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Hollywood Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Hollywood Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Imposition of Hollywood film restrictions: The production code
    Arguments supporting imposition of film restrictions It is import to remember from the onset that majority of the argument in favor of imposition of restriction and censorship stem purely from a moral point of view.
  2. Women in Hollywood
    The Fast and The Furious is a fast paced male bonding movie that uses the female characters to cater to predominantly male fantasies and to keeping the male gaze occupied.
  3. Impact of the introduction of sound and style in classical Hollywood cinema
    It was the revolutionary step in the growth of the cinema. This was a blend of the two technologies.
  4. Hollywood Ten Group
    The historical background of the Hollywood ten The blacklisting of the ten professionals in the movie industry had its roots back in the years between 1930 and 1940.
  5. Hollywood’s depiction of American History limited to that of the White American Male
    This misrepresentation is compounded by the view that instead of simply ignoring the roles played by the blacks in the actual events that took place in Mississippi in 1964, the moviemakers assign some of the […]
  6. Descartes Goes to Hollywood
    Throughout the article, the use of cyborgs in films is used as a tool of analysis by the author. The conflict of the body and the mind is also the main theme in most cyborg […]
  7. Post classical Hollywood
    Some films of the Hollywood renaissance are characterized partly by breaches of the continuity editing regime of classical Hollywood, inspired largely by thee films of the French New Wave of the late 1950s and early […]
  8. Hollywood Cemetery
    The place is at the heart of the Virginia people due to the burial of 18, 000 soldiers from all the southern states who were victims of the civil war, hence, solidifying its importance among […]
  9. Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry
    The article “Hollywood Asks California to cut Taxes for the Film Industry” discusses a petition launched by Film Works aimed at convincing the state of California to implement tax cuts for the film industry.
  10. Social Issues: Hollywood Effects on Suburban Families
    The actions of the people who lived in the suburbs were largely influenced by the media. On the other hand, the suburban male was the provider and the protector of the house.
  11. History of Hollywood, California
    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was assigned the mandate to get rid of the last four letters and refurbish the residual part of the insignia on the hillside.
  12. Hollywood Success in the Film “Sunset Boulevard”
    In addition to that, the protagonists of this movie illustrate the canons of this genre. This is one of the details that can be distinguished.
  13. The New Hollywood Cinema Development
    The changes have led to the emergence of new business models in the industry. The location of the major filmmaking companies in New York City remains a historical fact, which led to the development of […]
  14. Hollywood Presbyterian Information Security Breach
    In the message, attackers make their demands to the victim for the release of the key to unlocking the encrypted information.
  15. Hollywood Community Profile: Audience/Stakeholders
    The first view of the intended audience/stakeholders in Hollywood is that it is a nice place to live in. A demographic analysis of the Hollywood community reveals the cosmopolitan nature of the city.
  16. The Replacements Concert in the Hollywood Palladium
    The rehearsal included all of the songs mentioned in the set list and in the end they also practiced some of the additional songs that were not put on the list.
  17. Chicana and Latino Actors in Hollywood Movies
    For the duration of Hollywood’s existence, the role of Chicana and Latino actors in the industry has been extremely marginal even though these people make up the majority of the population in California.
  18. Global Communication and Media: China and Hollywood
    The modern understanding of media and communication policies is directly linked to the phenomenon of the Internet that increases the amount, and the quality of misunderstandings and disputes about the way communication and media should […]
  19. Victoria’s Secret vs. Frederick’s of Hollywood
    Still, it is important to compare stores and websites of Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood in order to conclude about these retailers’ messages to the audience with reference the question of sexuality.
  20. Copyright in Hollywood
    Due to a great number of issues related to the use of plots and characters, the courts of the United States started developing new practices, helping to distinguish between original characters and their look-alikes.
  21. Hollywood Cinema Research and Its Challenges
    Since the range of genres is broad, I think to focus on the issue of male and female spectatorship and evaluate the selected stereotypes in the given context.
  22. Psychology in the “50/50” Hollywood Film
    The terror management theory is a psychological concept to describe the instinct of self-preservation present in all humans which drives motivation and behavior under the threat of mortality. A threatening stimulus in the form of […]
  23. Hollywood in “Recount” by Carey McWilliams
    What is more threatening is that all people involved in the movie industry find it hard to distinguish between the real world and the one that is dictated by Hollywood.
  24. Compton Transformation and Black Hollywood: Readings Review
    Josh Sides tackles the misconstructions concerning Compton and exposes an unknown history that controverts the modern conceptions of the suburb. Donald Bogle puts in his book, the tale of a place filled with both allegorical […]
  25. “Hollywood Cinema” the Book by Richard Maltby
    In the scene where Gilda is lying on her bed, and her husband Ballin comes in and sits next to her, there is a distinct focus of the camera on the woman’s emotions.
  26. Conflict Management: Gender Pay Gap in Hollywood
    To close the gender pay gap in Hollywood, it is possible to encourage male and female filmmakers to negotiate and work on solutions that could be satisfactory for all the parties.

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