Music Essay Examples and Topics

Heavy Metal’s Gender Trends

Abstract Heavy metal is a type of rock music, which emerged in the UK and the USA in the mid 20th century (Marino, 2013). From then on, the genre’s songwriters, singers, and scholars have been looking for new ways to popularize and add value to folk music to attract a wide range of audience. An […]

Music and Dance as a Part of Our Culture

Music and dance were known to people for a long time. From the starting point of our civilization, first people could make rough musical instruments and dance to the sounds. At first, dance would be used in religious ceremonies and rituals, for example, to call out the rain in the dry season and in some […]

College Students’ Satisfaction of Music Festival in China

Motivation: Why college students like to join music festival According to Bissell and Dolan (2011, p. 63), music festivals are very popular among the Chinese college students. It is important to understand the reasons that make these festivals popular among these students. Aquinas (2006, p. 67) says that one of the reasons why music festivals […]

Representing Beauty Musically in 1600

Introduction Music has evolved over the centuries with a progression from elementary works of art to the complicated and more entertaining compositions of the present age. Music has been used for various purposes leading to the development of the numerous genres. Traditionally, love and romance were common themes in most works of art. Alongside them, […]

Primary Source Reflection – a Steel Pan

Abstract History is, no doubt, an important component of life regardless of what perspective one intends to view it from. Notably, many people engaged in particular stages of history enlighten the events that historical perspectives present or just document them to give the generations to come an opportunity to have a clear picture of the […]

Hip-hop music

Introduction Hip-Hop is perhaps the form of music that has attracted the most controversy. Many people have blamed hip-hop for a number of societal issues like violence, promiscuity, bad language, etc. Whether or not these people are right in blaming hip-hop for these societal problems is still a matter of heated debates among interested parties. […]

How music can influence our behaviour

Introduction Music shapes the way people interact with another, how they define their identities and how they respond to their surroundings. DeNora (2004, 5) explains that “instead of using music to understand people, one should focus on how music constructs them”. Indeed, music has the capacity to shape and affect behaviour owing to its effect […]

Teaching a musical instrument in school

Introduction Music education is a study field that deals with training of individuals interested in music. It entails all spheres of learning including psychomotor, cognitive and the effective domain. Psychomotor domain deals with ability development while cognitive domain deals with knowledge achievement. Effective domain is the most significant and entails the positive reception of music […]

Sound and Space

Importance of sound Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to […]

How does jazz the music and its story reflect the American experience?

Jazz is acknowledged around the globe for its rich cultural legacy entrenched in the African-American experience. Ever since its initiation in the early 20th century; jazz has greatly contributed to the American culture and has been a reflection of American experience and is also extensively believed to be the only truly unique American art form. […]

Effects of Music in Advertising

Music has been recognized as a powerful stimulus affecting people’s mood and even health since times immemorial. Realizing the potential of using the music elements in advertizing for affecting the consumers’ perception and purchasing behavior, marketers use music in supermarkets and as a background feature in commercials. The findings of the latest empirical studies have […]

Rapid Progress of YouTube

Today we can observe the tendency of a constant development of the sites which provide visitors with the opportunity to share their videos with the other people in order to find the necessary and interesting information or to have fun. YouTube is one of the most popular sites among those users of the Internet resources […]

School Music Festival Concert

Music festivals are important components of society because they encourage people to bring out the best of their abilities in songs and dances. The festivals allow the participants and the audience to interact in an environment where entertainment as well as values can be exchanged freely. Scholars have argued that music is a vital component […]

Who is Beyonce?

Introduction Beyonce is arguably the top female musician in the world. From a career that emerged from the success of an all-girl music group, she has received several accolades for her music and acting careers. Her success has attracted a lot of media attention from critics and fans alike. Moreover, her recent engagement and wedding […]

The Irish Rock Band U2 as a Modern Critique of Religion

Introduction U2, the Irish Rock Band, has been under the guidance of the songster called Bono since 1980s. During most nationalized prayers particularly the February 2006 Washington, DC state mealtime payers, Bono offered a crucial speech concerning religious issues. The affair was planned by the evangelical Christian charity and was attended by various world leaders, […]

Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Popular Music

Numerous writers have come up with chronicles on the Canadian popular music. The latest book documenting the Canadian popular music is by Ryan Edwardson. The book dubbed “Canuck Rock: a History of Canadian Popular Music” focuses on demonstrating the history of rock music in Canada. Edwardson brings out the relationship between rock music and Canadian […]

Audio Processing Techniques and Processors

Introduction Today, the development of music technology depends on using a variety of audio processors to add and correct the definite sound effects, to produce a sound of a certain quality. Modern audio processors can be operated as plug-ins and work according to different types of software. The other processors can be used as the […]

The Flute Advancement and Its Invention

Introduction The flute is a musical instrument that has shown notable improvement from its original model. The sound outcome has been improved and has become notable as Phelan (2004) says. This essay identifies flute advancement and will investigate the time and circumstances that led to the invention. The discussion highlights how it affected the field […]

Guitar in a non-Western Musical Genre

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the use of guitars in a non-Western musical tradition. In particular, it is necessary to focus on such a genre of Vietnamese chamber music as Ca trù that has a history of many centuries. Yet, for a long time, it was overlooked by musicologists and art historians. One […]

Show Boat: Encouraging Tolerance

Introduction Show Boat refers to the 1927 musical with basically two acts. There is music with Jerome Kern, book as well as lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein.1 Indeed, Oscar Hammerstein’s satirical applications within the musical play Show Boat remains a historical landmark in the entertainment industry. It equally depicts and promotes the aspects of tolerance. Drawn […]

Hip-Hop: News from a Ghetto’s Point of View

Introduction Hip Hop is a culture of self expression musical art. It was started by Latino-Americans and African-Americans in the seventies. During this period, youth unemployment had risen to about 70% in the United States. The unemployed youths used it to address the hardships and social injustices that they experienced. Hip Hop, since its ignition, […]

Popular Music in Uzbekistan

Before looking at the popular music of the Uzbeks, it is important to understand who they are and their origin. Most of them live in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic while the rest live in Northern Afghanistan. They were not originally part of Central Asia since the region was inhabited by Iranian-speaking people. They emerged […]

Verismo in classical music

Introduction Over time, there have been changes in the way performance art is presented. Classical music has not been an exception since it advances as different composers use different modes to express themselves. Verismo is a unique style of music which expresses every day happenings in society. It makes use of ordinary settings to communicate […]

Music and Healing

Music is the notion that makes people think about the tunes they really adore. There are different genres and directions in music that help it to be in favor of different people. There are many specific qualities which apply to music. Thus, it may help think about something important, remain happy or remember something sad […]

Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap

Introduction The world of hip-hop is always about ‘realness’ as artists use their artistic skills to show what really happens in their surroundings and how those around them interpret these issues. In his book ‘Hip-hop Revolution: the culture and politics of Rap’ Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, appreciates hip-hop and confronts the myths associated with the […]

How Is Rhythm Used In The Control Of Tension And Repose?

Introduction Rhythm is commonly referred to as movement brought about by organizing musical elements systematically and it can include pace, tempo and meter. According to Findlay (5), “tempo is the rate of speed in which a composition is played,” while rhythm can be defined as “a particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of […]

Music of the Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa, North & South America during the 20th Century

Introduction The 20th century has been characterized by not only huge advances by the human civilization but also periods of turbulent wars and conflicts between various parties. These conflicts include: civil wars, civil rights and freedom movements and their occurrence is not limited to specific geographical locations. While these conflicts were primarily characterized by war, […]

Phonograph Invention and Evolution

Introduction Phonograph is not a new concept or tool. Different names have been used to refer to it in different places for instance record player, turntable or gramophone. The device was introduced towards the end of the 19th century, in 1877 by Edison Alva Thomas while he was carrying out his normal duties at his […]

West Coast Jazz

Introduction In the 1950s and the 1960s a new form of jazz music was invented in Los Angeles. It was referred to as West Coast jazz and it primarily developed as a variation of cool jazz (a type of modern jazz that grew up during the Second World War period). The music was also seen […]

History of the Orchestra in the 19th & 20th Century

This paper reviews the major developments of the symphony orchestra in the 19th and 20th century, with particular emphasis on the addition of certain instruments and the removal of others, as well as the influence of composer Ludwig von Beethoven, whose influence still endures. The paper also highlights the orchestral innovations of Russian born composer […]

