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  1. ‘Sociometric Stability and the Behavioral Correlates of Peer Acceptance in Early Childhood’
    In addition, the researcher aimed to evaluate the stability and constancy of social status classification on the children over a period of 6 months.
  2. How Childhood Trauma Leads to BPD
    This paper intends to highlight the arguments and discussions that prove that childhood abuse and neglect contribute to the development of borderline disorder personality.
  3. In the Eye of a Boy: Back into the Childhood
    What drives the reader’s immediate attention to the books and makes the comparison possible is the use of stock characters that each of the authors resorts to.
  4. Childhood Obesity: A major Concern for Children’s Health in the United States
    As can be seen, childhood obesity is a major problem and solutions must be come up with to restore the health of the children and avoid the negative future implications that obesity brings.
  5. Designing the Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
    It is important to ensure that the curriculum is organized in such a manner that the learners are able to follow the instructional content.
  6. The Reggio Emilia and Montessori Approaches Used In Early Childhood Education in the 20th Century
    Some of the most fundamental aspects of Reggio approach include the ability of a teacher to pay attention to children, understanding of the children’s interests, provision for the potential of learning, and documentation of the […]
  7. Early Childhood Observation
    This is why Jenny does not pay attention to the volume of water, compare the forms of the glasses, or concentrate on the level of water; all she does is make conclusion visually.
  8. Randomized Trial of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Post-traumatic Stress Disorders in Adult Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    However, in spite of the fact that there exist a wealth of clinical literature on treatment methodologies of victims of sexual abuse, the evidence base concerning the treatment of victims of childhood sexual abuse exhibiting […]
  9. Childhood Obesity Problem
    The purpose of the project is to do a survey on the prevalence of obesity and the intervention strategies of preventing the disease in children.
  10. Effects of Childhood Experiences in Adulthood
    Physical and emotional experiences Thirdly, a child who experienced physically and emotionally understanding relationship with parents and other siblings can express out his/her feelings in a relaxed and positive.
  11. Early childhood program
    Customizing the curriculum and tailoring it with the needs of the diverse children will form the basis of the early childhood course.
  12. Obesity in Childhood
    Childhood obesity is considered as one of the top ten global health issues, due to the fact that childhood obesity prevalence is on a dramatic increase.
  13. Language Development in early childhood
    The following are some of the ways through which a child’s parent or caregiver can promote language development pertaining to the stage of development.
  14. Staff Manual To Guide The Early Childhood Education Worker
    From designing an environment conducive to learning, to planning appropriate lessons for students and implementing them with effective educational strategies to being able to manage the class well and instilling discipline in the students, to […]
  15. Language Development in Early Childhood
    On the other hand, it will give an overview of the various aspects that address the language acquirement in the early childhood, as well as the factors that influence the language development in young children.
  16. Impacts of Fast Food on Childhood Eating Habits
    The author’s claim that lack of nutritional information on fast food packaging is a major cause of obesity among children and teenagers is not true.
  17. Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior
    The infantile sexual stage of a child is marked by tender curiosity and inquisitiveness about the uniqueness of their bodily physique, the wonder of noticing the sexual difference between males and females in the social […]
  18. Childhood Obesity and Cold Virus
    The established link between the presence of antibodies and child’s obesity gives rise to various questions, including the direction of causality and presence of the link in adults.
  19. Poverty and its Effects on Childhood Education
    The foremost strength of Guo’s study is that in it, author succeeded with substantiating the full soundness of an idea that children’s exposure to poverty cannot possibly be thought of as only the factor that […]
  20. Computers & Preschool Children: Why they are required in Early Childhood Centers
    Long-Breipohl is of the opinion that “…the earlier a child is introduced to the use of computers, the better will he be prepared for coping with the demands of workplaces later in life and the […]
  21. The Problem of Obesity in Childhood
    This is one of the most prevalent diseases in children in the U.S.and Saudi Arabia. From the findings it was clear that obesity is on the rise in both countries and that effective measures have […]
  22. Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education
    The Exosystems layer includes the wider community where the child relates with and it includes the family friends, neighbours, the extended family and the media.
