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Advertising Techniques Classification Classification Essay


Television shows have specific ways in which they are classified based on their content, language, and other features such as themes used. The conventional way of classifying the shows is always focused on the content, and its appropriateness to various age groups in the family.

Inasmuch as this classification approach has been considered as successful in regulating the type of content that should be viewed by different age groups, it may be necessary to go beyond this conventional classification method. It may be necessary to bring in creativity to classify these shows in a way that is different from the normal classification.

When doing this, it is important to develop a principle or a set of principles that would be guiding the new classification. This means that such a new classification criteria should be based on factors that are clear, reasonable, and acceptable to various stakeholders. It should be able to provide what is offered by the current criteria, and even more from various perspectives. This research seeks to develop a new division classification principle for the television shows.

The classification principle that the researcher has developed to classify television shows focuses on how family life is depicted. Most of the television shows always try to capture family life in one way or the other. This new principle will take into consideration the kind of language used in the shows, and the way characters relate.

Although the classification will be conscious of some of the conventional classification criteria such as the level of nudity in the show, violence, and theme used, these factors will not form the basis of this new division classification criteria. In order to bring more understanding into this new classification approach, the research will categorize some of the popular television shows into three divisions.

This new approach will classify Situational Comedies as Test Romance. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is one of the most popular television shows, not only in the United States, but also in other countries around the world. This popular television show has been classified as a situational comedy (sitcom) through the conventional classification techniques.

However, this show would be classified as ‘Test Romance’ based on the kind of relationships between the characters. It was classified as a comedy because of its funny intrigues. In this new classification, the intrigues are used to classify it as a ‘Test Romance’. A number of factors in this television show have guided the classification into this new division. In this television show, we meet Ted in Season 1 as unmarried man living with two other friends, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin.

Lily and Marshall have a romantic relationship that prompts Ted to look for love. He finds Robin, a young reporter, whom he falls in love with after a short while. The romance between the two fails to materialize, and Ted soon finds another woman called Victoria whom he begins dating. Upon realizing that Ted is getting romantically attracted to Victoria, Robin becomes jealous and realizes that she is in love with Ted.

She makes Ted realize that she has a feeling for him. Ted responds to this quickly by lying to her that she has broken-up with Victoria who has just moved to Germany. Ted and Robin start dating. However, Ted has been keen on maintaining his long-distance relationship with Victoria. Things do not work out well for Ted when the two ladies realizes that he has been cheating on them, and this brings the relationship between Ted and Victoria to an end.

The decision to classify this show as a ‘Test Romance’, which is a completely new classification, is because of the nature of romance experienced. Several characters develop romantic relationships, only to breakup after a short while. Some reunite after some time, a sign that these relationship are under test. They are testing whether it can work. Those that can work get stable as seen between Ted and Robin. Those that fail the test fall apart, as that between Marshall and Lily.

In this new classification approach, Horror or Dark Comedies would be classified as ‘Mysteries’. One of the most popular Dark Comedy television shows that have attracted a lot of attention in this country is True Blood. This television show has been categorized as a Horror or Dark Comedy using conventional classification methods.

However, in this new classification approach, this show would be classified as ‘Mystery’. This classification is based on the content of the show. In this show, a number of mysterious events that is beyond human understanding characterize the episodes. The ability of the Vampires to assume the nature of a human being only to turn into a beast when ready to attack is mysterious.

In season one of this show, the episode starts with strange killings of women by unknown person. These women are killed in the same pattern, through strangling. It is mysterious how these women would be drawn to their death traps by a specific serial killer. The show presents a series of other strange happenings, most of which are very scary. Classifying it as a Mystery helps wrap up all the strangeness of the happenings in various episodes of the show.

This new classification would classify all family related comedies as ‘Fun Families’. This is because these shows are always meant to bring fun and happiness to the families by presenting interesting episodes. Conventional classification method would classify them as Comedy under different contexts. This classification focuses on the kind of message that is presented in the show, and the target group. One such television show that fits into this new classification is ‘All My Children’.

This is one of the oldest television shows in this country. It has always been categorized as a Soap Opera and a Comedy. In this movie, we are presented with presented with two families. A woman named Phoebe Tyler heads one of the families, while Martin is the head of the other family. The plot of this show clearly demonstrates the fact that it is meant to bring fun to the viewers. The two families have a sharp contrast from each other.

While one of the families is headed by a patriarchal father, and is seen as very stable, the other family has a single mother who struggles to keep the family morally upright. She is barely able to control the children. However, factor that comes out clearly in both families is the funny ways in which some characters react. For instance, Ruth, the wife to Martin, always tries to ensure that her family is run in the way she desires. However, she is keen to ensure that she does this secretly because she fears the husband.

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