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Childhood Obesity Prevention by Yakima Community Essay


Obesity is a condition where an adult gains a body mass index that is 30kg/m2 and above. This condition results when the energy consumed by an individual exceeds its expenditure. In the modern world, the condition is affecting both adults and children. It has been proved that obesity is brought about by factors that influence energy consumption such as genetics, environment, behavior, and culture among others. Numerous researchers have noted that about a third of the population living in the USA is suffering from obesity.

There is a noted increasing rate of about three times in children than in adults. The repercussions resulting from the condition include increased health costs that has accounted for about 25-percent of the overall expenditure in medical facilities. The effects of obesity include the amplified risks of diabetes type 2, cardiovascular problems, stroke, and cancer among others. The management of obesity requires various interventions and models that encompass the involvement of everybody in the community.

The coalition that is formed must ensure that the relevant individuals are targeted at both personal and community levels. This objective can be accomplished through the collaboration of the organizations and relevant stakeholders. The chosen model must provide a basis of prevention at the community level by guiding the implementation of elaborated ways that curb factors contributing to higher energy consumption.

Yakima Community

Yakima County is an agricultural based area in eastern Washington. It has been one of the fattest regions in the USA as per the 2008 statistics (US Census Bureau, 2011). The data provided by the Washington State Department of Health indicate that about 29 percent of the population living in Yakima is obese while the overweight individuals account for about 36 percent. About 22 percent of the population lives below the poverty level (US Census Bureau, 2011).

Obesity, especially in children, is a major problem in this region. It accounts for about 30 and 35 percent among children in the eighth and tenth grade categories respectively (Washington State Department of Health, 2011). The health facilities that are located in the area comprise six locally community-owned clinics and the Yakima Health District (YHD) among others. These health centers are striving to provide community based education on healthcare services to promote the prevention of diseases including obesity (US Census Bureau, 2011).

Individuals, Agencies, and other Stakeholders identifies to form the Coalition

The coalition will be created by assessing the community needs to establish the cause of the intensifying problem. It will involve the selection of various representatives that will serve as specialists at the community assessment levels. The specialists will help in spearheading the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. Other agencies that will be invited to be part of the coalition are the local healthcare facilities namely the Yakima District Hospital, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, Yakima Pediatrics Associates, and Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (US Census Bureau, 2011). Other stakeholders will include 100 local educational district officers and service agencies that exist in the area. The agencies will include the YMCA, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and the West Community Action Center.

The representatives from the groups will ensure an efficient service delivery owing to their commitment to the set goals and objectives. This situation will lead to the formation of a countywide strategy to campaign against obesity in Yakima (US Census Bureau, 2011). The DOH Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS), Basic Food and Nutrition Education Program (BFNEP), and federal and state departments will accomplish the funding processes. Lastly, the coalition will include the community leaders (US Census Bureau, 2011).

Framework for Intervention and Change

The framework for intervention and change will provide a guide and support to the engagement process of the Yakima community in the coalition. This strategy will lead to the development and growth of vigorous people through education, coordination, and promotion of healthy eating among not only children but also adults (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Various activities that will be executed prior to the action plan include the development of a common vision, formation of an advisory committee, and reviewing of health data. They will also include an assessment as part of the inventory in the region and developing the criteria for the coalition (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011).

The activities outlined above will be achieved through four main strategies namely countywide coordination of the prevention of obesity amongst children, secure finance for sustainability, and expansion for the effective implementation of the program. Advocacy for the relevant policies will also be geared towards the prevention of obesity. Besides, it will serve as a community resource for the awareness of matters about obesity amongst children (CDC, 2011).

Goals of the Yakima Community Coalition

Healthcare Goals

Protecting and providing support to the breastfeeding of children will form the foundation for good and healthy nutrition. The provision of support to both schools and agencies through the embracement of wellness policies, healthy eating, and training in assessment guidelines and practices will ensure the reduction of the risks resulting from poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise (Braveman et al., 2010).

Various actions that will be undertaken include the evaluation of the existing breastfeeding programs in the area. In addition, the program will entail the promotion of evidence-based research on the benefits of breastfeeding to reduce obesity and training various experts in the coalition on the benefits of maintaining a health BMI, counseling, behavior change, and wellness policies. Finally yet importantly, it will encompass the identification of the barriers to the implementation of the wellness policies (Braveman et al., 2010).

Community Level Goals

The community level goals that will include the promotion of high quality foods that will also be accessible and affordable. Health education will also be provided to the Yakima population. The accomplishment of the goals will involve the creation of county clearinghouse that will offer recommendations on nutrition, physical activities, and educational materials among others (Braveman et al., 2010). In addition, it will be ensured that the Yakima community has access to clean water, food, and recreational facilities. This objective will be accomplished through the initiation of programs and projects at the community level (Braveman et al., 2010).

The last goal will involve hosting various events on the media with a view of promoting healthy eating and lifestyle that is centered on physical activities. This goal will be accomplished through the launching of a media campaign that is expected to promote fitness and healthy foods and eating habits (Braveman et al., 2010).

Barriers to Participation

Various barriers that have been identified to have potential threat to the success of the Yakima community coalition include the inadequate funding processes that can be inadequate. The organization capacity is also minimal. As a result, there is a poor link to the community and nonexistence relationships among various agencies involved in the coalition. Lastly, an issue of public healthcare challenge is feared to derail the activities (Braveman et al., 2010).


The community coalition in Yakima community is deemed to succeed in its planned activities that will result in the greater benefit of preventing obesity amongst children besides providing education to adults on such issues. With the support provided by the federal, state, and BFNEP agencies, it is hoped that the financial issues will be solved; hence, the objectives will be achieved.

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