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Bridgestone’s “Hands” TV Advertising Essay

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2020


The number of advertisements that reach modern consumers is 100-1000 per day (Tellis 1). Television is one of the most powerful advertising mediums (Hoxie 38). To launch a memorable commercial, the creator should put much effort into choosing appropriate audio, video, and computer graphics (Dahl 124). Bridgestone’s “Hands” is a good example of implementing a creative idea in launching an interesting and motivating TV commercial.

How’s the TVC?

Bridgestone’s TV Commercial called “Hands” uses the allegorical comparison of the handprint with the tread connecting the tires to the road. The advertisement uses the shadow play performed by four hands. The design of the video is kept in doomed colors, using black & white concept. It lets the viewer concentrate on the message conveyed by the TV Commercial instead of been distracted by bright details. The audio used in the commercial is neutral music, which promotes a joyful mood and does not distract the viewer from the message of the ad.

How is the impression?

The video commercial franchised (VCF) leaves a great impression, as its design is very creative. The creators of the commercial found an easy and comprehensible way of demonstrating the safety of Bridgestone tires. The idea of using hand shadow play appears to be rather successful and encourages the viewers to watch the video until the end.

What is the impact?

The commercial impacts the viewer’s attitude to the importance of the safety of tires used while driving. It encourages the viewers to give preference to the tires manufactured by Bridgestone, the company that puts stress on its determination to make sure that its clients are safe.

Understandable for GCC?

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region has witnessed huge changes related to the Arab Spring (Duffy 5). The commercial appears to be understandable for GCC, as its message is based on motifs like safety and reliability, which are common for all people. However, certain specifics of the region make the commercial less understandable for its population in comparison with the population of Western countries.

What is the message you get from this VCF

The VCF delivers the message of security provided by Bridgestone for all clients using its tires and encourages the viewers of the commercial to put themselves in the “Bridgestone’s hands” and feel safe on the road (“Bridgestone Commercial: “Hands” TV Ad by Bridgestone Tyres”).

Do you get any of the below messages?

The message of the importance of ensuring safety and premium quality is central in the commercial. The message of supporting individuals with innovation, environment, and vibrant does not appear to be conveyed in the commercial.

The message I get from the commercial is the importance of using tires manufactured by the safest company. The modern higher education system in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries is quite young (“Structure of Higher Education” par. 2). The percentage of people possessing higher education degrees are lower in the GCC region compared to Western countries. It leads to a lower understanding of the primary message of the discussed VCF. Besides, the image of French kiss used in the commercial appears to be inappropriate for Saudi Arabia & Arab countries society due to the low acceptance of demonstrating intimate relationships in public in those countries. Therefore, such features of the commercial appear to be unsuitable for Saudi Arabia & Arab countries society:

  • the use of the image of French kiss.
  • the orientation of the commercial towards Western consumers.

The study conducted by using the questionnaire indicated that the initial message, related to the advantages of choosing tires of Bridgestone Company appears to be better received by the viewers with a higher level of education (See Appendix). The overall understandability of the VCF appears to be not dependant on the level of education of the viewers.


Questionnaire used to analyze the impact of the level of education on the understandability of the TVC:

  1. What is your level of education?
  2. Would you skip the commercial if you find it on the internet by accident?
  3. What is the primary message of the commercial?
  4. What is the topic explored in the commercial?


Level of understandability of the primary message of commercial

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