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68 Song Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Protest songs in the 1960s
    The folk music of that period addressed matters of social injustices and folk music eventually transitioned to protest songs in the1960s as a result of the dissatisfaction of the public and their current political and […]
  2. Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life. The Minor Fall, the Major Lift
    With the help of the power of his singer’s and songwriter’s talent, Stevie Wonder managed to express the concern for the problems of the 1970ies, Love’s in Need of Love Today and As It comes […]
  3. A Musical Analysis of the song “As I Lay me Down” by Sophie B. Hawkins
    The song “As I lay me down” captures the emotive senses of the listener purely by the introductory combination of the guitar and the piano.
  4. Song report (Metallica – Enter sandman)
    The band is considered to be one of the initiators of hard rock as a type of rock music. All these albums were relevant to the mode of the rock music of that time.
  5. The Song of Roland
    Good is usually thought to be the will of God and in this case the Franks are deemed to represent good since they are moved by the will of God while the Saracens are seen […]
  6. Like a Winding Street and Long Black Song
    The biggest conflict of racism and injustice in Long Black Song is when he is shoot by Silas shoots the white man as came to collect money for the gramophone.
  7. An Analysis on Elton John’s Candle in the Wind 1997 Song
    Candle in the Wind 1997 is a masterpiece for it was able to deliver its purpose in being a farewell song of the people to the Princess, portrayed Diana as a kind-hearted humanitarian who had […]
  8. A protest song We Shall Overcome as an Expression of the People’s Resentment and Hopes
    In the middle of the past century, in the United States arose the African-American Civil Rights Movement. We Shall Overcome demonstrates that one song can serve as a tool of forming the identity and collectivity.
  9. Critical analysis of song of myself
    Therefore, Whitman uses the poem, writing it in a unique style to call for a change in the social lives of the Americans.
  10. The Movie and the Song Strange Fruit
    The research focuses on the movie, and the song Strange Fruit. The film Strange Fruit touches on the issue of racial discrimination during the 1930s.
  11. The Three Best Songs
    The instrumentation layers the performance of the song in a manner that displays solid mastery of the instruments in the creation of melody.
  12. Book Review: Song of Solomon
    Also, Morrison predicts the importance of Milkman’s journey to his southern ancestral home when he states that Milkman’s walk in the Not Doctor Street was dreamlike and strange following his quarrel with his father.
  13. The Self Conscious song in the Opera: Monteverdi’s The Return of Ulysses to his Homeland
    The critics of Monteverdi have since opined that the aggregate effect of this new style of composition was the infiltration of the musical arena with ambitious but talentless composer since all that is needed to […]
  14. Stevie Wonder as an American Musician, Singer, and Song Writer
    Among the issues that he demanded were his right to full control of creativity and ownership to his songs, which was a great milestone in his career as he had been working as an employee […]
  15. The Song with no Motive and the Songwriter without a Clue
    Although traditionally, a motive is supposed to be the glue that holds a song together, in the world of modern music, other elements of a song can perform the given function.
  16. Review of songs
    In my opinion, this deprives the lyrics of Rappers Delight of a certain discursive depth and contributes to the fact that the discussed song can be well referred to, as such that promotes a highly […]
  17. Song Dynasty and Two Poems for Analysis
    It is possible to give different questions, and in my opinion, the idea to united water and the issue of death is one of the most brilliant steps in this poem. It is possible to […]
  18. Cathy Song’s Biography and Poems
    She was one of the poets who extensively participated in Asian American poetry, which is one of the schools of thought used in writing poems in U.S.A.
  19. Music of “Song of Myself” or New Type of Diary Entry
    However, the poem is also special because it combines two types of art: literature and music.”Song of Myself” is a musical artwork since in this poem it is difficult to see the line between music […]
  20. Undercover Angel: Song Analysis. Follow Your Angel in Disguise
    The most peculiar thing about the song is that it is packed with all sorts of literary devices and, therefore, is more of a puzzle for the audience to solve, which makes it twice as […]
  21. How Folk Songs Change the Idea of America
    These authors narrate their experiences of America by explaining the existence of folk songs in American music and describing the nature of American folk music in general.
  22. The song “Simple Gifts”
    In 1950, the song was used for the second time in an orchestra performance. He was appointed to lead members of the sect in Maine.