  23. Causes and Solutions of Childhood Obesity
    A number of factors can be blamed for the occurrence of obesity in children; there is no one single thing that can be blamed on an individual; however in most cases, the condition appear when […]
  24. Concept of Childhood Depression
    The affliction of children by depression involves much more than the general attitude that most of us assume in considering childhood depression as a result of the child’s disappointment experiencing a challenging encounter within the […]
  25. Matter of Childhood Obesity
    Although the government and those who advocate for the curbing of childhood obesity agree that the government should be responsible in eradicating it, they disagree with the government’s argument that parents should teach their children […]
  26. Childhood Obesity in the Contemporary American Society
    The Unites States of America is believed to be having the highest number of obese children; health officials have observed that there are 23million obese or overweight children in the country, the obese children falls […]
  27. Approaches used in early childhood education in the 20th century
    The concept of early childhood education began at the beginning of the 20th century. There are two main approaches that are used in early childhood education in the 20th century i.e.the Kindergarten model and the […]
  28. Childhood emotion
    For morally upright child both parents should ensure they create emotional attachment to their children A Child’s emotions can be seen in his/her personality, attitude, behaviors and perception; it is a cognitive attribute which is […]
  29. The Childhood Obesity in Toledo, Ohio: Problem and Possible Solutions
    Owing to the fact that obesity reduces the quality of life and shortens the lifespan of the person, it is of importance that solutions be developed to deal with this problem in children.
  30. Stress in Childhood
    Stress in childhood can profoundly affect the cognitive and social development of a person. They can have a life-long impact on the behavior and identify of a person.
  31. A Child and Society; the Role of the Society in Enhancing Sustainable Development through Childhood Education
    As Dewey indicates, this is the only way children can heighten their intellectual and reasoning abilities to become adults with a good moral standing or persons who can understand and address the needs of the […]
  32. Quality Early Childhood Education in Preventing High School Dropouts
    Among these strategies the enhancement and promotion of quality early childhood programs accessible to all groups serves as one of the most promising strategies in increasing graduation rates in high school.
  33. Eliezer’s Lost Childhood and the Image in the Mirror
    The author of the book presents his hero in two ways: on the one hand, he depicts the boy, who is full of hopes and expectations; on the other hand, he shows the boy whose […]
  34. Teaching Philosophy in early childhood
    With the above variables I believe there is need to incorporate the use of technology in instructions to be able to bring out the best out of the pre-school children.
  35. Abuse in Childhood Common Among Alcohol Addicts
    Dwelling upon the impact of the violence and abuse during childhood, the connection with the further disabilities and disorders is obvious.
  36. Educational Management in Early Childhood Education
    However, it is important to point out that the major concern of contemporary educators is development of standards in the area concerned with children.
  37. Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
    The injury became a brick wall in the quest to fulfill my childhood dreams. He also shares his experiences and successes with the world as a way of inspiring people to fulfill their dreams.
  38. Childhood Obesity: Causes/Solutions
    Therefore, failure of the government to take precautionary measures such as controlling the foods served to children, introduction of BMI checking to schoolchildren, and planning of anti-obesity campaigns amongst others will automatically threaten the health […]
  39. Social Relationships in Childhood
    The caregiver should be sensitivity to the needs of a child and offer effective response that matches the child’s emotional state.
  40. Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development
    Given the environment that surrounds them, their ideologies, and their characters, adolescents usually face a number of pressures in the process of development and transition into adulthood.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Childhood

  1. Concept of Childhood Emotions in Psychology
    The environments exposed to children determine the emotions established in their characters. The future effects of this invalidation and discouragement could be influential to adulthood emotions.
  2. Importance of the Childhood Inoculations
    The proponents of this viewpoint suggest that the practice cannot stop before the complete elimination of diseases that require inoculations. It is notable that stopping childhood inoculations may pose health challenges because of the nature […]
  3. Childhood traumatic grief
    From the background of the study, I learnt that about 4% of children experience death of a parent and by the age of 21, the proportion is even greater.
  4. The Sociology of Religion: Childhood Indoctrination
    This becomes difficult to overcome because people are born and told that a certain religion is the true one making it difficult for them to question it, fail to accept it or believe it is […]
  5. Childhood Depression & Bi-polar Disorder
    There are various medications that are used in treatment of bipolar disorder and it is important to note that since research is still ongoing, children are treated with drugs that are used to treat the […]
  6. The effective early childhood educator
    Effective early childhood educators are the backbone to successful early childhood education. Effective early childhood educators must be able to anticipate and provide the necessary emotional and educational support to their students.
