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53 Dance Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Dance Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. History and Development of Dance
    The art of dancing was connected by Greeks to the idea of harmony and perfection of human body: therefore, dancing ultimately had to be graceful in order to emphasize and not to destroy the natural […]
  2. Modern Dance by Jiri Kylian
    On the whole, analyzing the first part of the ballet from the beginning, we have to point out the appropriateness of the absence of sound accompaniment, which leads the onlooker to concentrate on the pattern […]
  3. Capoeira Dance History and Popularity
    This paper discusses the history of capoeira, how people relate to it in Brazil, where it went after the end of slavery in Brazil and its popularity worldwide.
  4. Definition of Dance and Its Genres
    Jazz dancing is a unique dance as it consists of dancers interpreting steps as well as moves in their own way.
  5. The Cosmic Dance of Siva
    Conclusively, the aspect on sex as an element, which contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs lacks enough support to qualify as a fact. Therefore, due to the lack of tangible evidence and a testable hypothesis […]
  6. Analysis of Dance
    A study of dance involves connection of ideas between the past and the present with an aim of improving the quality of performance in regards to other social practices that arise from cultural beliefs.
  7. Hip Hop Dance
    The TV shows such as the Wild style, Soul Train and Breakin, Beat Street also contributed in showcasing hip hop dance styles during the early periods of hip hop hype.
  8. Exploring Relationship in Raymond Carver’s “Why Don’t You Dance?”
    In the story, the author juxtaposes the young couple with the man to highlight the solitary existence of the latter. In contrast to the man, the boy and the girl feel as the people around […]
  9. Arts Education: Music, Dance and Theatre
    They will be able to identify the role of “telephones” and “telephone” operators in their society. According to Moser and McKay, it is critical for the students to learn how to determine the type and […]
  10. Survey of contemporary dances
    The aim of this report is to present and interpret the results of the survey on the attitude of people to contemporary dances.
  11. The Taxi Driver and the Dance with Wolves films
    In the film Dance with Wolves, the director seems to be unable to convey the poetry and philosophical inclinations of the colonial masters and the natives of India.
  12. Shall We Dance
    The Tangs spent most of their time running their business as a result, they have no time to refine and polish their sales pitch.
  13. Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self
    With the help of her essay, Walker is able to write her own autobiography of her early years of life. Towards the end of her essay, it is evident that she is a successful woman […]
  14. Role of advertising in launching a New Dance school
    In order to launch a new dance school in the US, it would be necessary to analyze the market. Since its establishment in 1905, the institution has managed to offer training services to over 800 […]
  15. “Shall We Dance”: movie analysis
    This leads a person to hide their actions and lead a life of secrecy which is uncomfortable to the individual and people that are around.
  16. Dance and Autism
    For me, what the Miami dance project represents is in line with what is known as the concept of confidence building wherein through the development of certain talents children with autism will begin to have […]
  17. Importance of Dance in Human Experience
    Dance is an art that refers to the movement of part of the body, some of the parts or the whole body while keeping rhythmical to music.
  18. Dance Education and Culture
    The important elements under discussion for all the dance styles analyzed include, the progression, the uniqueness in steps and the relevance of the knowledge gained to the student.
  19. The Way of Geisha Dance
    The way of Geisha dance demonstrates to us the importance of maiko in the traditional Japanese culture. The dance is crucial to the lives of many Japanese women.
  20. Lord of Dance
    This paper looks at the relevance of the image of Shiva to the Hindu culture, and the disparity between its presence in a temple and display in a museum of art, away from the culture […]
  21. Indian Culture: Dance
    Diwali is one of the major festivals in the country. Ghoomar dance is also common in the region.
  22. Music and Dance as a Part of Our Culture
    Our family has a unique connection to the dance and music, and how it was used in the family and in social settings.
  23. Moon – Solo Dance by Yang LiPing
    It could be defined as a large stage ethnic primitive genre if it was not for the complexity of the hidden innuendoes that the interpretation of the dance suggests.
  24. The Dance Video “Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake 2”
    The choreographer has also selected the best styles for the dance. This is successful because of the lyrical and comic aspect of the dance.
  25. Dance: Alonzo King Lines Ballet
    Choreography is one of the strongest aspects of the performance. The entire attention is drawn to the dancers and the dance.
  26. Contemporary Dance: Continuity and Inimitability
    The study is based on observation of literature sources devoted to contemporary dance and our observation of works of contemporary dance, live and on the video.
  27. Ghost Dance
    The circle dance formed the belief systems of the Native Americans and was later given the name the ghost dance. Jack Wilson also known as Wovoka by the Paiute people, was the founder of the […]
  28. The CSN Fall Dance Concert
    Even if a person is informed about some details of the dance concert and the guests, who are going to participate, it is hard to cope with the emotions and attitudes to everything that can […]
  29. The Culture of Electronic Dance Music
    In a bid to realize its aim, the paper discusses the relationship between attending EDM events and the rationality that leads to the consumption of illicit drugs such as ecstasy.
  30. Alvin Ailey’ and Alexander Pushkin’ Views on the Modern Dance
    In particular, he greatly contributed to the popularization of the so-called modern dance which was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

