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  1. Importance of sound
    The existence of sound in the world is crucial to the creation of perception and presence that determine the shape of the world.
  2. Sounds of English: Phonetics and Phonology
    In these cases it is the sound [t] which is changed under the influence of the process of glottalization caused by closure of the gottis in the flow of the speech.[ ], [ ] Deletion/Elision.
  3. Sourcing Sound and Image
    Speaking of Wolniak’s Flash Art, one must mention that the images, with all their abruptness, remind of the SOS signal; however, with the soothing buzzing sound in the background, the whole artwork of life and […]
  4. The Incident of the Prince William Sound in Alaska
    This paper discusses particular sections of the applicable OSHA regulations that Exxon Corporation neglected, the hazards the workforce of this company encountered because of the failure to comply with OSHA regulations, and the recommended corrective […]
  5. Combining visual and sound to enhance Brand Experience
    The combination of visual and audio aspects in a brand enhancement strategy facilitates in arousing positive attitude towards the brand and draws the attention of the target consumers.
  6. Impact of the introduction of sound and style in classical Hollywood cinema
    It was the revolutionary step in the growth of the cinema. This was a blend of the two technologies.
  7. Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence
    TRANSIT- ION SOUND ADD’L COMMENTS 1: 0 12 sec Long shot Level None Cut Synchronous diegetic Audience is appreciative 2: 12 3 sec Close-up Level None Cut Asynchronous diegetic Reaction shot; Sylvia appears happy 3:15 […]
  8. Sound and Space: Sonic Experience
    The existence of sound in the world is crucial to the creation of perception and presence that determine the shape of the world.
  9. In the Rhythm of Rock: Supreme Sound Explosion
    Seeing how it involves a careful consideration of the existing resources, the careful evaluation of all possible transportation issues, the comparison of the costs for transportation and the self-cost of the product that is going […]
  10. There is No One-to-One Correspondence Between Orthography and Sound in English
    In most cases, orthography in English provides to all phoneme of the speech, no less than a single regular, apparent and steady symbolization.
  11. Spelling and Sound Challenges to Spanish L2 Learners of English
    Most of the learners will encounter problems in these two areas because of the disparities that exist between the Spanish and the English language in spelling and sound pattern of words.
  12. Takeaway Listening Test: The Sounds of Music
    It could be argued that the second version of the composition Ravel’s Bolero is one of the rare cases when each of the two alternatives that a composer comes up with sounds equally amazing.
  13. Ministry of Sound Strategic Management
    At the end of the case “Ministry of Sounds” by Wittington, this company is in this phase as the results of the change in culture around the world and the environmental market.
  14. Phonetics Awareness Lesson: Rhotacism and Sounds
    The problem started with the word “dog,” or, to be more exact, with the sentence “A dog barks,” which was supposed to be the ending to the first part of the test.
  15. Archeology: The Bull-headed Harp and Sound Box
    In total, four scenes are depicted in the sound box, and scholars think that they are depicting a party in the spirit world, or the land of the dead. Also, the depictions of the men […]
  16. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
    Sartre’s thesis is in that essay is that the non-chronological narrative in the Sound and Fury is not merely a matter of style or aesthetic preferences but the fundamental elements of the novel’s content.
  17. Archival Sound Recordings
    E-delivery of audio from the holdings of the Sound Archive will facilitate the New York Library in making an exceptional contribution to the latest training setting for NY higher education, and will offer pointers to […]
  18. Sound Technique in “Amadeus” a Play by Peter Shaffer
    Mozart’s music is a necessary component of the film structure since the play and film attempt to provide an accurate portrayal of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the events that led to his death.