  7. Interesting Findings on the Brain Development in the Childhood
    The author of the article presents the results of the scientific research which indicates to the vital necessity of adults’ care for children in the early ages. The role of adults care in the brain […]
  8. The Alliance for Childhood and Computers in Education
    Of course, there are certain benefits of computers and the abilities children may get, however, it is necessary to remember about the limits and pay enough attention to active life, healthy food, and real communication […]
  9. Childhood in the Multimedia Age
    It can also influence their thinking process and therefore the only effective means to counteract these effects is to teach children how to deal with technology so that the TV set, the computers, and the […]
  10. Identification, Discussion and Analysis of the Nature of Childhood
    In the early years of the 17th century, the interpretation of the nature of childhood significantly changed because it was at this period that childhood was first perceived as a separate developmental stage of human […]
  11. Parents Attitude towards the Importance of Childhood Nutrition
    In most of the cases, the attitude of the parent towards childhood nutrition may be influenced by factors outside the scope of the parent.
  12. Cold Virus Strain Linked To Childhood Obesity
    While the above argument may be true AD36 is not the only cause of obesity because there are other factors that contribute to obesity such as genes and eating habits.
  13. American Culture and Childhood
    Studies examining the resulting developmental characteristics of children who grew up prior to the overly muscular and sexual trend of the 1980s showed nearly opposite developmental beliefs compared to children who grew up during and […]
  14. Childhood Obesity’ and Poor Health Indicators’ Connection
    Due to the adverse health effects of childhood obesity on a child’s health, this study focuses on the topic “childhood obesity” because of its expansiveness and its impact on childhood health.
  15. Childhood Obesity as Big Problem in the Contemporary Society
    In American children, as of 2006 over and above 41 of these sites have been connected to the advance of obesity when a complimentary setting is available.
  16. Early Childhood Education and Special Education
    The first step that I will undertake with respect to attaining the objective will be the formulation of the goal. The goals that are going to be set will be feasible with respect to the […]
  17. Childhood Friendship and Psychology
    Based on their research, they have founded a theory, according to which it is assumed that the children consider close relationship, appraisals, and sharing common interests as something very important to them and on the […]
  18. Problem of Childhood Bullying in Modern Society
    To begin with, the family which is the basic and the most important unit in the society as well as the primary socializing agent plays a major role in shaping behavior of children include bullying.
  19. Evolution of Childhood
    The psychogenic modes range from the time of antiquity to the mid twentieth century, and explain how parents began to develop the increasing capacity to empathize with their children. Yet, a handful of parents during […]
  20. The Socio Economic Implications of Childhood Obesity and Control Strategies
    This is a clear indication that control of obesity in children should be emphasized on more than in adults, since it is a predictor of the adulthood obesity.
  21. Causes and Development of Sociopathic Tendencies in Early Childhood That Would Be Carried Into Adulthood
    As such, it is the duty of the parents to seek professional help whenever they observe antisocial tendencies in their children. The characteristics of a sociopath have been highlighted and explanations as to why children […]
  22. Childhood SES and Obesity
    The data obtained was used to calculate the percentage rates of obesity and it was found that the set benchmark for the disease was exceeded with a margin of 14% for women and 15% for […]
  23. Relationship between Childhood Understanding or Construction and Child Intervention
    The need that adults posses of intervening in the lives of their children has shaped the way adults understand and construct childhood.
  24. Childhood Obesity
    The condition occurs when the weight of a child is over 120 percent of the median weight in relation to the height of the child.
  25. Childhood Education by Filler, J & Xu, Y
    The main point about this article is that the authors tried to rely on different methods both qualitative and quantitative in order to find out the ways of how early childhood educators are able to […]
  26. Childhood Schizophrenia: Causes and Management of this Mental Disorder
    Hardman et al.are of the view that the risk of a child suffering from this condition is one percent when there are no recorded cases of the condition in the family.
  27. Democratic Space is Relevant in Early Childhood Education
    In day to day life, I have discovered that the majority of trainers and practitioners in early childhood fail to consider the development of early leadership knowledge. This stage is important in the development of […]
  28. Issues in Early Childhood Policy and Pedagogy. Reading Journal Submission
    The participation of all the stakeholders in supporting the pedagogy and policy is critical for effective construction of early childhood education.
