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335 Music Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📑 Aspects to Cover in a Music Essay

Whether you understand the subtleties of terminology or are taking a course to begin your journey, writing a music essay requires more than the knowledge of various musical pieces.

Tackling different topics, ranging from contemporary to classical music, is possible if you can explain a few cornerstone moments to your readers. To begin your essay, make sure to:

  • Research your assigned piece in different ways, from listening to reading about it;
  • Immerse yourself in the material;
  • Search for additional insights by watching live performances when possible.

These actions ensure that you have a good grasp of your material from different sources. Creating an outline before beginning to write will also save you time, as you will gain a better understanding of the topic.

Finally, you can get music essay ideas from reading examples of other’s work.

Avoid plagiarism, as this will immediately disqualify your paper from academic merit, as music essay examples should inspire your writing, rather than become the basis for it.

After your initial research and the execution of the pre-writing stages, you can start focusing on the details of your assignment. Straightway, music appreciation becomes an essential prerequisite to your essay.

You should find what elements resonate with you in your task and focus on developing them into factual statements.

For example, if you like the sound, then elaborate this feeling into a coherent thought that explains why. Conversely, if you do not find any part enjoyable, then do the same, but remember to remain academic and respectful.

Another important aspect of your essay is the history of the assigned piece, which you can address after your introduction. Doing so will help your readers be on the same level of knowledge as you, the essay’s writer.

Without a historical backdrop, jazz becomes just another funky-sounding genre, not a monument to America’s 20th-century rebellious tendencies.

Thus, explain how a particular piece came into existence or why was it created to increase its importance in your audience’s eyes. Furthermore, you may even compare it against other sample music of its time.

Understand that music essay topics need to be technical and explain any occurring background processes, from composition to execution.

Therefore, your bibliography should include a variety of book and journal titles. These have to demonstrate the level of your research and support your ideas with credible references.

This advice may be especially relevant if you are writing a highly technical or instrumental essay, as it allows explaining complicated concepts with ease and trustworthiness.

After you have covered technical, perception-related, and historical aspects of your subject as per your initial outline, you can integrate information about its impact on future compositions.

The continuous flow of history from the past to the future should help you support your work and uphold its importance in the broader context. Additionally, doing so enables you to lead your essay to a well-rounded conclusion.

Finally, from music essay titles that have to grab your readers’ attention to grouping paragraphs with a single theme under one subheading, you can begin finalizing your essay.

Remember the importance of explaining the different sides to your problem and tie them all together in your conclusion.

This action makes your work a comprehensive study on your subject, educating your readers, and correctly presenting information in an easy-to-read format.

