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  1. Al-JAZEERA “Arabic Television Network”
    However, over the years Aljazeera has acquired the trust of many of its viewers especially from the Middle East although a notable portion of the rest of the world also trusts the channel.
  2. Gender Stereotypes on Television
    Gender stereotyping in television commercials is a topic that has generated a huge debate and it is an important topic to explore to find out how gender roles in voice-overs TV commercials and the type […]
  3. Watching TV Makes Us Smarter Debate
    As in the case of the ’24’ in relation to how it can make me smarter, I believe that the complexities of plot lines and the quick paced action is an effort to make viewers […]
  4. Television Advertising and Television Shows
    In the show, there is always a change in the life of the characters based on the episodes. A clear picture of the family is brought to fore in the drama Bette and Boo.
  5. Censorship for television and radio media
    This paper seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of censorship with the aim of determining the extent to which content on broadcast media can be censored. A good example of a situation in which moral […]
  6. Why do people watch reality TV?
    Thirdly, most of these programs deal with the real life situations that people are facing. Another appeal is that viewers are given a chance to compare their lives with those of the shows’ protagonists.
  7. “The Value of Reanalysis: TV Viewing and Attention Problems.” Summary
    In the study, Foster and Watkins employ the reanalysis procedure in order to explore the developmental issue of interrelation between watching television and attention disorders in children.
  8. Two poems with TV drama 24
    The main ideas which the authors of both the poem and the song are proposing will also be summarized and finally a link will be provided between the piece of literary work, the song and […]
  9. Seeing a Movie in a Movie Theater Versus Watching a Movie on a Television Set
    Although I enjoyed both experiences, watching the movie in a movie theater appeared to have a greater impact on me as compared to watching the movie on a television set.
  10. How TV Affects Kids
    Because of this fact, many parents, children advocates and educationists are already raising concerns over the amount of time children spend watching television and the kind of materials they watch in the first place.
  11. TV Reality and People’s Lifestyle
    What makes it offending to the ladies in their lives is that they never watch the matches in their houses because they like watching the games in the company of their fellow men and they […]
  12. Popular Culture of TV watching in USA and China
    However, as compared to USA culture, watching television programs in China is controlled and regulated by the state, a situation that has forced some young people to resort to internet television where they watch downloaded […]
  13. Television Advancements
    This paper will discuss the advancement of television, the time period for the advancement invention and factors that led to the advancements.
  14. Is Watching TV Bad or Good?
    Watching the TV is one of the most relaxing activities, because in most cases, as one is watching the television there is a tendency of the human mind to switch off from thinking about stressing […]
  15. Shopping Diaries: Brand New Flat Screen 47-inch TV
    During the time when I was doing my internet research on the product, I had come to the realization that the amount of money needed to purchase the TV would probably pay for a semester […]
  16. The Cultivation Effects on the Watching Television
    In most television programs, each program has an age bracket to its recommended viewers because of the fear of cultivation effects of immoral programming that the programs might carry. Continuous exposure to such scenes would […]
  17. Influence of Television Advertising on Children’s Eating Behavior
    The core problem which is discussed within the research is the children’s obesity and the influence of the programs children watch on its spread and increase.
  18. Does TV increase violence among children and teenagers?
    With the increase in media freedom, the media has brought a number of issues that have influenced on the life of a people, they have sometimes aired programs, and music and news that can reign […]
  19. TV Advertising as the Most Appropriate Communication System
    The general objective of this study is to establish the most appropriate system to communicate to the mothers, fathers and grandparents of the children about the product in a manner that they can get attracted.
  20. Media Control and Censorship of TV
    The second type of control imposed on the media is the control of information that may put the security of a country at risk.
  21. Report on a TV programme “Regimental Stories. The history of the Coldstream Guards”
    According to the program, the army was formed to overthrow the monarchy and, unfortunately, this attempt appeared to be unsuccessful. Whereas the TV programme has been criticized by many individuals for taking some emancipation in […]
  22. Psychological TV Programs Doctor-Patient
    The other effect of these programs on the patients is to offer directives to the addict, family and friends on the things they might do in order to overcome the problem at hand.
