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54 Graffiti Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Graffiti Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. How Banksy’s graffiti art has been received by critics and art reporters
    In concluding the review, the critic denounces Banksy’s creations as works of art and generally sees the rise of Banksy as the fall of art1.
  2. Analyzing Graffiti as a Subculture
    Contemporary theoreticians dispute the origin and meaning of subculture as a social phenomenon, analyzing the sociological parameters of the groups of population and their primary motivation for deciding on self-expression in the form of subculture.
  3. Graffiti as a Complex Social Interaction Problem
    However, graffiti is vandalism and requires the authorization of the property owner. Moreover, graffiti reduces the value of properties and costs the citizens a lot of money in cleaning it up.
  4. The Controversy of Graffiti Art
    Finally, graffiti is a form of expression and inhibiting it denies young persons a voice and the right to express themselves.
  5. Contemporary Graffiti as Political Art
    Banksy’s graffiti art work is still considered as one of the best way of protesting against the government in order to remove the CCTV cameras from the cities or to use those cameras in proper […]
  6. Graffiti Culture: Is it a Form of Artistic Expression or Criminal Activity?
    Scholars postulates that “…the graffiti culture, like any other culture, present itself in different forms, dependent on the social and cultural component of the local community, the distribution of cultural knowledge, the age of the […]
  7. Analyzing Graffiti as a Crime
    Other types of graffiti such as the commercial graffiti are categorized as crimes because making use of graffiti as a form of advertisement is usually against the advertisement along with media laws established in most […]
  8. Banksy’s Graffiti Artworks in Palestine
    It is in this location that the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has placed 9 suggestive pieces along several well travelled areas of “the Wall” in order to create social thought regarding the moral and ethical […]
  9. Views on Graffiti From Sociological Perspectives
    He intimates that graffiti drawing is a sign of deviance and has a corroding effect on the character of an individual.
  10. Graffiti and History of Street Art
    Statues of antiquity and great canvas of the New Age and many other works appeared due to the set of reasons which made this very kind of art the main characteristic of the epoch.
  11. Susan Meiselas: From Galleries to Graffiti
    The city’s “rich manufacturing heritage” was the focal point in the decision of the theme for the photographs. The photographs were taken as a part of the project for the company that Meiselas works for, […]
  12. Analysis of Cultural Phenomenon of Graffiti
    Though the artistic value of the graffiti remains questionable for most cultural experts, certain samples of spray-painting may be regarded the works of art in the context of the hip-hop culture.
  13. Graffiti: Is a Form of Art or Vandalism?
    This is achieved through the incorporation of a great deal of imagination, planning and effort in the development of the graffiti.
  14. Arguments for Graffiti as Art
    Given the comprehensive nature of art and the time and care necessary to produce a piece of graffiti, it should be considered a form of art.

💡 Good Essay Topics on Graffiti

  1. Art Censorship: Why Graffiti Should Be Considered an Accepted Form of Art
  2. Banksy and the Influence of His Graffiti Works
  3. Graffiti Analysis: Positive and Negative Effects
  4. Comparative Analysis of Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism
  5. Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art
  6. Graffiti and Commodification Culture: An Analysis
  7. Overview of Graffiti and Other Street Art
  8. Graffiti and Its Effects on the World War I
  9. The Controversy of Graffiti and Private Property
  10. Graffiti and Its Impact on Popular Culture
  11. Analysis of Graffiti and Street Art as Forms of Arts
  12. Overview of Graffiti and Tagging Culture
  13. Graffiti and Vandalism Acts in Our Community
  14. Discussion on Graffiti: Expensive and Destroying
  15. Graffiti Art Brings Positive Effects to Our Society
  16. Reasons Why Graffiti Stains Our Streets
  17. Graffiti Art: History, Material, Tags
  18. Hate of the Criminal Justice System Through Juvenile Graffiti
  19. Graffiti vs. Modern Art: Comparative Analysis
  20. Hip-Hop and Graffiti: An Anatomy of a Piece of Art

📌 Most Interesting Graffiti Topics to Write about

  1. How Graffiti Has Changed Over Time
  2. Linking Police and Graffiti Abatement Programs
  3. How Banksy Graffiti Artwork Has Been Acquired by Critics
  4. Reclaiming Urban Landscape: Graffiti Subversion
  5. Street Subversion: The Political Geography of Murals and Graffiti
  6. The Different Purposes That Graffiti Serve in Society
  7. Political Graffiti as a Form of Art
  8. The Graffiti Art History in the Modern Cities Portrayed as Vandalism
  9. A Visual Analysis of the Graffiti Artwork Done by Banksy
  10. The History and Controversy of Graffiti Art
  11. How to Keep Teenagers From Becoming Graffitists
  12. The Graffiti Subculture Mirrors the Functions of ‘Institutionalized Art’
  13. Graffiti: Vandalism or Street Art
  14. The History and the Modern Use of Graffiti as an Artstyle
  15. Street Art and Graffiti Should Not Be Considered as Vandalism
  16. The Pros and Cons of the Use of Graffiti in the Streets
  17. Graffiti: Plain Vandalism or Self-Expression Through Art
  18. The Reasons Graffiti Should Be Legalized
  19. When Graffiti Is Not Art, but Plain Vandalism
  20. The Use of Graffiti as a Means for Good and Its Importance

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