  23. Emperor Huizong of Song and His Art of Painting and Calligraphy: Plying the Brush to Create a New Style
    Being rather the author of numerous paintings and poems than the man who defined the style and tendencies of the Chinese art, Huizong is definitely rather a creator of the Chinese art than its connoisseur […]
  24. Redefining Self in Whitman’s Poem “Song of Myself”, Thoreau’s “Walden” and Emerson’s “Nature”
    The style is quite appropriate in the poem as it is used deliberately to advance the poet’s motive. Whitman’s use of symbolism is also notable in redefining the self to the modern times.
  25. Conceptual Metaphors and Metonyms in Love Pop Songs.
    Through the use of this concept, the metaphor is understood better and meaning of the source and target is easily understood. The conceptual metaphor theory is useful in the understanding of the vital components of […]
  26. The Persuasion of a Lifetime: Jane Austen’s Swan Song through a Critical Lens
    Guided either by their own principles, as in case of Sir Elliot, or by the convictions of others, as in case of his daughter, the key female protagonist in the story, the characters act on […]
  27. The Grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s Song “Call Me, May Be?”
    With regard to the above discussion, the writers Balouris, Shriver, and Sisario dedicate their articles to discussing the impact of social media development on shaping new forms of communication.
  28. Using Songs to Help Patients
    Due to the controversy, some studies have been conducted to evaluate the benefits of melodies in relation to helping patients with dementia.
  29. The Art of Being Lonely: a Portrayal of the Lives of Chinese Women of the Post-wwii Generation. Wang Anyi’s ‘the Song of Everlasting Sorrow’ Analysis
    Because of their being not ready for the shift from a WWII to the post-WWII environment and the change in values, Chinese women were highly susceptible and extremely vulnerable to the lures of the “New […]
  30. Cultural Studies: Australian Folk Songs
    The kind of message that was contained in the folklores and the way in which it was presented to the audience, had some uniqueness in it.
  31. Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014
    The contest is held every year in one of the cities of the motherland of the last year’s winner. Yet, the excitement about the contest and the energy of it are amazing.
  32. The Song “One Love” by Nas
    Unlike other effective communities, where responsibility for the care of children is shared in the network, this pattern is missing in black ghettos.
  33. The Song “Forever and Always” by the Parachute Band
    True love according to the lyrics of the song “Forever and always” represents the adage that ‘love conquers everything’. Upon receiving the news, she drives to the place where her husband-to-be is and heads directly […]
  34. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”: Two Performances of the Song
    Both performed in the major key, the two versions of the song represent the different treatment of that key using timbre and texture. In Sinatra’s version, the listener perceives an interpretation that speaks of resolute […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Song

  1. “Thank You for the Song” by Jennifer Rondeau and “Thank You for the Music” by Abba Comparison
    The poet expresses the feeling of the possibility that she may never get to see the person who sung to hear the song, but the song itself makes her believe the fact that both of […]
  2. Song Analysis “Les Miserables”
    Some of the themes that are more prominent in the songs are that of poverty, power struggles, manipulation, and desperation in the day to day society.
  3. Comparison: “The Chimney Sweeper” and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
    William Blake describes the peculiarities of their life with the help of Tom Dacre’s words in the first stanza of the poem.
  4. The “Wrecking Ball” Song by Miley Cyrus
    Officially, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus is the success of a beautiful voice and a charismatic performance, scientifically it is a brainworm with many layers designed to penetrate human brain on the unconscious level.
  5. The “Yellow” Song by Coldplay: Arrangement Plan
    Orchestration and arrangement require advanced knowledge of the arranging concepts and the role of all instruments in the orchestra. However, the aim of the current arrangement is to improve personal professionalism and skills via the […]
  6. Sting’s “Fields of Gold”: Song Analysis
    Because of the introduction of the middle eight into the song, the ballad does not feature the standard verse chorus verse chorus structure, but, instead, introduces the audience to the actual middle eight at the […]
  7. World History in the Songs
    The high emphatic accent is made by the author through the description of murdering children of the miners. Through this song, the author reveals the absence of legal rights of the employees at the time […]
  8. Music Technology in Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd’ Songs
    When it comes to identifying the instrumental elements that make Thriller unique as not only as one of the pop songs of the 80s, but also pop songs in general, the variety of the instruments […]
  9. Autobiography in “Song of Rita” by Rita Joe
    Rita uses the poems to outline her main challenges, which are reminiscent of the challenges, which faced aboriginals of her time. Rita uses the book to show her patience in an abusive marriage which she […]
  10. “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” Jazz Song
    I would like to discuss this piece of music from the point of view of the analysis according to the books, and then I plan to talk about my personal feelings of the songs. It […]
  11. The Mother Image in a Poem, a Song, and an Article
    Both the children and the husband will definitely miss her because she is the epitome of their comfort and sustenance.”The Mother Return” by Dorothy Wordsworth is a highly sensational poem.