  23. TV Advertisements Aimed at Children in Australian should be banned
    Advertisements on TV have a negative effect on the lifestyles of children as they tend to affect their preferences. Banning of television advertisements aimed at children may not be the solution to changing their lifestyles.
  24. Influence of Television on the American Society
    The paper will consider the various negative and positive influences this invention has had so as to demonstrate the major impact that the television has had on our society.
  25. Relationship between Indirect and Physical Aggression on Television and in Real Life
    The principle aim of conducting this research was to scrutinize people’s self reported exposure and perception to television violence and their perceived behavior. The writer of the article tries to explain the effect of television […]
  26. Understanding Media: Reality TV Shows—The Jersey Shore
    In the Jersey Shore, storytelling is typified by the show participants through the use of common communication language and engaging in habitual things that are common and relevant to the world today like going to […]
  27. Television Effects & Freedoms
    This raises a lot of concerns on the negative effects of TV content on the behavior and health of children. In summation, airing of violent and sexual content on TV in both Italy and the […]
  28. Bridalplasty Television Show
    Bridalplasty is based on the principle that the bridegrooms of the women in the show value the physical appearance of their women.
  29. TV News Role in Citizens Life
    This paper attempts to address the concern of the quality of news due to the recent increase in sensationalism of news content in news programs.
  30. Philips TV’s Popularity
    The main set and the most significant is the one that serves the general needs of the family members and is located in the living room.
  31. Family TV Shows
    In the traditional view of a nuclear family, it is the woman who is supposed to be patient with the man. It challenges the model of a happy and perfect family which was and is […]
  32. Changing Notion of Nuclear Family as Portrayed in Television Shows
    The Simpson displays frustrations and irritations in a family and how sometimes it suffers lack of money and other important effects and it portrays nuclear family which is a very important image of the family.
  33. History of Television Broadcasting in Canada Before 1968
    By 1932 the CRBC was established in 1932 and was based on the recommendations of the 1929 Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting During the 1950s, most of the movies being screened in Canadian cinemas were […]
  34. Change Management within Direct TV Business
    Thus, the main responsibility of the managers is to act as facilitation and enabling instruments for change implementation within the Direct TV Company.
  35. Convergence in the Television Stations
    With the current competition and the changes in the television and online services, people are no longer willing to pay less to the Pay TV broadcasters and the emergence of free TV is gaining an […]
  36. Television Genres and New Media Technologies
    In the Lost model, the show’s producers and writers trusted the elasticity of the Lost myth, and cultivated multiple platforms, outside of traditional television, to purvey the narrative far beyond the confines of the small […]
  37. Need for Reality TV on Television Programming
    This is evident from the shows on our primetime schedule such as “How I Met Your Mother”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “The Big Bang Theory”, and the remake of “Hawaii Five-0”, all of which contain scenes […]
  38. Television Criticism in Advert
    The use of “Green Police” in the advert to arrest a young man at the mall and the guys at the road for using plastic containers and a bottle respectively, at first fails to bring […]
  39. TV show analysis. The Simpsons Show
    The setting of this show is a fictional and unknown US state, Springfield, and the name Simpsons is used in the show as a family name.
  40. Effects of TV and Other Medias on Child Development
    The study will therefore highlight some of the effects that accompany the use of televisions and other forms of media in homes and other areas of resident.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Television

  1. How Entertainment Television Shapes Social Values and Beliefs
    This paper will discuss how the themes highlighted in the Sex and the City television series and how the series contributes in shaping social values and beliefs.
  2. The Effects of Background Television on the Toy Play Behavior of Very Young Children
    The research assessed the level of maturity in a child’s play, the length of time spent in a play and the devoted attention given to a specific object in a play.
  3. Television Show’s Influences
    The frequency of the television shows is a pattern that is interesting to monitor in the shows watched. Negative influences could be dangerous and therefore it is important to discourage their course in the lives […]
  4. Japanese TV Drama “14 Sai no Haha”
    To be specific, the language of the four main characters is analyzed with the remarks to the use of words and expressions.
