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Plagiarism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Plagiarism Phenomenon
    A plagiarism policy in the University of Sydney states that “Where an Examiner detects or is made aware of alleged Plagiarism or Academic Dishonesty by a student; the Examiner must report the alleged Plagiarism or […]
  2. Paraphrasing and Plagiarism
    A majority of the students fails to realize that they need to give credit to the original author even when they have paraphrased their work.
  3. Plagiarism Definition and Effects
    In addition to that, there is a vast amount of software that helps you to correctly cite your sources and check for plagiarism.
  4. Cheating Plagiarism
    Cheating in exams and assignments among college and university students is in the rise due to the access of the internet and poor culture where integrity is not a key aspect.
  5. Paper Analysis: Instructional Document about Plagiarism and the Internet
    By using these colors in the instructional document, the audience is reminded of the gravity of the matter and the danger that can arise from engaging in plagiarism.
  6. Plagiarism and Academic Integrity
    In other instances, the local students in to adventure and having fun may easily influence international students and since they are new to the environment, they may have fun at the expense of the assignment […]
  7. Why Chinese Culture Leads to High Plagiarism Rate in Chinese Universities
    The issue of plagiarism in China and other Asian countries has worried scholars from the west and the rest of the world for centuries. The research paper will be expected to expose the magnitude of […]
  8. Avoiding Plagiarism
    What is of importance in the realm of ideas is not the ownership of the rights to a certain piece of work but the originality[6].
  9. Plagiarism Effects
    In such cases, students work is found to have been plagiarized, years after the attainment of the degree/ certification, the institutions can revoke it.
  10. Peculiarities of Plagiarism
    Many students copy the sentences or the ideas of the researchers or other students without marking it as the citation. Simple paraphrasing and the use of quotation marks will help to solve the problem.
  11. Plagiarism
    Also, the source of the information is not reflected in the text. One should be relaxed and bending the body slightly forward to show interest in the person and the conversation.
  12. Plagiarism is Morally Reprehensible
    Thus, to discuss the ethical component of plagiarism, it is necessary to pay attention to the definition of the concept and its meaning in relation to the idea of academic integrity.
  13. Plagiarism and Paraphrasing
    Sometimes the cheat notes might not be relevant to the test, and in such cases such students underperform. In conclusion, honest students are stress-free and have a smooth academic life and perform to the best […]
  14. Plagiarism: For and Against
    Therefore, the argument against plagiarism is based on the loss of the perpetrator in terms of the shame of the act and the loss of the original author.
  15. Academic Honesty and Plagiarism
    While rather efficient and working in most cases, the approach in question, though, is not to be considered the silver bullet of detecting plagiarism in an academic setting either, for the individual psychological qualities of […]
  16. Plagiarism Problem
    At the end of the quotation, credit to the source should be given either in the form of in-text citation or in a footnote.
  17. Plagiarism Problem in Writing
    This is actually because the author of the original material is not able to enjoy the advantages of the good work that he or she has produced.
  18. Plagiarism Effects and Strategies
    The failure to recognize the contributions of other scholars in one’s work is generally referred to as plagiarism. Also, the paper recommends strategies that may be adopted by educators and learners to address the problem […]
  19. Plagiarism Problem in Higher Education
    There is an immense devaluation of the learning encounter of the learners and the quality of the graduates. The consciousness of plagiarism is essential in deciphering if an imitative behavior is deliberate.
  20. Plagiarism Definition and Explaining
    The aim of the report is to provide a working definition of plagiarism and explain the problem of plagiarism as faced by international students when studying in the U.S.
  21. Helping Chinese Students Avoid Plagiarism
    As such, a lot of explanation is needed to convince Chinese students to accept and appreciate the requirement for referencing the sources used in order to avoid plagiarism.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Plagiarism

  1. The Problem of Plagiarism
    The problem of plagiarism is of great concern to many teachers who want to ensure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills.
  2. Graphic Design and Plagiarism in Saudi Arabia
    The sites act as sources of inspiration for graphic designers; however, the challenge is the transitioning of the source of inspiration to the aid for plagiarism.
  3. Cheating and Plagiarism in Academic Settings
    Their main task is to show that the main objective of learning is to gain knowledge and skills, and that education cannot be reduced only to good grades and recognition of other people. This is […]
  4. Plagiarism Knowledge: Assessment and Improvement
    In this case, I failed in one of the questions I had answered correctly in the previous test. Nonetheless, it was also important that I managed to answer all the questions I had failed in […]
  5. Plagiarism in Graduate Students’ Applied Research
    The problem addressed in this study is the methods of dealing with the issue of plagiarism in applied research papers amid graduate students, which threatens to weaken the quality of academic research.
  6. Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism
    It is a requirement that students and other individuals using electronic materials in their research use the various citation methods in acknowledging the owners of the legal rights of any electronic materials.
  7. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
    It is both Mike’s and Todd’s fault Mike’s is that he does not know the content and asks Todd to show the answers, Todd’s is that he agrees.
  8. Plagiarism Detection, Penalties and Consequences
    The most common form of plagiarism is copying information and using it as part of one’s assignment or essay, without acknowledging the original source of information Sometimes, students are dumbfounded by the amount of work […]
  9. The Price of the Plagiarism
    Plagiarism is considered a global problem of contemporary science and education as well as in the spheres of literature and music. The violation of copyright legislation is considered a crime and can lead to a […]
  10. Plagiarism Elimination in Academic Writing
    This type of plagiarism is the easiest to detect, as it involves directly copying large swaths of text from other works without alterations or citations. It is more difficult to detect than direct plagiarism and […]
  11. Plagiarism from a Cross-Cultural Perspective
    Individualism presupposes respect for the authors whose ideas a person is going to borrow while direct communication as a cultural value implies open access to standards and codes of behavior, which is likely to minimize […]
  12. Plagiarism and Facebook Use in Students
    Despite the view that the current generation of students is somewhat neglecting the seriousness of plagiarism, it is still viewed that originality must be emphasized and not to allow digital technology to violate principles of […]
  13. Plagiarism Among International Students: Omnibus Report
    In essence, therefore, the credibility of the whole report is built upon the concise details provided in the cover letter, and which include: identifying what plagiarism constitutes in the context of the United States; providing […]
  14. Embedding Plagiarism Education in the Assessment Process
    The authors of this study argue that the use of electronic detection tools can help students better understand the correct methods of citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.
  15. Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism
    Using the phrase “conflict of interest” has amounted to a plagiarism report as this is a big percentage of the sentence The rest of the errors were in the last sentence where borrowing the words […]
  16. Importance of Plagiarism Strategies in Writing
    Regarding a number of writing requirements and the possibility to be blamed for plagiarism, it is hard for many students to start writing their papers without any fears and doubts about the quality and originality […]
  17. Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It
    The focus is then shifted to the future of plagiarism in contemporary society and the effect of information technologies. The expropriation of the work of another person and presentation of it like your own is […]
  18. What Is Plagiarism?
    Now using the same paper but adding information to it and revising the content of the paper would not be considered self plagiarism because the paper will change in content in focus.
  19. Plagiarism: Negative Aspects and Consequences
    There should be a checking done of the paraphrasing in one’s work to ensure that the same words and phrases from the text are not used in one’s work.
  20. Copyright Law and the University Policy on Plagiarism Comparison
    It also covers the act of using part of a literary plot, motion picture, poem, musical presentation, or other forms of art without the consent of the owner of the work.

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