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52 Morality Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Happiness and Morality
    This paper will look at the meaning of happiness and morality, the relationship between morality and happiness and why many philosophers hold that in order to be happy, one has to be moral.
  2. Morality and Moral responsibility as presented in plays by Brecht and Kushner
    Despite the harshness of the environment in Afghanistan, as we come to discover through the eyes of the daughter, she fosters on in her quest to find her mother.
  3. John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant on Morality
    Unfortunately, in the scrimmage, George had to run for his life and by the time he came back to England he had not heard about his mother; they were separated.
  4. Genealogy of Morality
    They based their perception of what is good on what they received and deemed good while the masses were obliged to accept that as common and if common then as the norm of the values.
  5. Morality vs. Money
    In the end, they will find no need for the use of steroids and the integrity of the game would be restored. At the core of this quest to be the first is the need […]
  6. Did Morality or Economics Dominate the Debates over Slavery in the 1850s?
    Labour and economy remained intertwined in that; the former was a factor that determined the state of the latter. Scholars single out economical differences between the two states as the cause of the slavery in […]
  7. Greek Civilization: Morality and ‘Philosophy’ of Life, Politics, and the Way History Is Written by Herodotus
    In this respect, the Book II written by Herodotus can be considered a good documentary evidence of the process of embalming though morality of this process can be questioned by the contemporary audience taking into […]
  8. Symbolic Imagery and Theme of Morality in The Tale of Kieu.
    Thus, it is no wonder that the author uses the uses the imagery of the moon in order to explore the mental state of the main character in situations that she encounters in her life.
  9. Kim Trong as the Embodiment of Confucian Morality
    At the beginning of the poem, one can see Kim Trong as an ideal of a man according to the norms and principles of the Vietnamese society: Kim Trong, a scion of the noblest stock.
  10. The Essence of Morality as a Driving Force Behind One’s Behavior
    For example, Plato used to refer to the notion of morality as being synonymous to the notion of justice: “True’ city and the corrupted city are put forward for us as models of human nature […]
  11. Noble morality and slave morality
    The major difference between good morality and bad morality according to Nietzsche is that good morality is connected to nobility and bad morals are linked to the common man and simplicity.
  12. Famine, Affluence, and Morality
    He claims that giving a certain amount to Bengal would result to suffering of individuals and their dependants, which will correspond to the suffering he relieved in Bengal.
  13. Hegel’s Ideas on Action, Morality, Ethics and Freedom
    Nonetheless, the duties and the very morality developed in one society can significantly differ from the norms accepted in another society, so it is impossible to state that ethical norms of a society correspond to […]
  14. Ethics and Morality in Society and Business
    The main idea of a business ethic is that it closely correlates with the laws of society, and even though people’s kindness and respect are expected, in order for the companies and organizations to flourish, […]
  15. Morality is rooted in the character of God
    In Christianity the character is divided into two aspects where one should exercise the love to God and to man, just as Christ grouped the Ten Commandments in to two.
  16. Relationship Between Morality And Religion
    While a believer will pose that the two function as a couple, a non-believer, on the other hand will hold that morality is independent of religion.
  17. Morality and Justice
    With regards to environmentalists, Callicott noted that they were more holistic and real than the animal liberationists since they allocated moral values to the natural ecosystems and resources of the environment.
  18. Morality in Buddhism
    The purpose of this paper is to expound on the concept of morality in Buddhism, and how the various Buddhist teachings, such as the Four Noble Truths, have enhanced my morality in me and in […]
  19. Morality as a Code of Conduct
    This is upon reference to an argument on the righteousness of the act. If only a given community or an entity can consider the issue as of moral value, thus it is solely their decision […]
  20. Religion and morality
    In other words, one can state that while religion may sometimes be the cause of evil, without religion there is no basis for religious morality.
  21. Morality of Euthanasia
    In the meantime the medication and the doctors are not trivial anymore in stopping the pain and the victim despite all the sufferings, he or she is in a vegetative state and there is nothing […]
  22. Memory lane and morality
    In the first experiment where participants were expected to remember their childhood experience, those memories aided the experimenter more than they let the participants take control.
  23. Morality of Warfare
    It should be noted that the Quran only allows the Muslim to engage in war if their faith is threatened and there is need to protect it but abhors war if the Muslim will engage […]
  24. Ethics and Morality in Business Practice
    According to Debeljak and Krkac, the corporate environment is quite broad and defined by a number of attributes like the market system, the number of players in the market, the amount of competition in the […]
  25. Nietzsche’s and Sartre’s Views on Morality
    On balance, it is possible to note that Nietzsche and Sartre both see morality as certain doctrine aimed at helping people live in the society.
  26. Computer Games: Morality in the Virtual World
    It is necessary to note that these sets of morals are often employed in the virtual world only as many people create alter egos when playing games.
  27. Morality and Modernity: Cronon and Daston’s Understanding of Nature
    Although there is no connection between the ideas expressed by Cronon and Daston and the ideas that the authors of the movie are trying to convey, the latter can still be viewed through the lens […]
  28. Adam Smith on the Rules of Morality
    The reason for this is that, contrary to what many people think, the rules of morality are simultaneously ‘given’ and continuously formed, in regards to what happened to be the affiliated external circumstances.
  29. Religious Studies: Morality in Buddhism
    In this case, much attention should be paid to a collection of restrictions or taboos that should govern the decisions or actions of a person. This is one of the issues that should not be […]
  30. Religion and Morality Connection
    In the words of Plato, “Piety, then, is that which is dear to the gods and impiety is that which is not dear to them”..

