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193 Microsoft Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Microsoft Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Antitrust Claims Filed against Microsoft by Netscape Communication in 2002 on Behalf of AOL
    The bundling of web browser software with the operating system, shows that Microsoft was exploiting its monopolistic power in order to control the sale of operating system and the web browser.
  2. Training Package for Microsoft Publisher Software
    The main purpose of this essay is to provide a solution to the company is to meet the needs of constant and new customers and to provide them with best quality services.
  3. Microsoft Corporation and Antitrust
    For instance, the case of the Netscape’s navigator and Microsoft’s internet explorer, the Department of Justice alleged that Microsoft blatantly and illegally tried to monopolise the browser.
  4. Microsoft Company
    Much emphasis will be given to aspects such as the company’s overview and the industry of its operation, the company’s major business lines and the company’s competitive strategy and market position.
  5. Computing industry between Apple and Microsoft
    Combined with the fact that its suite of office programs are currently the best within the software industry today makes the contributions of the company to personal computing invaluable in terms of the sheer level […]
  6. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo
    These strategies depend on the needs of the target market and the level of competition in the market. Other than the Wii, the company’s other products like the DS, DS Lite, and Game boy satisfy […]
  7. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Competition
    Companies dealing in technology products engage in product-orientation approach to attract more customers than the other players in the market. The focus on younger generation customers who form the bulk of the customers contributed to […]
  8. Microsoft’s Purchase of Nokia’s Devices & Services
    Microsoft’s goal of building a partnership with Nokia was to create a new momentum in the growth of its market shares in mobile devices and services, and to issue Nokia’s patents.
  9. Microsoft Corporation Organizational Design
    Additionally, they decide on the overall budget of the company; they influence the amount to be distributed in the running of their branches and the amount used in running different activities of the company.
  10. Microsoft Information System
    The validity and reliability of the data is also analyzed by a variety of tools and techniques feeded in the system just to enhance total quality management and other related knowledge.
  11. Microsoft vs. Apple
    Both Apple and Microsoft corporations are worldwide companies that deal in the development and distribution of computer software and operating system.
  12. Kinetic Xbox 360 by the Microsoft
    Kinetic Xbox 360 enables the user to use the movement of the parts of the body and voice to control video games.
  13. Microsoft Corporation Monopoly
    In this case, the company is able to make conditions on the access and right of use of that particular product.
  14. Microsoft Company and Competition Law
    Events and Arguments The government’s arguments were that Microsoft had engaged in a number of anticompetitive acts to remain a dominant player in the Operating System business. The Microsoft’s main argument was that it did […]
  15. Microsoft SharePoint Tool
    However, the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint into the sector is changing the situation. After collecting the data Microsoft SharePoint analyses the data, and share the information with the rest of them.
  16. Microsoft in the Search Engine Market
    The rise in the use of the internet has created the need to use search engines. In as much as Microsoft Corporation has been successful in the hardware and software industry, Bing has faced a […]
  17. Comparison between Google and Microsoft Products
    The Google Company’s strategy is bases upon the internet technology while Microsoft dominates management of the desktop applications with a wide range of software.
  18. Microsoft Operating System for Personal Computers a Monopoly in the Markets
    Microsoft operating system has penetrated most of the markets and is considered to be the most popular of the operating systems in use today.
  19. Microsoft Opens the Gates: Patent Piracy and Political Challenges in China
    Much of the adversity that Microsoft has faced in China takes the form of nationalism and localism of the people of China.
  20. Microsoft Corporation facing antitrust claims
    It was also alleged that Microsoft had made some anti-competitive and illegal contractual arrangements with various internet service providers and computer manufacturers and was also involved with other illegal actions and also discouraged its competitors […]
  21. Antitrust Claims Faced By Microsoft Corporation
    The long antitrust accusation against the software giant has a significant impression to the company’s reputation irrespective of the fact that they result in remarkably little impact.
