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Target Company’s Merchandising Strategies Report

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Target is famous for its high-quality goods and low prices, which makes the discount retailer one of the most successful companies. The company is trying to make shopping experience of their ‘guests’ easy and enjoyable, which, in its turn, will help them create loyal customers and attract new ones.

I have researched the company’s merchandising strategies in detailed and compiled a report. This report is divided into the following subtopics: easy shopping, atmosphere, service, educating guests.

Easy shopping

Obviously, one of the biggest expectations of customers is easy shopping experiences. Fisher and Raman (2013) note that such retailers as Target have millions of units and it is crucial to place them so that customers could easily find the product they need. Target stores are divided into sections where goods of certain types can be bought.

Similar groups of goods or products which are often bought together are placed in one section. Besides, Target stores utilize numerous tools of visual merchandising. For example, hangers, floor plans, planograms and so on help guests find their way to the goods they need.

Of course, it is easy to detect special offers as hangers and stickers attract guests’ attention. It is also necessary to note that the company distributes booklets and leaflets where some special offers are highlighted. The company’s website also helps its guests to learn more about products available, special offers, latest news and so on.

The vast majority of stores have a digital screen which can help customers navigate the store. The size of stores can be different, but the layout is always simple. This contributes to creation of the atmosphere of enjoyable shopping experience.

Notably, the stores are quite easy to spot in cities and the size of the store depends on the location. Within city centers, the stores are smaller though they still meet customers’ expectations as the most popular goods are always on the shelves.


Target stores are also famous for their friendly atmosphere. Creating collaborative and friendly atmosphere is one of the company’s priorities (2011 Annual report, 2012). Employees of the company are team members who are encouraged to drive the change and make the stores more guest-friendly.

Hence, team members are ready to help customers find the goods they need or provide the necessary information about the goods. This creates a special atmosphere of enjoyable shopping.

Admittedly, Target stores also employ such interior atmospheric elements as merchandise presentation, scents, color, sound, cleanliness and so on. Boone and Kurtz (2014) stress that these elements are of paramount importance for a successful retailer. Thus, Target stores emphasize their attention to cleanliness in the stores.

As far as the color is concerned, the stores are always full of light. The prevailing color is white. This color also stresses the idea of cleanliness. This color also helps to make the major focus on the products and promotional materials (hangers, placards and so on).

The music is used to create a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, products are placed in accordance with conventions of merchandise representation. It is necessary to note that the stores make use of a variety of scents and it contributes to creation of pleasant atmosphere.


As has been mentioned above, team members make Target’s guests shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. It is possible to get the necessary consultation on a product. Whenever guests need some assistance, team members are ready to help make choices or learn more about products or services provided.

Of course, team members will also help navigate the store if a guest has any difficulties in finding the necessary aisles, brands or products. However, apart from this, one of Target’s priorities is to extend the range of services provided (2011 Annual report, 2012).

One of such services is a quick check-out process. Target’s guests can easily check-out with the help of their red cards (loyal customer can easily obtain the card). Notably, there is no solicitation policy, which enables guests to focus on their shopping lists rather than attempts to escape from unpleasant encounters (The shopping experience, 2014). Admittedly, not all retailers offer such services and this makes Target stand out.

Target is the company which is striving to constant change and it exploits technology to the fullest. Thus, Target’s “multichannel strategy aims at creating a cohesive experience among store, website, mobile and social platforms” (Froseth, 2013, p. 39).

Target’s guests can buy online from Target.com. It is noteworthy that shopping online is also an enjoyable experience and products quality as well as shipping meets guests’ expectations and demands.

Guests can also use their mobile phones to purchase products or navigate the store. Clearly, this attracts new customers and young shoppers who extensively use their mobile phones.

Educating guests

Notably, Target tends to educate its guests. The company resorts to numerous techniques. One of the major tools is the company’s website. It is possible to find a lot of information on the stores, products, policies, values, projects and so on (The shopping experience, 2014).

The company communicates its messages via its website. It is necessary to note that the company’s customers are quite young (around 40 years old) compared to other discount retail chains (2011 Annual report, 2012). Therefore, the use of the Internet is an effective method.

With the help of the company’s website, guests get to know why Target is a unique company. For instance, the company’s policies concerning team members suggest that employees share the values and are ready to provide high-quality services.

Emphasis on high-quality, style and low prices makes Target’s guests understand that it is a possible combination and they are expect more from a retailer now. The company’s motto (“Expect More. Pay Less.”) is emphasized in stores and online.

Hence, Target’s guests are getting accustomed to expect more from discount retailer. In other words, Target teaches its guests to be loyal. Setting new standards, the company is able to be out of its competitors’ reach.

Notably, apart from online promotional strategies, numerous campaigns are held in stores. Guests are exposed to information about the company through the screens available in the stores, through print materials (The shopping experience, 2014).

This makes customers involved in the process of change and innovation. Guests feel they are a part of the Target community, so-to-speak. This sense of connectedness contributes to development of loyalty.

Hopefully, this information on Target’s merchandise strategies and its guests’ education has been informative and will be helpful in discussion of possible ways to improve Target’s performance and profitability. If you have any questions or comments, you can find me after classes or email me at __________________.

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