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Google Success Strategy Report

The development of internet search engines has experienced tremendous growth in the last two decades. This is because of the increasing demand for internet search services all over the world.

Internet is emerging as the most powerful information tool, thus the need to have powerful search engines to help internet users easily access information. Some of the most prominent internet search engines today include Yahoo!, MSN and Google. This paper will analyze Google Inc.’s success story evaluating its history and the organizational strategy it has in place for success.

Goggle Inc, one of the most successful business stories in the modern world, is an internet search company that has only existed for the last 15 years. Its name Google coined from the term googol implies infinity. Originally, it was called BackRub, a search engine created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Larry was showing Sergey around Stanford University and the two could not agree on anything.

They thus saw the need to develop an internet engine that would help people access information easily. BackRub initially run on Stanford University server but moved out on its own when its information traffic overwhelmed Stanford’s server. Google launched its first ten international language versions in 2000, later collaborating with Yahoo!, which became Google’s default information provider. By the year 2002 it had reach a milestone, three billion web documents.

Google continued with its innovation and launched several product such as: Google Search Appliance, AdWords, Google Labs, Google Product Search, Gmail, Google Print, iGoogle, Google Local, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Chrome among many others (Google, 2011) . It has grown to acquire an impressive 54% share in the internet search market, with about 80% of internet references provided by Google. Financial analysts report that goggle makes 80cents for each of the 1 billion daily searches (moving on up, 2011).

Google has employed one of the most effective business strategies thus its increased domination in the world of internet search. To begin with Google employs relatively young and intelligent internet technologist. They are lead by Robert khan, a renowned internet technology scientist, in looking for, developing and buying the best internet technology for its consumers.

All Google products are available to users at no cost. This has created an attractive and mammoth audience for advertisers, who pay to run adverts on Google. The ads are user specific thus making advertising on Google very lucrative (Gullup, 2010). Google has also developed a very satisfying experience for all the stakeholders involved. Google has one of the best working environments, thus a very satisfied workforce. Its products and services are developed with customer happiness and satisfaction in mind (Morrow 2008).

Google is also looking into diversifying its businesses portfolio. Other than internet search services, it is now venturing into electronic commerce to facilitate electronic transactions. It has also developed a computer operating system to compete with established developers like Microsoft.

Google approaches the future with a lot of cautious optimism, optimism drawn from the fact that internet innovations offer limitless possibilities. It forecasts that the demand for internet, information and internet applications increases with time. It has positioned itself as the internet search engine of choice by creating free localized and user-friendly products.

The best internet scientists, who work under satisfying conditions, develop its creations for current use and scout for best innovation in anticipating future user needs. Lastly, to build a stronger business, Google has entered into new markets such as providing operating systems for personal computers.

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