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“Pepsi Next Baby” TV Commercial Analysis Essay

“Pepsi Next baby” TV commercial involves a mother snapping her baby playing on the floor. The father comes home with a box full of the new “Pepsi Next” soda. Unfortunately, the mother never admitted that Pepsi Next could taste like the original Pepsi. From the advert, it is clear that the new soda in the market contains 60% sugar. When they try the soda, they become so enthralled by the Pepsi Next soda that they do not realize their baby dancing, performing ‘the worm’, and playing guitar (Stewart 2008, p. 67).

Generally, this advertisement is suitable for individuals suffering from diabetes, and need sodas containing less sugar (healthier sodas). The audience can also be people trying to lose weight without surrendering their soda consumption. In this essay, this advertisement (“Pepsi Next baby” TV commercial) is critically analyzed in the realms of denotation and connotation, Polysemy, Technical codes, and symbolic codes, convention, and Representation.

Denotation and Connotation

While denotation is what can be depicted from a given image, connotation refers to the supplementary or associated meanings that go along with any sign or image. The connotations of an image or symbol are individual-based compared to the straight forward denotations since they involve personal perceptions and emotions about that sign or image (Stewart 2008, p. 67). In Pepsi Next baby commercial advertisement, the denotations that have been used include a literal depiction of a mother who hardly believes that the new Pepsi Next does not taste like the original Pepsi.

There is extreme happiness in the house after trying it. The baby dances while playing the guitar. The mother does not believe in the new taste of the Pepsi Next product. She represents the fact that most people do not believe that Pepsi Next can taste like soda, a fact that is not true. Nevertheless, trying it could result in great happiness among the users. This would attract individuals who would want to try it out to ascertain what is advertised.


According to Calder (2008, p. 305), polysemy is the existence of diverse interpretations regarding a single advertisement. Even though there is no much polysemy in this advertisement, it can be viewed from a different perspective. An individual can believe that, from this advertisement, people do not believe that Pepsi Next is tasty until it is tried. This is evident from the kind of happiness experienced after experiencing it. This is a critical interpretation; rather than focusing on the sugar content in the Pepsi Next, it focuses on the taste. Pepsi Company sets its TV adverts on priorities depending on its marketing goals and objectives. Additionally, the advert priorities exist after considering some other advertisement projects the company needs to develop. Pepsi Next baby commercial will be given priority if it is more strategic compared to other adverts in the market.

Technical codes and symbolic codes

Technical codes depend on the technology of the image used to generate a meaning while symbolic codes replicate the kind of non-verbal communications used in the concerned advert. They are also used to get additional attention in most advertisements (Kelley & Jugenheimer 2008, Pg. 124). In the Pepsi Next baby commercial advertisement, the first entity that attracts the attention of the audience is the delightful baby in the scene.

The great feeling of excitement associated with the father giving off the new Pepsi Next, and lastly the dancing of the baby creates a complete entertaining advertisement. These symbolic codes have been incorporated in this advertisement to make it more appealing to the audience. Technical codes used include a bright background color to acquire more attention since most people have snags in life and would appreciate seeing bright colors. This is because they believe that it spotlights very joyful and happy thoughts into an individual’s life (Stewart 2008, p. 67).

Use of recognizable convention

The use of recognizable conventions can be depicted by the marketing techniques employed in this advertisement. The Pepsi Next retail tactics in this ad regard the use of ‘surprise and awe’ at the same time. This implies that the audience will be astonished that the new Pepsi Next has an equivalent taste of Pepsi but it has reduced sugar content suitable for diabetic individuals. This is evident in this statement: “The NEW Pepsi Next has the SAME great taste but 60% less sugar!!” Also, it makes an individual think that he or she can never notice anything in their surroundings apart from the wonderful taste of the Pepsi Next; just like both the mother and the father of the baby do not notice their baby dancing and playing guitar.

The aspects of convention initiatives are also considered by the advert to promote the new Pepsi Next product (Calder 2008, p. 305). The emergence of the convention in marketing has revolutionized the world. Most organizations are prospecting to exploit the opportunities created by the social media provisions to augment their global limelight. Pepsi Company is in the process of revamping its new Pepsi Next product to increase its globalization and market reach. It is vital to agree that the advert used becomes quite competitive in diverse contexts. Due to this, only novelty and innovation can make an organization remain competitive and survive in the market through its creative promotional techniques on TV.


The concerned advertisement depicts the realities witnessed among families by providing versions that are superior, healthier, richer, and more successful. People need to buy commodities promoted through well-orchestrated advertisements (Stafford & Faber 2005, p. 164). In the representation contexts, this advertisement is a clear construct wisely created to let the audience step into a different “world” and admit its messages and implications as real, ordinary, and familiar.

For instance, in this advertisement, the mother capturing her baby performing ‘baby’ activities, and then the dad bringing home a new Pepsi Next soda are real and depicts an ordinary family lifestyle, where mother s are more concerned about their babies while dads need to make them more cheerful-in this case by bringing the new Pepsi Next home. Due to extreme excitements in the house, the baby does crazy and unbelievable things including strange dances.

This is a critical provision in the context of advertisements. From the provided advert, Pepsi Company has selected its specific target markets to inform them specifically. Customers demand goods, which satisfy their needs with the utmost precision and satisfaction. It is from this context that the advert prospects lie in selecting the target market. Additionally, the need to execute efficient TV clips has always helped Pepsi to deliver its business objectives as it addresses growth and profitability quests.

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