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Teenagers Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Teenagers Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Promoting Behavior Change among Teenagers
    The first step will involve sensitizing the teenagers on the negative effects of substance abuse. Finally, the teenagers will be educated on how to avoid the use of drugs.
  2. Effects on Teenagers: Dysfunctional Families and Family Violence
    At the center of all this is the important relationship between parents and the kind of kind of treatment the parents give to the child.
  3. Join Us is the Program about Teenagers’ Needs
    In the first place, the hosts will be teenagers. The viewers will have the opportunity to choose topics for the programs.
  4. The Effects of Media on Teenagers
    Conclusively, from the above study, it is apparent that over reliance on internet as a means of communication negatively affect face-to-face interaction among family members, friends, and society for teenagers.
  5. Gang Involvement of Teenagers
    The risks involved to members of a gang will vary based on the kind of activities the gang is involved in.
  6. Does TV increase violence among children and teenagers?
    With the increase in media freedom, the media has brought a number of issues that have influenced on the life of a people, they have sometimes aired programs, and music and news that can reign […]
  7. The Sex Life of Teenagers
    There are various reasons that can be behind the increase of adolescent sex in our society and this is what needs to be looked at.
  8. A Proposal on Doctors’ Not Prescribing Birth Control Pills to Teenagers or Anyone under the Age of 18
    These are some of the proposed solutions that could help solve the problem of doctors not prescribing birth control pills to teenagers.
  9. Peer Pressure as One of the Main Teenagers Problem
    The introduction of a healthy social and psychological environment in schools is a program that will be implemented to help curb negative effects of peer pressure.
  10. Freaks, Geeks, And Cool Kids-American Teenagers, Schools, and the Culture of Consumption
    The first part of the book is titled “The Puzzle and the Tools”. The author of the book clearly states that it is not the American schools that make the teenagers behave in this manner.
  11. How do teenagers deal with problems and consequence without parent’s support?
    This is because the parents are not in a position to be of good guidance during the period of the problems and they are not reliable and therefore teenagers tend to rely on themselves.
  12. Teenagers’ Psychology
    In order to characterize the attitude of youths to the concept of popularity and to determine the dependence of their attitude on such factors as age or social status, the authors used a survey method.
  13. The effect of cellphones and internet on teenagers
    From one point of view, it is possible to see that texting and using other features of a cell phone have become detrimental, but at the same time, there are some advantages to the communication […]
  14. Arab Culture and Teenagers
    With this approach, the parents have managed to mould their teenagers into the right path that is to stick to their culture.
  15. Is cyber bullying against teenagers more detrimental than face-to-face bullying?
    Social networking has also contributed greatly to the issue of cyber bullying especially in making it more harmful as compared to face-to-face bullying.
  16. Effects of Internet Addiction on Family Relationships among Teenagers
    In the modern society, cyber bullying refers to the instances where the individual uses the internet to interfere with the rights and freedoms of others.
  17. Literature Review and Research Methodology Draft: Effects of Internet Addiction on Family Relationships among Teenagers
    The focus of the literature review will be to find information on effects of the internet on family members and also to determine the current state of research as regards to the effects of the […]
  18. Effects of underage drinking on the academic development of teenagers
    In effect the question which is posed in this research seeks to investigate the severity of the effects of alcohol abuse on the school attendance of the teenagers.
  19. Mobile Phone Use by Teenagers
    This paper will address the negative impacts that mobile phones are having on teenagers’ school life. Campbell confirms that most teenagers have the desire to upgrade their phones in order to fit in with their […]
  20. Bullying and Suicide Among Teenagers
    Specific objectives Analyze the causes of bullying among teenagers in the country Analyze the effects of bullying among victims, perpetrators and by-standers Analyze the relationship between bullying in school and suicide among teenagers in the […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Teenagers

  1. Community Education Forum on Drug Use Among Teenagers
    The organizer can enlist the participation of volunteers to support the noble initiative. The organizer can provide leadership in communication and delegates other roles to volunteers.
  2. Do Curfews Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble?
    This paper shall argue that curfews are beneficial to society in regard to the role they play in improving the lives of teenagers, and maintain social order. They help parents to monitor their children’s activities […]
  3. How Advertisements Affect Teenagers?
    Negative influences of advertising on teenagers include embracement of unhealthy eating habits, lack of self-esteem and confidence, perpetuation of violence and stereotypes, propagation of drinking and smoking, enhancement of teenagers’ propensity to risk, and development […]
  4. Alcohol Effect on Teenagers Health
    It is a common idea that the lack of awareness concerning the effects of binge drinking is what makes teenagers grow addicted to liquor.