  22. Quality Management Report: Microsoft Corporation
    Quality management is a set of managerial activities and functions which are involved in determining the quality policy, and the implementation of the policies via a number of channels which include quality planning and quality […]
  23. Integrated Marketing Communications: Microsoft Retail Stores Marketing
    This should include the use of Microsoft website to publicize the entrance of retail stores in the United Kingdom market. To increase awareness of the retail stores and Microsoft products, there will be need for […]
  24. Microsoft and Google Companies Financial Management
    Despite Microsoft’s slight dependence on leverage, it still is the stronger of the two companies in terms of fixed asset turnover ratio, return on equity and return on assets. 9x Inventory Turnover Industry Comparison – […]
  25. Microsoft Marketing Management
    There is faster and instant means of information sharing through the use of desktop applications as well as line of business which eliminates the essence of spending a lot of time in locating and communicating […]
  26. Analysis of Microsoft Gulf
    With this in mind, the main aim of the given paper is the analysis of the main peculiarities of the functioning of Microsoft Gulf department, that is the part of a great Microsoft corporation and […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Microsoft

  1. Microsoft Corporation: Prioritizing Course of Action
    In addition, it would acquire the products of the company. This would enable the company to improve the competitiveness of its products.
  2. Marketing Application: Microsoft Kinect
    Specifically, the treatise attempts to explore the use of Microsoft Kinect in the Hospital environmental especially in the operation room. Since the application comes with a information application sensor, physical perusal of data will become […]
  3. Partnership Analysis & Implementation: Microsoft and Intel
    The companies are able to give the best services to their clients and customers because of the efficiency introduced by the inter-organizational system.
  4. Strategic analysis of merger: Skype and Microsoft
    Increasing the users of Skype to one billion daily was one of the strategic rationales of Microsoft when it acquired Skype.
  5. Microsoft Corporation: Market Share Is in Danger?
    The current market share of Microsoft is large, thus, enabling it to remain a monopoly in the operating systems market for decades.
  6. Apple Inc and Microsoft Corporation
    The Apple brand has been voted the best brand in the world in a number of occasions, especially in 2009 and 2010.
  7. Human Resource Management at Microsoft
    In every aspect of the company its mission and vision explains what the company hopes to attain or the position it hopes to be in future and that is mostly explained by the type of […]
  8. Competitive Strategies: Apple and Microsoft
    The key difference in the corporate culture practised at Microsoft and Apple is secrecy. The organizational structure at the company was almost unpopular and purposed at allowing people working in the fields to make decisions.
  9. Google and Microsoft’s Financial Management
    This means that in 2009, Google’s efficiency in the use of the firm’s asset to generate returns to the owners had improved but in 2010, Google was less efficient in generating returns to the providers […]
  10. Microsoft Corporation Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Mix for Microsoft With the similarities of a market segment, an organization is able to develop effective marketing strategy where focus shifts to devising the correct method to sell and address the needs of […]
  11. Microsoft
    Dropping in Microsoft’s market value is one of the first symptoms that significantly demonstrate possible problems confronting Microsoft Corporation; hence, its fall in market prominence and dominance in the last two years before the advent […]
  12. Microsoft’s Sustainable Development
    It is on this point that Microsoft should take upon itself to implement sustainable development strategies in the development of its systems.
  13. Microsoft Internet Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage
    The layout through the product information arrangement in the pages displays a subtle acknowledgement of the size of the product portfolio hence the efforts to balance the information available.
  14. The Apple-Microsoft Companies Relationship
    As such, this essay focuses on the Apple-Microsoft controversy and analyzes the personal traits of Steve Jobs that led to Apple’s success story.
  15. Google, Apple and Microsoft Strategies
    For Google, the first and the foremost sphere is the advertisement; the Internet applications and mobile phones come at close second, according to the case study.
  16. Salesforce, Google and Microsoft
    This paper briefly compares cloud computing and cloud storage and goes on to discuss cloud computing services offered by Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.
  17. Technologies: Microsoft’s Cortana vs. Apple’s Siri
    According to Rigby, upon the next roll out of the project, users will be in a position to communicate with a lot of ease bearing in mind that the device will be able to read […]
  18. Microsoft Tips and Tricks
    For instance the first tip highlights the usefulness of the control key to Microsoft Office Outlook. However, lessons drawn from the article can be applied to the latest versions of Microsoft office.
