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Reasons for Academic Cheating Essay


Cheating among student in collages is on the rife today and this is one of the serious challenging factors in most learning institution. According to the article written by Lawrence Himan, ‘How to Fight College Cheating’, he reports that about 74% of the students in colleges have accepted cheating in one or more of the several exams they undertake.

He also reports that the evolution of electronic devices have made is possible for the students to accelerate cheating and this includes gadgets like cell phones and PDAs (Anderman, Eric, and Tamera 86). It should also be noted that various colleges are enacted punitive measures to help curb the menace of academic cheating.

Failure in the academic paper, forfeiting of the degree course, and a poor recommendation for future jobs are some of the repercussions of cheating in colleges (Anderman, Eric, and Tamera 111). Thesis statement: Is academic cheating expected to be on the rise following the advancement made in the IT sector; Cell phones, I pads, and online assistance.

The acquisition of the cell phones which is essentially used for communication has been turned into academic assistance gadget, the cell phones have been made in away that they are able to access internet and this has provided students with the easiest means of reaching useful information regarding academic writings.

Student in most parts of the world have been found to engage cell phones widely in accessing information and pasting them in pretense that they are there own (Cizek 146). In this reference, most institutions have banned entrance of the exam room with any device that is internet enabled as this alone is tantamount to suspension as well as expulsion from studies in the institution (Cizek 177).

In the other way, the student have used I pads to plagiarize their papers. With the assistance of this device, the students are able to access already similar papers in the various sites in the internet at a fee. Today several sites are on the internet and have presupposed on the possible various papers the students might be expected to give a write up on and do the papers in prior for the students to purchase (Davis, Patrick, and Tricia 123).

This kind of arrangement has increased the complacency level among the students and most of the student wait and procrastinate until the last minute that they endeavor to beat deadlines. In this way, the students are able to submit papers not of their original work but in disguise (Davis, Patrick, and Tricia 158).

Online assistance also plays a major role as it segments another huge their cases online to freelancers who then undertake to deliver the papers on the time indicated at a cost. The online assistance has equally made it possible for the student to keep postponing their program as they are assured of assistance even in the shortest deadline (Lathrop, and Kathleen 44).

Technology has therefore made academic cheating very technical and no one can be apprehended of cheating as the source can not be ascertained. The learning institutions will therefore be forced to devise other methods that are equal to detecting even the far fetched academic cheating sourced even from the online assistance otherwise, the war against academic cheating will remain a mirage.

The question one may ask is, why do student cheat in exams?, the possible answers for the question may be as follows; most of the student are paid for the studies by the parents, this scenario makes it obvious for the parent to exert certain pressure form the students to reciprocate by giving viable grades that commensurate the fees paid for the students for their studies.

The students are on the other hand have to yield for the pressure and the easiest way of enabling this is by cheating in the examination. Procrastination is another reason as to why the students do involve themselves in academic cheating, in the colleges; the students get to be carried away with other extra-curriculum activities that are not linked to academic work taking place in the collages (Lipson 92).

In this case, the students get to be ambushed with the examinations and thus resort academic cheating. The students in a bid to keep cheating at a bay should then balance their time in collages to sit both of their requirements appropriately.

Finally, the students find it easier to engage in cheating at the expense of doing the real academic work (Spiegel, and Bernard 142). This is detrimental academically as it shutters the dream of the individual professionally as they will not be endowed with academic wealth as opposed to those who honestly earn their grades.

The act of cheating also inculcate the sense of no confidence in an individual owing to the fact that they are aware that their earned grades are not their own.

This low self esteem has also impacted negatively on the student in their various place of employment and this has resulted into high cases of doubt by the employees in some student and sometimes this leads to degradation of institutional status.

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