  5. Television and Cultural Change
    First of all, the Public Service Broadcasting is aimed at satisfying the needs of the customers as the direct consumer of the services.
  6. Television as a Domestic Technology
    Ever since the launch of digital television and the introduction of the set-top box as the modern consumer technology to replace the analogue television system, television has been cast into the limelight with respect to […]
  7. TV Show Classification
    According to my classification system, TV shows can be classified according to main theme of the show. Under the theme of conflict, three different types of conflicts were used to categorize the TV shows.
  8. Change in the TV station
    The team was reluctant to go to the field and learn the technology but their leader made them enthusiastic after explaining the importance of the new technology. The implementation of the change was participatory because […]
  9. The Role of Interactivity to the Success of Reality Television Shows
    The two have explicitly examined and documented the importance of the role of interactivity to the success of the reality television show.
  10. Reality Television
    It is supposed that reality viewers may be encouraged to evaluate and differentiate their own state of affairs with those stars of the reality shows.
  11. China’s Flat Screen TV Industry
    In china, the flat screen television industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy over the last decade.
  12. Cable TV provider
    The database is then categorized based on the services and products required in the market. The value of cable TV services will be adjusted based customers and locations differences as well as product differences.
  13. Invention of television
    According to Street, Paul Nipkow developed the Nipkow disc in 1884, which was capable of transmitting pictures by use of a cable. In the earlier times, it was hard to send a message for its […]
  14. The Types of Features Used in Different Television Shows
    Other factors that the television stations consider include the setup of the studios or the show rooms, the characters that will participate in the shows and the kinds of languages to be used in the […]
  15. Motivation Theories in the TV Comedy Series “Sex and the Sally”
    The main argument in favor of the expectancy theory in this situation is that this theory is characterized by the awareness of those who are going to perform the task about the outcome in case […]
  16. What Is “Real” About Reality TV Through Susan Boyle’s Debut On Britain’s Got Talent
    This was depicted with the look on the faces of the judges and the audience who thought she was just in the competition to make a normal appearance.
  17. Television and Children
    To be able to deal with the situation, it is vital to conduct a study that may help in identifying the impact of television viewing on children.
  18. Legal Themes in the Good Wife TV Series
    Rather, the attention of the paper is dedicated to TV series with particular focus on the use of legal themes and the depiction of legal characters in the fourth series of The Good Wife.
  19. Evolution of Television
    Throughout the decade, the cable television was the means of transmission between the transmitters in television network premises and the receivers at the viewer’s home.
  20. American Television History
    As it will be shown in the succeeding sections, the culture of electronic advertising changed wherein advertisers became increasingly aggressive with their product placements and means of getting the public to be more aware of […]
  21. Transmission and Reception of Television Signals
    In his book Electronic signals and systems: television, stereo, satellite TV, and automotive, he explains to the reader the process of signal transmission and reception.
  22. Persuasive portfolio of Net-A-Porter and Samsung Smart TV
    The next step to affect the target audience’s behaviour is the manipulation of the notions typical for the fashion industry and observed in the magazines to develop associations.
  23. Is TV advertising dying as mass media in the EU?
    The paper will serve to disambiguate the confusion that exists concerning the dynamics of TV and the Internet advertising because currently, some reports propagate the idea that despite the exponential rise in the popularity of […]
  24. The Impact of the Pilkington Report on the British Television in the 1960s
    In spite of the fact that the main ideas presented in the Pilkington Report were actively criticised by the broadcasters, government, sponsors, and by the public, the effect of the report on the further growth […]
  25. Television
    The “first” generation television systems had a display or the TV screen was characterized by a small motor with a neon lamp and spinning disc.
  26. Australian Advert Banned on UK TV
    Hence the article has two aspects; one the one hand it is an amalgamation of cross cultural beliefs and values, it represents a promotion of acculturation whereby Tourism Australia attempts to promote a diffusion of […]
  27. Effects of food advertising in Australian Television on Children aged 5-12 years.
    The epistemologies that will be used in the research are: Objectivism In objectivism, the research will attempt to find out the truth concerning the effects of food advertising on children.