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🏆 Best Music Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. My Changing Taste in Music
    In this paper, I set out to discuss two different types of music that highlight my changing taste through the years.
  2. ART VITALIS The New Jersey New Music Forum – CONCERT REPORT
    I would characterize the pitch of the whole performance as high, because the major part of the piece was played in high pitch and tempo.
  3. The Development of Twentieth-century Music: Schoenberg Vs. Stravinsky
    Walter notes “Schoenberg was linked to the expressionist movement in German poetry and art and he was also a leader of the Second Viennese School”.[2] Schoenberg’s major milestone in the musical scene of the 20th […]
  4. The Future of Music Production
    However, in order to determine whether quality in music is lost in using modern technology, we need to compare analogue and digital music production systems that many claim to be the cause of the deterioration […]
  5. Okinawan Music
    The funs of okinawan music are over the world. Famous musicians, guitarists, and dancers in Okinawa music have also contributed much in the growth of this music.
  6. Summary of Chapters on Music
    The importance of music in the life of a parish is hard to overestimate. In the era of Romanticism, the attention to historical past of church music was by large a merit of scholars.
  7. Music in Corporate America
    Contrary to Hirshberg’s argument that people are interested in the way music are channeled to the people, and that, when people identify their expertise, they will always go out looking for the band and its […]
  8. Music Therapy: Where Words Cease
    In spite of the fact that, as a rule, one indulges into art to find the shelter from the reality, the author of the book called The Soloist explores quite a different issue of the […]
  9. Different Types of Music
    One of the commonest types of music is Gospel music. It is a type of music where songs are written and played with the objective of praising or honoring God.
  10. Popular Music and Thinking Errors
    The message in the lyrics of rock songs is mostly that life is not worth living with the lyrics filled with numerous pessimistic and angry lines.
  11. Protests and Music of the Vietnam War
    As the public absorbed the announcement, and the truth behind the war, they were angered by the fact that many American lives had been lost in the war, and the fact that the government was […]
  12. The Power of Time and the Magnificence of Music: From Ludford to Vecchi
    The music of the Middle Ages is the church music, solemn and religious. He featured the essence of the epoch in his works and contributed to the church music greatly.
  13. Impressionist Music and Art
    The natural light appears in a variety of types which gives the impressionist artist much freedom to alter the details of the objects in the painting using the natural light in different types.
  14. Molto Agitato: The Mayhem Behind the Music at the Metropolitan Opera
    In the rear of the gold curtains of the world-famous Metropolitan Opera in New York City, in the midst of the decorations all over the place, and labyrinth of managerial offices, the Met has been […]
  15. Music in Pre-reformation and Post-Tridentine Generation
    The Protestants reformation from the Roman Catholic Church began on the 31st of October in 1517, by sampling two significant composers of the pre-reformation and the post reformation era, it will be possible to connect […]
  16. History of Jazz Music
    Due to the unification of different states, America enjoys a diverse culture, which is the basis for the growth of jazz in the world.
  17. Making Money on Music: The Company That Has to Stay Afloat
    Considering the state of affairs within the company in question, one can assert that the strategies one can apply to make the company more successful are the contingency planning and crisis management.
  18. How Music Influenced English Poetry until 1750
    Most of the English writers of the 17th and the 18th century were in one way or other songwriters. In this period, the whole of the Great Britain was experiencing boost to the economy and, […]
  19. Giving an Overview of Music Education
    Music therapy is the use of music as something that will have positive effects in social, psychological, and physical functioning of people with different educational or health needs.
  20. Biography of a Music Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    The seventh child, and the second to survive, Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 to a family of gifted practicing musicians: his father, Leopold Mozart served as a violinist and composer in the Kapelle […]
  21. Music and Vital Congregations
