Dance Essay, Research Paper Examples

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

Dance and Autism

Introduction The Miami Dance project headed by Barbara Delgado is a new and innovative way in which dance is being used as a method of encouraging children with autism to better express themselves and develop more confidence in social situations (Martinez, 1). What must be understood is that adults and children suffering from autism are […]

Shall We Dance

Executive summery The former North American dance champions Beverly and Robert Tangs have taken advantage of boomer’s love of dance to run their business. This forms the best time because; televisions are boosting ballroom dancing interests with renowned programs like Dancing with the Star. As a result, the Tangs want to make lots of money […]

Survey of contemporary dances

Introduction Dances are the integral part of the Western culture. However, the representatives of the various ethnicities may have rather different attitude towards them. Although almost every nation in the world historically has its own traditional dances, the perception of the contemporary dances may be different among people. The aim of this report is to […]

Hip Hop Dance

Introduction Hip hop dance specify dance styles that have evolved because of hip hop culture. It entails different styles such as dancing, rapping and scratching, popping, locking and breaking. The hip hop dancing began in the 1970s. During this period, hip hop encompassed urban styles. The early dance styles included breaking, uprock and the funk. […]

Analysis of Dance

Dance is a form of art that is represented in form of performance in which a person moves rhythmically to some musical tone in order to communicate some latent meaning to the audience.[1] It is a way of exploring the world, understanding its ideas and emotions that are elicited by unique body movement patterns. It […]

Modern Dance by Jiri Kylian

Jiri Kylian as one of the most prominent ballet-masters of the twenty-first century is known to perform a wide spectrum of emotions and feelings in his works, which fascinate with their perfection and beauty of movement. No exception is the “performance “Petite Mort”, which was first represented to public in The Nederlands Dans Theater in […]

History and Development of Dance

The history of dance can be traced back to the very beginnings of humankind history. Dance is ultimately a social event and signalizes occasions of social interaction: not incidentally, therefore, elements of dance can be observed even in such non-human societies as bee swarms and bird couples. Initially bearing purely informative meaning in the animal […]