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65 Cheating Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams
    Another effect of cheating in exams is that the honest present and even the future students in the system also suffer from the cheating behaviour.
  2. Marginal Analysis of Cheating
    Of the various forms of cheating in existence, arguably the most prevalent one is the use of cheat notes. The major disadvantage of this cheating technique is that there exists physical evidence of the cheating […]
  3. Cheating on College Exams is Demoralizing
    The research focuses on the effect of cheating on the college exams. Indeed, cheating on the college tests is a transgression of the school’s policies.
  4. Cheating Plagiarism Issues
    Cheating in exams and assignments among college and university students is in the rise due to the access of the internet and poor culture where integrity is not a key aspect.
  5. Cheating, Gender Roles, and the Nineteenth-Century Croquet Craze
    The author’s main thesis is, “Yet was this, in fact, how the game was played on the croquet lawns of the nineteenth century?” Whereas authors of croquet manuals and magazines emphasize so much on the […]
  6. Cheating in the Universities or in the Schools
    Cheating is condemned in the academic discipline as that which undermines academic integrity of the learner at different levels of their academic pursuits by causing students gain academic grades that do not reflect the academic […]
  7. Why Kids at Harvard Cheat
    It is a compelling issue to have students cheating in their examinations as this beats the logic and sole purpose of learning.
  8. Why People Cheat
    In the world of sports, a lot of people have been perplexed by the tendencies of great teams to cheat despite prior warning regarding the consequences of cheating.
  9. Cheating in the Internet
    The presence of ecommerce has increased the number of fraudulent deals in the internet. However, with the increasing number of transactions in the internet, fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation.
  10. Why Students Cheat in Public Schools?
    However, even some of the students who retain a suitable connection to school take part in cheating. The majorities are found in public institutions and are a much diversified set of students.
  11. Reasons for Academic Cheating
    The students are on the other hand have to yield for the pressure and the easiest way of enabling this is by cheating in the examination.
  12. Cheating: Making It a Teachable Moment
    This statement implies that the initiative of the authority to curb the vice of exam cheating should take into account the efforts of the both the teachers and students in a bid to obtain relevant […]
  13. Education: Why Do Students Cheat?
    Lack of adequate skills and knowledge are some of the reasons that lead to the loss of confidence by students. Teachers should evaluate their students in order to determine the most important teaching methods that […]
  14. Cheating and Plagiarism in Academic Settings
    Their main task is to show that the main objective of learning is to gain knowledge and skills, and that education cannot be reduced only to good grades and recognition of other people. This is […]
  15. Signs of Cheating in Oral or Written Statements
    The second signal of deception is the reference to past events using the present tense. The eighth reason to question whether the interviewee is telling the truth or not is the lack of detail.
  16. Students’ Behavior and Cheating During Exams
    Another aspect demonstrating that the research does not warrant an informed consent is the consideration that an informed consent may diminish the merits of the research.
  17. Group Learning and Cheating in Classrooms
    The aim of the project is to clarify the conditions under which students should work, evaluate the conditions students create independently, observe how different students can work in groups, and introduce new approaches to how […]
  18. Cognitive Dissonance in Dealing With Exam Cheating
    John’s plan was to use less than two hours in the test with a plan to utilize the rest of the time texting his friends.
  19. “Why We Cheat” by Fang Ferric and Arturo Casadevall
    For example, if students cheat in class, their peers may start to do so too when they see that there is no punishment for lying. It is possible to say that many humans cheat because […]
  20. Cheating in High Schools: Issue Analysis
    It is, therefore, right to say that cheating is widespread in every part of the world, and it is escalating in all levels of education.
  21. Using Technology to Cheat: Discussion
    Easy access to the internet is one of the reason why there has been a drop in academic honesty and responsibility specifically in the case of plagiarism as there are indications of extensive plagiarism in […]
  22. Is Cheating Okay or Not: Discussion
    The one involved in cheating is seen to do so at the expense of others and with the aim of getting more where one has invested less.
  23. Why College Students Cheat: Discussion
    In the case of the Internet, it has become a tool for students to cheat because information is readily at their fingertips.
  24. Cheating in the Test: Issue Review
    He may have believed that the college entrance exam is not very significant at the moment and that there is nothing wrong in cheating for a test which will decide whether he should be admitted […]
  25. The Consequences of School Cheating
    Cheating also leads to corrupted morals since students begin to cheat more frequently and try to rationalize their dishonesty. Academic dishonesty also affects personal relationships since friends and family can begin to question one’s honesty […]

