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71 Dell Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Dell Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. International Business Machines and Dell Inc. Corporations
    The probable fall of the company’s net profit can be attributed to high competition in the industry; its recovery in year five can be attributed to the results of its aggressive research and development strategies.
  2. The Selection Criteria of Employees Used by Two International Companies, Dell and Ericson
    The first thing to be tested in this case is the availability and reliability of the job applicant. The most significant aim of a face to face interview is to determine the suitability of the […]
  3. Dell Inc Company Strategic Marketing
    Its is the marketing plan which determines the degree of business promotion According to Kotler a marketing plan designs structures and devices tactics on how the business will be advanced and propped up This element […]
  4. Dell Inc Case Study
    The other problem was in the process of recruiting new employees in a bid to achieve sustainable growth and development for the Company.
  5. Impact on Operations Resources of JIT at Dell Computer
    JIT inventory system stresses on the amount of time required to produce the correct order; at the right place and the right time.
  6. Information systems management at IBM and Dell
    It is worth noting that the systems that have been developed to aid organizations in meeting their information needs and approaches to development of strategies in the current business environment have developed due to availability […]
  7. The Corporate-Level Strategies Used By Hp and Dell to Strengthen Their Multi-business Models
    The strategy has enabled a successful process of marketing and product promotion during the period of merger. The president of the Compaq was to provide the critical leadership in this special division.
  8. Business Report: Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Inc
    Another factor contributing to the success of iPad is the use of stylish, supreme marketing and excellent branding of the products.
  9. Business Report Outline: DELL & ASUS
    Laptops, servers and motherboards are some of the products manufactured by the company Strategic marketing and planning This captures overall course of the business.
  10. The Success of Dell Company
    Dell inc.was largest seller of personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s and in 2009 was ranked third in computer sales with only Hewlett-Packard and Acer Inc doing better than Dell.
  11. Porter forces model on Dell Company
    The market has been unfavorable to new entrants because the costs of entering the market have been very high and this makes the existing companies to continue dominating the market.
  12. Adoption of Dell Model in Auto-Industry
    To be able to deal with customers directly, production had to be decentralized thus; the company seeks to do the manufacturing close to the clients.
  13. Apple and Dell Integrated Marketing Communication Mix
    However, the strength of such relationships lies in the nature of products provided within the market and superiority of their customer services over that of the competitors.
  14. Quality Improvement Plan: Dell Company
    The mission statement aims at informing clients and Dell workers that the company intends to be the most flourishing computer manufacturer in the globe by delivering quality client experience in all markets the company penetrates.
  15. Dell Computer Company and Michael Dell
    These numbers prove successful reputation of the company and make the organization improve their work in order to attract the attention of more people and help them make the right choice during the selection of […]
  16. Automated Processes in Dell
    This unit would then inform the logistics unit that the customer is in a position to pay and therefore products could be delivered.
  17. IBM & Dell Companies’ Overview
    Its research and development team has continually endeavored to provide the company with the best information as regards the markets of its products. Of the two companies, IBM is more successful and somewhat unpredictable in […]
  18. History of Dell Company
    In order to make its presence felt in different parts of the world, Holzner has stated that the company has its representatives in different parts of the world.
  19. Business Analysis of Dell Inc
    The company would then ship the new computer to the customers’ address. The result is that Dell has brought very few new products to the market in the recent past.
  20. Supply Chain Management at Dell Computers
    Therefore, the roles of the supply chain manager at Dell computers are to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product distribution utilized by the company.
  21. Dell Company: Analytical and Cynical View
    With the ever looming threats of a new venture, Dell is aspiring to a venture that has risks and may be a failure.
  22. Supply Chain Management: An Analysis of Dell’s Value Chain
    Dell has successfully used its direct sales and build-to-order systems to develop an exceptional supply chain by incorporating everything from the start to the end of the process.
  23. Political Implications of Commedia dell’Arte
    Clearly, theatre is a reflection of the society and, therefore, CDA which was so influential was also a kind of reflection of the society of those days.
  24. The Keys to the Success of Dell
    Dell’s strategy of making sales directly to its clients has enabled it to acquire the position of the market leader in the US computer industry.
  25. Dell’s Supply Chain
    The supply chain technology adopted by Dell is one of the arsenals that make it the best computer firms in the world.
  26. Dell Corporation
    In the report, the authors have clearly described the problem facing Dell, which concerns the company’s abrupt loss of customers and market share to its competitors.
  27. Dell Inc., the USA Multinational Corporation
    The company chosen for this analysis is Dell Inc, the USA Multinational Corporation, and its activities in the UK. Being Dell Inc.’s competitor in production of computer and computer related products, it is a threat […]
  28. Dell Computers Company Planning and Organization
    Michael Dell, the proprietor of Dell Computers, has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs shipping computers and computer components directly to customers in different locations around the world.
  29. Dell Incorporation Company Performance and Governance
    This section considers the governing mechanisms employed by Dell Company stockholders to regulate the conduct and interests of its managers in the company’s business.
  30. Dell Incorporation Environmental Goals
    The new developments at Dell will lead to a positive payoff in future because the world is going ecofriendly, and thus most customers, as well as organizations will prefer to purchase products that are eco-friendly […]
  31. Dell Corporation Compensation Practice
    The strategy that is referred to as activity based compensation practice was adopted due to its ability in ensuring that remuneration of employees are adequate and are proportional to each employees work.
  32. Dell’s Sales Decline: Analysis and Solution
    In addition, managers in the firm should evaluate the performance of all products which the firm sells to find out how they contribute to its long term financial performance.
  33. Dell Incorporation’s SWOT Analysis for 2014
    Nowadays, scope of Dell, Inc.products and services includes business and consumer hardware, networking and storage-related services, enterprise solutions and software technologies Customer-focused marketing strategy Product diversification Since its foundation, Dell, Inc.announced “a consumer concentrated approach” […]
  34. Dell Company’s Successful Business Model Implementation
    One of the factors for the success of the company is the implementation of a direct sales business model. In addition to traditional business strategies, Dell needs more investments in innovative technologies and learning to […]
  35. Dell Computer Corporation: Competitive Advantages
    Rivkin et al.claim that Dell remains a company to beat in the personal computer industry despite the initiatives the rival companies have taken.