  19. Microsoft and NBC News’ Business Partnership
    A joint venture with NBC News at the time was viable as it enabled Microsoft to tap into the new business environment of online news service.
  20. Microsoft Maren Product in Saudi Arabia
    Microsoft Maren is a tool that can bring value to the Internet users of Saudi Arabia, for it can open up a number of opportunities for the country to enter the world market.
  21. The Microsoft Corporation Fraud Reducing
    In addition, the issue of interoperability must be mentioned; defined as the ability of the company’s products to operate together with the products of other companies, interoperability is not the prior issue at present, yet […]
  22. Microsoft Corporation’s Ethical Perspectives
    A global organization like Microsoft has both ethical and social responsibility issues it has to deal with in the course of its operations. According to Microsoft, employee diversity is a good indication of the company’s […]
  23. The New Information System: Microsoft Access
    The provision of the above-stated functions will go a long way in ensuring the data integrity of the organization and improve the system’s performance. The ability to access different data sources is a primarily consideration […]
  24. Microsoft’s and AT&T’s Diversity Management
    Diversity initiatives and outcomes, leadership commitment to the policy, as well as the incorporation of the framework into the main operations of the firms, will also be reviewed. The success of Microsoft is dependent on […]
  25. Microsoft Company’s Risks in Chinese Environment
    The first most evident challenge for the company was the practices of software piracy and the lack of legislative power to protect the original products.
  26. The Microsoft Office Suite Software’s Components
    The first component is the Microsoft Access which is an application that enables a user to manage the computer database and store different data.

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Microsoft

  1. The Human Right to Privacy: Microsoft and the NSA
    Microsoft had started to collaborate with the NSA to help it to offer services to its customers, but as they progressed, the NSA began to access all the programs of the Microsoft that made private […]
  2. Microsoft SharePoint as a Private Cloud App
    The SharePoint allocation has the capability of efficiently replacing the sandbox and farm solutions thus, guaranteeing satisfaction to the administrators, users, and third-party application experts. In terms of the users’ recompense, the SharePoint application enables […]
  3. Microsoft Physical Store’s Design in San Francisco
    The physical retail store of Microsoft located in the Westfield region of San Francisco has an adequate staff, efficient billing systems, a proper merchandize mix, and an informative signage.
  4. Microsoft Company as an Open System
    They try to maintain effective relations with the environment and use the information they obtain in the course of their performance to strengthen their market and organizational position.”Open systems theory is a modern systems-based change […]
  5. Change Initiatives for Microsoft Company
    Microsoft needs to change the patterns of its cooperation with customers and employees to ensure that none of the stakeholders feels discriminated or lacks effective involvement in product development.
  6. Microsoft Company’s Organizational Change
    Change reflects the company’s striving to be responsive to the needs of customers while, at the same time, creating a solid basis for the pursuit of organizational excellence.
  7. Microsoft Office Project Management and Challenges
    The product failed to achieve its set targets and Microsoft embarked on the release of updates or maintenance versions to address the challenges.
  8. Microsoft Corporation: Talent and Succession Management
    These newly hired top executive may be too proud to deliver good results, always feeling that the current employees of the organisation are inferior to them and that is why they had to be hired […]
  9. Microsoft Multinational Corporation Company Analysis
    The company has been growing steadily over the years and currently ranks in topmost in the Forbes group among other multinationals within the United States and worldwide. In their strategic planning, Microsoft claims to employ […]
  10. Microsoft Corporation and Monopolistic Strategies
    In the ideal, a monopolist firm has the potential and capital base to fully exploit the market through lowering quality, cost of inputs, and increasing the prices for its products in order to attract higher […]
  11. Microsoft Corporation’s Decision-Making Strategy
    Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear for managers that the task of improving the organization’s performance can no longer be addressed within the context of a conventional management-paradigm, which implies that the managerial decision-making process cannot […]
  12. Steve Ballmer: “The Future of Microsoft, the Future of Technology”
    In the talk, it was mentioned that even in the worst environmental conditions, it is possible to start an enterprise but the quality of the idea is the decisive factor for the attraction of investments […]
  13. Microsoft, Expedia and Costco Companies Business Strategies
    Although strategies differ, as the choice and design are influenced by the sector of operation, available technologies, budget, and company and team size, there are some generally recognized types of business strategies.