  28. “Viewing and avoidance of Al Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel” by Jamal, A., & Melkot, S. R.
    The article relates with the article in that the article illustrates the different ways in which Al-Jazeera strives to bring the news and programs the content of the news in a manner that gratifies the […]
  29. Framing Effects of Television News Coverage of Social Protest
    The study reveals that the impact of the police and protesters’ perception, as documented by Mclead, may also entail support for the expressive rights of protesters, its effectiveness, an assessment of the support for social […]
  30. Central China Television’s (CCTV)
    Following the unprecedented growth of the economy, increased per capita income and literacy levels; the mass among the Chinese and other communities in the world was spurred.
  31. Television and violence
    The KTDS management should react to the problem, not for the benefit of the politicians but for the whole population, since a successful business caters for the needs of all customers.
  32. Literature review and methodology for the case of violence on TV
    The survey is intended to provide the opinions of the viewers on the level of violence on the programs shown by KTDS.
  33. Influence of Television on Contemporary Chinese Culture
    The consequences that airing a certain program in the station is the point of concern, the end result of the programs are likely to change the perception and the belief that the people have.
  34. Sony Television: Company Analysis
    The President and CEO of Sony Corporation also attested to the harshness of the market and environment in which their television business operates.
  35. Positive Effects of Television on the way People Understand Themselves
    In efforts to investigate the role that television has on making people understand gender, Williams conducted a study on how children classified men and women after watching some television shows.
  36. Television in Emirati Culture
    The UAE is the gateway of the Far East and western hemisphere throw a dynamic maritime linkage in ambition to welcome people all over the world to enjoy the cultural heritage of this region along […]
  37. Marketing Design and Innovation: Smart TV’s
    The marketing team of Samsung has been coordinating closely with the production unit to ensure that the design, colour, shape, and functionality of the product meet the needs of the market.
  38. Market Opportunity Assessment for Apple TV Box
    The patent rights of the product are already secured and it also has a clear copyright which is used to identify its brand in the market.
  39. “10 Years Younger” and “How to Look Good Naked” Television Shows
    The most important thing about appearances here is that the older get to look younger on the “10 Years Younger” show and those with insecurities about their shapes and sizes get to accept who they […]
  40. The Effects of Television on the Way People Understand Themselves
    This is because, despite the fact that the advocates of political correctness encourage citizens to believe that the specifics of one’s racial affiliation are not being reflective of his or her tendency to commit crimes, […]

📌 Simple & Easy Television Essay Titles

  1. Violence on TV
    From one perspective, it is said that the person will learn to like the violence and use it in real life.
  2. Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commissions
    One of the main functions of the CRTC is to ensure that Canadians own and control most of the country’s broadcasting firms.
  3. Is the Television Series, Friday Night Lights Literary?
    In addition, Julie Taylor, the teenage daughter of the coach is also a central character in the series. It is the events of the play, which tight the play together because they happen to the […]
  4. Digital TV and Its Consequences: A Changing Media Industry
    The main idea that is being promoted throughout the article by Gripsrud is that the very paradigm of TV-broadcasting, in the traditional sense of this word, is somewhat inconsistent with the discursive implications of the […]
  5. Television’s Evolution
    The discovery of the photoconductive properties of selenium by Willoughby Smith and his assistant in 1873 completely changed the things in the history of television.
  6. Television Shows and Obscene Language
    Thus, television shows should not be allowed to use the obscene language because the television language is based on the definite language norms, and the usage of obscene and profane words cannot be discussed as […]
  7. Newspaper Report and TV Report: Comparison and Contrast
    Conversely, the audience relates to the story through the tone of voice of the reporter as well as the appearance of the characters in the TV report.
  8. Digital Media Impacts on Television
    This has significantly reduced the number of people who rely on television to get breaking news for various incidents that occur in different places. As a result, their popularity has reduced the amount of time […]
  9. Television Desensitizing of Modern Children
    This is one of the main risks that should not be overlooked by parents and educators who need to understand how the values of children are formed.
  10. The Oprah TV Show
    One of the most influential and successful talk shows is the Oprah Winfrey Show that aired between the years 1986 and 2011.
