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Hip Hop Dance Expository Essay



Hip hop dance specify dance styles that have evolved because of hip hop culture. It entails different styles such as dancing, rapping and scratching, popping, locking and breaking. The hip hop dancing began in the 1970s. During this period, hip hop encompassed urban styles.

The early dance styles included breaking, uprock and the funk. It was popularized by dance crews in the US. The TV shows such as the Wild style, Soul Train and Breakin, Beat Street also contributed in showcasing hip hop dance styles during the early periods of hip hop hype (Hip Hop Network).

The dance industry responded with improved edition of hip hop, which became known as the jazz funk and new style. Traditionally, talented dancers embraced these styles to demonstrate hip hop dances that was often performed on the streets. During the early days, hip hop was linked to rare movements such as the Humpty Dance which was recognized by the inventors of hip hop.

When interest in hip hop music intensified, several movies integrating sounds, beats and gravity- laden moves were established. Although hip hop dance has evolved since it begun, it has upheld significant presence in cities which has established street dance derivatives such as krumping, jerkin and turfing.

Michael Jackson

Hip hop dance is incomplete without mentioning Michael Jackson. Michael began hip hop dance life with the Jackson Five group. Evans shows that Michael advanced to be one of the most popular dance icons of the time. Michael’s music was inclined towards soul, R& B and pop (Evans).

According to Evans, Michael helped to disseminate breakdancing into typical US culture (Evans). It is noted that Americans had not witnessed the moonwalk, a move that was customary by hip hop in the 1970s, thus, Michael became a link in propelling hip hop dance into ordinary American culture. Some of Michael’s remarkable songs are Thriller, Tabloid Junkie and Smooth Criminal, among others (Evans).

Michael Kidd

Born in New York, Kidd embarked on his journey as a dancer with the Big Apple’s Ballet Theater. According to World Entertainment News Network, Kidd career in hip hop dance influenced many audiences as a result, he was granted an opportunity to produce the Finian’s Rainbow (World Entertainment News Network).

Other than being an avid hip hop dancer, Kidd was well known in innovative arts and directing dance. His creative dance succession granted him praise, and in 1997, he was awarded the Academy of Motion Pictures and sciences as recognition of his service in dance and screen art (World Entertainment News Network). Some of his best art services include directing dancers for Band Wagon and the 1955’s Guys and Dolls.


Madonna is a US actress and songwriter. Complex Mag explains that Madonna has sold three hundred million records globally. Complex Mag also notes that Madonna’s success in the pop music is connected to her ability to reinvent herself (Complex Mag). Madonna has inspired many audiences and fitness enthusiasts around the world with her hip hop dance competitions.

Madonna’s talent in dancing and songwriting is coined in developing unimaginable hooks for songs that make the lyrics confine the attention of the audience, without the authority of the music (Complex Mag). Complex Mag alludes to “into the Groove” and its tag line “live out your ….mine” as an example (Complex Mag). Some of the legendary music linked to Madonna includes Rolling Stone, Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita, among others (Complex Mag).


I note that hip hop music will remain a significant involvement of most people, especially the young generation. This is because of style and the messages characterizing the music. Also, being a form of entertainment, hip hop dance should be tailored to advance valuable content or information to varied audiences.

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