  14. Microsoft Corporation’s Organizational Structure
    The aim of this paper is to analyze Microsoft Corporation, the agency problems facing the company, its job design and compensation packages to its executives and the employees.
  15. Cyber Case: Email Search Warrant and Microsoft Corp
    They further argued that the warrant is not affected by the location of data since the issue is whether the required information is in the custody of the service provider.
  16. Security and Logical Functions of Microsoft Excel
    This consists of the cell which can be a text or value which identifies the information in the cell. IS” can be described as another function of the excel program that describes the nine functions […]
  17. Microsoft Corporation’s Defensive and Offensive Marketing
    The first offensive marketing strategy involves structuring the marketing department of a company through the creation of new roles that focus on a company’s marketing activities.
  18. Microsoft’s Challenges in Office Product Development
    For Office 2000, the major challenge Microsoft had to bypass was the internet [1]. The milestone concept was a good idea for Microsoft to manage the design and development of office 2000 [1].
  19. Microsoft and NFL Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges
    By using the devices created by the Microsoft Corporation, the members of the NFL will advertize the products to the football fans.
  20. Antitrust Claims: Microsoft Corporation Case
    In this civil suit against Microsoft, the company was found to occupy more than 80% of the total market share as many computers in the market use Intel chips which in turn use operating systems […]
  21. Microsoft Operating Systems on Trial
    The incompatibility of older software and the enhanced capabilities of the new operating system in some cases force users to upgrade to perform their job, meaning that they would not have a choice but receive […]
  22. Microsoft Corporation’s Acquisition of Nokia
    The issue that Microsoft had to resolve was the negotiation process between the companies as the negotiators were from different cultural origins: Microsoft is an American company, while Nokia is a European one.
  23. Microsoft Excel in Modern Business Statistics
    Examples of in which research results would be communicated to other members of the company, and explanation of how the research would be communicated as well as technology that would be used to demonstrate the […]
  24. Microsoft: Environmental Changes, Vision and Mission
    With the support of its employees and the public, the company develops new options, which it uses to gain a competitive edge.
  25. “Ballmer’s New Mission for Microsoft” by S. Ovide
    Secondly, the retail stores are stocked with educated salespersons that move the products and thirdly, the company has just undertaken to revitalize its advertisements for the phones produced Microsoft is a major player in the […]
  26. Microsoft Surface Tablets Promotion Plan
    The surface is an electronic tablet that Microsoft introduced in the fall of 2012. This will create an environment of its competition and block other competitors from encroaching into the company’s market.

💡 Most Interesting Microsoft Topics to Write about

  1. Microsoft 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements
    The net income of the company has grown substantially in the past two years, which means that the company was able to manage its expenses effectively to account for the reduction of product revenue.
  2. Google and Microsoft Corporations Business Models Comparison
    Considering the dynamic nature of the business environment, a firm’s management teams should not only base the success on the effectiveness with which they offer their product and services.
  3. Emirates Airline’s and Microsoft Company’s Leadership
    In guiding the Microsoft Company to become a giant firm in the tech industry, Bill Gates made me understand the dynamics of effective leadership from the aspect of adhering to values and norms of an […]
  4. Microsoft Management’s Discussion & Analysis Memo
    The ever-increasing rate of the proliferation of handheld devices provides the company with the prospect of increasing the reach of its software ecosystem.
  5. Microsoft Excel Overview: History, Usage, Features
    The interface of this program includes a table with a large number of cells for data entry and ribbon tabs that give access to various functions.