  29. Division for Early Childhood
    The specialization of the Division for Early Childhood is contribution to the effective organization and adjustment of the learning process for children with special needs from their birth to age eight, as well as informational […]
  30. Childhood and Development
    This study as it would be when learning a real language; will offer an opportunity to learn the effects of experiencing exemplars in implicit knowledge and teaching of the rules of artificial grammar common in […]
  31. Early Childhood Education and Development in the US
    According to the early childhood care and education unit of the UNESCO, early childhood refers to the first eight years of a child.
  32. Generation Gap: Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age
    At the same period, the younger generation says about the impact of the modern tendencies, changes of the way of life that give an opportunity to claim that the younger generation is more advanced.
  33. Early Childhood Education
    The goal of the organization is to ensure that children between the ages of zero and eight years access their rights to education in all the member countries.
  34. Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries – a Global Health Issue
    Childhood Obesity and the Globe As mentioned earlier, according to the data of WHO, the number of obese children in the world today is more than 42 million, and the vast majority of them are […]
  35. Childhood Assumptions in Conflict Resolution
    The implication of individuals spending time in work environments is that they are not required to uphold their childhood assumptions because they have to comply with adult ones.
  36. Childhood obesity and advertising
    Before discussing the relationship between child obesity and marketing of junk food through the media, it is paramount to understand the meaning of obesity and some of its effects in human beings, especially in children.
  37. Childhood Obesity
    Owing to the fact that obesity reduces the quality of life and shortens the lifespan of the person, it is of importance that solutions be developed to deal with this problem in children.
  38. Childhood Traumatic Grief and Effective Treatment
    The views of Grayson on treatment of trauma in children are based on evidence-based treatments because the effects vary from one child to the other and no universal method of treatment exists.
  39. Hispanic Childhood Poverty in the United States
    Importance of the Problem The problem of childhood poverty in Hispanic groups in America is important to this study and to the social studies in America.
  40. Importance of Early Childhood Education
    Early Childhood Development According to Mouw and Weyrick, the education in early years of a child is vital in the overall development of an individual.

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Childhood

  1. Effects of Technology on Childhood Obesity
    However, this study shows the weaknesses to the use of this method in the effort of investigating the relationship between the use of motorized transport to school and childhood obesity.
  2. Importance of Early Childhood Education
    The social capability of a child is critical in the overall social growth of a child. Research carried out on a child’s brain capacity indicates that eighty five percent of the brain develops at the […]
  3. Cognition and Development in Early Childhood
    The key goals of the unit are to enlighten the learner about different approaches that relate to the study of cognition and development, as well as, make them conversant with the thinking processes of children, […]
  4. Childhood Obesity as a Serious Health Problem of the World
    The condition poses serious challenges to families, the society, and the global economy. The Body Mass Index is applied in identifying the condition in children over the age of two years.
  5. Childhood Obesity Scientific Studies
    They were between the ages of 24 to 60 months at the beginning of the study and 70 months at the close of the study.
  6. Wordsworth’s Vision of Childhood in His Poems “We Are Seven” and “Alice Fell or Poverty”
    Specifically, the joint publication he released in 1798 known as “Lyrical Ballads” are considered the most important publications in the rise of the Romantic literature in the UK and Europe.
  7. Wordsworth’s Vision on Childhood and the Basic Themes
    As a result, the poet refers to the representation of the Fall, the metaphor that allows Wordsworth to render the transition between youth and adulthood, reason and emotion, gain and loss, experience and innocence.
  8. The Importance of Education during Early Childhood
    Continuously and supervised use of safety scissors among the pre-school children help in developing the dexterity vital for mastery of writing skills.
  9. Effects of Childhood Experiences on Self Injurious Behavior in Adulthood
    Fliege et al study was based on health issues that are related to and largely concerned with the behavior of self harm.
