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  1. The Cold War Between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America
    The Americans believed in the principles of democracy and free enterprise while the Russians believed that the whole world must convert to a system of governance according to the teachings of Karl Marx and Lenin.
  2. A Review of the United States Containment Strategy Regarding the Soviet Union
    One of the major results of the Second World War was the emergence of two world super powers; the United States of America and the Soviet Union.
  3. The Cold War’s Developments in the Relations Between the US and the Soviet Union
    The cold war was fueled by mistrust between the USSR and the U.S. At the end of the World War II, USSR was the only power centre that nearly equaled the U.S.
  4. United States and Soviet Union Relationship throughout the Cold War
    Soon after the end of the Second World War, the signs of tensions and mistrust reappeared even though the two nations had been allies during the war and the US had even supplied Russia with […]
  5. Totalitarianism and Soviet Russia
    In the same month, Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union and this led to Emergence of Winter war. However, these policies were ineffective and the fall of USSR was witnessed in 1991.
  6. How Theater was used in the Soviet Union
    The formation of the Soviet Union can be traced back in 1917 when the people got tired of the monarchy system which, was led by Czar Nicholas II.[1] In those times, most people in the […]
  7. Reasons of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the US
    Furthermore, before the war, the US described the USSR as a reincarnation of the devil but the feeling was mutual; the USSR did not see the US any different from the devil.
  8. The Major Causes of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the United States
    According to Leffler in his book “The Specter of Communism” the cold war was a political and economical war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which started few years after the end of […]
  9. The Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
    Klaus and Lane state that this war came to be known as the cold war because the two sides: the Soviet Union and the United States never engaged in a physical fight. In conclusion, the […]
  10. Fall the Soviet Union
    There were political, economical, and cultural reasons that led to the collapse of the USSR. This led to the collapse of communism as it had lost favor among people in the east.
  11. The Ostpolitik in the Soviet Empire: the Clash of Different Viewpoints
    When the idea took certain shapes and the process of creating links with the Soviet Union was launched, Egon Bahr, the man who conducted the whole procedure and was in charge of the changes that […]
  12. Compare and contrast the totalitarian regimes of Germany and the Soviet Union
    The two regimes had one political party that normally suppressed all the others claiming to represent the interest of the vast majority of their population.
  13. The communist Party in the Soviet Union and China
    This paper explores some of the factors that may account for the failure of the communist party in Russia, as well as factors contributing to the success of the Communist party in China2.
  14. History of Soviet Union and America in 20th Century
    In order to be successful in any armed conflict, a country must be stable in a number of ways and some of the key aspects to observe here are things such as economical status and […]
  15. Cuba and Soviet Missile
    During the events of the Cold War in 1962, Cuba experienced rough relationship with the United States over the relationship between Castro and Khrushchev, which to the United States was a threat to international security.
  16. The Heritage of the Soviet Union
    Thus, to understand the future of these countries, it is important to consider political systems within the countries and define factors which resulted in the development of such regimes.
  17. Afghan Communism and Soviet Intervention
    The purpose of this paper is to get a better perspective and understanding of Afghan communism and the Soviet intervention by critically analyzing the communism ideology and how it aided the Soviet Union to join […]
  18. The Fall and Demise of the Soviet Union
    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the countries that had unified under it emerged as independent states and Russia took all the rights of the Soviet Union. They discussed the Treaty of the Creation […]
  19. History of Soviet Union
    The key mandate of United Nations Organization was to promote political, economical and social stability in the world. The European nations were in the process of recovering from the after math of the First World […]
  20. The Soviet Space Program Role in the Cold War
    The paper will begin by providing an overview of the Cold War in order to highlight the conditions that led to the space race between the US and the USSR.
  21. Operation Lemon-Aid: United States v. Soviet Union
    The motive of the plot was to discover strategies used by KGB to gather intelligence about U.S.military operations and plans and to arrest Soviet spies operating within the United States.
  22. Soviet Policy’s Patterns Toward the Middle East
    When analyzing the goals of the USSR in relation to the Middle East, it becomes obvious that the nature of the policy was most offensive.
  23. The Soviet Union Missiles Deployment in Cuba
    According to Nathan, the deployment of the missiles by the USSR in Cuba represented an essential and triumphant retort to the vital interests of the Americans in Cuba that caused challenges to the Soviet Union.
  24. Socialist Realism Limitations in Soviet Music
    As far back as 1917, communist leaders realized the importance of the persuasive power of culture and employed it in the machinery of a new government.