  11. Television Commercial
    It is also necessary to add that the commercial also has a valuable message. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the commercial of Kellogg’s Froot Loops can have two implications.
  12. Technologies: High-Speed Internet Vs the Cable Television
    The article discusses two aspects of the merger first, the increase in monopolistic power of Comcast due to the merger and second, government regulation that might control the rise of monopolistic power in high speed […]
  13. Does TV Shows Have a Negative Influence on the Children?
    While a section of the society argues that television shows are beneficial to children because they are educative, others feel that they have a negative influence on them.
  14. Sony PlayStation TV Micro-Console Marketing Project
    The lack of concern for the quality of the product gives a lot of reasons for concern; for the company to regain its position within the global market, an introduction of a new brand of […]
  15. “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson
    It is the belief of this paper that television programming can be considered as one of the most important teaching tools currently in place due to the unprecedented access to information that people can get […]
  16. Television Show “What’s My Line?”
    The show was a hit in the US and was aired in the CBS Television. In the resent years, in the year 2013, the show was ranked in the 7th position among the sixty greatest […]
  17. “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson
    Although “Red Queen” is based on solving one mystery of killing an antiques dealer, viewers receive the opportunity to stimulate their cognition because of the necessity solve a range of additional mysteries proposed by the […]
  18. Reality TV Role in Human History
    For the last couple of decades the genre of reality TV has become one of the most influential and popular types of television.
  19. The Value of Reanalysis: TV Viewing and Attention Problems
    The primary question of Foster and Watkins study, therefore, is to reanalyze the results of the previous, Christakis et al.research in terms of their robustness to the inclusion of two more variables.
  20. Television Advertisement’ Negative Effects on Children
    Such adverts may bring conflict with the parents; when the parents try to guide the child on the right way to follow, the child is left at cross roads on whom to believe, is it […]
  21. Television Effects on Society
    Nevertheless, the impact of television on children is the most dangerous because children have no abilities to assess the information presented in TV programs and shows critically.
  22. TV Cartoons and Children’s Behavior – Psychology
    That is why the impact of TV cartoons as the provocation for the further violent behavior of children should be also discussed with references to the gender differences between boys and girls.
  23. Television: Features, Functions and Outcomes
    In the twentieth century, the saint then became the patron of television, and this story appears to reflect the desire of people to be involved in the magic of a personal TV set.
  24. Devious Maids – How Television Portrays Race?
    The maids team up with a newcomer to uncover the truth behind the murder of a maid, and they eventually become allies in their lives.
  25. Watching TV Makes You Smarter?
    Although it is true that watching TV and playing video games can be mentally stimulating activities, it is important to remember the value of selecting shows and video games that can help children accomplish the […]
  26. TV Soap Operas: Reasons of Popularity
    Soap operas are popular since they have interesting stories that captivate the minds of the audience. In addition to this, soap operas are popular since they keep viewers company.
  27. “Why Do People Watch Religious TV?” by Robert Abelman
    A Uses and Gratification Approach by Abelman applies the Uses and Gratification Theory, which is one of the various audience theories, to explain the role of Television as a mode of mass media from the […]
  28. TV Shows’ Influence on Families
    Despite the fact that the article is long as compared to the other article, the story and all its explanations flow in a rhythm that is encouraging and not tiring.
  29. Political Issues of “The American Idol” Television Show
    This paper presents a comprehension of the issue of democracy and participation through the lenses of the political landscape and the reality television show, the American Idol, which is followed by the exploration of the […]
  30. Reality TV Show Analysis: Masterchef Australia
    The analysis of this reality TV show can therefore be taken as the comprehensive analysis of the majority of today’s reality TV shows that have the same aspects of style as this one.
  31. E-Learning: Video, Television and Videoconferencing
    Some e-learning methods such as videoconferencing are very effective as learning methods because they engage the learner in active learning, while other e-learning methods such as video or distance learning are not very appropriate learning […]
  32. The TV Series: “The Vampire Diaries”
    The intended audience of the TV series is teenagers and young adults, especially females. Special effects of the TV series contribute to creation of the mystic world of the fictional haunted town.
