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Music as a Contemporary Art Research Paper


There is a close relationship between music and society. Music is a reflection of social conditions some of which are responsible for either facilitating or restricting social change. Music can be described as a strong medium, a fact that has necessitated its control in some societies.

It is important in social groups in that it aids communication which is more than mere words, facilitates sharing of meanings, and enhances creation of different types of identities. At the individual level, music has the capacity of provoking responses such as emotional, behavioral and physiological emotions among others (Musicmagic, 2008). This essay will relate creativity and artistic expression to world hunger.

Creativity and Changing World Hunger

Music is characterized by creativity to pass across a certain messages. This justifies the fact that a musician who has to make an impact then must be exhibit an admirable degree of creativity. Music does not appeal to the audience and consequently does not make any impact if there is no creativity employed in its creation. Creativity involves manipulating words to appeal to the audience and for the audience to be able to relate to the music easily.

The creative nature of music can be used as a catalyst to change world hunger. Hunger is a worldwide problem that has continued to ravage many parts of the world. This calls for drastic measures to solve the problem among them use of music. Through music, people can be educated on the problems and challenges that are posed by world hunger and that their contribution can go far in changing the whole situation.

One of the ways through which music can function as a catalyst towards fighting world hunger is through concerts arranged by musicians. As part of influential members of the society, musicians can arrange concerts aimed at sensitizing people on world hunger and how they can contribute towards alleviating the problem. Such concerts creatively pool many people together and make contributions that are aimed at meeting the needs of those affected by hunger.

The funds collected during such concerts can be used to initiate programs in developing countries that would help them be self sustainable. Music uses words creatively to inform the listeners of how they can create a good world by assisting those who are hunger stricken. Through creatively expressing messages of a bright future through alleviating hunger, music contributes positively towards acting as a catalyst in fighting world hunger and changing the world situation.

Impact of Music on Society

Since time immemorial, music has been described to provide a therapeutic effect on individuals. Therapy can be achieved through listening to music or being involved in its production. Together with other interventions, music can be used to bring about a relaxed mood, eliminating pain and generally promoting the well being of an individual through various methods.

For example, therapeutic quality of music can be explored with patients in hospitals or people experiencing a lot of pain. Music is also used in changing the behavior of susceptible groups and improving the lives of people who cannot be helped through medical procedures.

Music is also known to play an important role in the lives of infants in their early years and increasing their well being. Active participation in music for growing children is known to increase their self-esteem and development of various important skills in their lives.

Music enables people to do away with boredom and changing moods. Music has an impact on the purchasing patterns of consumers. It helps buyers remember the names of certain products by associating them with music. This makes music a great influence on consumers as they purchase goods.

Music as Inspiration or Propaganda

Music can be used as a source of both inspiration and propaganda. As inspiration, music has a positive impact as it is intended at conveying positive messages to the listeners. However, when music qualifies as propaganda, it may bring harmful effects as it is intended at propagating facts or arguments with the aim of attracting rivalry. Inspirational music passes across constructive messages to the listeners.

The artistic component of music makes it appealing to the listeners who identify with its content. For instance, musicians are human beings who go through the suffering that every other human being goes through. Some of the challenges these musicians have gone through are expressed in the form of music to encourage and give hope to the listeners. In this manner, music is a form of inspiration.

Music can also be an inspiration when it is sang in praise or recognition of people who have made great contributions in the society. Examples of such people include legendary individuals who fought for freedom and other aspects of the society. Through music, societal members and future generations are able to appreciate the great deeds of their heroes and heroines. This inspires many people in the society to continue working hard In order to be remembered as having contributed positively like many others.

Propaganda can be defined as arguments, opinions, or allegations which are propagated deliberately through channels of communication with the aim of advancing one’s intentions or cause damage to opposing intentions.

In other words, propaganda is publicity which may be used to convince people to act towards a certain course. Music is one of the most effective vehicles that can be used for propaganda (Wells, n.d). The use of popular songs renders them effective ways of passing messages with the context or circumstances being used to further enhance the intentions.

Music is adaptable hence it can be manipulated communicate the intended message to the listener. For instance, politicians use music in their campaigns to obtain emotional response from the crowds and woe them to vote in their favor. In this manner, music is applied as a vehicle of social change in attaining certain goals through the melodies and lyrics. It might be used to spread dangerous information which will have negative impact.


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