  25. Soviet Union’s Suppression of the Eastern Europe Uprisings
    Therefore, the containment of the uprising in Eastern Europe after 1945 by the Soviet Union is an important problem that may be analysed in the context of the discourse of international relations with reference to […]

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  1. Sellers’ Commercial Activities in the Soviet Union
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the case study related to the shadow economy in the Soviet Union with reference to the fact that, in the 1970s, this was a hidden transcript that […]
  2. Chinese View on the Soviet Union
    After the end of World War II, the USSR acquired the status of one of the leading world powers and led a specific world block promoting the ideas of socialism.
  3. Post-Soviet Eurasia’s Conflicts and Reconciliation
    As far as the political reasons are concerned, the lack of emphasis on the nationalities policy, the lack of support in the military conflicts against the states’ opponents, and few possibilities for further development in […]
  4. East European Studies. Soviet Union in the ’20-30s
    A new post of the General Secretary was proposed by Kamenev to oversee and co-ordinate the different arms in the Communist Party.
  5. The Collapse of the Soviet Union
    The fall of the Soviet Union marked the end of the Cold War. According to the author of the post, the defective system theory mainly contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  6. How the Soviet Union Caused War Using Communism
    The idea of communism lied on the basis of the organization of any sphere of life in the Soviet Union. Utilizing militarization of the national manufactory, propaganda, and terror, the Soviet Union leaders, managed to […]
  7. Soviet Wellness System: Sanatoriums and Bathhouses
    The healthcare system in the USSR was largely based on using water procedures for the treatment and prevention of various ailments, and a special attitude to water became part of not only the physiological but […]
  8. Human Security and Collapse of the Soviet Union
    The topic of interest is the collapse of the Soviet Union since it marked the end of the Cold War and the polarization of the world.
  9. Trade Aspects of Russia After Collapse of Soviet Union
    A remarkable feature in the trade aspects of Russia is the surge in the foreign trade volumes subsequent to the demise of the Soviet Union.
  10. Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
    The matters of the cold war have been regarded by historians from both sides of the ocean for the years, and everyone accuses the opposite side of starting the cold war.
  11. Afghanistan and The Soviet Invasion
    The very existence of the civil Government in Afghanistan is with the active assistance of the reigning National Alliance, needs the support of foreign powers and NATO allies to stay in power.
  12. Soviet: Russia Life, Nature and Culture
    They directed the forces in the state and were also part of the working class. The CPSU was bound to the working class and its goals were of worker’s interest.
  13. Soviet Baby Boomers and Their Lives
    In this paper, the issues surrounding the notion of Soviet baby boomers are examined; it will be shown what makes that generation differ from the others: how the events of that time affected or changed […]
  14. Communism of Karl Marx and the Soviet Union
    The seizure of Winter Palace by the Bolsheviks gave birth to the communist movement in 1917, when and died in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and in 1991, when the Soviet Union […]
  15. Soviet Union’s Fall and New Russia’s Start
    The last blow that marked the end of the Soviet Union and the beginning of self-governed nations was a result of a combination of a lot of factors.
  16. Classical American Cinema and Soviet Montage
    Eisenstein is regarded to be the author of five montage methods disclosed in his work “Word and Image”. The methods of montage developed by Eisenstein are considered to be used in Soviet theories.
  17. Age of Dictators Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany
    Only one party existed, and the leader of it was the head of the state. Propaganda was spread to inspire the people to work hard for the prosperity of the new state.
  18. Stalin’s Contributions to the Soviet Union
    Stalin was the forth child of Ekaterina and was born healthy, tough, and determined boy in the city of Gori in Georgia.”At baptism he was given the name of Joseph; and so the local Greek […]
  19. Rise and Fall of Soviet Union: Khrushchev and Gorbachev
    Through the origins of the ideas of Nikita Krushchev, Russia continued to undo the great misfortune and struggle that Stalin had imposed on the country.
  20. Communism in the Soviet Union
    In order to understand the processes which occurred in the Soviet Union and led to its disintegration and collapse, it is necessary to consider the development of the state, form of government, the state regime, […]
  21. Soviet Strategy Before World War II
    A closer look at the soviet strategy before WWII reveals that the government has almost destroyed the ability of the people to become the army as the program of collectivism, hunger, and the increasing dissatisfaction […]
  22. Place of Art in the Period of Soviet Socialism
    The art place in the period of Soviet socialism was formed on the basis of proletarian ideology and cultural movements; constructivism was considered to be the background movement influencing the formation and promotion of art […]
  23. Life in the United States and Soviet Union in 1960s
    The 1960s was a defining moment for many nations including the United States and the Soviet Union. There were a lot of tensions as the United States and the Soviet Union rushed to conquer and […]
  24. The Role of Islamic Rhetoric in the Afghanistan-Soviet War of 1979 – 1989
    It is the resilience of the people and harshness of the terrain that made it difficult to conquer the country that borders Pakistan to the South, Iran to the West, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan to the east.

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