    Although during the liturgy the words can also bring the holiness and wonder each person is striving to, music enriches a prayer with spirit and inspiration, makes worshiping full of feelings of loftiness.
  22. Music of the Spheres: The Analysis of the Concept and its Application to Modern Days
    Pythagoras was one of the first philosophers, who introduced that ethereal type of music and proved the possibility of connection geometry, philosophy, and music.”Impressed by the harmonious scale of sounds from the beating hammers, Pythagoras […]
  23. The Classical Music and Their Effects
    Classical Music can be defined as a form of Art music that is produced in traditions concerned with secular and western liturgical music.
  24. Analysis of Music Pieces in Terms of Rhythm, Melody, and Texture
    The significance of the initial phrase is emphasized by the fact that it is repeated four times at the beginning of the piece, then in the middle of the piece, and then developed in a […]
  25. Protestant Music: A Sociological Perspective of the Relationship between Reggae and Moral Decadence
    The reggae music genre has particularly been instrumental in communicating the message of resistance against political and social systems that appear biased to the interests of the blacks not only in Jamaica where the genre […]
  26. Composing and Performing Church Music
    In the twentieth century, the view of music by the Roman Catholic Church was defined in two statements: the first of them, motu proprio of 1903, proclaimed return to Gregorian chant, restoration of unaccompanied polyphonic […]
  27. The Story of Christian Music
    Despite the short 150 years of European Christian missions in Africa, a dramatic increase has been witnessed in the numbers of population converted to Christian religion.
  28. Analysis of Music Video
    In this work the discussion is going to focus on a hip hop video by one of the greatest MCs in the industry by the stage name of NAS born Nasir Jones, Nas released the […]
  29. Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong: Jazz Music
    Louis Armstrong is described to be the man best known around the would as the founding father of Jazz while on the other hand, Dizzy Gillespie is reputed to have music that is a major […]
  30. Frankie Lymon; I Can Still Hear Your Music
    Rogers, describes Frankie Lymon as the ‘trendsetters in the early days of rock and roll’ a massive complement in the realm of music given to them would be that many young boys struggled to copy […]
  31. Latin American Music
    The author examines Tango, Baroque and Latin Jazz as some of the old classical music in the region. The impact of Latin music in the global scene is intense and widespread.
  32. Beauty within the Music
    Thus, Diana Ross has always been one of those bright sparkles in the world of music and, in fact, in the entire world of performing art. 1 In several years the beauty of her voice […]
  33. Chinese Music and Its Types
    Like any other music, the Chinese music dates back to the era of Chinese civilization. In addition, the composers of Chinese music highlight proper articulation and inflection as the main factors of building a music […]
  34. The Online Music Industry
    Considering the importance of the online music industry, this paper shall set out to examine the history of the same, its challenges and the future of the industry.
  35. Music and Media Perceptions
    This paper is an in-depth analysis of the perception of the media towards music, and the extent to which the media has influenced kids by playing music.
  36. Influence of Live Music on Music Industry
    Live music is an important part of music industry and this paper looks into how live music affect music industries. Due to the emotional connection between the artists and the fans advertisement during live music […]
  37. Music Therapy throughout The Soloist
    Globally, classical music in its sense has always been known to adjoin the listener to some transcendent understanding of the world order, the feeling of integrity with the Universe and enormous delight rising up from […]
  38. Quincy Jones – Music Mogul: Past, Present and Future
    A close examination of the artist, producer, arranger, publisher, film and TV producer and composer reveals that he was and still is a force to recon in the world and American music industry.
  39. An Examination of One of History’s Most Influential Music Labels
    It must be noted that the group itself was characterized by their far harder R&B style which utilizes a form of call and response singing style that was actually common in gospel choirs at the […]
  40. Cuba Music: Its Styles and Instruments
    Contributions of Cuban music This music from Cuba has a role in the making and the composition of the different music in the world, for example, the salsa, the jazz, other music in Argentina, Ghana, […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Music

