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Comparison between Google and Microsoft Products Essay

Define and compare the business strategies and business models of Google and Microsoft

The two giant Information and Communication Technological companies have dominated their expertise fields comfortably. The Google Company’s strategy is bases upon the internet technology while Microsoft dominates management of the desktop applications with a wide range of software.

There is high competition between the companies with each having to diversify to other core business units of the telecommunication world. The conflicting competition would probably benefit the users by catalyzing future advancement and promoting different strategies.

The foundation of Google’s business model is on the search engine in which it dominates among many core related businesses and user applications. The online search algorithms require bright thoughts, high search speeds and supportive products.

On the other hand, the Microsoft becomes prominent because of its operating system, which is widely used all over the world today, advanced application and utility software. The ever-growing internet broadband connection determines the two companies’ chances of advancement.

Has the Internet taken over the PC desktop as the centre of the action? Why or why not?

The internet technology has advanced widely and according to the general views, internet based tasks seem to overtake the desktop processing. The concept often referred to as cloud or virtual computing has Google Company advancing to better height.

Today people are interested in virtual working and management where there is freedom over the place of work as well as time to work. Microsoft seems to concentrate on desktop computation as the focus by influencing users on maintaining the desktop as the main strategy for computation.

The ability to maintain such business continuity depends upon cash flow of which both of these companies enjoy.

Why did Microsoft attempt to acquire Yahoo!? How did it affect its business model? Do you believe this was a good move?

The advantage of allowing computers in the data centre settings to work out tasks called “cloud computing” lies on the ability to offer an array of internet option. Although Microsoft has a huge advantage of stable and well-ascertained popular applications among its users, the internet theories of search engines, real-time advertising, digital conferencing, digital plotting and photo management catalyzes the use of electronic information today.

Virtual networked interfaces offer customers the ability to access information from various servers in a network as opposed working remotely on their desktops. This was the main reason why Microsoft wanted to acquire Yahoo.

It would provide an excellent chance for advancing their clients from the normal offer of tying them to one machine or local network. Today’s users need access of wide variety of information, which is only attainable through the networked servers.

I think the move to acquire Yahoo was excellent since Microsoft would give Google a run for their money considering their financial strength.

Today the Microsoft application business model that revolves round the desktop publications is highly threatened, since people face with diverging needs to access and compute information virtually. The Google views majority of its clients needs as being internet based.

If this were the case, then Microsoft would wish to have similar shares of services, thus the need to acquire Yahoo. The Microsoft-Yahoo merge would have been an automatic challenge for Google.

What is the significance of Google Apps to Google’s future success?

Some of the significant applications of Google include the ability to maintain data centres, which house all its applications. Google has evident future success abilities considering the increase on the need for internet. Google claim its products to be supplements to other companies products especially Microsoft’s.

As much as their claim would be significantly right, Google’s applications seem to submerge Microsoft desktop applications. Their offers of the web-based services through the internet work out well because servers seem to form a strong establishment and use.

Would you use Google Apps instead of Microsoft Office applications for computing tasks? Why or why not?

I would prefer the Google applications over Microsoft because it already have well established internet search marketplace thus the reason why the services would definitely be better compared to Microsoft. The Google search engine is more sophisticated compared to the competitive companies.

People would wish to have cheaper application suites and Google has tried to incorporate majority of the office applications in its search package. Although much simple compared to Microsoft’s Applications they are much cheaper for both subscription and premier edition fees.

Most business requires less advanced applications features as opposed to what is on offer by Microsoft for their Business operations.

The security offered by the office product of Microsoft is reliable but eventually every business is profit oriented and as long as the outcome is achieved safely then Google offer all that is required for today’s organizations

Which company and business model do you believe will prevail in this epic struggle? Justify your answer.

In this epic struggle between the two companies, the Google Company’s struggle to offer better services seems more genuine. The performance of Microsoft online services is way below expectations compared to the ever-improving Google offers. Microsoft has the ability to improve to the status of Google starting from a humble beginning as opposed to merging with Yahoo.

The move to acquire Yahoo is sceptical and seen as a move to fight Google other than a chance to advance.

Microsoft’s goals of innovating or disrupting search fight to win in displaying advertisements and the aim of reinventing social media experiences and portals faces huge challenges such as technological changes.

Disruptive new technologies affect most business models especially when the goals seem wide and focus is on competition only.

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