  6. Microsoft: Organization Design and Organization Development
    With the appointment of Satya Nadella in 2014, the scope and goals of the company have been redefined with the emphasis on customer participation, inclusion and autonomy.
  7. Antitrust Law Cases Against Microsoft
    On May 18, 1998 the United States Department of Justice filed an antitrust law suit against Microsoft CorporationThe facts of the case were such that the DOJ alleged that Microsoft Corporation engaged in unfair monopoly […]
  8. Mechanism of Strategizing: Microsoft Case
    It is a company that has continuous improvement and plans more on it is part. Because they know that to strategize is a choice like any other, and in fact it is a hard choice.
  9. Macromedia Dremweaver and Microsoft Frontpage: Comparison
    One of the more important features of Dreamweaver is that while previously changes in websites were a nightmarish task, as changing a few simple things is the same as changing dozens or even hundreds of […]
  10. Microsoft in Europe: The Real Stakes
    The accused, that is Microsoft, also presents it plea and then the decision lies in the hands of the Court of First Instance.
  11. Technology and Innovation-Microsoft and Internet
    John Martin who was the Group Manager of Microsoft’s Corporate Network Systems group acquired the necessary permission or charter to post the Microsoft Support Resources to a public FTP server”.gowinnt.microsoft.com” was the first name of […]
  12. The Changes in Microsoft Analysis
    Planned change means leaders in the organization feel the necessity of some changes and they decided to accomplish the change. This is also happened in Microsoft the case of Net technology.
  13. Microsoft Practices in Corporate America
    Even though the company has received extensive coverage for its products, it has also created employment in these countries from the various colleges that spring up to teach the latest versions of windows and offer […]
  14. Presentation: Critique of Microsoft PowerPoint
    Powerpoint is a good slide manager and a projector, but has been misused in that PowerPoint should be used to supplement a presentation rather than take over the whole presentation.
  15. Microsoft AG: SWOT Analysis
    Highly innovative nature and customer-focused During the development stage, the company failed to anticipate growth opportunity in Internet and lost major share to Google.
  16. Microsoft Is the Giant in Software Industry
    The process of management is of very critical and vital in nature; its impact on the final results and performance of a firm is direct and immaculate.
  17. Microsoft Monopoly Breakdown
    Market power is evidenced in the share of the market, market leadership, and brand preference. Research of customers’ opinions and reactions to products is often sought as a basis for the price.
  18. Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Review
    The only positive impact would be as a result of competition that their merger would give to Google that would increase the value of their shares.
  19. Microsoft Endorses Gateway Gulf Company
    The model of Gateway is rightly addressing all above mentioned issues and, its collaboration with Microsoft will help in improving technology and reducing prices to a great extent.
  20. How Microsoft Can Maintain Its Leading Platform
    In the face of growing opposition, it is paramount that Microsoft applies strategies that will allow it to stay ahead of the pack.
  21. Microsoft: A Case of Unethical Competition
    The company’s financial strength allows it to put a lot in innovation and research in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  22. Innovation in General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft
    HP has embraced the use of disruptive innovation to break with its past and come up with new technologies and processes to enhance the value that its customers get from its products.
  23. Microsoft Windows: Marketing Plan
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the marketing plan of the Microsoft Windows Company in several financial dimensions. Hence, the aim of the marketing plan for Windows 7 is to achieve at least […]
  24. Microsoft Company: English for Academic Purposes
    What is more important is that Microsoft realizes that employees make the company, without people company cannot exist, that is why the power is given in order to exercise it by employees for the prosperity […]
  25. Microsoft Corporation Environmental Policy
    Microsoft Corporation has been looking beyond growth and profit-making as the only key areas in the company operation; environmentally friendly activities have been part of the main goals of the firm.
  26. Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic and Worfram Alpha
    In addition to Microsoft Academic and Google Scholar, there are other information sources, such as Wolfram Alpha, that try to convince academicians of the validity of the information that they constitute.
  27. Microsoft Power Point: Program Review
    The latest version of the Microsoft Office system program is a 32-bit application and can run on a Windows 64-bit platform.