Constructions of Authenticity in Canadian Music

Canadian music is worthy of attention for many reasons. They involve the absence of cultural diversity, the desire to create and develop images but not just to sell them, and, of course, the use of music for personal satisfaction. Such devotion to own traditions and negation of popular culture is one of the first sings […]

The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century

Introduction The conditions under which the world lived at the beginning of the 20th century had to be changed considerably to destroy the ruling Victorian principles and to start developing innovations, which could improve the life of current materialistic society. People required for changes, and those changes had to touch upon each sphere of life. […]

Music in the United States Culture

Introduction Music is regarded to as the universal language that traverses over cultural boundaries and nations thus unifying the human race. Music is believed to have the ability to evoke sentiments ranging from happy sensual emotions to sad and enraged feelings. As an art, music has evolved together with man from a humble mostly percussion […]

Music as an Independent Art

Introduction From the perspective of time, the history of humanity can be viewed as a constant flow of moods, personalities, and events. This flow has a changeable nature, and therefore we subdivide it into different eras, such as Victorian, Classical, Romantic, Modern, etc. Obviously, every epoch is individual, and its ideas influence all the spheres […]

Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry

Hip hop musical genre has penetrated numerous human cultures as music and way of life. The eastern part of the world, similar to other regions, benefited from rich varieties of indigenous music. Asian countries had pride in their music and lifestyles that were envied globally. Ancient oriental music was regarded as rich in meaning and […]

Between Romanticism and Modernism

In contemporary times, the term romanticism when it comes to music refers to that period roughly between 1810 and 1900 when there was a revival for the need to listen to ‘medieval’ music. It is interesting to note that though this may be the case, historians are yet to agree on the actual time when […]

Mass cultural phenomenon

Introduction The five elements chosen for analysis are five Lady Gaga videos; these are videos of her most popular songs and they include: ‘Telephone’, ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Poker face’ and ‘Just dance’. This pop icon was selected because she is the ideal representation of what Americans look for in pop culture as seen through her […]

“Far from Here”

Introduction “Far from Here” is a recent video of the rock band The Lonesome Ones. It is necessary to note that the video enhances the effect created by the music and the lyrics. More so, the song and the video supplement each other and the video help the band articulate their message. The video unveils […]

Nickelback’s “Photograph”

Rock music provides the significant emotional content with the help of lyrics, and this combination can affect the audience’s perception of music. However, the effects can be strengthened with references to images or videos provided. Rock music images in their combination with melodies and lyrics present a new product belonging to the category of art […]

Rockumentaries and Musicals: Woodstock

During the period of the 1950s, the era of the Classical Hollywood Musicals was changed with the era of ‘rockumentaries’ which specific features responded to the needs of the developed society focused on sexuality, love, and freedom of expression. Rock and roll music emerged as the reaction to the social changes, and the development of […]

Jazz Concert

Introduction As a genre of music, Jazz has been very difficult to define relative to other genres of music. This difficulty arises due to its ever-evolving nature that allows it to borrow from other genres and fuse different musical styles yet maintaining its identity. Jazz has been identified with its origin in America as a […]

Jazz music report

The day when I told myself that it had been a while since I last attended a jazz concert happened to be the pivoting point in my vision of New Jazz music. The concert featured the compositions that had been around for quite a while and seemingly had no surprises. Nevertheless, because of a new […]

Sister Act: Critical Review

The Production Overview Sister Act is the famous Broadway musical which could also be seen at the Fox Theatre during November nights. This fact is important because many people interested in musical and comedy should see Sister Act which can be discussed as the funny and impressing show. The show is based on the music […]

The Effects of Mozart’s Music on Middle School Age Learning

Different music genres and forms have various effects on the people’s mood, behavior, and activities. As a result, it is possible to state that music can also positively affect learning of students studying at the middle school because of stimulating the work of their brains, influencing the physiological processes, and affecting the students’ emotional state […]

Music in the ancient Greece

History This paper is about music in the ancient Greece. The paper opens with a brief overview of music and how it was practiced in ancient Greece. There is also an in-depth observation of how this form of art was perceived by ancient Greeks. There is also a discussion of the various ways through music […]

