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Ministry of Sound Strategic Management Case Study

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound was established by James Palumbo as a London Club in 1991, and it has put up a strong and exclusive brand. Ministry of Sound is known for its big name in dance music, and in year 2002, it faced a strategic drift.

Fourth Phase at the close of the case

According to this case study, Ministry of Sound has already underwent three stages of its development considering the whole history of the appearance and work of this body. That is why using the results of this research, it is possible to state that nowadays, Ministry of Sound faces a strategic drift which is at the fourth phase, and it demonstrates the transformational change or casualty stage of a company.

At the end of the case “Ministry of Sounds” by Wittington, this company is in this phase as the results of the change in culture around the world and the environmental market.

Its performances were highly affected by introduction of the live concerts which were becoming more popular hence outraging dance music which were seen out of fashion. It was a necessity for Ministry of Music to change strategy and adopt another one in order to survive (Kotler and Caslione, 2009).

At the end of this case study, the company cannot be at phase 1, 2 or 3 because it doesn’t demonstrate period of flux. Nevertheless, there is such a time demonstrated previously in the case where it indicates that the new style magazine was launched and failed their after.

It is clearly illustrated that the strategy is totally taking a new direction where marketing director strained a transformational change and conducted a strategic review policy of the organisation.

Strategy Lenses

At the establishment of the Ministry of music organisation, the founder, James Palumbo, applied discourse lenses as his strategic element. This shows the confidence that he had since the beginning of the company and the strategies that he implemented in managing his drug free environment (Kotler and Caslione, 2009).

He had to remain courageous and confident while facing drug traffickers and other related gangs. He was also expected to advertise his drug free club to achieve a competitive advantage over the other clubs in London.

Additionally, the design lens oversees strategic development as an added advantage and can helps the brand through selection of products. By doing so, one will be able to analyse the market and establish which products are less competitive and has a demand in the market.

It will help the company to come up with variety of the products to its customers. Finally, there is lens of idea which stipulates the significance of accepting the environmental and cultural changes and encourages use of the power of branded (Glenn, 2004).

Future Strategic Direction

To ensure proper strategic management in future for the Ministry of Music, it is advisable to the future management to implement both the ideal and discourse lenses. If those two lenses are properly combined, they will lead the organisation into a new direction and warrant the company with the survival in a competitive and changing environment through generating new ideologies for the future.

Finally, it advised to keep in mind other lenses which are important to apply them whenever making managerial strategies.

Reference List

Glenn, A., 2004. Implementing management initiative Decision 913: a study effective change management. New York: McGraw-hill

Kotler, P., and Caslione, C., 2009. Chaotic: Management en marketing in turbulent tijden. London: Oxford Press.

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