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Dell Computer Company and Michael Dell Research Paper

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The experiential leadership project will observe Dell, Inc. with its headquarter in Texas, United States, its missions and products, its roles and strategies, which lead to taking higher positions in the technological market, and the impact of Dell’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Michael S. Dell on the development of this organization.

Dell is considered to be one of the leading PC manufactures, which provide population with reliable computers and all the necessary computer-related products since the end of the 20th century. Many employers play significant roles within this company, however, the role of Michael Dell remains to be the major one as he is the person, who founded Dell and believed that this organization can achieve unbelievable success.

Dell Computer Company and its leader Michael S. Dell is a good example of the organization that has achieved success and gained the reputation of a really reliable organization that provides the best computer technologies and never wants to stop but to develop day by day.


General Description of the Company

Nowadays, computer industry plays a very important role in the life of every citizen. Many computer makers try to use all possible opportunities to present proper technologies and computer products and satisfy each customer. Dell Computer Company is “the second worldwide in market share and consistently the leader in liquidity, profitability, and growth among major computer systems companies” (Fulmer and Conger 160).

Each organization has to have a mission in order to complete it and improve own actions. The mission of Dell is to sell computer technologies directly to their customers, enlarge their services, and provide only personalize assistance to show the customers their sincere care for each client.

Taking into consideration the visions of the company like extensive care about the customers, the development of new products and services is obvious for this organization. If primary products were personal computers and the obligatory for these computers devices, nowadays, Dell provides people with various computer technologies, which may improve and make easier customers’ lives.

More than 50,000 people work at Dell Computer Company, and more than 2 billion of interactions happen between Dell and its customers (Company Facts para.6). These numbers prove successful reputation of the company and make the organization improve their work in order to attract the attention of more people and help them make the right choice during the selection of the computer technologies.


In order to gather reliable facts and information about Dell Computer Company and its leader, Michael Dell, certain data collection and analysis methods have been used. With the help of the interview with Mr. Dell, it turns out to be clear that his work and contributions to the development of computer technologies are really great and indispensable.

According to Mr. Dell (2007), the work of their company has to be changed to reinvent their business and get success among their customers and shareholders.

The observation of the official website of Dell Computer Company is another helpful means that provide us with a chance to get more quantitative data. www.dell.com presents certain facts about Dell’s cooperation with other business organizations, introduces numbers concerning how many companies run on Dell, and tells about the reasons of why Dell is regarded as a significant part of computer technologies development.

Data analysis methods are used to evaluate gathered information and represent the already processed data in an appropriate way. The interview with Mr. Dell has been re-read for several times in order to get clear understanding of his true intentions as for the role of his company in the lives of each citizens and the development of the technological world.

Numerous competitions take place very often, this is why Dell Computer Company has to use its potential and best ideas to win the competitors and present the best services. To evaluate properly this kind of information, event analysis, discourse analysis, and content analysis have been used.

External and internal analysis

Computer technology is one of the largest fields, where many competitions between the manufactures take place. The major competitors of Dell Computer Company are Apple, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Asus. HP is the organization that mainly deals with printers; and Mr. Dell (2007) states that in spite of the fact that HP is the number one worldwide, their concentration on printers provides Dell with a chance to return their leading positions and produce suitable in all senses computer machines.

Competitions between the companies of the same field is a good chance for each organization to prove own abilities and skills. For example, one of the most effective steps, which have been taken by Dell Computer Company, was the creation of Idea Storm, a web site, where customers share their propositions, suggestions, and ideas of how to improve Dell’s services and make them really helpful for the users.

With the help of online access, Dell may also provide everyone with the necessary information about its products and services. Illustrations and examples of Dell’s technologies is a good decision to attract the customer and prove that this organization and its products are worthy of attention.

The major point is that Dell Computer Company always thinks about own customers, this is why the employers try to produce the best services with the best guarantees in order to present to their consumers the best time with these technologies.

If the company wants to achieve success on the computer market, it is also necessary to create appropriate atmosphere within a company and between the employers and employees.

Organization’s culture and chosen methods play a very important role in success achievement: (1) reduction of bureaucracy should encourage workers to pay attention to such ideas like honesty and respect; (2) increasing of services capabilities should happen due to the development of the strategy BUILD-COOPERATE-BUY; (3) broadening of the company is caused by too complicated organization, and only well-intentioned people can be hired.

Analysis of Michael Dell’s leadership style

The philosophy of Michael Dell is spread over the whole company: Dell will listen to each customer and will respond. Many things have to depend on customers, and in order to succeed, it is obligatory to listen and to meet customers’ demands. Such philosophy is the one that helps Dell Computer Company to amaze its customers and never disappoint them with their choice.

The point is that Michael Dell is one of those leader, who completely understands own role and own place in the company. He left his position for a couple of years; however, within a short period of time, the board asked him to come back and to make certain changes to improve the company (Dell para. 4). Mr. Dell even does not want to hide his emotions and his proud of being back to the company as CEO, because his return is a great please for both his company and himself.

He, as a founder of Dell, creates such kind of strategy that may certainly satisfy his workers and the customers. From the very first days of the company’s existence, Mr. Dell offers to direct all actions of their organization on meeting their customers’ demands. His behavior and his actions mostly dealt with direct reports in order to utilize human resources, solve conflicts, and motivate people to change and improve.

When Mr. Dell takes CEO position for the second time, he comprehends that the company spread too fast, and it is not that rational to rely on direct reports. More people are hired to different departments in order not to change the attitude to the work and to each employee but still to control the situation and make necessary improvements (Dell papa. 8).


After a thorough analysis of Dell Computer Company and the style of Mr. Dell leadership, I come to the conclusion that the chosen by this person way of organizing the work is effective enough and may serve as a good example of proper vision, philosophy, and attitude to customers and employees.

The idea to create a web site, where customers’ demands are taken into account in order to improve the quality of Dell’s products and serves is really brilliant. Another successful move was to hire more people in order to reduce direct CEO’s control and get more time to analyze and to evaluate.

To my mind, Dell Computer Company is one of those, who does not actually need any additional recommendations, because all the necessary actions have been already made, and the only advice that could be given is not to lose the chosen philosophy, pay more attention to clients’ needs, and demonstrate how properly organized plan become real and bring positive results.

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