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The Royal Ballet Dance in Covent Garden Research Paper

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Ballet is a performance dance that started in the Italian rebirth of crown courts. In fact, ballet that later urbanized to performance dance in Russia and France originated back in the fifteenth century. Based on the French expressions, ballet has transformed into an extremely nominal kind of dance that has spread out with its unique language (Darius 4). Moreover, ballet has impacted in the worldwide genres of dance and defines the basic techniques employed in diverse dances. In order to master, study, and uphold the ballet dance aptitude, one is must train for years and hold onto practicing (Lee 24). The dance has been trained in ballet school of the arts all over the globe with different artists archaeologically employing different philosophies to develop their talent.

Conversely, Ballet might also denote work dance that comprises of music and choreography meant for a dance invention. A number of examples of ballet dance are choreographed by different artists with inclusion of dissimilar score of music. The trained artists perform and choreograph the works of ballet dances. Several classical ballet dance workings come along with classic music (Kant 42). The ballet dance engages convoluted staging and costumes with merely little exceptions based on different artists. Therefore, this research examines the Royal Ballet event, class, rehearsal, demonstration, and presentation as reviewed in dancing.

The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet presentation occurred in Covent Garden for the theater arts on Friday 23rd March, 2012. The performance occurred with live streaming in real time, unedited, and online during the whole work day. The event was staged by the house of Royal Oprah with mysterious, exciting, and arduous ballet dance broadcast to the audience. A video recording of the fascinating artists took place behind the scenes. Indeed, an enormous audience that attended the extravagant scene was attracted by the tears, sweat, and blood that portrayed the ballet life of English nation. The performance took to the fresh level the impression of fly-on-the-wall (Mackrell par.1).

The event held in slots throughout the day featured different programs contained in the ballet dance components. The form of dancing performed during the show comprised of the current ballet dance elements. Different dancers and artist appeared in the royal ballet event.

The elementary ritual morning class of the royal ballet that started at 1030 is important to any dancer from whichever ballet corporation. The ancient belief that when one dodges a lesson he/she is aware, the instructor is alert supposed one fails to attend two classes, or supposed one neglect three lessons then the audience is aware was consistent at the event. The class that covers nearly one to one and a half hours helped in fine tuning the performance, intensifying and stretching the muscles, and waking up the exhausted bodies in preparation for the busy day ahead. The class made it easy for the McNally Kristen and Cope Jonathan (former principle and ballet master) to decode the sense of the royal ballet carefully prearranged trainings (Mackrell par.2).

During the lunch hour, the choreographers were rehearsed on the operation of the dances of the season in progress. It became troublesome to calculate the studio instance in hours that set off into the stage presentation. The procedure of putting together the dancing gadgets is intensive based on the establishment of innovative work. For instance, every minute of dance required a thumb rule that is one hour (Mackrell par.3). It became evident that even revitalizing a clip akin to Juliet and Romeo was difficult and meticulous since weapon battles, double acts, solos, and crowd pictures needed personal practice as seen during the evening slot.

Juliet and Romeo

Feature at the Royal Ballet

The royal event had far-reaching variations dances as illustrated above based on the technique of diverse ballets. In essence, the dancers are put in extremely dissimilar demands during performance. Sleeping beauty and Lake Swan that are the epitomes of the nineteenth century remains some of the pillars of the reparatory of splendid dance. These are choreographed in the identical dance fashion that figures out the foundation of daybreak class. However, the royal ballet comprises of a wide range of dances from both twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Such dances replicate on the entire range of aesthetics and genres that cut across crawly theatrical, attractive lyrics, conceptual, and expressionist (Mackrell par.4).

The royal ballet live presentation had great enthusiasm, drama, and astonishing liveliness. The dancers performed the different dances that rapidly streamed into the prospect of audience (Bedinghaus par.9). A number of fresh works from diverse artists characterized during the ballet dummy run featured the wonderland adventures of Alice by the high-tech manifestation of Wheeldon Christopher. Such fresh works occurred during the noontime slot performance that transpired during the occasion. The other impressive ballet story at during the evening slot featured the Sickert Walter’s art and life by Scarlett Liam. The slot at 1830 featured a composition by Ronson Mark, ‘the choreography is specially set to music.’ The above contains the carbon life of McGregor Wayne with brutally splintered energies.

The number of British to non British artists astonished the new entrants into the royal ballet. As compared to the football world, such ratio stimulates the well-built viewpoints in the ballet field. The assortment of imperial occupation was influential enough to draw the performers from overseas. Equally, the magnitude of fresh and creative work performance in the event also impressed the dancers from abroad. The inherent culture of the royal ballet was represented by the international group of dancers such as Wheeldon, Scarlett, and McGregor (Mackrell par.6).

On the other hand, the democratic system as well as the pecking order of the music blend at the event by the artists surprised the new audience. In a social context, the royal ballet was a great deal peaceful than those that occurred during the earlier periods. During the event, the manager of the royal ballet (Mason Monica) was referred to as the Mon. Similarly, the founding manager (Valois Ninette) who managed to run that group for more than thirty years was expressly known recognized as Madam.

The grading at the extravagant ballet remained rigorous and ranged from the artists who perform in almost each dance to the chief dancers who may perhaps carry out duties merely on a weekly basis. The day’s event ended with the customary Insight Evenings of the royal ballet. Every dancer or choreographers had a discussion about specific repertory works. McGregor Wayne, who had earlier have a conversation about the event talked about the new dance.

The royal ballet music has assisted in enhancing the most emotional parts of the dances. It also empowered the choreographers to uncover personal artistic potentialities. The dancers’ costumes were current and appropriate for the performances. Such costumes helped in underlining the gorgeous figures of the choreographers besides creating the overall impression of the period when the actions portrayed in the show were taking place (Bedinghaus par.6). There was harmonious lighting as part of the royal ballet. Lighting was employed to generate dramatic effects during the scenes and lay focus on the dancers. In personal view, the show was enjoyable during the evening slot. The rapid growth and presentation of events were surprising.

The choreographers’ passion made the feeling great with heated performance that was inspirational given the energetic and powerful potential that engulfed the show. The most exhilarating characteristic of this event was professionalism and expression in different slots. The aptitude of dancing to hold the interest and fascinate the audience’s compassion was remarkable and awe-inspiring during the royal ballet performance. The event overwhelmed with the distinction and incredible professionalism that enabled the spectators to get prepared to fly into a rage with wonderful emotional presence and anxiety.


The ballet dance is trained in ballet school of the arts all over the world with singular artists archaeologically employing special philosophies to develop their abilities. The royal ballet event engages a variety of components based on performance, class, rehearsal, and demonstration. The event was a success with dancers showcasing their different talents across the genres of ballet dance. The costume and music that engulfed the performance were current and appropriate for the presentations. As a result, the audience could easily comprehend the underlining gorgeous figures of the choreographers besides creating the overall impression of the period of the ballet performance. In general, the live concert presented an opportunity for individuals to realize and view the life at the royal ballet.

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