  10. Effects of Childhood Experiences on Self-Destructive Behavior
    DHS is commonly known to cause future suicidal attempts, what dominates this kind of behavior includes being social-economical disadvantaged, gender researchers found out the female gender are the most affected, having psychiatric disorders, adverse childhood, […]
  11. The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Guided Inquiry-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education
    Since its inception in the early part of this century, a number of researchers have investigated the use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom setting, and the various uses for this technology in education […]
  12. Childhood Obesity and Nutrition
    Various interventions enacted in the past have included healthy food options to be utilized in school cafeterias, the addition of caloric and nutritional guidelines on various types of food, restricting certain types of food marketing […]
  13. Middle Childhood student. Study on Concentration
    For the purpose of this study, Hillary, a middle-school student aged 12 years, and who is in the later stages of the middle school has been selected for observation in regard with the study question.
  14. Undocumented Childhood in the United States
    The pretext of saving that was alluded to by Texas state officials as the reason for denying undocumented children access to education was dismissed by Justice Brennan who held that they were so insubstantial in […]
  15. Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity
    If a change is to take place to review this pattern, it ought to start with the parents. Many a time, the local pediatrician is not needed to keep children fit and healthy.
  16. Childhood Obesity’s Adverse Effects
    This is one of the points that can be made. This is one of the issues that parents should take into consideration.
  17. Healthcare: Childhood Asthma in Australia
    From the findings presented above, it is evident that childhood asthma remains a considerable burden in Australia due to socioeconomic, geographic, and health-related issues such as deprived neighbourhoods, decreasing sun exposure and increasing latitude, and […]
  18. Early Childhood Socialization
    It is during the secondary socialization that the child will learn to think independently. However, to the child, he is not doing something wrong.
  19. Sustainability’s and Childhood Obesity’ Relations
    Overall, one can argue that childhood obesity is one of the main major threats to the sustainability of society because it can endanger the welfare of many people, at least in the long term; moreover, […]
  20. Childhood Obesity Causes and Outcomes
    This research focused on childhood obesity and the facts and circumstances surrounding the prevalence of childhood obesity which has grown almost in proportion with adult obesity.
  21. Early Childhood Education in the United States
    This analytical paper attempts to review the impacts of the state and federal policies on early childhood education in the US. What are the impacts of the state and federal policies on the funding of […]
  22. Early Childhood Care and Education for Disabled
    This paper discusses some of the initiatives put in place by the Federal government of Germany to deliver better early childhood development and cater to the educational needs of disabled children.
  23. Sociocultural Issues in Early Childhood
    Although some parents in the UAE do not sleep with their children in the same bed, their babies often sleep in the same room as they do. Based on this analysis, infant sleeping practices in […]
  24. Early Childhood Classroom Strategies
    Admittedly, it is essential to properly identify the developmental stage of a student to employ the most effective behavioural and support instructional strategies. It is possible to make groups of gifted children, atypical students and […]
  25. Literature – Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi
    Marjane gives experiences of her life in Tehran during the revolution that toppled the Shah’s regime, the success of the revolution, and the terrible consequences of the Iran war with Iraq.
  26. Early Childhood Learning Centre in Zayed University
    Zayed University ECLC values an establishment of developmentally apposite and child-centered experience in the context of safe, positive and healthy environment as significant in enhancing the development and learning capabilities of children. In addition, the […]
  27. Childhood Developmental Stages in Psychology
    Social Development of this skill means that a child is capable of interacting with people and understanding the meaning of relationships.
  28. Parental Responsibility for Childhood Obesity
    It is widely known and proven by numerous studies that parents have the most significant influence on their children’s lifestyles, especially their eating habits; in addition to the fact that children copy everything their parents […]
  29. Childhood Obesity Prevention in Present Day Society
    The source of these problems is threefold namely: eating habits, the sedentary lifestyle of children in the modern era and the lack of proper education on the future problems associated obesity.
  30. Childhood Obesity in Present Day Society
    Of greater focus in the report is the exploration of the severity of obesity cases in children and the contemporary interventions that are critical as far as addressing the problem of obesity in children is […]
  31. Learning a Foreign Language in Childhood
    The validity of this assumption is supported by the empirical observations of what account for the specifics of how a child becomes familiar with a particular language, and by the fact that, as of today, […]
  32. Childhood Memories in Doyle’s, Griffin’s, Foer’s Works
    It should be pointed out that the issues concerning functioning and improvement of the memory, effects of the childhood experience and background on the personality, and the significance of having the heart not only as […]
  33. Perception of Childhood and Youth Through History
    The advent of industrialization led to the employment of many young people. The aristocracy and the bourgeoisies took their children to schools as part of the transition into adulthood.
