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66 World Bank Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Racial Discrimination at the World Bank
    In addition, leveraging on an employee in a diverse population always end up with a particular race being victimized through work termination as employers tend to match the contact race of an employee to that […]
  2. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the USAID
    Conversely, modernization and diminution of poverty is the contemporary and outwit goal of the World Bank in the comprehensive and protracting globalization.
  3. World Bank and IMF
    The capital flow ceases to be from the developed to the developing as the developing repays the loan. There is a call to policy makers and financial analysts to question the stability of the developed […]
  4. World Bank Effects on the UAE
    The IMF and World Bank are in a position of providing technical support to the member countries such as the UAE.
  5. Enabling Business Strategy with IT at the World Bank
    The decision to incorporate advanced information technology services in its operations was one of the main strategies of achieving the objectives and fulfillment of the mandates of the bank.
  6. World Bank’s Transformation of Human-Environmental Relations in the Global South
    From the study’s findings, the World Bank introduced specific provisions in the loan approval process that required the Brazilian government to embrace sustainable development and minimise the impact of the project on the environment and […]
  7. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
    In the year 1944, the two organisations began their operation following the signing of the Articles of Agreement by the member states.
  8. Energy and Poverty Solutions – World Bank
    Ultimately, bank team confirms eligibility of all aspects of the project and their consistency with World Bank requirements and at the same time the potential of intended government to efficiently implement the projects.
  9. The World Bank and the Poverty of Reform
    However, with the various leadership scandals that have been observed in the bank, experts now doubt whether the World Bank has the capacity to address the various development challenges that are facing the developing nations.
  10. Future of the World Bank
    The article ‘The World bank of the future’ gives an insight into the contributions made by the World Bank to the development of the world economy.
  11. World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund
    Therefore, one of the variables of the present research will be time as it is essential to trace the development of the countries throughout the 2000s and 2010s to identify major factors affecting this growth.
  12. The World Bank’s Structure, History, Activities
    In this work, the organizational structure and mission of the Bank are explained, a brief history of the Bank is given, various aspects of the activity of the World Bank are studied, their effectiveness assessed, […]
  13. World Bank’s & International Monetary Fund’s Rise
    The goals of these organizations are ultimately similar as both aim at the increase of the well-being of the countries throughout the world, either by reducing poverty and granting financial support in the case of […]
  14. The World Bank and Good Governance
    The paper works to determine the issues that are related to the concept and demonstrates the intricate relationship that the World Bank, donors, and recipients create as the idea of good governance is being promoted […]
  15. The World Bank’s Perspective: Law and Development
    The goal of this paper is to discuss the worth of the World Bank in the international arena and its contribution to the solution of corruption-associated problems from the legal perspective.
  16. World Bank and International Monetary Fund
    They are collectively known as Bretton Woods Institutions that act as twin intergovernmental pillars that focus on supporting the structure of the financial and economic order of the world.
  17. The World Bank and Emerging Managing Technologies
    In this regard, the World Bank has continued to play a vital task in supporting nations to take advantage of the prospects in ICT to contribute to educational objectives and reduce poverty. The World Bank […]
  18. World Bank Financing Dam Projects
    The Lao PDR dam project is expected to provide to a country which had pinned its hopes to the project which has an average income of US$320 a year.
  19. World Bank – IMF and the United Arab Emirates
    The fact is that the GDP rates of the United Arab Emirates are in the fourteenth position in the world, and the third in the Middle East region.
  20. IMF and World Bank: A Boon or a Bane for Developing Nations?
    The amount of interest and other overheads charged on the loans given to the nations in need is simply off the scale.
  21. The World Bank: Definition and Activity
    The World Bank can be used to refer to a financial institution, thereby the need to explain this different social context that it can be applied in.

📌 Simple & Easy World Bank Essay Titles

  1. Asset Inequality Matters: An Assessment of the World Bank’s Approach to Poverty Reduction
  2. World Bank Group Support for Small and Medium Enterprises
  3. Innovation Systems : World Bank Support of Science and Technology Development
  4. World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography, by the World Bank
  5. Corruption and Trade Liberalization: Has the World Bank Anti-Corruption Initiative Worked
  6. What Should the World Bank Think about the Washington Consensus
  7. World Bank Economic Review, World Bank Group
  8. Gender Equality and Economic Growth in the World Bank
  9. World Bank and Its Connection to Civil Rights in the Kingdom Of Bhutan
  10. Did the World Bank Drive Tariff Reforms in Eastern Africa
  11. China and the World Bank – How Contrasting Development Approaches Affect the Stability of African States
  12. How Should the World Bank Estimate Air Pollution Damages
  13. A Public Choice Perspective of IMF and World Bank Lending and Conditionality
  14. World Bank Group Support in Situations Involving Conflict-Induced Displacement
  15. IMF and World Bank Structural Adjustment Programs and Poverty
  16. Environment Degradation, The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund
  17. World Bank Group Approach and Action Plan for Climate Change and Health
  18. World Bank Group Impact Evaluations : Relevance and Effectiveness
  19. World Bank Lending And Other Financial Flows: Is There a Connection
  20. World Bank HIV/AIDS Interventions. Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Evaluation

👍 Good Essay Topics on World Bank

  1. A Socioeconomic Disaggregation of the World Bank Human Capital Index
  2. Development and Climate Change : A Strategic Framework for the World Bank Group
  3. World Bank Trade Adjustment Loans and Export Policy Distortions
  4. An Analysis of the Performance of the World Bank in the Least Developed Countries
  5. World Bank Environmental Reform: Revisiting Lessons from Agency Theory
  6. Global Economic Roles Played by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
  7. World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic Update, October 2016
  8. An Overview of the Economic Progress in Thailand by the World Bank Statistics
  9. Information Technology and Business Alignment at the World Bank
  10. The Affects of World Bank on the Third World
  11. Which Donors, Which Funds? Bilateral Donors’ Choice of Multilateral Funds at the World Bank
  12. World Bank Independence: A Model and Statistical Analysis of U.S. Influence
  13. World Bank Borrower Relations and Project Supervision
  14. What is the World Bank Good For? Global Public Goods and Global Institutions
  15. World Bank Group Engagement in Upper-Middle-Income Countries
  16. World Bank Conditional Loans and Private Investment in Recipient Countries
  17. An Ethical Treatment Of World Bank To Padma Bridge
  18. Youth Employment Programs : An Evaluation of World Bank and International Finance Corporation Support
  19. World Bank Lending for Small Enterprises 1989-1993
  20. Protecting Power: How Western States Retain The Dominant Voice in The World Bank’s Governance
  21. World Bank, India. Reducing Poverty, Accelerating Development
  22. World Bank Policy Lending and the Quality of Public-Sector Governance
  23. World Bank Spent More Than a Year Covering Up Destruction of Albanian Village
  24. World Bank Group Sanctions Board Law Digest 2019
  25. Assessing the World Bank’s Influence on the Good Governance Paradigm

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