  1. Music Analysis: Drug Abuse in Music
    So in this song the artist is also lamenting the dangers of drugs and the theme of the music is one that advocates against tackling the problem with issues of drug abuse by arguing the […]
  2. When Words Are not Enough: The Magic of Music
    Speaking of the melody of each piece, one must necessarily mark that the peculiarities of each composition are emphasized with help of the original interpretation of the orchestra.
  3. Analyzing the Washington Cathedral Classical Music Christmas Concert at the Washington National Cathedral
    The pieces were performed beautifully; actually, I got a sense of satisfaction and deep rumination of the Christmas season because of the expressive execution of the pieces by the band and the choir.
  4. Comparison between Music and Style in 1950’s and Music and Styles in 1970’s
    This has for example been one of the differences that are realized with respect to the music of the 1950s and the music that was realized in the 1970s.
  5. The Royal Conservatory of Music’ Organizational Change
    The first major event was when the Royal Conservatory of music was annexed to the University of Toronto. The next event was the restructuring of the Conservatory.
  6. Music: Jazz Anecdotes
    He was a dictator in the band. To keep the music interesting musicians must be creative in their entertainment.
  7. Concert Report: The Mimir Chamber Music Festival
    The three characteristics were the dynamics, intonation and ensemble where the intonation was brought about by the string quartet playing, the dynamics brought by the careful modulation and the ensemble bringing in a complete experience […]
  8. Music as a Contemporary Art
    Creativity involves manipulating words to appeal to the audience and for the audience to be able to relate to the music easily.
  9. The Role of Music Videos in the Negative Portrayal of Women in Society
    In conclusion, similar to the manner that Barbara Ehrenreich’s argument that, daytime talk shows are exploiting the poor in society, music videos are exploiting women and portray them in a negative light.
  10. Music Argument: Composing Music
    For them to appeal to the audience, artists can use any of the three categories of persuasion, that is, ethos, pathos and Logos in their work.
  11. Traditional Uses of Music in Christian Worship Services
    Christians have traditionally used music to encourage the believers to learn lessons on unity, and to challenge them to live as per the words of their songs.
  12. Woodstock Music and Art Festival
    In this paper, we will explore on Woodstock Music and Art festival, the challenges that were faced, and the impact of the festival to the music industry.
  13. Strange Fruit’ Music and Social Consciousness
    The movie under consideration is the Strange Fruit directed by Kyle Schickner which aims to show people the social problems and their arousal by means of the appearance of one song, from the day of […]
  14. Ralph Ellison and His “Living with Music”
    The beauty of the music is in the feelings, not in those which should be expressed according to the rules, but in those which the musician wishes to express and which arouse in the audience’s […]
  15. The Concept of Pop Music
    Deriving from rock and roll, Pop music found its distinctiveness in the 1950s to not only become one of the world’s most listened style of popular music, but also one of the very few styles […]
  16. Persian Music: Improvisation and Composition. Welcome to Dariush Eghbali’s Enchanted World
    In the case with Dariush Eghbali’s concert, the settings work exactly the way they should, introducing the audience to the world of the Persian music and making them dive into the unknown style.
  17. Living Classical Music Composer: Phillip Grass
    Classic music emerged in the beginning of the 11th century in the West. Conclusion Philip Glass is a great composer who has helped conserve the unique nature of classical music.
  18. The Film “Walk the Line” and the Role of Music in It
    The “Walk the Line” comprises of Johnny Cash and June Carter as the main characters. The Carter family was renowned in the country music genre, and June started singing with their family at the age […]
  19. Jazz Music in American Culture
    The origin of jazz is associated with black communities in the United States whose culture influenced the musical elements of the genre.
  20. Mathematics and Music
    In order to understand the relationship between tonal quality and mathematics, we can focus on the concept of dissonance and harmony in music.
  21. Classical Music Concert
