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52 Credit Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Credit Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Credit Control and Charity Research of the RTE Organization
    First, the underlying principle behind the filing requirement for the RTE Charity is, identify the advantages and disadvantages of renting a room to offer education courses to the society and to build their own structure.
  2. Should College Students Have Credit Cards? Essay on Debts
    This paper aims to discuss the causes of credit card debts among students and the effects such debts may bring about to students’ lives.
  3. How CLO, CDO, and Credit Default Swaps Brought AIG to its End!
    In fact the investigation brought to light the fact that the losses were in excess of $20 billion in the first quarter of 2008.
  4. Why Credit Companies Target College Students?
    However, the use of credit cards and the debts that is a consequence of cards have become an increasingly monetary threat to students.
  5. Government and Credit Card Companies
    The rate is deemed to be high and many people have been asking the question, “should the government be allowed to regulate the interest rate charged by the credit companies on the defaulters?” This paper […]
  6. Taking Credit for Writing
    This will help to understand whether the protagonist of the novel is an anarchist or a terrorist. Verloc is not an anarchist, but he is not a terrorist either.
  7. Extra Credit Microtheme
    Because of her delicate heart condition, her sister – Josephine- and her husband’s friend – Richard- both believe that they must break the news of her husband’s death in a very careful manner.
  8. Importance of Credit Scores
    The numbers make it possible to trace their credit history by making reference to their credit scores. The first method that you can use as college interns to improve your credit scores is to pay […]
  9. Raising Credit Scores
    To all interns, it is crucial to raise your credit scores as required by the credit bureaus. This is a critical advice in the context of credit scores.
  10. Business Memo of the Credit Scores
    It is applicable in the mathematical computation of the credit score. It helps in the development of an efficient credit score.
  11. Housing Bubble’s Causes and Impacts on Credit Crisis
    The thesis of the paper was to investigate and demonstrate how the housing bubble led to the credit crisis of 2007 by exploring the rhetoric appeals and strategies that were used by the author when […]
  12. Extra Credit Work
    Finally, the statue of Venus de Milo is used in the commercial in order to make the consumers memorize it and the product, which it promotes.
  13. Credit and Debit Cards
    If you happen to lose your credit or debit card it is important to act swiftly and report the matter to your card issuer.
  14. Implications of Credit Crisis to Financial Risk Managers
    As such, the financial risk managers found themselves facing the challenge of survival in the face of the worst ever financial crunch in the history of world business.
  15. Credit Card System
    This essay examines credit card processes nowadays and tries to predicate the future of the credit card system. The credit cards make transacting of business very convenient.
  16. Differences Between Debit Card and Credit Card
    The form of plastic cards available includes store cards, cash cards, debit cards and credit cards; all these cards are used in transactions, but they are different in the benefits to its users, and on […]
  17. Memo for Raising Awareness on Credit Scores among Interns
    Credit scores are determined by a mathematical formula that is used to forecast the probability that an individual will default on a loan or extension of credit.
  18. Organization Report: Riverbank Credit
    The strategies were to be aligned to the overall company’s strategy and the functional heads would be answerable to the top management-the CEO and the operations manager.
  19. Effects of credit crunch/ensuing recession on political economy decisions: Bulgaria and Greece
    There has never been agreement on what causes recession but those to blame in more than one time are the people in the positions of leadership and power and in this regard the president or […]
  20. Current Credit Crisis in the United States: Understanding the Trigger Factors
    Behind the current credit crisis lie many factors, including the free fall of the U.S.stocks, the obstinately high employment rate in the U.
  21. The credit rating agencies are right to downgrade banks
    In practice, credit rating agencies have a challenge in terms of setting credit rating that best describe the credit quality of a certain issuer while taking into consideration the effect of these ratings on the […]
  22. Credit Letters in International Trade
    The precondition pegged on payment is based on the fact that the documents presented appear to be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.
  23. Product Launch at Credit Master
    This paper gives a brief background of Credit Master Company, looks at the procedure followed in designing a launch plan and gives the SWOT analysis as well as some of the marketing strategies that should […]
  24. Credit Default Swaps
    Credit Default Swaps are financial contracts that are similar to insurance policies where the insured parties are required to pay fees to the insurer, and in case of a credit event, the insured is subjected […]
  25. The Credit Card Fraud Cases in the Hospitality Industry
    You are happy and looks like everything is all right, but you do not realize that when the waiter took your credit card to charge you, he might have copied all your credit card information […]
  26. Credit Cards and Making Payments
    Studying the behaviour of the customers and capturing information related to the customers will help the companies determine who to give credit based on their behaviours and projected creditworthiness.
  27. Credit Cards Usage in America
    The issuer of the card also commits to pay merchants if the credit card holder extends to pay the credit and then follows up the cardholder to ensure that he/she pays the credit.