💻 Good Research topics about Dell

  1. Determine How Hp Corporate Culture Differs From Dell Corporate?
  2. How Dell Company Creates Benefits By Using Social Media?
  3. A Business Analysis of Dell’s Competition, Value-Added Worth, and Innovation and Architecture Leadership
  4. A Comparison Of Dell And Gateway Computer Companies
  5. Analyses The Value Chain For Dell Business
  6. How Dell Company Motivate Their Employee
  7. Economic Analysis Of Dell Desktop Computers Industry Analysis
  8. How Dell Segmented Their Marketplace to Achieve their Goals?
  9. What Explains the Success of Dell?
  10. How Prices Set By Dell Reflect Their Objectives And Market
  11. Why Dell is such a well managed company?
  12. How Dell Uses Different Markerting Techniques To To Attract Different Consumers?
  13. Analysis of Dell in Macro Environment
  14. Dell Computer Corp; Company Background and Financial Analysis
  15. An Examination of the Production and Logistic System of Dell Computer Corporation
  16. An Analysis of Dell Computer Corporation of Many Different Strategic Resources That are Very important in Obtaining and Keeping a Desirable Competitive Advantage

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Dell

  1. A Company Summary of Dell Computer’s Operations and Business Model
  2. Actual and Potential Impact of Globalization on Dell
  3. Apple and Dell Supply Chain Management
  4. A Profile Overview of Dell Computer and an Evaluation of Its Global Leadership in E-Commerce
  5. A Timeline of Key Events in the History of Dell Computer Corp
  6. Case Analysis of Dell: Selling Directly, Globally
  7. Case Study: Dell Computer – Organization of a Global Production Network; Using E-Commerce to Support Its Virtual Company
  8. Change Management: Rerouting Customer Service Calls at Dell
  9. Compaq vs. Dell
  10. Compare and Contrast: Dell & Intel
  11. Comparison Between Compaq, Gateway, and Dell
  12. Consumer Behaviour Dell
  13. Dell Business Strategy Change
  14. Dell Corporate Plan and Situation Analysis or Market Background
  15. Dell; Potential Independent and Dependant Variables
  16. Dell’s Channel Transformation: Leveraging Operations Research to Unleash Potential Across the Value Chain
  17. Dell’s Dilemma in Brazil: Negotiating at the State Level
  18. Dell’s Long Term Objectives: Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  19. Demand Forecasting Techniques and their use within Dell Corporation
  20. Ford Vs Dell Vertical Integration

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