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82 Witchcraft Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Witchcraft Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Witchcraft in Europe, 1450 – 1750
    This means that gender was the central issue to the European witch-hunts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The belief in the existence of witchcraft goes back to the time of Old Testament of the […]
  2. Witchcraft in Early America
    Although the colonial government blamed the occurrence of calamities on the witches, thus persecuting them, the main reason for the conflict was the contradiction in religious doctrines.
  3. Witchcraft Accusations, Trials, and Hysteria in Border Regions and Rural Areas in Western Europe
    To a great extent, this phenomenon can be attributed to the following factors: 1) official recognition of witchcraft and the activities of religious zealots who inspired the persecution of many people; 2) the stereotypes and […]
  4. Witchcraft: Women’s Victimization and Affirmation
    The three postulations have been nullified in the Malleus Maleficarum as none of them adequately explains the effects of the devil and witches.
  5. The Grave Injustices of the Salem Witchcraft Trials
    These thoughts enforced the belief in the existence of witchcraft in New England. The people of New England were in the middle of a war with the Indians.
  6. Santeria: Religion or Witchcraft?
    In the past, Santeria has been largely compared to witchcraft because they have some similarities but is Santeria witchcraft or is it entirely different?
  7. “On Witchcraft” by Cotton Mather
    Cotton Mather however does not forget to mention the fact that devil exists and he works in collaboration with the witches and uses them to achieve his goals and objectives of seeing that the world […]
  8. Witchcraft in Early Ages: Historical Review
    The officials blinded by the fear of the supernatural world seldom heard what the women had to say and were often found guilty of witchcraft.
  9. Salem Witchcraft Hysteria: Crime Against Women
    In the “Was the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria a Product of Women’s Search for Power?” Kyle Koehler and Laurie Winn Carlson present the “pro” and “cons” arguments for this claim.

📌 Most Interesting Witchcraft Topics to Write about

  1. Witchcraft: The Cause Of The Salem Witch Trials
  2. The Roles of Witchcraft in the Play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  3. The Witchcraft Craze of 1962 in The Crucible by Arthur Miller
  4. The Salem Witchcraft Trials Of 1692: The History, Proceedings, And Legal Consequences Of The Mass Hysteria
  5. The Salem Witchcraft Trials and the Nuremberg Trials
  6. An Analysis of the Theme of Witchcraft in The Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller
  7. A History of Salem Witchcraft Trials in Colonial Massachusetts
  8. An Analysis of the Elements of Witchcraft in the Pagan Tradition of Europe
  9. Witchcraft Issue In The Crucible By Arthur Miller
  10. Comparing The Salem Witch Trials, European Witchcraft Craze And The Mc Carthy Hearings
  11. Witchcraft, Magic And Occultism, Such Known And Mentioned
  12. Wicca’s Oldest Unchanted Tradition is the Strega Witchcraft
  13. The Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham
  14. Witchcraft Ideas And Their Parallels Across The World
  15. Why Did People React So Strongly To Witchcraft In History
  16. The Unfair Prosecution Of Women: Witchcraft In Early Modern Europe
  17. Witches And Witchcraft In Jacobean Society And Macbeth
  18. Witchcraft And Its Effect On Society
  19. Witchcraft from Within: Hippy’s, Murder and Shakespeare
  20. The Rise Of The Witchcraft Craze In 17th Century Britain
  21. Witchcraft And Sorcery In Ancient And Modern Society

👍 Good Research Topics about Witchcraft

  1. Why Magic Should Not Be Confused With Witchcraft
  2. The Salem Witchcraft Trials Did The Devil Make Them Do It
  3. Fear Of Witchcraft As Metaphor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller
  4. Witchcraft, Weather and Economic Growth in Renaissance Europe
  5. The Slave Girl Tituba and the Witchcraft Trials in Salem in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
  6. Witchcraft in Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  7. Witchcraft: Protestantism and Catholic Church
  8. Witchcraft In The Middle Ages Of Europe And Central America: Women, Men And Beasts
  9. Witchcraft, Zombies, And Music: The Case Of Khulekani Mgqumeni Khumalo
  10. Witchcraft, Oracles And Magic Among The Azande
  11. Witchcraft in the Small Village of Salem
  12. A History of Witchcraft in the Medieval Time Period
  13. Was The Salem Witchcraft Hysteria The Result Of Mainly Social Or Religious Factors
  14. Witchcraft And Women : Evaluation Of Gender Theories
  15. The Salem Witchcraft Trials: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  16. Witchcraft in the 16th Century
  17. History and Evidences of Witchcraft Around the World and the Philippines
  18. Witchcraft in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  19. The Spiritual, Physical, and Healing Experiences of Witchcraft
  20. The Use of Witchcraft in Modern Tanzania
  21. Witchcraft And The Inquisition Of The Catholic Church
  22. What Caused the Momentum of Witchcraft in Massachusetts

❓ Research Questions About Witchcraft

  1. If Witchcraft Is Real, What Is Their Source of Power?
  2. Why Did People React So Strongly to Witchcraft in History?
  3. Why Magic Should Not Be Confused With Witchcraft?
  4. What Were the Most Significant Aspects of the Witchcraft Craze?
  5. Can Witchcraft Be Used for Good and Not Evil?
  6. How Do Witchcraft and Magic Differ?
  7. Is There Anything Like Real Magic or Practice of Witchcraft?
  8. How Neo-Pagan Witchcraft Differs From Satanism?
  9. Around What Time in History Did People Stop Believing in Witchcraft and Wizardry?
  10. Is Salem’s History of Outbreaks Linked to Witchcraft?
  11. What Is the Crime of Witchcraft?
  12. Do the Names Parnell, Rackley, Turny, or Anderson Have a History in Witchcraft?
  13. At What Point in History Did the Western World Change Their Perception on Witchcraft?
  14. Were There Ever Any Canadian People in History Executed for Witchcraft?
  15. What Is the History of West African, Black Americans, and Witchcraft?
  16. Why Is Witchcraft on the Rise?
  17. When Was Witchcraft Legal in the US?
  18. When Did Witchcraft Stop Being a Crime?
  19. Did Protestant Conflicts Stop During the Rise of Witchcraft?
  20. How Is Witchcraft Imagined in Different Western Cultures?
  21. How Did Popular Understandings of Witchcraft Come To Be, and Are Any of Those Misleading?
  22. Who Was the First Person Accused of Witchcraft?
  23. Why Was Witchcraft Banned in Europe?
  24. How Did the Church Respond to Witchcraft?
  25. Where Did Witchcraft Start?
  26. Is There Any Historical Evidence of the Existence of Witchcraft?
  27. Why Was Witchcraft Considered a Deal With the Devil?
  28. What Were the Types of Fight Against Witchcraft?
  29. Are There Any Legends About Famous Rulers Who Practiced Witchcraft?
  30. Could Men Practice Witchcraft or Was It Only a Woman’s Business?

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