  19. Effect of Sound Waves on the Invertebrates Behavior
    The inherent problem with this sound is that it is a form of stressor, namely, an outside factor that affects the ability of marine organisms to continue with their normal activities due to the effect […]
  20. Setting Sound Cyber Policies, Procedures and Standards
    Corporate policies for the use of email to support sound cybersecurity include the following: Remote Access Policy The mode in which company employees access the internal network of an organization should be guarded by certain […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Sound

  1. Sound Cyber Training Program’ Development
    Developing a company training program to educate employees on cybersecurity policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines to ensure state and federal cyber law compliance is a difficult and a meticulous task, which needs to take into […]
  2. Visual Effects and Sounds in Cinematography
    Considering the cinematography of The Third Man, the paper is aimed at exploring the lighting and color, the sound, the location, the camera angles, and character’s movement to explain the state of mind of the […]
  3. Sound Design of Pale Man Scene in “Pan’s Labyrinth”
    Music gives a clue to the viewer and helps to identify a scene or a character. The main character in Pan’s Labyrinth- Ophelia is assigned to enter a lair and open one of the three […]
  4. The Dynamic Between the Popular Music’ Sound and Look
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamic between the sound and the look of two representatives of the Soul Jazz music genre Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and Amy Winehouse.
  5. Safe and Sound Company’s Analysis
    The first and the most important source is the direct sales of the product of Safe and Sound company. For this reason, the above-mentioned aspects could be considered the main factors that will contribute to […]
  6. Nura Sound Company Adding a Personality to the Brand
    Therefore, to enter the target segment of the global economy, Nura will need to create a strong brand strategy by establishing its brand name and cementing its image as a company offering innovative sound technology […]
  7. Musical Compositions: Sounds and Aural Experiences
    Contrary to the first impression of common every evening sounds, the piece is deceptively obvious to the ear and reminds the listener of a moment they have all encountered in their lives.
  8. Ministry of Sound Group’s Leadership and Management
    The first mistake was the positioning of the business. The main external forces that affected the Ministry of Music during its inception were trends in the use of recreational drugs, security concerns, and the expansion […]
  9. Sounds in Spielberg’s “Memoirs of a Geisha” Film
    In the beginning scene, how does the sound of the train interact with the situation? What is the role of the sound of the falling rain in the movie?
  10. Slot Machine Sound Impact on Gamblers
    The researchers were interested in investigating the relationship between the slot machine sounds and the reactions of the players. To determine the psychophysical impact of the slot machine sounds on the players.
  11. Computerized National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
    This paper analyses the case of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and its use of Mediaflex, a system that empowers the management of archived collections, both analog and digital.
  12. The Exact Measurement of the Sound of Speech
    2008) It provides a method for classifying phonological features of any language according to a set of classes developed, which are based upon the location, method of utterance, and the descriptive geometry of the speech […]
  13. Noise and Sound Pollution
    The noise pollution should be considered by the duration of the sound, the frequency of noise, and whether there is any control to the sound or not.
  14. The Concept of Sound, Converging Lens and Electrostatics
    The amplitude of sound wave determines its intensity while the frequency and wavelength multiply to give the speed of the sound wave. However, the amplitude of a sound wave in no way affects the speed […]
  15. Film Sound Design Post Production Overview
    It is obvious that a better degree of the use of film sound improved the storytelling in modern cinema. In the “final mix” dialogue, music, and sound effects are brought together to create a complex […]
  16. The Concept of Sound Localization
    The term sound localization is used to mean the ability of the listener to identify the origin or location of the sound and its direction.
  17. Sound Techniques in the Truman
    The director is using a variety of techniques such as lighting, camera work, and sound to convey the story and shape the meaning of the film.
  18. “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott: Cinematography and Sound Concept
    Thus, the opening scene allows the viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of the film from the first seconds. The described usage of lighting and colors in the movie contributes to the image of cyberpunk […]
  19. Analog to Digital Sound Processor
    Variations in human voice pitch and tone affect a lot in the functionality of Analogue to digital converter. Generally, analog to the digital processor is used to convert the analog voltage or current in to […]
  20. Analogue to Digital Sound Effect Processor
    Nonetheless, unlike analog documentation that is importantly dependent on the long term durability of the fidelity of waveforms documented on the standard, the tangible standard stockpiling digital samples is fundamentally immaterial in replaying of the […]

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