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Business Report Outline: DELL & ASUS Essay

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Updated: Jul 23rd, 2021

Industry background

ICT industry is a backbone for any sector in an economy. It is know for its competitiveness and innovative criteria. In the recent past, ICT industry registered a fast pace in invention and innovation while expanding in its market share. Its trend is towards high speed computers. This is evident by introduction of fiber optic.

Company back ground

Dell international company limited deals with information a technology and is based in Texas (Koehn, 2001). Its main are of operation is to develop computers, sell them and offer after sale services. Some of its products are: Latitude, Dell, Vostro, n-series and precision. ASUSTeK Computer Company is located in Taiwan and deals exclusively with computer products. Laptops, servers and motherboards are some of the products manufactured by the company

Strategic marketing and planning

This captures overall course of the business. It is involved with market segments, interests of the customer and the processes employed in purchase (Dann, 2004). Decisions about production, finance and human resources are involved in strategic marketing and planning. Dell Company has continuously built on its brands to suit the needs of the customer. Advent of new multimedia notebook and other products by ASUSTeK Computer Company is part of its strategic marketing plan.

Macroenvironmental forces

These are forces originating from outside the company. Both Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Company were affected by the recent world recession. The two companies made intensive advertisement and introduced new brands in order to outsmart its competitors i.e. Apple, IBM and Digital.

SWOT analysis

This gives details of the company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Direct market approach used by Dell Company facilitates it to link up with a variety of its customers both corporate and institutional (Koehn, 2001). In addition, Dell offers price for performance, customer support service and customized products. Dell has a weakness of attracting college students. Its opportunity lies on building personal computers. The threat to the market is fast pace of developing accessories.

Market segmentation

This is dividing the market according to factors like: geography, demographic, psychographic and behavioral factors (Pride, 2009). Both companies have explicitly segmented its market while targeting different customers. Most of the young people are located in the urban centers. It is therefore important the companies avail its products within the vicinity of such a population.

Target marketing

Its marketing strategy is intensive advertisement and opening up of Dell kiosks in various countries. Dell Company has also exploited the use online marketing by targeting specific customers, tracking down the results of an advertisement and building relationship with advertisement partners. The company continuously introduces new products in the market to meet individual customer needs. Acer, Apple and Acer are among its competitors

ASUSTeK Computer Company is exploring on diversifying the market segment such that the product reaches several people within a short period of time. Furthermore, it uses target marketing after classifying the customers into young students and older generation. The products are tailored to meet their needs.

Positioning strategy

In order to reach specific target customers, brands must be advertised, packaged and distributed appropriately. Their prices must be affordable to the customer. Display of beautiful models is a marketing approach utilized by ASUSTeK Computer Company. Opening up of Dell kiosks is part of the positioning process.


Dell needs to make use of media in an innovative manner. Powerful promotions go along way in winning customer’s heart and ultimately making sales. More customer experience centers for both companies should be established in order to bridge the gap between the product and potential customer. It is important to expand on target audience so that new products can penetrate the market.


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