✅ Most Interesting Dance Topics to Write about

  1. The Grass Dance Cultural Importance
    Historians believe that the Grass Dance emerged during the early years of The Reservation Period among the warrior societies. This explains that the movement of the dance was meaningful to the natives.
  2. Jazz Dance Fundamentals
    The modern and ballet dance styles can be also applied to jazz, as the kind of popular dance styles involves a wide range of dance elements.
  3. Lindy Hop Dance: Development, Events, Figures
    Besides, all the aspects of this dance are going to be taken into consideration the movements, the music, and its origin, dressing styles of the performers throughout the years, public perception of this form of […]
  4. The Royal Ballet Dance in Covent Garden
    The event was staged by the house of Royal Oprah with mysterious, exciting, and arduous ballet dance broadcast to the audience.
  5. Dance Criticism in “Beyond Description” by Jowitt
    According to Jowitt, in order to describe a dance properly the writer is to possess a variety of different skills allowing them to select appropriate metaphors, apply correct judgment, draw clever comparisons, and present dance […]
  6. Dance and Architecture in “Ballet Pas de Deux” Exhibition
    Therefore, dance and architecture are related due to the fact that both of them utilize space as a ground in which creativity is embodied.
  7. Traditional Chinese Lion Dance and Its Styles
    The first performer adorns the head of the lion and the other moves the body of the lion. The Japanese Lion Dance is used in traditional and religious festivals.
  8. The Ritual Dance Important Elements
    On the outside, the ritual dance has all the same elements the other types do: the costumes, the music, the patterns are generally recognizable.
  9. Ballet and Jazz Dance: Styles Description
    The form and line used in ballet dance underline the stage performance and make sure that the main and secondary performers each have their place. The forms and rhythm in jazz dance reflect the people’s […]
  10. Garba Dance, Its History and Specifics
    The inhabitants of the state believe that the dance dates back to the ancient times of Krishna. I have seen the live performance of Garba at a Navratri festival; both the dance and music were […]
  11. Ballet Pas De Deux: Dance and Architecture Exhibition
    The theory of choreology is concerned with the elaboration of the connection between the conscious expression of movement patterns in dance and the principles that guide those movements.
  12. “The World of Dance” Event
    As we have already stated, the World of Dance is a unique event in the sphere of art that tries to attract the attention of people across the world.
  13. “The Power of Myth” and “Lord of the Dance” Films
    The setting of the dance when the movie starts is a church and the dancing troupe is led by a clergy this gives the dance a religious association.
  14. Feminist Films: “Stella Dallas” and “Dance Girl, Dance”
    In my opinion, the film’s main idea is the relations between the mother and the daughter. In other words, I would like to point out that it is a female subjectivity, which is recognized to […]
  15. Flamenco Dance and History of Passion
    Whenever people think of Spain and the Spanish culture, the first thing that comes to their mind is flamenco the dance of passion and the only way to express the nature of a Spaniard, the […]
  16. Art, Dance, Nutrition Studies and Their Benefits
    For architectures to come up with great masterpieces they have to combine the mechanics of construction and the creativity of Art.
  17. Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development
    The core areas in this study will include; the presentation, the ensemble, the musical instruments, and the memories of the events.
  18. Dance Writing in Creative and Studying Processes
    Eventually, the writing did not only feed the creative process but later on was used as an element of the performance, enhancing the experience of spectators, possibly developing more new treatments for the dance and […]
  19. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Its History
    Alvin Ailey is an American dancer and choreographer, the founder of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, who made a significant contribution to the popularization of modern dance and the emergence of black dancers on […]
  20. “Dance of the Dead” by Richard Matheson
    Although the story mostly belongs to the science fiction genre, its central scene is focused on horror, and more specifically, the horror of the unknown that is emblematic of the dark fantasy genre according to […]
  21. Jazz Social Dance and Impact on American Culture
    Jazz is one of the common music genres that define the culture and racial history of the United States. Additionally, the nature of jazz dance was a new opportunity for African Americans to describe the […]
  22. “The Dance Class” Painting by Edgar Degas
    In addition to properly chosen techniques and materials, the artist was able to create a story with the past, the present, and the future.
  23. Space in Dance Theatre
    Employing space, a choreographer has an opportunity to establish a connection between the spectators and the performers, thus influencing the perception of the show and emphasizing the core ideas.

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