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Flamingo or Flamenco Dance Coursework

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Updated: Jul 23rd, 2022

Flamingo Dance otherwise known as Flamenco dance is of a Spanish origin being developed from cante or songs of Andalucia, and is also believed to include some Indian and Arabic cultures. This is a very expressive dance in nature and it involves movement of the whole body but more specifically the hands in such a way that the audience can follow and understand the whole dance. This dance also plays a very important role in the preservation of the dance culture. This is a form of dance that is only performed in very specific places mostly by dancers who have a Spanish origin.

One of the key things about this dance is that it is performed on very specific genre of music compared to many other dances that can fit in with any music. The dance can be performed by a single dancer but it is more expressive when performed by a pair mainly male and female. One of the requirements of a Flamenco dancer is physical fitness; one needs to be very flexible and swift so as to get the steps right and bring out the concept. Most of the choreographers and performers of this form of dance have mostly got the influence from their parents or close relatives. This helps in the preservation of the originality of the dance but the unfortunate thing is that other people do not get a chance to really get a challenge that would motivate them to learn the dance.

One of the main body movements in flamenco dance involved the simultaneous movement of the foot and the hand back and forth and this has to be expressed by the whole body as well. This requires that the dancer understands the concept of the song and is able to express it in form of action and this means that one also has to be very good in sign language. Its performance is also limited by the space and so this necessitates that the dancers have ample space so as to bring out the action fully especially if they are dancing in pairs; this means it cannot be performed in a place with minimal space. Flamenco dance comes with a lot of limitations and restrictions as it is not a form of dance whose performance time can be minimized for it has to be completed to bring out the intended message; this means that it cannot be performed in avenues where there is a time limit.

The dancers of Flamenco should be able to capture the attention of the audience fully and this is achieved when they are in accord as they take their steps and move their bodies; It gets hard for the audience to spot one either as better than the rest or one who does not get the steps right. The disadvantage of this is that the expectations of the audience are so high in regards to the performance thus no room for inaccuracy even if the dancers are learners. The performer is supposed to be very attentive to the flow of the music so as to make right movements and also for the fact that in most cases there are several performers so they need to be very well choreographed and synchronized.

Finally the audience may not really get the projected message of the dance or their understandings of the dance may differ due to the fact that they are also required to be very attentive and also accurate in sign language. For this reason the audience of Flamenco dance is limited compared to other forms of dances where there is no prerequisite from the audience.

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