  28. Changing Consumer Attitudes towards Credit and Debit Cards
    The research provided important information that could be used by financial institutions and businesses to design debit and credit cards that meet the requirements of the two groups The debit and credit cards play a […]
  29. Credit Crunch’ Role for the Starbucks Company Activity
    The start of the recession that led to a credit crunch spelt doom for many businesses around the world, the shortage of funds to expand and improve business for business organizations and the shortage of […]
  30. Moody Corporation Credit Rating Process
    Many other institutions and participants of the financial system played a role in contributing to the failure of the financial system.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Credit

  1. Personal Financial Management: Credit Score
    A credit score is an intended tool that makes it easy for a lender to settle on the capability of a purchaser to reimburse a loan.
  2. Credit Card Companies’ Customer Profiling
    Analysis of the purchase data and construction of the behavioral profiles allows the credit card companies to foresee the cardholders posing elevated threats.
  3. Credit Cards: Supporting Arguments
    In order to reap the many benefits of credit cards and avoid the devastating implications of credit mismanagement, it is necessary for one to be ready to exercise some of the basic values such as […]
  4. Concept of the Extra Credit in Trade
    The introduction of money in trade was an innovative way to give a common value to products, and to use currency as a quantifier of the value of various commodities.
  5. Summit Credit Union’s Training Needs Assessment
    At the first stage of the assessment, it will be determined what the organization needs to achieve and whether new training programs can be beneficial for it.
  6. Executive Pay and the Credit Crisis of 2008
    Stock and equity options presented to the bankers, for example, guaranteed that if the market value of a company dramatically dropped, an identical outcome would be witnessed in the salary of senior management. The committees […]
  7. Credit Crisis as a Factor of Financial Market Liquidity
    The liquidity of financial markets is inseparable from developments in the economic environment, and the credit crisis is one of them.
  8. Citigroup: Credit Default Swaps in the Banking Industry
    The purpose of this case study is to analyze Citigroup’s approaches to minimizing or hedging credit risks with the focus on assessing the associated threats and possible advantages or disadvantages for other parties that participate […]
  9. BankUSA’s Credit Card Division Issues
    The level of complacency among some of the employees in the company is high. There is a significant mismatch between the internal and external service levels in the BankUSA credit card division.
  10. Credit Creation and Expansionary Monetary Policy
    The Central Bank has the authority to control the amount of money in flow and, thus, the amount of credit that the banks make.
  11. Carbon Credit and Amazon Carbon Project
    The project had the purpose of reducing GHG emissions from swine waste and improving sustainable development in the area. The project primarily concentrated on the reduction of GHG emission through the capturing and combustion of […]
  12. Credit Card Processing Industry Today and Tomorrow
    The complications that exist in the use of credit cards motivated innovations that led to the initiation of itinerant banking through smartphones.
  13. Credit Checks as a Staff Selection Method
    In this regard, it can be said that it is reliable only when it comes to the information concerning the person’s inability to pay his bills.
  14. Sovereign Credit Ratings Using Neural Networks
    Moreover, a sovereign rating is vital for the assessment of the credit risk of a nation and the companies within its borders.
  15. Transport Pass Credit Card’s Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan will enable our company to utilize the resources that we have so that our transport pass credit card will successfully penetrate the targeted Australian market.
  16. Managerial Overconfidence and Credit Rating Agencies
    In the article “Behavioral CEOs: The Role of Managerial Overconfidence”, the authors argue that many Chief Executive Officers have continued to portray symptoms and signs of overconfidence whenever making their business decisions.
  17. Unemployment Rates and Credit Card Debts in the US
    The reduction of the unemployment rate is logical as changes have affected the labor market. Concerning debts on loans, too open system of bank lending to the population can be an additional factor causing this […]
  18. Credit Card Usage in the United States
    Credit card regulations do not allow as many protections for business credit cards as in the case of personal credit cards. The third disadvantage of business credit cards is their risk of employee misuse.
  19. Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Credit Cards
    Over and above using credit cards to pay for goods and services, the issuer may provide a line of credit to enable cardholders to get a cash advance. The most significant features in choosing a […]
  20. The Meaning and Importance of Credit Rating
    It also covers the factors that can cause a change in the credit rating of a company. Credit rating refers to the evaluation of the creditworthiness of a company.
  21. Definition of the Credit Ratings
    A credit rating signifies an assessment of the credit risk of a potential debtor, foretells the capacity to repay debts, and offers an inexplicit prediction of the possibility of defaulting.
  22. Credit Card Debt Accumulating
    Other aspects include lack of education or understanding about the intricacies of debt and the damage it could do if one is suddenly unable to make payments. Accumulating credit card debt is significantly easier than […]

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