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72 Hip Hop Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Hip Hop Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Hip Hop Influence on Youth: Statistics and Effects – Essay
    Hip hop music is also said to perpetuate the rise in criminal activities among the youth. It is therefore recommendable for the youth to shun away from the vice brought about by hip hop music.
  2. Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture
    The prevalence of soul dancing in Japan in the earlier years also formed the basis for the wide acceptance of the hip-hop culture into the Japanese culture because soul dancing was common in the streets […]
  3. Hip-hop in Japan
    However, this was not the case, most of the artists focused on refining their music in the Japanese languages to give it a Japanese flavor.
  4. Socio-Political Foundations of Hip-Hop
    This presentation is connected to a state of exploitation that continues in the world that has deprived people so much, yet the struggle continues.’The sociology and history of African American’ brings out the theme of […]
  5. Hip Hop Dancing: The Remarkable Black Beat
    Because the drum beats was the most danceable segment of the hip hop music, the hip hop musicians increased their focus on the quality of drum beat sequence.
  6. The Hip-Hop Genre Origin and Influence
    Hess, in addition, notes that from 1970s, the development of Hip-hop as a culture has been very complex due to immigrants from different parts of the world, who in one way or another equally contributed […]
  7. Similarities between Ballet and Hip Hop – Comparative Essay
    Dance is and always shall be a form of expression where the movements performed speak volumes of the emotions and feelings that the dancer is trying to impart to the audience.
  8. Jazz and Hip Hop: Similarities and Differences Essay
    Both hip hop and jazz are closely linked and for that matter there are a number of similarities they share prompting some individuals to pronounce that hip hop is ‘the jazz of young individuals in […]
  9. The Beginnings of Hip-Hop
    Within the course of three decades, hip-hop has become a part of the mainstream culture. This is one of the details that should be considered.
  10. Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry
    Therefore, if American hip hop music genre infiltrated Asian music industry and an Asian hip hop music variety was invented then hurdles in Asian hip hop can be conquered.
  11. Fashion Controversies about Hip Hop Garments
    The paper will look into controversy that arose over hip hop garment design with the aim of identifying the source of the controversy, key players in the controversy as well as political, social and economic […]
  12. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap
    This will be addressed in this book review as we look at how the author represents his views, interpretations and research about the hip-hop culture2 In this book, Ogbar explores the lyrical world of rap […]
  13. “Hip Hop” Subculture
    Based on an interview with a member of the subculture, the paper will discuss some of the terms used in the subculture, how its members dress and look, as well as how they act.
  14. Hip Hop Dance
    The TV shows such as the Wild style, Soul Train and Breakin, Beat Street also contributed in showcasing hip hop dance styles during the early periods of hip hop hype.
  15. Hip-Hop: News from a Ghetto’s Point of View
    Youths living in the ghettos have had Hip Hop as one of the most effectual means to voice the social injustice that they experience.
  16. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
    The book Ca not Stop Wo not Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation brings out the history of the United States from the eyes of a person who would have been considered a loser […]
  17. R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music
    The music that Michael Jackson released was not based on gender but was based on truth and hope to the people and this gave him a lot of influence in the community reason being that […]
  18. Hip-hop music
    Other creations of hip-hop are the components of the hip-hop lifestyle. A number of unacceptable behaviors in the society have been encouraged by hip-hop leading to a conflict between the ambassadors of hip-hop and the […]
  19. Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
    Personally, I love listening to rap music, which many people claim that it has led to the spread of violence among young people.
  20. “Reflections on Hip Hop” by Eric Dyson
    In the first place, it is necessary to note that prison is seen as the most important factor affecting development of black males’ identity and three types of experiences are singled out.
  21. Blacks’ Prison Experiences in Hip Hop Culture
    Though considering the controversy that has been the “elephant in the room” for quite a time, Dyson clearly takes his argument to an admittedly high level of convincingness, it is not only the consideration of […]
  22. Old School Hip Hop Versus New Hip Hop Music
    However, although today’s hip hop music does share some similarities with old school hip hop, it is much more superficial and generic, compared to the timeless music of the old school hip hop.
  23. Hip Hop Definition
    In fact, many authors underline the fact that commercialization of hip-hop has changed its essence considerably and deprived modern people of the possibility to understand the essence of hip-hop and true reasons for its appearance. […]
  24. Hip Hop Duo: Kung Foo Grip
    Though the history of this duo is neither too complicated nor full of some unpredictable and fatal decisions events, it can be used to explain how the lives of two fans of Hip Hop can […]
  25. Hip Hop Culture in “The Otherside” Documentary
    Regardless numerous discussions about Hip Hop, this culture remains to be a considerable part of human life that helps to understand that such issue as racial profiling is not only something that is required by […]
  26. Social Constructions and Hip Hop Music
    This process involved the description of the things that I saw at the concert. I described the tone, tempo, and style of music that they sang.
  27. Jazz and Hip Hop Concerts in Comparison
    Two pieces in the second performance, In Germany Before the War and Mysterious Barricades, were well performed during the concert. There was a deejay on the deck and background dancers to back up the performance […]
  28. Gay Culture’s Influence on Hip Hop Fashion
    Gay men have the influence of female fashion design due to the fact that most of the designers of female clothes are men and most of them are homosexual.
  29. Hip Hop Culture and Music
    Scratching is a technique which in hip hop culture is used to gauge the expertise of a DJ, as he is expected to produce new sounds simply by moving a record back and forth while […]