  34. Little Scholars Center’s Early Childhood Program
    The school issues questionnaires for parents to fill prior to the admission of their children. They ensure that all the children reach school safely in the morning.
  35. The World of Childhood and Media Influence
    Through the analysis of the youth issues contemplated as multifaceted problems under the performance grouping, this paper addresses the issue of beauty products as portrayed by the media and the effects on the youth’s or […]
  36. Creativity and Development in Early Childhood
    In this scheme the first one, the creative person, is defined by the biological, psychological, sociological and cultural factors, which means that the surroundings where the child grows up are what shapes them as a […]
  37. Childhood and Five Stages of Loss
    These views can be aligned to the loss of either a mother or the father or both, which impact adversely on the individual’s life because this situation translates to loss of support and factors which […]
  38. Early Childhood Special Education
    These devices will support the learning needs of the targeted children. The individual should also consider the nature of the surrounding environment.
  39. Patterns of Knowing in Nursing: Childhood Obesity
    The patterns of knowing enable the nursing professionals to penetrate the disease history deeper, analyze it from a variety of perspectives, and provide the follow-up care accordingly.
  40. Childhood Bullying and Adulthood Suicide Connection
    In this regard, the seriousness of the issue is depicted in research results that indicate that at least 50% of children and youth in the US have experienced bullying situations as either bullies or victims […]

📌 Simple & Easy Childhood Essay Titles

  1. Early Childhood Education Governance and Phases
    The lack of legal authority and accountability in the second phase led to emergence of Phase III at the beginning of the 21st century.
  2. Early Childhood Education and Care Implementation
    In regard to the issues of validity and biases, the research had no regional segmentation. Inclusion should be developed to equalize the presence of students and develop their abilities in a holistic manner.
  3. Childhood Abuse as a Cause of Personality Disorder
    Reckless disregard for the safety of others can be related to exposure to maltreatment as a child as such experience disrupts the natural sense of the importance of safety.
  4. The History of Childhood in a Global Context
    The concept of childhood can be of great interest to various professionals; in particular, one can speak about psychologists, educators, and social workers.
  5. Childhood Trauma, Its Effects and Therapeutic Process
    The kind of life that one was exposed to goes ahead in determining the attitude, personality, and belief that the child will have.
  6. Childhood Obesity: Obamacare and Canada’s Policies
    Additionally, they claim that the lack of physical exercise has contributed to the increasing number of obesity cases among children. The rapid increase in childhood obesity prompted the United States government and health care organizations […]
  7. Life-span Development with Childhood Obesity
    In the US, health officials are of the observation that there are 23million obese or overweight children between the age of two years and nineteen years.
  8. Suffolk’s Early Childhood Development Program
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the program and the community for which it serves, as well as to discuss the data collected with the help of interviewing the staff person.
  9. Early Childhood Education Center’s Ethical Dilemma
    Therefore, it is necessary to involve different people in the discussion of this case because there are several ethical responsibilities applied to a new child, the children of the class, the staff, parents, and the […]
  10. Inclusion in Early Childhood Education
    It is also important to integrate the inclusivity strategy to motivate the ‘no good’ approach to improve the special needs learners’ knowledge process to the ‘good’ group.
  11. Early Childhood Education Centre in New Zealand
    The primary benefit of such an environment is that it does not restrict a number of activities available for children’s learning.
  12. Early Childhood Education and Administration
    Such communication will ensure that teachers learn from the parents while the parents also learn from the teachers to support the development and growth of children. In addition, it will be difficult to meet all […]
  13. The NAEYC Early Childhood Program: Quality Evaluation
    With the help of this checklist, educators review the program’s ability to engage parents in the education process and facilitate communication between the staff and families.
  14. Capellaville Early Childhood Family Education: School Readiness
    The aspect that will be specifically evaluated is the ability of the program to ensure smooth transition between home and school that would not cause stress to children.
  15. Childhood Obesity Policy Actions
    While I support public health programs for reducing childhood obesity, I do not find the idea of the government assuming a stewardship role in the childhood obesity policy to be appropriate.