  12. Chick Corea’s “Spain” Jazz Song
    In addition to this, the song involves a careful composition of chords and notes typical of the American music. This song is a perfect example of an American song considering the lyrical dynamics and he […]
  13. Message in “Don’t Stop Believin’” Song by Journey
    It is rare to find a voice of encouragement saying it is not wrong to keep on believing in the dream. The song’s global popularity is due to the unique blend of melody and message.
  14. African-American Folk Songs
    After giving a brief history of the African-American folk group, the paper discusses folk songs and folk singers during the slavery era. The subsequent part is on the evolution and development of folk songs among […]
  15. The Song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette
    Despite receiving significant popularity at the time, the song is majorly notable for instantly capturing the attention of the media, and receiving a lot of debate and criticism over the perceived “unironic” content of its […]
  16. “Gee” Song by Girls’ Generation
    One of the most famous Pop Music groups is the Girls’ Generation. However, in the major K-Pop band, Girls’ Generation hit song, “Gee,” the girls dance along to the song in shorts that reveal their […]
  17. Technological Advances in Song Dynasty
    Besides, the Song dynasty invented gunpowder that marked the commencement of the production of sophisticated weapons. The desire of sailors to explore the world led to the development of the directional compass.
  18. The Poem “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman
    The poem explores the philosophical world of the human life, focusing on the concepts of life, death, and understanding of self.
  19. “Girl Powdering Her Neck” by Cathy Song
    The poem is delivered in the form of a narration where the author provides a detailed description of the girl who is getting ready in the morning. In summary, the poem by Song is very […]
  20. “Song of Myself” a Poem by Walt Whitman
    The Song of my poem by Whitman is a centerpiece of the “Leaves of Grass” collection which became a kind of poetic manifesto of the author.
  21. The Role of War in Song Dynasty, China
    The thesis of the paper is that the importance of the military increased greatly due to security threats faced by the dynasty.
  22. Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty: Metaphysics Focus
    To be a human meant to occupy a proper place in the society and to be a member of the system. Neo-Confucians taught people to understand the material world around them and be an integral […]
  23. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock does not contain the glorification of the beloved, the rapture of the power of feeling expected from a love song.
  24. Social Values in Modern Songs’ Lyrics
    The listener is made to develop certain feelings about the situation that the song is addressing. By using these words, the listener is able to gain a better understanding of the events that Chapman describes […]
  25. Karl Marx’s Response to John Mayer’s Anti-War Song
    The time has come for you to abandon the back seat and embrace the pragmatic mode of life. The greatest means at your disposal is your simple act of defiance to the system, break away […]
  26. The Peculiarities of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”
    The role of nature in the people’s lives and the role of an individual in the natural world is one of the main themes in Whitman’s poetry that is why Section 31 of “Song of […]
  27. Songs of Delaware County Youth Orchestra Concert
    When listening to this performance in a concert, one is able to appreciate the scenery more. This type of music does not require one to be keen in order to sway in the flow.
  28. That the Song Called “Leave” by Post Malone
    The value of this work lies not only in the excellent singing and production but also in the lyric that immediately immerses the listener in the atmosphere full of dramatism and melancholy. The purpose of […]
  29. Racial Discrimination in Song ‘Strange Fruit’
    In addition, the song increased the recognition of the horrors of lynching, which resulted in the deaths of many Black people.
  30. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison Review
    In the book, “The Song of Solomon” such an obsessive love is found in the passionate desire of Hagar and the friendly love of Guitar.
  31. Snow Patrol’s Song “You Are All I Have”
    Given the fact that nowadays men are taught to be ashamed of their masculinity, it comes as no surprise that “You are all I have” contains motifs that are destructive to men’s ego, as the […]
  32. Songs by Lynard Skynard and Led Zeppelin Comparison
    This question is prompted by the lack of satisfaction that the individual has in their own life and the need to search for something more.
  33. Song Cycle: Term Definition
    The Lieder cycle – presenting a dramatic episode in verse set to music- was considered a reflection of the Romantic penchant for merging of the classic forms of epic, lyric and drama.
  34. “Shoshone Love Song” a Native American Song
    For a considerable amount of time, this masterpiece was neglected yet in the twentieth century the tide turned, and this work of art began to attract the attention of many musicians, and poets.

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