    The lady was mainly doing the vocals while one of the gentlemen was playing the piano, the other was playing an oboe and the last one was playing a bassoon.
  22. The Artistic Realm of Music Video
    Although the public accuses Hip Hop of sexism, propensity for riots and greed, the author believes that the problem is not inside the genre but within society. This multidimensionality is what Beyonce was trying to […]
  23. Concepts of How the Blues Music Started In America
    The history of blues as a genre of music in America can be traced back to the time when the first African slaves were brought to the United States in 1619 to when the last […]
  24. The Place of Folk Music in Contemporary Society
    The second is the type of music that sprouted from traditional music in the 20th century. The same link extends to folk music and culture given that the former is a genre of folk lore.
  25. Music Styles: Indie Rock
    The Killers is one of the most popular indie rock bands in the USA. The Killers is one of the most popular bands performing the indie rock music.
  26. Pop Music Nature and History
    Classical music was for the high class, the affluent in the society, but the rapid urbanization brought by the industrial revolution came with a type of music popular to the middle and lower classes.
  27. Serialism as a Technique of Composing Pieces of Music
    The paper examines the meaning of serialism in music with reference to the classical writings of early music composers such as Adorno and Dahlhaus.
  28. Irving Berlin: Personification of American Music of the Twentieth Century
    Tin Pan Alley is one of the “most monolithic institutions” of American culture symbolizing peculiarities of music production in 1880-1950s, and “a style of promotion” of music.
  29. World Peace in Music
    According to Titze, “all religions over the world have a common belief about world peace”; that through prayer and supplication, people can achieve and foster peace in the world.
  30. Frank Zappa’s Music
    In his response to the various issues raised about him by them and the music he played he was not apologetic to anyone.
  31. “The Hurt Locker”: Music in the Movie
    The film presents a realistic performance of the events soldiers go through while in the line of duty. The music in that scene, therefore, enhances a reflection the dangerous environment of the war.
  32. Genesis Gospel Choir at the Lehman Center Recital Hall: Pushing the Envelope of Gospel Music
    The Genesis Gospel Choir pushed the envelope of the gospel genre at a recent concert. It was a bit disappointing that the titles and composers of the pieces were not listed in the program.
  33. Music in the Ancient Greece
    The history of music in ancient Greece dates back to the 6th century BCE when the first music lessons were introduced in the learning institutions. The ‘clappers’ were the other category of music instruments that […]
  34. The Effects of Mozart’s Music on Middle School Age Learning
    In spite of the fact that the effect of Mozart’s music on learning in general, and on the middle school age learning in particular, is the controversial topic which is actively discussed by psychologists, physiologists, […]
  35. Jazz Music Report
    Nevertheless, because of a new and imaginative way to interpret the compositions known by millions of people for quite a while, the concert left a huge impact on me and changed my perception of the […]
  36. Reading between the Lines, Interpreting Music
    On the one hand, everything from the names in the title of the song to the lyrics points at the fact that the song could be written to honor the memory of Britt and make […]
  37. Folk Music: A Tool for Culture Transmission
    Percy was of the opinion that there was a separate form of music for the urban setting and a different one for the rural setting describing the latter as folk music.
  38. The Music Industry versus the Internet: MP3 and Other CyberMmusic Wars
    In today’s world internet has facilitated the music artists to create, publicize and promote their music more easily but on the other hand it has created a big problem for the record companies as they […]
  39. Music Industry as a Cultural Industry
    The underlying principle of the premise is to enhance the liberation of the targeted end user from the oppression of the producers through the induction of the consumer to query given ideas, much in the […]
  40. Music Industry and Technology
    The paper further describes some of the technological innovations and analyses how the innovations have contributed to the positive growth of the music industry.