  16. Leadership in the Early Childhood Field
    This is the case because early childhood professionals, teachers, and institutional leaders are required to promote desirable behaviors that can support the needs of the targeted chidlren. I strongly believe that my leadership competencies have […]
  17. Childhood Obesity Prevention by Yakima Community
    The management of obesity requires various interventions and models that encompass the involvement of everybody in the community. The framework for intervention and change will provide a guide and support to the engagement process of […]
  18. Emotional Regulation in Early Childhood
    Apart from suffering from the inability to be properly cared for, children in low-income families also have to deal with a number of challenges, the key one being the lack of finances.
  19. Master’s Degree of Arts in Early Childhood Education
    The paper aims to provide the discussion of courses and requirements necessary to obtain the degree and to present the analysis of the career options available for the graduate of with the Master’s Degree of […]
  20. Access and Equity in Early Childhood Classrooms
    Did you know that this country was once home to the great civilization of Maya?” Providing students with new information about other cultures will be an effective strategy for sparking interest and encouraging engagement, especially […]
  21. Afghani Childhood in “The Kite Runner” by Hosseini
    The purpose of writing this book, on the author’s part, had to do with his intention to reflect upon his childhood memories of having lived in Afghanistan through the years 1965-1980.
  22. Speech-Language Therapy in Early Childhood
    In the analysis, some information about the patient will be provided, and the objectives of the session will be stated; further, the materials, methods, and the client’s response will be examined.
  23. Early Childhood Classrooms Observation
    Teachers were applying different strategies to win the attention of their students. According to my observation, students were fully engaged in the classroom.
  24. Observation: Early Childhood Classroom
    The activities included playing some toys, playing with plasticine, and listening to the teacher playing the guitar. For instance, when the girls were playing with plasticine, the teacher asked some questions that helped the learners […]
  25. The Birth of Childhood by Ann Gibbons
    Therefore, they analyzed the process of growing a fossil Neanderthal that lived in Belgium 500,000 years ago and found out that it also grew up faster than a modern human do.
  26. Early Childhood Special Education: Engaging Students
    Promoting engagement among learners since early childhood is crucial to the further development of the behaviors that will allow the learner to acquire, process, and use information in a manner as efficient and expeditious as […]
  27. Leaders vs. Managers in Early Childhood Education
    The role of a leader in educational settings includes numerous aspects such as the ability to influence the group to achieve the set tasks and goals, strategy and tactics development, creation of vision and meaning […]
  28. Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Childhood in the 1950s
    It was difficult to compare her with any of her friends in the fifties as she was completely different person. The aim of this paper is to elaborate on how different Doris’ life was from […]
  29. Creative Arts in Early Childhood Education
    In turn, the essentiality of the creative arts in the early childhood education have to be depicted to highlight its necessity, and the benefits have to be analyzed.
  30. Childhood Experience Resulting in Adult Deviance
    The article in question deals with the effect of childhood experience and violent behavior in the adulthood. The purpose of the study was to analyze the impact negative childhood experiences could have on people’s violent […]
  31. Socialization in Early Childhood Center
    Habits, surroundings, and the regime of the day have a significant impact on the adaptation of children in the society, and the role of teachers and parents is essential.
  32. Queer Theory in Early Childhood Gender Equity
    Overall, this paper has used the reviewed article to demonstrate how children make sense of gender and how they construct gendered roles in early childhood education through the use of the queer perspective to negotiate […]
  33. Inclusion Aspect in the Modern Early Childhood Education
    Clearly, the movement for the rights of disabled people was central to the development of the primary principles of inclusive education and its implementation.
  34. Childhood Psychological Abuse
    The objective of this paper is to discuss the effects of abuse on childhood behavioral development as well as to highlight some clues regarding behavior that may alert the community on ongoing child abuse.
  35. Devic’s Disease in Childhood
    NMO is a form of autoimmune disorder, and based on the nature of immune attacks, patients that suffered from the effects of Devic’s disease are affected by autoimmune attacks on the optic nerves and the […]
  36. Google Trends Analysis of Childhood Obesity
    The problem of obesity in the United States is massively researched by scholars and is deemed to be one of the most serious health-related issues for all groups of people.
  37. Childhood and Adult Obesity
    Obesity in both adults and children is one of the most acute and largely neglected health concerns of the modern world.
  38. Childhood Obesity Advocacy Campaign
    The contributions of different stakeholders such as the Obesity Action Coalition and the Obesity Society have led to the success of the campaign.