  28. Microsoft Office Applications
    When I was introduced to the internet, I learned to use the search bar, the chat, the email facility and the facility to play a video or watch a movie.

📝 Good Research Topics about Microsoft Corporation

  1. How is Microsoft Currently Doing?
  2. Comparison And Contrast Of Microsoft Vs. The Department Of Justice
  3. Comparison of Different Types of Microsoft Operating Systems
  4. Comparison of Linux and Microsoft XP on Small Business Computers
  5. Comparison of Management Culture Between Apple and Microsoft
  6. Comprehensive Business Analysis of Microsoft Corporation
  7. Analysis of Microsoft Ambitions
  8. Analysis of Microsoft Dynamics Crm
  9. Analysis of Essential Business Level Strategies for Microsoft Corporation, an American Multinational Technology Company
  10. Analysis of the Anti-Trust Case Against Microsoft in the United States
  11. Examination of Microsoft’s Business Model
  12. Apple and Microsoft Organizational Behavior Analysis
  13. Research of the the Microsoft Network Using the Custom Search Feature in the Stock Screener
  14. SWOT Analysis of the Nokia, Inc., and Microsoft Corp
  15. Does Microsoft Stifle Innovation?
  16. Does Microsoft Have a Monopoly?
  17. Financial Analysis of Microsoft Corporation
  18. How Does Microsoft Crm Stand Up?
  19. How does Microsoft define risk management?
  20. How has the global company Microsoft affected Germany both positively?
  21. How Microsoft Aims Help Customers Be More Effective?
  22. Environmental Analysis of microsoft
  23. How Microsoft Growth Led to Control Problems?
  24. How Red Hat Linux Was Violently Taken Over By Microsoft Corporation
  25. Microsoft And Greiner’s Model Of Organizational Growth
  26. Microsoft Corp. And Alphabet Inc
  27. Should Microsoft acquire Yahoo?
  28. Is Microsoft a Monopolist?
  29. Should The Government Break Up Microsoft?
  30. Swot Analysis of Microsoft Corporation
  31. Why Cant I Trust Microsoft?

🎓 Simple & Easy Microsoft Essay Titles

  1. Financial Position of Microsoft Corporation
  2. Business Models of Google and Microsoft
  3. Biography and Life Work of Bill Gates, Director of the Microsoft Company
  4. Brief History of Microsoft Corporation
  5. History of Microsoft Corporation in Computer Industry
  6. America vs Microsoft
  7. Ethical Dilemma about the Issue of Violating Copyrights of Microsoft Corporation
  8. Apple And Microsoft: The Power Of The Computing Industry
  9. A Technology Created by Microsoft
  10. Bill Gates And Paul Allen The Founders Of Microsoft
  11. China and Microsoft
  12. Comparing Oracle and Microsoft
  13. Comparing Rudder Vs. Microsoft
  14. Comparing the Organizational Culture of The Microsoft
  15. Competition Issues and Microsoft
  16. Corporate Communication Strategy Of Microsoft
  17. Corporate Comparison of Microsoft and Kodak
  18. Economic Effects of the Microsoft Breakup
  19. Examinging Microsoft in Terms of Theory
  20. Features of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  21. Financial And Management Accounting In Microsoft
  22. First Ten Years of the Microsoft Corporation
  23. History and Success of Microsoft
  24. HRM Planning for Microsoft
  25. Innovation Strategy at Microsoft
  26. Internal Finance and Globalization – Microsoft Corporation
  27. Justice Department Lawsuit Against Microsoft
  28. Management and Leadership at Microsoft
  29. Microsoft And Its Constituent Operating Units
  30. Microsoft and the Government
  31. Microsoft: Competing on Talent
  32. Microsoft Opens the Gates: Patent, Piracy, and Political Challenges in China
  33. Microsoft’s Management Planning
  34. Microsoft vs. Netscape
  35. My Experience Applying for a Job at Microsoft
  36. Motivation Techniques at Microsoft
  37. Present and Future Strategies for Success at Microsoft
  38. External and Internal Factors of the Microsoft Corporation

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