  33. Television News Coverage Analysis
    The coverage of the grand piano on a sand bar story became a little more subjective in the ABC News example.
  34. Television Show: “Wil Time Bigtime”
    Since its inception, Wil Time Bigtime has aired a number of shows that can deemed offensive and bad for society and this is one of the reasons why the show had to change its name […]
  35. Natural and Artificial Selection in Cosmos TV Series
    In order to explain the same notion Tyson uses the example of wolves and the origin of dogs. The diversity of species is explained by Sagan and Tyson as a process of the natural selection […]
  36. The Fashion Channel: Cable TV Network
    The most appropriate strategy is to target the best customers and viewers. TFC has the potential to focus on the changing expectations of different viewers.
  37. Sampson Television Company: Change Management
    The department “will begin to support the needs and expectations of every employee and stakeholder”. I will constantly communicate with my team members and employees in order to support the above change.
  38. Coordination Issues in High-Definition Television
    The paper seeks to discuss the solution to the coordination problems associated with the adoption of the high-definition televisions. The problem of trying to coordinate the actions of the three autonomous players can be resolved […]
  39. TV Shows: House, Scrubs and Quincy
    The main idea is to reflect the life of a young doctor through the prism of J.D.’s point of view. D, is in the fight between the good and the evil.
  40. The Influence of Medical TV Programs on Viewers
    Before analyzing the impact of medical melodramas on nursing students, it is necessary to identify the reasons why people watch this kind of TV shows and what they are searching for in them.

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about TV