🎓 Simple & Easy Music Essay Titles

  1. Technology and Music Industry
    The impact of file sharing technology in the music industry has been a major obstacle to its advancement. In a clearer way, the future purchase and sale of music is anticipated to be easier.
  2. Lucky Dube as the Icon in the Reggae Music Industry
    In addition to this, the song talks about a contemporary issue which affected and still affects the lives of millions of people globally.
  3. The History of Mambo Music
    Despite the fact that mambo was brought to the general American public in a bright commercial wrapping, the original mambo sound and rhythms gradually won the hearts of the devoted audiences.
  4. The Steel Pan Music History
    One of the bright examples of such creative and ingenious response to the British cultural repression is the invention of steel drum, or pan.
  5. Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry
    Therefore, if American hip hop music genre infiltrated Asian music industry and an Asian hip hop music variety was invented then hurdles in Asian hip hop can be conquered.
  6. Music as an Independent Art
    There is a little possibility for the melody to save the initial idea of the author and convey it to the listeners through centuries.
  7. Music in the United States Culture
    Owing to the extensive nature of music, there is need to categorize music so as to simplify classification and ease the process through which a person can find music that they enjoy.
  8. Baroque Music: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 by J.S.Bach and The Four Seasons by A.Vivaldi
    Initially, the originators of the instrumental concerto were Italians: their natural bright character favoured the development of this playful genre that involved the key idea of competition between the soloists and the accompanying orchestra.
  9. E-Concert Report for Pieces from 20th Century Music
    This could not be overlooked by the creative part of society: the musicians of the century reflected the tendency to intellectualism, scientific perception of the world, and mechanization processes in their works.
  10. E-Concert Report for Pieces from Classical and Romantic Music
    The material of the first part is repeated, and at the end of the Overture the harmonic balance of the orchestra is assaulted by sudden sounds of trombones, as if questioning the achieved harmony.
  11. E-Concert Report for Pieces from Early and Baroque Music
    Spanning over fifteen decades, from the early 1600s to the mid-eighteenth century, Baroque epoch passed under the sign of rich ornamentation and fanciful designs which were the part and parcel of many a work of […]
  12. The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century
    Modernism movement provoked composers changed their music from any possible perspective, and one of the most frequent was the change of music language and the necessity “to turn a composition into a ‘text’ constructed of […]
  13. Constructions of Authenticity in Canadian Music
    In this paper, the constructions of authenticity in Canadian music will be explained and investigated by means of the deep analysis of a true meaning of the world “authenticity”, peculiarities of Canadian music, and the […]
  14. Technology Advances and Music
    The internet has been one of the major challenges in the music industry as people are downloading music instead of buying them from the music shops.
  15. Arab Music and Arab Cinema: Historical Development and the Role of Western Culture
    Thus the title of the project work is, “Arab Music and Arab Cinema: historical development and the role of Western culture ” The project scope is dedicated to peep into the historical background of how […]
  16. Music in Times of Conflict
    The Public Safety Act and the Criminal Amendment Act which were signed in 1953 enabled the government to declare the state of emergency.
  17. Music Harmony Studying
    Harmony is the opposite of melody since the latter is taken as the horizontal characteristic of music while the former is taken as the vertical characteristic of music.
  18. Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    The formation of Sony BMG Music Entertainment was born out of the 2004 perilous merger between Sony Corporation of America and BMG Music Group.
  19. Arab Music and Arab Cinema: Historical Development and the Role of Western Culture
    To this end the research shall cover all elements of progress covered in both the historical development of the two art forms as well as highlight on the modern day challenges being faced by the […]
  20. Susan McClary’s Music
    Although music is the sphere where the words cease to exist and where only the melody has the enchanting force that wins over the hearts of the audience, there is the chance to combine the […]
  21. Digitization and Convergence of Music Industry
    Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Graham Vickery note that the relationship between the artist and the record company is usually contractual which normally last for a limited period of time or number of records depending on the […]
  22. Music Downloads and the Ethics of Piracy
    The following article explicitly outlines the impact of piracy to the music industry, the public, government, and the remedies to curb the vice.
  23. Does Speeding up the Music Tempo Increase Task Performance
    The control group listened to the piece of music only at the original tempo. This design of this study aimed to explore the relationship between music tempo and cognitive speed.
  24. Music of “Song of Myself” or New Type of Diary Entry
    However, the poem is also special because it combines two types of art: literature and music.”Song of Myself” is a musical artwork since in this poem it is difficult to see the line between music […]
  25. Music of the Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa, North & South America during the 20th Century
    The aim of Giovinezza was to reinforce the position of Mussolini as the leader of the Fascist Movement and of Italy.
  26. The Relationship between Poetry and Music in Whitman’s Life and Work
    The poems “Song of Myself” and “Proud Music of the Storm” which were included into Whitman’s collection of poems Leaves of Grass demonstrate the impact of music and opera upon the poetic style, images and […]
  27. The Role of Music in the Sea Hawk
    The focus of the paper is to demonstrate that music plays several roles in a Hollywood film titled “The Sea Hawk” that was released in 1940.
  28. Music in the Movie “On the Beach” by Stanley Kramer
    In the film, on the beach, Stanley Kramer, the director, chooses his soundtracks with precision to highlight the background of the film, character identification, and the unfolding of events.
  29. Analysis of Ravel’s Music Piece: Bolero
    Incidentally just like the minimalist composers of today, Ravel developed the Bolero piece in a controlled form of monotony but contained within its self the capacity to sedate and capture an audience, the Bolero piece […]
  30. The Impact of Western Society on the Music Cultures of Other Societies in the World
    The following segments explain the components of Australian music culture, including musical instruments, songs and some of the functions in which music plays a fundamental role.
  31. Effects of Music in Advertising
    Therefore, consumers view the content of the commercial message through the lens of the overall mood of the advertisement that depends upon the tempo and volume of the background music.
  32. Music and Healing
    Using the example of the shaman ritual the author wants to prove that music is healing not only to human soul, but also to human body.
  33. Verismo in Classical Music
    Verismo refers to the composition of classical music based on natural elements and it was introduced to Italy in the late 19th Century.
  34. Leading Culture and Organizational Change at the Royal Conservatory of the Music
    Identifying the gifted children and sponsoring them to pursue further studies in the music industry is part of the institution’s program.
  35. Music Therapy Effectiveness
    In addition to this, research has shown that stroke patients become more involved in therapy sessions once music is incorporated in the treatment program; this is the motivational aspect of music.
  36. Popular Music in Uzbekistan
    It is aimed at demonstrating the wit of the participants to each other and the spectators. Apart from the folk music of Uzbek, modern pop music in the country is also significant.
  37. Leading Cultural and Organizational Change at the Royal Conservatory of Music
    The events that triggered the Royal Conservatory of Music to initiate change events have been captured in the text book as the forces of change.
  38. Choral Music History
    The origin of this form of music is the traditional music that people sung in groups across multiple traditional cultures. To enhance the outcome of the voices, choral music could be sung with or without […]
  39. Choral Music Review
    This uniqueness in choral music of combining various voices in multiple lines of music increases the power of music hence improving the quality of music. These include parts of choral music, voices involved, categories of […]
  40. Compare and Contrast: “Popular Music from Vittula” and “Naïve, Super”
    It is notable that that the young American occupants of Vittulah tend to ignore the Scandinavian culture and assume their occupancy of the area as the most vital happening.

