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Henna Night Event Cost Estimation Proposal

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Updated: Sep 24th, 2020


Henna night a traditional Emirati pre-wedding party. According to the Emirati custom, guests usually wear garments with golden elements during the event, while hosts should arrange live music and serve fine cuisine in the form of either international or Arabic buffet. These events are always celebrated at the house of a bride that must be properly decorated beforehand. Since Henna night is associated with multiple activities and practices, which may be costly, it is essential to identify the number of financial means required to organize it. In the present proposal, the plan and forecast calculated for 150 000 AED and 200 guests will be developed.

Venue and Decorations

Henna nights are usually held at brides’ houses. It is thus possible to save a lot of money by avoiding renting a venue. However, to make a good impression on guests, the bride’s house has to be finely decorated or even renovated. Light decorations, flowers, attributes of the traditional Emirati-Bedouin theme, starting from chairs and tables and ending with plates, cups, and cutlery, will require investment. For instance, for 200 guests, about 170 seats are needed (considering that some of them will always be either standing or having conversations with others). Overall, it is suggested that the purchase of decorations, their delivery, and installation will cost approximately 35 000 AED. It is possible to say that decorations largely define the overall atmosphere of the event. Therefore, it will be one of the major expense items in the plan.

Henna decorations are an essential part of the night. Henna ladies will walk around the venue throughout the event and offer them to draw henna ornaments on their hands and feet. At least 4 kg of henna is to be bought. The price for it may range from 10 to 50 AED per 500 gm in online stores, such as SOUQ (“Supermarket,” 2018). It can also be recommended to hire at least ten henna ladies, offering them an approximate pay of 1 000 AED per evening each.


The buffet is a costly expense item as well because, at big events, guests usually expect to try some beautiful and delicious food. Expenses of the food served to guests will equal about 40 000 AED due to the significance of the given part of the celebration. It is worth noticing that some money (nearly 30 000 AED) will be spent on royalties for the serving personnel at the Henna night: it is necessary to invite professional cooks and waiters to please the guests with the most delicious traditional dishes.

Music and Entertainment

The hosts of Henna night will have to spend at least 10 percent (15 000 AED) of the total budget on the arrangement of sound and entertainment programs. It is worth noticing that if one would like to invite a famous music band, the cost will drastically increase. In this case, 10-15 000 AED will be spent on musicians alone. It is also recommended to hire a master of ceremonies who will guide the guest throughout the evening activities and announce performances. His/her services may cost around 3 000 AED. Moreover, the organization of music for dancing will require approximately 10 000 AED of investment because high-quality sound apparatus, as well as a sound technician and a DJ, is needed to make the event unforgettable for every guest.

Additionally, it is essential to hire shooting and filming crews to capture the event. To save some money, it is possible to hire a freelance photographer by using such online hiring tools as People per Hour. According to the source, freelancers based in the United Arab Emirates set an average price of about 400 AED per hour (People per Hour). The event may take up to six hours, yet it is possible to recruit a person for part-time. In this case, the price of photographing services will comprise approximately 2 000 AED.


Considering that the house has a limited parking space. It is recommended to hire a few cars to deliver guests and then send them back home. It is essential to assess in advance who among them may need such a service and who may use their drivers or hired taxis. According to Blackline (2018), hiring a business class vehicle per hour will cost approximately 600 AED. Thus, hiring 15 cars both ways may cost 18 000 AED. Thus the overall expenses for transportation of guests may easily comprise the rest of the budget. To identify the number precisely, one must inquire who among the guests will need assistance while transferring to the venue.


  1. House decorations for the creation of the Emirati-Bedouin theme will cost 35 000 AED.
  2. 4 kg of dry henna will cost 2000 AED, and the services of henna ladies will cost 10 000 AED.
  3. Arrangement of buffet including food delivery and preparation, recruitment of catering team, and cooks will cost 70 000 AED.
  4. The recommended price for a music band is 10 000 AED.
  5. The show host will be paid 3 000 AED, while DJ and overall sound engineering will cost approximately 10 000 AED.
  6. The work of a freelance photographer hired via an online service will incur 2 000 AED in expenses per 5 hours.
  7. It is recommended to hire at least 15 cars with drivers to transfer some guests to the venue and back. The given service will cost 18 000 AED.


The provided plan presents approximate costs of all the expenses for a Henna night. Many individual factors cannot be assumed without an accurate preliminary assessment. However, it suggests a few smart solutions to increase organizational cost-effectiveness.


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