  5. Teenagers Suicide in New Jersey
    Factors that are attributed to the causes of teenage suicide have always drawn mixed reactions from policymakers, parents, and organizations that work to prevent the issue in America, specifically in the state of New Jersey, […]
  6. Giving Birth Control to Teenagers
    It is paramount to say that it is a significant problem that needs to be addressed because the number of cases of teenage childbearing is one of the highest in the United States compared to […]
  7. Group Therapy for Pregnant and Parenting Teenagers
    It is important for the girls to understand that life still has meaning in spite of their circumstances. If the girls are able to develop a positive perception of life, they will be motivated to […]
  8. Mobile Culture: Texting Effects on Teenagers
    Given the abilities of smartphones to access the Internet and social media platforms, teenagers have turned their smart devices to tools of socialisation and communication in which texting is the most preferred mode of communication.
  9. Problem of the Depression in Teenagers
    Despite the lack of sufficient data on the variation of depression among young adults over the last 10 to 20 years in the US, from the literature review, the research identifies an increasing trend of […]
  10. Suicide in Teenagers: Health Policy Research
    Therefore, the evaluation of regulations and strategies and the factors that contribute to the positive outcomes in the administrative process is essential to the achievement of better policy effectiveness.
  11. Communication Between Parents and Teenagers
    Communication between parents and their children, especially teenagers, is an ongoing process that can be developed and modified in order to create a sense of openness and support that will become a basis for the […]
  12. Cyberbullying Impact on Teenagers
    The proposed research will be a qualitative review of the recent literature covering the issue of cyberbullying in teenagers for the purpose of identifying the prevalence and trends of this phenomenon.
  13. Cyberbullying in Teenagers: Offenders and Offending
    As the contemporary teenagers are a population group that is characterized by very frequent use of digital technologies and the internet on a daily basis, they are just as likely to become victims of cyberbullying […]
  14. Health Promotion: Depression Awareness in Teenagers
    In addition to community sensitization and promoting the expression of melancholic emotions by adolescents, the DAP program will include depression screening days in schools.
  15. Sources of Conflict Between Parents and Teenagers
    One of the recurrent themes linked to dress codes and the conflict between parents and adolescents is the adherence to cultural norms.
  16. Smoking Among Teenagers as Highlighted in Articles
    The use of tobacco through smoking is a trend among adolescents and teenagers with the number of young people who involve themselves in smoking is growing each day.
  17. Volunteering: Troubled Teenagers and Healthy Community
    I would get experience in guiding young people and making them a part of something bigger. I would try to show the kids the other way out, and they would make me a better person.
  18. Email as a Dead Technology for Teenagers
    However, with the emancipation of the internet and the development of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Gamma the number of youth who use email as a mode of communication has reduced.
  19. Teenagers Motivated to Smoking
    While the rest of the factors also matter much in the process of shaping the habit of smoking, it is the necessity to mimic the company members, the leader, or any other authority that defines […]
  20. Relations of Parents and Teenagers
    This is although the children may be extremely proud of their parents and would like to take grow up to be just like them.
  21. Sexual Harassment of Teenagers in the USA
    The disregard of the probability of bullying to lead to incidences of sexual harassment has assisted to camouflage sexual harassment cases in U.S.schools as cases of teenage violence and teasing.
  22. Crimes That Teenagers Do Not Commit
    However, the most common reason for the specified age group to confess to the crimes that they never committed is the lack of techniques for questioning teenagers that can be observed in the modern legal […]
  23. Teenagers With Autism Disorder
    Autism is seen as a spectrum disorder since its severity and symptoms vary greatly among affected individuals – from mild and occasional to persistent and interfering with all aspects of life.
  24. Parental Divorce and Its Impact on Teenagers
    In their article, Gustavsen, Nayga, and Wu use the results of the Add Health survey to study potential links between the experience of parental divorce and the likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors.
  25. Technology Impact on US Teenagers’ Reading Habits
    Since the turn of the century, numerous changes in the type and amount of material teenagers are reading in the United States have been witnessed.

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