🥇 Most Interesting Music Topics to Write about

  1. Piracy: Marketing Strategies Encouraging Consumers to Purchase Music Legally
  2. Influence of Heavy Metal Music on Adolescence (Behavior, Identity, Mood, Regulation, Psychology)
  3. The Music Industry
  4. Guitar in a non-Western Musical Genre
  5. Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Popular Music
  6. Music Industry: Michael Jackson and 50 Cent Careers
  7. Arts Education: Music, Dance and Theatre
  8. Chicano Music
  9. E-commerce Website for Music Videos
  10. Listening Log: Music in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  11. Themes, Content and the Power of Music in Iron Man: When the World Is Crumbling
  12. Electronic music (within the 20th Century art music tradition)
  13. School Music Festival Concert
  14. Popular music: Meaningful contributions to social and political change
  15. Effects of Music in Advertising
  16. Kiwi music cultural event in New Zealand
  17. Introducing Children to Music
  18. Internet Marketing: Use of Social Media by Artists to Market their Music
  19. R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music
  20. How does jazz the music and its story reflect the American experience?
  21. Gangsta Rap Music as Social Culture in the Journal of Youth Studies by Alexander Riley
  22. Teaching a musical instrument in school
  23. How music can influence our behaviour
  24. Music and the Construction of Personal/Social Identities
  25. Hip-hop music
  26. Miles Davis contribution to African American music
  27. Diversity and Inclusion in Relation to Music in the Workplace
  28. Digital Music Increasing Trend
  29. Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business
  30. Classical and Modern Music
  31. Review of Peter Kivy’s Introduction to a Philosophy of Music
  32. The Impact of Korean Popular Music
  33. College Students’ Satisfaction of Music Festival in China
  34. Classical Music Influence on Brain and Mood
  35. Music and Neuroscience
  36. Youth Popular Cultures and Music
  37. Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music
  38. Woodstock Music Festival
  39. An Analysis of Music Theory
  40. Classic Rocks and Gangsta Rap. Music Analysis
  41. Music as a Relaxation Technique
  42. Music and Dance as a Part of Our Culture
  43. Takeaway Listening Test: The Sounds of Music
  44. Pop Culture and Music
  45. The Cattle Drivers’ Music
  46. Music in Saudi Arabia
  47. Diving into the Secrets of the Korean Music
  48. “Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America” by Mirjana Lausevic
  49. Music Types in the United States
  50. Music: Cape Breton Fiddling
  51. Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014
  52. The Music Band’s Parmalee Promotion
  53. Music and Rebellion in the Era of Commercialization
  54. Music in “The Oral and Written Tradition” by Edward D. Ives
  55. Music Art: “La Cathédrale Engloutie” by Claude Debussy
  56. Women in Hip-Hop Music
  57. Hip-Hop Music and Role of Women in It
  58. Music Comparison: Posse on Broadway by Sir Mix-a-Lot, Joe Metro by Blue Scholars, and The Town by Macklemore
  59. Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture
  60. Taylor Swift’s New Music Video “Blank Space”
  61. How Baroque Era Influenced the Music World?
  62. Music Video: ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj
  63. Music and Its Effects on Culture
  64. Rock Music of the 1970s
  65. Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison
  66. Music Value and Impact
  67. “Thank You for the Song” by Jennifer Rondeau and “Thank You for the Music” by Abba Comparison
  68. Music, Media and Culture’ Effects on Aggressive Behavior
  69. The Instrumental Music of Baroque: Forms and Evolution
  70. Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
  71. Music: The London Symphonies by Joseph Haydn
  72. Bossa Nova’ and Smooth Jazz’ Music Comparison
  73. The History of Modern Chinese Music
  74. Music Talent Shows and the American Dream
  75. Music Industry Corporate Policy and Strategy
  76. Radiohead Music’ Project
  77. Racism in Music: “(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue”
  78. Baroque Music Concert – Haendel: La Resurrection
  79. Indigenous Celtic Music: Preservation and Revival
  80. Rock Music as an Unique Cultural Phenomenon
  81. History of the Science and Art of Music
  82. Personality and Music Preferences
  83. The Music Recording Industry in Canada
  84. The Culture of Electronic Dance Music
  85. The Wollongong Music Festival Arranging
  86. Jazz Live Music Concert in Catalina Jazz Club
  87. Bundling and Distribution of Digitized Music Over the Internet
  88. Music Special Innovation for the Physical Exercise
  89. Louis Armstrong’s Contribution to Jazz Music
  90. The Role of Music in Cinematography
  91. The Effectiveness of Music for Cancer Patients
  92. The Ars Antiqua Music Concept
  93. Music Role in Personal and Social Identities
  94. Los Angeles and Seattle’ Music in 80-90s
  95. Disco, Rock, Jazz and Popular Music: Comparison
  96. Modern Music Development in the USA
  97. Baroque Mark in Today’s Music
  98. Music Video “Mockingbird” by Eminem
  99. American Music Bands: Dixie Chicks and The Weavers
  100. Music and Society: “Eminem Is Right” by Mary Eberstadt
  101. Frank Zappa and His Contribution to the Music Industry
  102. Ableton Live Software Application in Music Performance
  103. Paul Simon’s Music Style
  104. Frank Zappa’s Biography and Music
  105. Korean Pop Music and Youth Identity
  106. Javanese Music, Its History and Aspects