  1. Child’s Emotional Development in Caillou TV Show
  2. “It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on TV” by Zimmerman
  3. Bridgestone’s “Hands” TV Advertising
  4. Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance and Security
  5. Quite Interesting, British Television Programme
  6. Douyu TV and Young People in the Virtual Community
  7. Arab Stereotypes in the “Tyrant” TV Series
  8. “The Walking Dead” Television Series
  9. TV Visual Analysis: Boardwalk Empire
  10. Crime Television Series: “Al Fin Cayó!”
  11. Aggression and Violence in the “Vikings” TV Series
  12. Surveys for Creating TV Campaign Ads
  13. Samsung as Color TV Manufacturer in China
  14. TV Content: “The Walking Dead”
  15. TFC TV Company’s Competition Problem
  16. Television and Communication with Viewers
  17. Northern Exposure: TV Medical Comedy Series
  18. Discourse in the “Prison Break” TV Series
  19. Closed-Circuit Television Cameras in Crime Reduction
  20. Television, Its Invention and Technical Evolution
  21. Ford Explorer’s TV Commercial Advertising
  22. Television Show Suggestion: M*A*S*H
  23. The American TV Series: Characters and Themes
  24. “Empire”: TV Show Overview
  25. SmartBridge Company’s Smart TV System
  26. Historical TV Channels Strategies in Broadcasting
  27. French Specific Content in Media and Television
  28. Vietnam: The First Television War. Media and Public
  29. Utopia Fantasia in the “Black Mirror” TV Show
  30. “Insecure” Comedy-Drama TV Series by Rae and Wilmore
  31. “Pepsi Next Baby” TV Commercial Analysis
  32. Supply Chain Management in the TV Industry
  33. Trisha TV Show and Pop Culture Issues
  34. Direct Response Television and Its Requirements
  35. Vietnam as the First Television War
  36. Reality Television Definition and Impact
  37. Netflix’s Business: Renting Movies and TV Episodes
  38. Commercial Advertisements in Television
  39. TV Programming Analysis: Gendered Themes
  40. Television Pros and Cons Assessment
  41. Will TV Succumb to the Internet?

🥇 Most Interesting Television Topics to Write about

  1. Chicana and Mexican in Films and TV Shows
  2. Northern Exposure TV Show of Medical Dramedy Genre
  3. In Sickness and in Wealth: “Unnatural Causes” TV Series
  4. The Television Show “Law and Order: SVU”
  5. Donald Trump’s “Dangerous” TV Advertisement
  6. The US in the 1950s in “Leave It to Beaver” TV Show
  7. Al Ghad TV Company’s Internship Experiences
  8. Violence Against Women in the TV Shows
  9. What’s Inside TV Commercial by FedEx
  10. “Gossip Girl” the TV Show Analysis
  11. Group Roles in the “Survivor” TV Show
  12. Non-Verbal Communication in “When They See Us” TV Show
  13. Television Maintaining Class Division in Society
  14. Print Versus Television Media Comparison
  15. The Television: A Boon or a Bane to Society
  16. Reality Television, Its Nature and Effect
  17. Psychology: Persuasion in Bigpond TV Advertisement
  18. La Hija Del Jardinero Television Show
  19. Equality: The Use of TV to Develop Our Gender Roles
  20. Homosexual Stereotypes in Film and TV
  21. Television Families: What do they Tell us about Race Relations?
  22. Global Mass Communication: Web Television
  23. Development of High Definition Television Technology
  24. The Reality TV Shows Addiction: Cause-Effect Essay
  25. How Digital Technology Revolutionized Television News
  26. “Ugly Betty”: Race and Ethnicity in TV
  27. Negative Influence of Television Advertising on Consumer Choice
  28. Television and Its Impact on the Society
  29. Should Sex and Violence on Television or in Movies Be Restricted?
  30. Communications. Monitor and Television Convergence
  31. The Dynamics of the Television Industry
  32. Television Systems: Innovation and Evolution
  33. Background of TV and Radio Media Research
  34. Gender Differences by Television
  35. The London Underground: Preparing a TV Programme
  36. TV Commercials and Their Psychological Impact
  37. Macas World Company’s Pay TV: Business Plan
  38. TV Is Extremely Harmful to Children
  39. Television Plus Junk Foods Equal Childhood Obesity
  40. Vietnam War on Television
  41. How TV Showed the Vietnam War
  42. Influence of Television Advertising on the People
  43. Film and Television’s History and Magic
  44. Impact of Television Shows on Family Values
  45. The Role of Television and Movies in Our Life
  46. The Impact of Television on Today’s America
  47. Experiencing Sports Event in the Open Air or by Watching It on TV
  48. The American People & Television

❓ Research Questions about Television

  1. Why Are Television Ads for Alcohol Misleading Viewers?
  2. What Influences Advertising Price in Television Channels?
  3. What Is the Relationship Between Violence on Television and Violence in Real Life?
  4. Why Will Television Ultimately Ruin Sports?
  5. What Impact Does Television Have On Children’s Lifestyles?
  6. How Does Television Influence the Moral Thinking of Children?
  7. What Are the Positive and Negative Prospects for the Impact of Television on the Development of Children?
  8. What Is the Connection Between Television and Childhood Obesity?
  9. How Does Television Negatively Affect Education?
  10. Why Should Children Be Restricted From Watching Television?
  11. How Has Television Destroyed the Communication Between Friends and Family?
  12. Why Did the Dramatic Growth in Radio and Television Advertising Come About?
  13. How Has Television Influenced the Development of Pop Culture?
  14. What Negative Conventions Does Television Show and Their Impact on People?
  15. How Does Television Affect Our Social Life?
  16. Why Shouldn’t Parents Encourage Their Child To Become Famous Movie or Television Star?
  17. How Has Television Evolved From the Sixties to the Present?
  18. What Is the Role and Significance of Music in Television Show?
  19. How Has Television Made Our Lives Better?
  20. Why Can’t Television Replace Books as a Teaching Tool?
  21. How Does Television Affect American Culture?
  22. What Are Some Anti-black Bias That Pops up on Television News All the Time?
  23. How Has Television Influenced Society Since Its Inception?
  24. Why Shouldn’t People Spend Too Much Time Watching Television?
  25. How Has Television Affected the Population of India?
  26. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Television as a Means of Communication?
  27. What Was the Significance of Television in the Vietnam War?
  28. What Effect Does Television Have On the Brain?
  29. How Do Television Commercials Reinforce Gender Stereotypes?
  30. What Is the Argument for the Liquidation of Television?

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