Reflection on Making a Rindik

A rindik is a Balinese musical instrument that is made from bamboo. Rice farmers developed the instrument during the early years of the 20th century. A rindik is a traditional instrument whose bars are tuned in order to produce humming sounds of different pitches. To play the rindik, one requires high concentration and playing skills […]

American Art and 1920 Jazz Age

Introduction American art includes the historical paintings and other visual artistic expressions. Realistic paintings of portraits and landscapes are some of the art types produced at the onset of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the height of the industrial revolution in America, the America craft movement which began as a response to the industrial revolution […]

Musicals’ Review

Introduction Movies have entertained us for over a hundred years now. Making us laugh or cry with every film that we see. Movies break the monotony of our everyday lives and serve as our escape for a little over 2 hours each time. With all its genres ranging from the silent films all the way […]

Research on Guitar

History and Manufacturers The first texts about guitars as the musical instruments appear in the 14th century. The modern form and function of guitars are related to the similar musical instruments such as vihuela which are originated from Spain. In the 18th century, guitar with the double courses appears. In the 19th century, the guitar’s […]

The Beginnings of Hip-Hop

Within the course of three decades, hip-hop has become a part of the mainstream culture. Yet, the situation was quite different in the early eighties when hip-hop was marginalized. This paper is aimed at discussing the origins of this musical and artistic movement. In particular, much attention should be paid to the distinctive characteristics of […]

The Artistic Realm of Music Video

Deborah Rouse talks about the art of making music videos. She explains that production is a complicated process that unites the worlds of film and music. Rouse specifically talks about black video producers who work in a highly competitive environment. Some famous black producers, such as Hype Williams, explain that video production entails envisaging the […]

The Romantic Era

The assertion of most pupils at public schools consists in the fact that music can create new life opportunities for everyone. In the 19th century, music was served to describe the true nature of the human being. It is at that time that music performers began to play in front of the public to earn […]

Black Expression

Introduction Music is universal, and all races cultures and tribes have unique music. Music is also an integral part of African culture. In some cultures, music is a source of entertainment, while in African cultures; music is a medium for communication and passing of knowledge. African American music style can be traced to West Africa, […]

Jazz Music in American Culture

Introduction Jazz refers to a popular genre of music that originated from New Orleans in 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles. It also refers to a style of music characterized by dancing and played by large bands (Sutro, 2011, p.12). The origin of jazz is associated with black communities in the United States whose […]

Cultural production and popular culture

Cultural production and popular culture may be expressed in different notions and may be supported by various aspects of life. Considering the popular culture of the period after the World War II, the increase of the interest to the cinematography and music may be remembered. Patriotism and nationalist points of view were touched in many […]

Rent the adaptation of the broadway musical to feature film

Introduction This case study focuses on “Rent” a musical production that first opened in Broadway in 1994. Jonathan Larson wrote and composed this musical. The musical is based on the Bohemian Ideals and is loosely based on La Puccini’s “La Boheme” (Puccini 1). The show was first shown in a limited three-week period at the […]

Woodstock Music and Art Festival

Introduction Woodstock is a town in Ulster County, New York, United States. The town got its name from the famous 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Festival: It has earned a reputation as home to one of the most exciting periods of American popular music. The festivals were actually held elsewhere, but many of the creative […]

Les Miserables The Musical

Introduction Les Miserables is a musical concert held in memory of the work done by Victor Hugo. The musical got derived from the novel, Les Miserables. The book got written and published by Victor Hugo in Brussels, 1862. The musical concert believed in moral over evil, tolerance and non-violence. The songs below are excerpts from this musical concert (“About […]

American Spirit in Musical Theaters

The American musicals theaters have always reflected the time in which these musicals were performed. They represented the American spirit, as well as its mores and morals. The American sprite is a philosophy of being American. It ensures that there is Life, Liberty and a Pursuit of Happiness for every citizen without any discrimination. This […]

The Piano’s Designs and Qualities

Most of the modern music instruments such as the guitar saxophone and the piano were invented by various individuals several years back. The piano is today one of the most widely played musical instruments (Antique Digest). This instrument is played through a key board (Good 76). It was commonly used in classical music during solo […]

Is Rap Poetry?

