Hip Hop Essay, Research Paper Examples

Hip-hop music

Introduction Hip-Hop is perhaps the form of music that has attracted the most controversy. Many people have blamed hip-hop for a number of societal issues like violence, promiscuity, bad language, etc. Whether or not these people are right in blaming hip-hop for these societal problems is still a matter of heated debates among interested parties. […]

Hip Hop Dance

Introduction Hip hop dance specify dance styles that have evolved because of hip hop culture. It entails different styles such as dancing, rapping and scratching, popping, locking and breaking. The hip hop dancing began in the 1970s. During this period, hip hop encompassed urban styles. The early dance styles included breaking, uprock and the funk. […]

“Hip Hop” Subculture

Culture refers to elements of a society such as arts and other expressions among people. It is defined as a set of manifestations of a group of individuals who share common characteristics. Differences within a culture lead to further classification of individuals into subcultures. A subculture consists of members of a larger culture who have […]

Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap

Introduction The world of hip-hop is always about ‘realness’ as artists use their artistic skills to show what really happens in their surroundings and how those around them interpret these issues. In his book ‘Hip-hop Revolution: the culture and politics of Rap’ Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, appreciates hip-hop and confronts the myths associated with the […]

The Beginnings of Hip-Hop

Within the course of three decades, hip-hop has become a part of the mainstream culture. Yet, the situation was quite different in the early eighties when hip-hop was marginalized. This paper is aimed at discussing the origins of this musical and artistic movement. In particular, much attention should be paid to the distinctive characteristics of […]

Socio-Political Foundations of Hip-Hop

‘The fire this time’ rings out the themes of indigenous resistance or indigenous reality. It shows there is a political, religious, and cultural connection among the African-American, Blacks and Native Americans and indigenous communities. This link is somehow unifying and cohesive among the people and enable people to appreciate each other more not necessary along […]

Hip-hop in Japan

Hip-hop music has become popular in Japan despite dismissal by the country’s major media companies. This revolution has provided Japanese youths with an opportunity to express their views as well as sharpen their skills in music. Most of the artists have developed through underground club scenes. They have gained support from the Japanese youth who […]

Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture

Introduction The chronicle of the hip-hop music in Japan can be traced back to 1983 when following the arrival of Hiroshi Fujiwara in the country with hip-hop music versions. This period saw the playing of hip-hops in the form of break dance in Tokyo, Japan. It was presented through live performances and films. At this […]