  107. Music Band “Mahotella Queens”
  108. Psychology: Music Role in Family Engagement
  109. Music Industry & Technology: Benefits and Threats
  110. The Role of Music in Films
  111. The Role of Music Therapy as Alternative Treatment
  112. Music Production: History and Changes
  113. Music Sampling: Concept and History
  114. Lalo Guerrero: the Father of Chicano Music
  115. Louis Armstrong’s and Bix Beiderbecke’s Jazz Music
  116. Personality and Music Preference
  117. Castrato in Music: History and Famous Singers
  118. Economic and Music Industry’ Relationship in South Africa
  119. Auto-Tune Technology in Music: Physics and Ethics
  120. YouTube Case: Copyright Infringement of Music and Films
  121. BBC Radio 6 Music Company Analysis
  122. Role of Music in Our Life
  123. Music Technology in Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd’ Songs
  124. How Music Affects the Brain?
  125. Sight Singing: Learning Approaches and Music
  126. ITunes Music Pricing: Apple’s Managerial Decisions
  127. Jazz Music Popularization in Chinese Culture
  128. Duke Ellington: Life and Music Principles
  129. Music Curriculum, Its Elements and Difficulties
  130. MTV’s Revolution in the Music Industry
  131. Music Programs and Monetary Barriers in Schools
  132. Classical and Contemporary Music Comparison
  133. Socialist Realism Limitations in Soviet Music
  134. Music in the “Pearl Harbor” Film by Michael Bay
  135. Renaissance Music Shift from Sacred to Secular
  136. Achille-Claude Debussy’s Music as the Best Present
  137. Music in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”
  138. Piano Music, Baroque and Nationalism Influences
  139. Global Music: Mass Communication
  140. Music in Jean-Jacques Beneix’s Film “Diva”
  141. Popular Music and Accompanying Visual Representation
  142. The Dynamic Between the Popular Music’ Sound and Look
  143. Enigma’s “Return to Innocence” Music Video
  144. The Social Impact of Reggae Music
  145. Music Role in Memory and Learning Processes
  146. Old School Hip Hop Versus New Hip Hop Music
  147. Music Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
  148. Music and Human Memory Connection
  149. Qirong Xu on Music, Culture, Musicians’ Problems
  150. Music Influence on Feeling Movie Scenes
  151. Fashion in Clothing, Music, and Moods
  152. Music’s Role in Culture
  153. The Changing Nature of the Music Industry
  154. Music Industry: History of Storage Devices
  155. The Role of Music in the Film “Lolita”
  156. Music in the Mathematics, Finance and Economics
  157. Afro-American Influence on Western Music Development
  158. Special and Inclusive Music Education
  159. Music Therapy as a Social Work Intervention
  160. Managerial Decisions: iTunes Music Pricing
  161. Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626
  162. Mystery Compositions in Church Music
  163. Music of 17th/18th Century
  164. History of Jamaican Music
  165. Classical Music Concert Report
  166. Creative Arts and Music Lesson Plan and Activities
  167. Music Perception and Cognition
  168. Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development
  169. Music Styles and Their Differences
  170. Gustav Holst’s Music “The Planets”
  171. Social Constructions and Hip Hop Music
  172. American Popular Music
  173. Music Concrete and Post-War Technology Development
  174. Free Improvisation and Experimental Music
  175. Classical Music Concerts: Video Report
  176. The Studio and Pre-Recorded Music Usage
  177. Commercial Music for Listeners: Poster Discussion
  178. Music Distribution Revolution
  179. Music and Brain
  180. Music Business Websites Research
  181. “Baroque Music of Bologna” Compositions
  182. The Role of Music in the Film “Titanic”
  183. Francois Couperin’s Baroque Music
  184. Gogoyoko Music Selling Company’s Marketing Plan
  185. Music Genre Influence on the Heart Rate
  186. Music Intervention’s Effect on Falls in a Dementia Unit
  187. Parmalee Music Band’s Marketing in Social Networks
  188. “Music and Other Provinces” Class
  189. Anglo-American Folk Music Revival
  190. Online Music Store’s Website Development Planning
  191. Sex in Music Compositions and Videos
  192. Music in Films: Composers, Soundtracks and Themes
  193. Spotify Music Service and Its Suggestions
  194. Plant Growth and Development with Music
  195. Psychology: Music’s Role in Life
  196. Music in “Lady Windermere’s Fan” and “Atonement” Films
  197. Music in Films: “The Shawshank Redemption”
  198. Music Streaming Industry and Trend Analysis
  199. Women’s Contribution to Rock Music Development
  200. Classical Music: Cultural Consumption and Cultural Diversity
  201. Film Music and Its Role in Perception
  202. MTV Channel and Music Video Genre
  203. Jazz Music Concert and Theatrical Performance
  204. Russian Music by Glazunov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glière
  205. Romantic Music: Frédéric Chopin and Robert Schumann
  206. Jazz Music Development Since 1945
  207. Antonio Vivaldi: The Study of Music
  208. A Brief History of the Music Industry
  209. The Failure of a Large Swedish Music Event, Peace & Love
  210. Classical Symphony and Classical Chamber Music
  211. Basic Elements of Music
  212. Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance Music
  213. Women and the Industry of the Trap Music: Empowering or Succumbing to the Stereotype?
  214. Music in “Mrs. Doubtfire” the Film by Chris Columbus
  215. The Effect of Music on UAEU Female Students

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