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“The World of Dance” Event Research Paper

As we have already stated, the World of Dance is a unique event in the sphere of art that tries to attract the attention of people across the world. At the same time, it is focused on the youth as one of the most active categories of society. Young people prefer to lead an active lifestyle, which means that their participation in events like the World of Dance is part of their culture.

Therefore, regarding the fact that these very people comprise the target audience, there is a need for a specific pricing strategy that will be able to meet this categorys requirements and contribute to the involvement of numerous individuals. These factors introduce the following peculiarities of the pricing strategy. All participants who want to compete and attain success do not have to pay. It is a key aspect of the show, which attracts thousands of people from numerous states.

At the same time, it helps to popularize the event and guarantee a high level of interest to it as many individuals want to try their hands in dancing and become successful. Under these conditions, ticket sales and advertising become the main sources of income for World of Dance. However, there are also several factors that impact these aspects. First, the price of tickets could not be too high as the most active fans of the show should have an opportunity to visit a particular concert.

For this reason, the average price is about $30-50, which remains affordable for the majority of people interested in it (World of Dance). As for advertising, it is obviously a central issue that guarantees stable revenues. The fact is that any popular show attracts the attention of numerous potential investors and sponsors that could use it as a platform to promote their products and attract spectators attention to services these companies or organizations might suggest.

The high popularity of World of Dance and its significant impact on the target audience result in numerous contracts with investors who provide needed sums to support the show and guarantee its existence (Seidman). Under these conditions, due to the sponsors involvement, the World of Dance can introduce comparatively low prices for tickets and guarantee free participation for all individuals who feel they could do it. This well-thought-out pricing strategy results in the increased popularity of the show and helps organizers to preserve the high level of interest.

Another critical aspect of the marketing plan is the creation of an outstanding experience that will attract spectators and guarantee a high level of satisfaction. Regarding the peculiarities of World of Dance, it is crucial to ensure that the event contributes to the appearance of especially strong feelings along with emotions related to belonging to a specific subculture. Thus, the creation of experience includes such elements as creative expression, dancing, emotions, authenticity, openness, and connectivity.

In this regard, the World of Dance should introduce a multidimensional approach to the issue that encompasses all these elements and contributes to the increased levels of satisfaction among admirers of the show. First, the event should introduce and cultivate a unique culture peculiar only to it. At the moment, it is an outstanding adventure that attracts people by its spirit, emotions, and experience that could be gained only here.

It is essential for organizers to preserve this image and engage new participants by emphasizing this very fact. Moreover, dancing is art. For this reason, the strategic plan should include the elaboration of an authentic experience related to feelings that appear when looking at unique performances or unusual movements of dances. The world of Dance should also be ready to demonstrate its openness to people who want to become part of it and enjoy their belonging to this unusual event (Easter).

The next step in the creation of a unique experience is a successful combination of dance and music for spectators to enjoy a unique atmosphere and remain satisfied with the show. That is why organizers should try to combine popular songs with movements that will obviously attract peoples attention. Finally, World of Dance welcomes both skilled and famous dancers and people from YouTube for better competitiveness and amusement (Schaefer). In such a way, fans acquire an opportunity to watch professional dancers along with awkward performances, which is crucial for the atmosphere of the show and the creation of a particular experience.

Altogether, pricing strategy and creation of a unique experience remain basic elements of the marketing plan of the World of Dance. Organizers of the show should consider the peculiarities of the target audience when introducing prices for tickets and encouraging people to take part in the event. Additionally, they should devote much attention to the cultivation of a particular culture for spectators to be able to enjoy their belonging to this adventure. It could also help to create an outstanding experience encompassing dances, music, authenticity, openness, and readiness to cooperate. In such a way, by elaborating on these aspects of the marketing plan, World of Dance will be able to evolve and save its admirers.

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