Introduction Poetry can be defined as a unique Art that is created and designed using sounds. Poetry as an Art uses sounds to create an expression of what is intended (Ntozake 1). Poetry has unique features that make it stand out as a form of Art. For example poems are popular for their application of […]

Music as a Contemporary Art

Introduction There is a close relationship between music and society. Music is a reflection of social conditions some of which are responsible for either facilitating or restricting social change. Music can be described as a strong medium, a fact that has necessitated its control in some societies. It is important in social groups in that […]

What jazz is and what jazz is not

Jazz existence in the world of music has its own ambiguity in definitions. Jazz is a section of creative art that is mostly an illustration of African – American sense of art. It is a field which has become jargonized recognizing itself additional as separate from past forms rather than relevant to today’s world of […]

Music: Jazz Anecdotes

Introduction The stories of Pops Foster and Chief Blue Cloud in wild scenes were introduced in an interesting manner. I was intrigued by these two stories that described the characters of musicians. Their skills give them fame as well as power to influence. Creativity was also inevitable in their careers. Music and Influence Pops Foster’s […]

History and Evolution of the Guitar Instrument

1. The guitar is among the oldest musical instruments used in various ancient musical performances. This magnificent musical instrument was popular during early times of Persia, in many Middle Eastern countries and Rome (Guitar history). However, the experienced progress and advancement of this instrument lies entirely on concerts, recital halls and ordinary individuals who adopted […]

The Baroque Era

Overview Baroque era (1600-1750) refers to time period in European history when musicians composed and performed certain typical style of music (Winterer, 2005). Initially, the term Baroque was largely used in Portugal. In spite of the fact that it later surfaced as an important development in music, original interpretation of the term was rather derogatory. […]

Cuba Music, Its Styles and Instruments

Introduction Cuba has developed much music which is in very different styles of singing and composition. The people making this music try to apply the cultures which came from the continent of Africa and Europe. The music Cuba has natural styles based on the European specifically the Spanish and also the African music. The instruments […]

Music Therapy throughout The Soloist

It is already well-established that music as a complex combination of various vibrations affects human organism in a plenty of different ways. Depending on the kind of music piercing a human body, it may piece, enliven, liberate, capture. Music is an alternative medicine, a drug for a human mind, which may have either positive or […]

The Hip-Hop Genre Origin and Influence

Introduction Hip-hop is a contemporary wave of civilization consisting of music, style, and art. Hip- hop is one of the most famous music genres in the world of music. The genre has been made very famous in America in the recent decades by young African -American artistes. Currently, its fame and appeal has spread worldwide. […]

Baroque Period and Romantic Period

Baroque period commenced immediately after renaissance from 1600 till 1750. During this period music composers decided to eliminate polyphony and brought back an ancient Greek style known as monody. This style comprised of one melody coupled by necessary compliments. Harmony was thought to be quite relevant and this is why it was developed. Harmony involves […]

Music and Media Perceptions

Since time immemorial, music has been inseparable from the media. This is primarily due to the entertainment function of the media. Thus the media has always incorporated the function of entertaining its listeners in its programming. Despite the good intentions by the media in using music to reach the masses and ensure that they stay […]

Chinese Music and Its Types

Introduction In any nation, music is a paramount parameter of entertaining, education and disseminating people. Although the contemporary music appears different from traditional music, it is certain the roles of music remain unchanged. Like any other music, the Chinese music dates back to the era of Chinese civilization. During the Shang Dynasty, the Chinese people […]

Michael Jackson in Pepsi Advertising

The commercial where Michael Jackson “features” Pepsi (Jeraldi) as the indispensable attribute of the new generation is immensely effective, because it sets specific picture for the people who watch it. The advertisement pictures the new lifestyle which appeal to the youth, and that makes people buy the desired drink. The clue idea of the advertisement […]

Latin American Music

Introduction This paper discusses some of the colonial music composers in Spanish Caribbean. The author examines Tango, Baroque and Latin Jazz as some of the old classical music in the region. Further, the writer highlights the Latin American music during the 1970s mainstream and explains changes that emerged during this period. Consequently, the paper describes […]

Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong: Jazz Music Research Paper

Introduction Jazz music has its origin dating back to as far as the beginning of the 20th century with an African American origin. Louis Armstrong is described to be the man best known around the would as the founding father of Jazz (Louis Armstrong house museum, 2008) while on the other hand, Dizzy Gillespie is […]