📌 Most Interesting Hip Hop Topics to Write about

  1. Copula Variation Across Two Decades Of Hip Hop Nation Language
  2. How Hip Hop Affect The Way People Think About Politics
  3. An Overview of the Talk by Tupac Shakur, an American Hip Hop Artist
  4. Bad Influence Of Hip Hop On Youth
  5. African American Hip Hop and its Influence
  6. Hip Hop Music is More Than a Couple of Words
  7. Codes and Abstraction in Hip Hop Culture
  8. Black Women’s Role in Popular Culture: An Analysis of The Venus Hip Hop
  9. Argumentative Essay On Hip Hop Culture
  10. A Comparison of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance – Hip Hop and Jazz Style
  11. Should We Accept The Hip Hop Industry Negative Images
  12. Hip Hop And Politics: Attacking The Political Powers Of Government
  13. Comparison Of Yorkville Crossing : White Teens, Hip Hop
  14. Effects Of Hip Hop And Country Music On Society
  15. A Description of the Image of Hip Hop/Rap Music
  16. Racial Stereotypes Associated With Rap And Hip Hop Music
  17. Does Hip Hop Influence Other Parts of the World
  18. Music Videos Involving Women And The Hip Hop Industry
  19. Hip Hop : The Commodification Of African American Women
  20. Hip Hop Culture And Its Impact On The American Society
  21. The Assault Of Women In The Hip Hop Community

👍 Good Research Topics about Hip Hop

  1. An Analysis of the Performance of American Hip Hop Group, Travis Porter
  2. Hip Hop : Beyond Beats And Rhymes By Byron Hurt
  3. Gender In Black Media Hip Hop Culture
  4. Positive Women in Hip Hop: Feminism in a Patriarchal Society
  5. Hip Hop And Rap Has Been The Mainstay For Youth
  6. Influences of Hip Hop on Today’s Generation: Rising Deviance
  7. Hip Hop’s Influence on Popular Culture: Expression or Oppression
  8. An Analysis of Hip Hop and Its Influence on Listeners
  9. Essay Hip Hop Music and Music Technology
  10. Existentialism Case – Tupac Shakur: Existentialist Hip Hop Artist
  11. An Overview of the Rapping and the Hip Hop Culture in the Music of the United States
  12. Harlem Renaissance & the Hip Hop Movement
  13. An Analysis of the Elements of Hip Hop Culture
  14. Contemporary Urban Music: Controversial Messages in Hip Hop and Rap Lyrics
  15. Compare and Contrast the Subcultures of Hip Hop
  16. Differing Mentalities In Hip Hop And Rock
  17. An Analysis of the Music of Talib Kweli, a Hip Hop Artist
  18. Hip Hop And Its Effects On African Society
  19. Black Films and Hip Hop Music Videos: Race Representation
  20. Does Hip Hop Influence Violent Behavior
  21. Hip Hop And The Birth Of African American Poetry
  22. American History of Hip Hop Culture

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