What Political Riks Does Nokia Face In Asia?
  12. What Strategic Mistakes Did Nokia Make in the U.S. Market?
  13. Why Is Nokia Losing Market Share in Europe?

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