Analysis of Music Video

Introduction In this work the discussion is going to focus on a hip hop video by one of the greatest MCs in the industry by the stage name of NAS born Nasir Jones, Nas released the song in 16th April 2002. The song was released by the Columbia records and the distribution is done by […]

The Story of Christian Music

1. Wilson-Dickinson. Despite the short 150 years of European Christian missions in Africa, a dramatic increase has been witnessed in the numbers of population converted to Christian religion (Wilson-Dickson, p. 170). Such achievements have been made possible by integrating European Christian procedures into the everyday activities of the locals. A key factor in African lifestyle, […]

Composing and Performing Church Music

In the twentieth century, the view of music by the Roman Catholic Church was defined in two statements: the first of them, motu proprio of 1903, proclaimed return to Gregorian chant, restoration of unaccompanied polyphonic singing, and composition of contemporary music for liturgy (Wilson-Dickson 1992, 214). Thus, a more professional approach was taken to composing […]

The Classical Music and Their Effects

Introduction Whether it is in the past or present time, music is practiced in any culture and varies between place and time (Farney & Machilis 120). Music has been in existence for approximately 50,000 years and studies have revealed that the first music to ever be invented was in Africa, which is now part of […]

Music and vital congregations

Although during the liturgy the words can also bring the holiness and wonder each person is striving to, music enriches a prayer with spirit and inspiration, makes worshiping full of feelings of loftiness. Due to the author’s illustrative example, a large majority of people are expressing a strong desire of becoming closer with God. The […]

“Moving from Musician as Performer to Musician as Pastor” by William Bradley Roberts

William Bradley Roberts dedicates the second chapter of his work Music and Vital Congregations: A Practical Guide for Clergy, “Moving from Musician as Performer to Musician as Pastor”, to discussing the philosophy of church music. In his vision of the musician’s role in church, Roberts follows Alec Wyton’s formula of church leader and envisages the […]

Hip-hop in Japan

Hip-hop music has become popular in Japan despite dismissal by the country’s major media companies. This revolution has provided Japanese youths with an opportunity to express their views as well as sharpen their skills in music. Most of the artists have developed through underground club scenes. They have gained support from the Japanese youth who […]

Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture

Introduction The chronicle of the hip-hop music in Japan can be traced back to 1983 when following the arrival of Hiroshi Fujiwara in the country with hip-hop music versions. This period saw the playing of hip-hops in the form of break dance in Tokyo, Japan. It was presented through live performances and films. At this […]

How music influenced english poetry until 1750

During the period between 1650 and the 1750, there emerged many English poets. This was the period of consistent revolutions, notably the French revolution. The Great Britain at the time was a powerful country. One of such poets and a writer was Alexander pope. He was born in London between 1646 and 1717. “Rape of […]

History of Jazz Music

Music has multipurpose, which range from entertainment, aesthetic value, and symbol to communication. Since ancient time different genres of music, musical instruments and musicians have evolved. Music genres such as classics, rock, soul, and jazz have undergone considerable growth and development throughout the history. Consequently, a number of personalities contributed to the growth of music. […]

Importance of sound

Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to food and water, […]

Popular music and thinking errors

The contemporary society is full of things that can, possibly, affect the minds of young people adversely. Whatever these young people listen to, watch on television or in videos or even hear from others has the possibility of influencing their lives for the better or for the worse. One such phenomenon that has greatly polluted […]

Alternative Culture and Postmodernism

Music in the past twenty years was characterized by, among other concepts, the two concepts of alternative cultures and postmodernism. The context below will explain how the lyrics, instrumentation or sound, subjects or themes of five major cultures of music support or relate to these two concepts. This article will also provide examples of artists, […]

Hip Hop Influence on Youth: Statistics and Effects – Essay

Introduction Hip hop is a genre of music that has its origin in South Bronx in New York among the urban communities. It started as block parties where people with incredibly loud and sophisticated music systems would throw parties in the neighborhood to share with their friends and compete among themselves (Parker, 2009, p.1). The […]

Summary of Chapters on Music

1. Roberts. The importance of music in the life of a parish is hard to overestimate. The outcome of integrating a good music program into religious ceremony is obvious to those who have taken part in such ceremony or at least observed a congregation involved in music practice. Even for those who do not have […]