⭐ Good Research Topics about Cheating

  1. The Auditor and the Firm: A Simple Model of Corporate Cheating and Intermediation
  2. Cheating, Incentives, and Money Manipulation
  3. Marriage and High Technology: The Behavior of Cheating in Relationships
  4. Separating Will From Grace: An Experiment on Conformity and Awareness in Cheating
  5. Individual and Group Cheating Behavior: A Field Experiment With Adolescents
  6. Cheating and Loss Aversion: Do People Lie More to Avoid a Loss
  7. Firm-Oriented Policies, Tax Cheating, and Perverse Outcomes
  8. Does Bad Company Corrupt Good Morals? Social Bonding and Academic Cheating Among Teens
  9. Cheating, Its Consequences, and Findings on Cheating
  10. Cheating More for Less: Upward Social Comparisons Motivate the Poorly Compensated to Cheat
  11. Careful Cheating: People Cheat Groups Rather Than Individuals
  12. Cheating Spouse Infidelity Investigations
  13. Efficient Redistribution Using Quotas and Subsidies in the Presence of Misrepresentation and Cheating
  14. Cheating Ourselves: The Economics of Tax Evasion
  15. “But Everybody’s Doing It!”: A Model of Peer Effects on Student Cheating
  16. Decision Frame and Opportunity as Determinants of Tax Cheating: An International Experimental Study
  17. Marketable Permits, Market Power, and Cheating
  18. Academic Dishonesty: Internet Cheating
  19. Cheating and Technology: How Modern Technology Has Affected Education
  20. Honesty and Intermediation: Corporate Cheating, Auditor Involvement and the Implications for Development

👍 Simple & Easy Cheating Essay Titles

  1. Can Cheat the Cheater: Consequences of Cheating
  2. Attitudes Toward Cheating Behavior Among College Students
  3. Cheating and Incentives: Learning From a Policy Experiment
  4. Cheating for Fun and Profit: If You Over-Fill, You Are Cheating Yourself; If You Under-Fill, You Are Cheating the Customer
  5. Cheating Explained Through Sociological Concepts
  6. Academic Dishonesty and Prevalent Cheating Strategy
  7. Dismissal Students From College for Cases of Cheating or Plagiarism
  8. Cheating for the Common Good in a Macroeconomic Policy Game
  9. Tax Evasion: Cheating Rationally or Deciding Emotionally
  10. Sabotaging Another: Priming Competition Increases Cheating Behavior in Tournaments
  11. Competition and Extrinsic Motivation as Predictors of Academic Cheating
  12. Catching Cheating Teachers: The Results of an Unusual Experiment
  13. The Impact of the VW Emission-Cheating Scandal on the Interrelation Between Large Automakers’ Equity and Credit Markets
  14. Cheating, Emotions, and Rationality: An Experiment on Tax Evasion
  15. Disguising Lies—Image Concerns and Partial Lying in Cheating Games
  16. All-Time Cheaters Versus Cheaters in Distress: An Examination of Cheating and Oil Prices in OPEC
  17. Cheating: The Ethical Dilemma All Junior Officers Face
  18. Episodic Future: Thinking About the Ideal Self Induces Lower Discounting, Leading to a Decreased Tendency Toward Cheating
  19. The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead
  20. Revisiting Revise: Testing Unique and Combined Effects of Reminding, Visibility, and Self-Engagement Manipulations on Cheating Behavior

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