  39. Family and Childhood Sociology and Changes
    Taking into consideration the fact that they can be of different nature, it is possible to suppose that the impact that they produce remains one of the primary forces shaping and changing attitudes to work […]
  40. Sports Programs and Their Role in Childhood
    What is the significance of sports programs in children’s development? What are children’s perspectives on the impact of participation in sports?

✍ Writing Prompts about Childhood

  1. Childhood Obesity: the Precede-Proceed Model
  2. Childhood Obesity and Food Culture in Schools
  3. Say “Stop” to Childhood Obesity: Logic Model
  4. American Military Early Childhood Care System
  5. Fast-Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity in the USA
  6. Childhood Obesity and Its Causes in the US
  7. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  8. Marketing Early Childhood Programs
  9. Early Childhood in Family Environment
  10. Psychiatry: Childhood Bipolar High-Risk Study
  11. Childhood Sexual Abuse and False Memories
  12. Responsible Advertising to Reduce Childhood Obesity
  13. Childhood During the Revolution and War Years
  14. Childhood, Adolescence, Young Adulthood Psychology
  15. Early Childhood Political and Pedagogical Landscape
  16. Assistive Technology in Early Childhood Education
  17. Childhood Definition Reflecting Cultural Changes
  18. Childhood Fantasies in “Monsters” by Anna Quindlen
  19. Kinship Concept for Childhood Social Worker
  20. Childhood Behavior and High School Graduation
  21. Parenting Strategies for Early Childhood Development
  22. Culturally Responsive Practices in Early Childhood Education
  23. Bias and Discrimination in Early Childhood Care Centers
  24. Early Childhood Education: Reflection and Research
  25. Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development
  26. Exploring Early Childhood
  27. Early Childhood Education Methodology
  28. Elizabeth Palmer Paebody and Childhood Education
  29. Childhood Diseases and Vaccination Issues
  30. Childhood Obesity and the United States’ Sustainability
  31. Early Childhood Learning Centers and Public Funding
  32. Safe Early Childhood Learning Environments Analysis
  33. Instructional and Behavioral Support in Early Childhood
  34. Childhood Obesity in Health Science Interview
  35. Lifespan Development and Learning Disabilities in Childhood
  36. Middle Childhood and Adolescence Periods Observation

🎓 Most Interesting Childhood Topics to Write about

  1. Childhood Obesity, Its Causes and Proposed Solutions
  2. Maria Montessori: Impact on Modern Early Childhood Education
  3. Bonnin’s “Impressions of an Indian Childhood”
  4. Adverse Childhood Events: Maria’s Case
  5. Federal Immigration Policy: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  6. Engaging Families in Early Childhood Learning
  7. Antibiotic and Analgesic Self-Medication Practices Among Parents for Childhood Problems
  8. Professionalism in the Early Childhood Environment
  9. Assessment in Early Childhood: Literature Review
  10. Examining the Expression of Childhood Nostalgia with the Help of Minimalistic Forms
  11. Early Childhood Memories Impact on Artists’ Journey
  12. Disney Movies as a Part of Childhood Entertainment
  13. School Lunches Addressing Childhood Obesity
  14. Childhood Obesity: Prevention Methods
  15. Advertising as a Current Issue in Childhood Obesity
  16. Childhood Disorders: Shyness Explained
  17. Early Childhood Intervention in Minnesota
  18. The Treatment of Childhood in Victorian Literature
  19. Advertising and Childhood Obesity
  20. Early Childhood Development: Teacher’s Responsibilities
  21. The Concept of “Childhood” in Relation to Current Government Policies on Children
  22. A Berlin Childhood by Walter Benjamin
  23. Observational Approaches in Childhood Education
  24. The Modern Concept of Childhood and Its Consequences in Modern Irish Society
  25. Can Early Childhood Intervention Prevent Delinquency?
  26. Childhood Obesity: Problems and Issues
  27. Childhood Disorders: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
  28. Adverse Childhood Experiences Cause Depression
  29. Exceptional Child in Early Childhood Settings
  30. “An American Childhood” Book by Annie Dillard
  31. Television Plus Junk Foods Equal Childhood Obesity
  32. Early Childhood Studies: Role of Social Workers
  33. ‘Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch
  34. Anthropology of Childhood
  35. Pharmacological Therapies in Treating Childhood Behavioral Disorders

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