👍 Good Essay Topics on Morality

  1. MTV Channel and Morality Values
    Therefore, it is possible to state that the channel is a product of capitalism and it reflects trends which persist in the society.
  2. Sport Advantages, Disadvantages and Morality
    Another great advantage of this kind of sport is that it is very popular and its popularity can guarantee that a player will become famous and well paid, especially if he is playing at a […]
  3. Thomas Aquinas: Morality and God
    As the matter of fact, the fourth argument has the moral aspect that shows the Aquinas’s attitude towards the relationship between the God and morality.
  4. Nietzsche’s Notion of Slave Morality
    Nietzsche praised the master moralities as the strong values that lead to onward development and evolutionary growth of mankind while he blamed the slave moralities for the weak and decadent nature of the society.
  5. Law: the Morality of the Sweatshops
    A closer look at the way in which African sweatshops work will reveal that the introduction of the specified principles into the operation of sweatshops is hardly possible due to the cultural differences between the […]
  6. Morality and Truth in Real-Life Situations
    Any delay could cause the loss of people’s lives, and the financial and reputational losses to the airline and partner companies would be enormous.
  7. Morality and Free Will in “Daisy Miller” by James
    Later on that evening, Daisy suggests to Winterborne about her wish to ride on the lake and willingly overlooks the appropriateness of the time.
  8. Open Immigration, Its Benefits and Morality
    In this paper, Kukathas articulates that the benefits of open migration as compared to other approaches to the question of immigration. In this essay, Risse makes the argument that “the natural resources of the planet […]
  9. Morality, Faith, and Dignity in Modern Youth
    The blistering evolution of society combined with the appearance of new opportunities resulted in the significant deterioration of moral and values which determine the nature of human actions.
  10. Morality of Friedrich Nietzsche and Alasdair MacIntyre
    Self-deception is the nature of moral judgments because relying on a set of rules that is universal for everyone, regardless of how limiting, presupposes the control over the people’s actions and the security of the […]
  11. Ban Smoking Near the Child: Issues of Morality
    The decision to ban smoking near the child on father’s request is one of the demonstrative examples. The father’s appeal to the Supreme Court of California with the requirement to prohibit his ex-wife from smoking […]
  12. Opium Trade and Its Morality in History
    What was the economic and political significance of the British-Chinese opium trade? In addition, moral was not the primary concern of the Chinese people involved in the opium trade.
  13. Opium Trade Morality from Political Perspective
    Warren was a famous writer of his period, and The Opium Question became a result of Warren’s cooperation with James Matheson, who was interested in presenting his vision of the Opium War, as well as […]
  14. Morality of States and the Use of Force Abroad
    In such scenarios, the sovereignty of the country as advanced through the discourse of international relations by the UN is invalidated.
  15. Lobbying: Ethics, Morality and Legalities
    In bribery, the objective of the bribe is clear while in lobbying, the person giving the gift may necessarily not state the reason why s/he is doing so but in mind, s/he is sure the […]
  16. Non-Consequential Morality Theories and Medical Ethics
    In particular, it repudiates the idea that the nature of moral order results in sentiment and emotion. In such cases, it is necessary to ask for patient’s consent to reveal the private data in order […]
  17. Morality in Kohlberg’s and Piaget’s Views
    On the whole, morality takes its origins in the tension between a person’s desires or needs and the values of a society.
  18. Morality and Politics: Aristotle and Machiavelli
    For a government to be effective, there must be a set of morals and virtues in place to ensure the people are happy.
  19. God, Others and Self: Catholic Morality
    It is necessary to note that Christian ethics is a crucial part of the Christian religion that defines appropriate and wrong behaviors, and is based on several sources.
  20. Survival Morality in Ooka’s “Fires on the Plain”
    Thus, the protagonist is facing the unknown in total solitude because the society around him is in survival mode, at the point of desperation, making each individual and group extremely pragmatic: All stop caring about […]
  21. What Is Morality?
    The aim of this paper is to contribute to the discussion by attempting to give an insight into what constitutes moral and immoral behavior as well as the relationship that exists between morality and religion.
  22. Morality in Neo-Confucian Works
    In fact, such a view on the nature of things implies that humans and their minds form a unity with the world.

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